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You know how groomers & CRT lovers always say “It’s all just taught in college?” Well they’re right. Here are current books aspiring teachers are studying.

What do you think these activists will be bringing into the classroom?

Still think it isn’t wide spread or systemic? ImageImageImage
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This one photo sums up every SEL, CRT, DIE radical and every single “show me evidence” / “it’s not happening” purposeful ignorant. @MackDistrict6

s/o @Nicoletta0602 Image
This is the type of policies being pushed into K-12 school children by radicals disguised as “it’s just about kindness & love”. They’re brainwashing your children with political & gender propaganda all the while telling them to not trust you, their own parents. Take action!
Get our guide, “10 Questions Every Parent Should Ask” & use it as a tool to defend your child. Parents will be shocked as to what is in their child’s school.
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🧵 There is a reason why we have minimum ages for several benefits in our society. 16 to drive, 18 to get a tattoo, 21 to buy alcohol, 25 to rent a car without restrictions. Car insurance companies charge a higher premium for drivers under a certain age.
We all know why. Every single one of us was 16, 18, 21, 25. Seriously think back, how much did you really understand about life?

Are we all seriously going to attempt to “have a conversation” with those who think it’s perfectly fine to sexually confuse 5 year olds?
That life altering hormone blockers & horrific sex surgeries for pre-teens and teens are anything but the desires of evil child abusers?
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Sitting in the cramped high school library I sat a table chicken scratching a script outline for a Western style video game.

Hampsterdance plays endlessly on loop as a bunch of freshman giggle uncontrollably at the classic meme.
The principle big bellies up to my desk and asks me to explain what I was doing.

I tell him, “I’ve got this cool idea for a video game. These rough sketches are storyboarding the major plot points… I think there’s room for deeper storytelling in video games.”
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High levels of an #infection in #Massachusetts is causing both gastrointestinal (#diarrhoea, #vomiting) & respiratory (#cough, #sinus, #headache) symptoms WITHOUT typical fever or runny nose - School children & parents/guardians across #boston suburbs affected for last 3 weeks.
Note the CDC data suggests very little SARS-CoV-2 (Omicron) or influenza (flu) at this time in Massachusetts or Connecticut or New Hampshire. So diagnostic tests being used are not catching this circulating pathogen, or a seasonal coronavirus/norovirus/adenovirus is the culprit
According to the data on SARS-CoV-2-positive PCR tests there is very low levels of COVID-19 over last 3 weeks in Massachusetts, CT, NH, RI & VT. Yet there are several #school #children, #teachers and #parents with gastrointestinal & respiratory #infection symptoms in these states Image
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Possibly controversial thread: We need to talk about New Zealand schools and #covid. I am well aware that going to #school is really important for lots of kids and their families, for all sorts of reasons. 1/
I am also well aware that there is a lot of pressure to attend school, again for all sorts of reasons. But at the moment, school may not be a safe place for your kids 2/
It is clear that most of the covid transmission at the moment is in the younger age brackets. That is ‘really good’ for the health system, because they generally do not end up in hospital, but that doesn’t mean it is good for your kid to get covid 3/
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"The @KyivIndependent recently did a spotlight on many different charities across #Ukraine."

▪Charities that help the war effort, children, elderly, animals... for blood donation and more.

All are linked in post. Please RT.

#UkraineWar #UkraineInvasion…
This list was published by Forbes Magazine

10 Ways To Help The People Of Ukraine Right Now via @Forbes…
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Last week, the Delhi government reopened its schools for all grades after almost two years of closure. On Friday, The Indian Express followed Class II student Mohammed Zaid on his first day back — to understand the challenges a long hiatus in learning could pose.
When 7-year-old Mohammed Zaid left home for his first day of school, he said he could not remember the friends he had in kindergarten before pandemic struck. He only had a memory of a friend named Ayush Kumar, but he had not spoken to him for the almost two years of no school.
Across Delhi, schools reopened for primary and middle school children on February 14 after an almost two-year closure, punctuated by fits and starts of unsuccessful reopening attempts in November 2021.
#schoolsreopen #COVID19
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CO2 Meter Reads Dangerous Levels within minutes

Imagine what this is doing to your child, wearing it all day!

Take The #Masks Off Immediately

#UnmaskOurChildren #Mask #UnmaskYourChildren #Unmask
#UnmaskOurKids #MasksInSchool
#MasksDontWork #MaskMandate…
The stain of the forced #masking of children will forever live on as an unparalleled and unequivocal moral abomination. A society that mainstreams institutionalized child abuse is a society that does not deserve to exist
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#School closures sweeping N. America are nothing to do w/ protecting health.

Underway is the #4IR "digital transformation of #education" led by 200+ corps & global institutions including #Microsoft, Google, #McKinsey, #Facebook, Salesforce. #Privatization

Learning thread👇
Chakroun "called on Coalition members & member states to "continue working together to unleash the full potential of the unique partnership that we have through the Global #Education Coalition [for which] the digital transformation remains the main focus."

Nov 15 2021: Alexa Joyce [] at #Microsoft, said that the insights & experience of the Coalition’s partners from both the public & #private sector can support ministries of #education around the world in driving deeper #DigitalTransformation."

Implementation of #4IR architecture
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8 yo Girl.
Off food for 2 days.
Bizarre itchy rash
Called 111 told Chilblains
Mum unconvinced

Please show #teachers #education #schools


Think #COVID19 #Omicron #LongCovidKids Image
Symptoms of #LongCovid can be found in the gallery.


Sores at the sides of the mouth.
This child tested positive for #COVID19

Please RT to help others #SpotCovid

#education #schools #teachers
#Omicron #OmicronVarient #LongCovidKids Image
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This 👇🏽👇🏿👇🏻 This is why #BLM exists & why “implicit bias” is not only real but it kills

Why, when you see it, say something, do something
The system changes not by sharing tweets & hashtags but actions & consequences & removal of toxicity from the system

Follow #BlackTwitter
Above #MedEd #TikTok improvement: #citeblackwomen who lead this work (not only utilized the savior mindset of Black & brown as victims) #Blackexcellence @citeblackwomen center Black women
Send #SoMe traffic to Black creators & activists. #healthcare…
Take #sharethemic initiative. It allowed #Blackexcellence to speak thru #influencer accounts to large followings for a day. I looked at before/after numbers, it did NOT drive any additional traffic to the actual accounts of those voices. Resurfacing this:
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Those of us with immigrant backgrounds have NO idea what debt we owe these women for risking their lives so some of us can shop at Whole Foods with other suburban moms, then drive a Lexus home to ride on a Peloton, & think only our own hard work created this access to success.
Those of us who are Muslim have a partial experience of what it is like to be made the face of threat and danger and vilified.

…But “the West “still wants to “save” Muslim women… make us a token or mascot of saviorism & evidence of being a shining city on the hill.
In comparison, the black woman doesn’t have that opportunity to be paraded around as the most recent woman “saved” & celebrated - the tropes are universally harmful & exploitative/pejorative vs Black women in society/media + centuries of economic barriers/being exploited.
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Anybody who says “the #data don’t lie” either is ignorant or manipulative or both. The data are merely a tool that must be used responsibly & ethically to try to approximate “the truth” …some of which is unmeasurable (yet?). There are MANY #datascience methods & varying results
Everybody gets super excited about this new #AI #ML #machinelearning technique or that

You cannot build a RELIABLE house with low #quality bricks

First, look at the building blocks… meaning, how the #data fields are even defined & how the data are obtained

Who defined them?
I can’t tell you how glad I am that I have done coursework at both @MITSloan AND @StanfordGSB - Former immerses you in a ton of hands on analysis & options for analytic techniques useful in a #datascience job. Latter steps back to frame questions, assess missing data, biases.
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O debate entre especialistas não é se as vacinas são seguras ou até eficazes, mas se é necessário vacinar crianças dos 5 aos 11 anos, se elas adoecem menos com #COVID19 e com menor gravidade. É aqui que as respostas se dividem... 1/4 🧶…
Quem defende a vacinação contra a #COVID19 diz q os casos de internamentos e doença prolongada são raros, mas acontecem. Além disso, #mentalhealth das crianças está mto afetada e o ensino tem sofrido mtas perturbações q podem ser minimizadas se houver menos infeções. #school 2/4
Quem não defende a vacinação nesta faixa etária, aposta na imunidade natural, refere que há menos crianças com casos graves do que adultos e critica as medidas de segurança que obrigam ao isolamento das turmas com surtos. 3/4 @observadorpt…
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A new NFER study, funded by @EducEndowFoundn, highlights the impact of partial #school closures on pupils' attainment in reading and maths at #KS1. #UKEdChat
The study, which explored any changes in attainment during the 20/21 academic year, found that pupils were behind their pre-pandemic peers in reading and maths attainment each term, except for year 2 pupils in mathematics in summer 2021.
The areas that children in both year groups found difficult included making inferences from complex texts and multiplication and division questions. To support recovery, schools were using small group work in reading and maths, and had a notable focus on wellbeing and PSHE.
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@narendramodi 18.11.21 [Writ Petition(s)(Civil) No(s).1240/21] Hon'ble SC dismissed writ petition filed by students seeking urgent directions to conduct Class X & XII #CBSE & #ICSE Term I exams in hybrid manner. #Omicron arrived post 18.11.21. Therefore, exams should be online.
#Children should not be made to suffer because of #Omicron. Centre and States must cancel all #offline #exams forthwith. As a nation, we cannot take such a massive risk & play with the lives of our children. Online prelims are done, marks should be part of board marksheet.
Children belong to households that have either lost family members due to #Covid19 or members who suffer from #comorbidities & cannot be vaccinated. #Omicron shouldn't be taken lightly. Save our children. Protect our children. Cancel all #offline #exams immediately.
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Our pre-print on a #SARSCoV2 #Alpha variant outbreak in a primary #school in Geneva - epidemiological and virological investigation - what have we found & what have we done? #COVID19 #children #Switzerland…
Main findings: 1) child-to-child & child-to-adult transmission 2) SARS-CoV-2 can spread rapidly between children & adults in schools 3) introduction into households 4) #SARSCoV2 sequencing showed cases belong to the same cluster 5) RDTs missed cases 5) undetected seroconversions
What did we do? We used child-friendly sampling as these were children 4-6 years: oropharyngeal swab for direct virus detection & sequencing, and capillary blood for serology thanks to a previously newly developed immunoassay with @MaerklLab @EPFL
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1/Our new @washingtonpost @PostOpinions op-ed with @david_riedman of @K12ssdb examines “back to school” shooting trends since 2017. The findings are concerning. A 🧵…
2/School shootings more than doubled this September compared to the same month in previous years

As we saw with the shooting in Arlington, TX, yesterday, the current #school shootings are an extension of the everyday #gunviolence that is devastating communities across America
3/There were 55 school shootings in September this year! These were not the attacks that schools rehearse for with “active shooter drills.” 11 were at or around high school football games
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#Watch: Schools reopen in #Mumbai and Maharastra from today.

Day 1: Visuals from Don Bosco High School Borivali.

📸BL Soni

#BackToSchool #SchoolReopen #School #SchoolReopen2021 #FPJNews #FPJCity
#Watch: As school and colleges reopen in #Mumbai and #Maharashtra. The first day saw 40 % attendance of students and teachers.

Day 1: Visuals from Don Bosco High School Borivali.

📸BL Soni

#BackToSchool #SchoolReopen #School #SchoolReopen2021 #FPJNews #FPJCity
#Watch: After a year and a half, friends meet offline in school and college.

Here's are some visuals from Don Bosco High School Borivali.

📸BL Soni

#BacktoSchool2021 #Mumbai #Maharashtra #BackToSchool #SchoolReopen
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#Watch: School reopens in Mumbai from classes 8 to 12.
Visuals from D S Highschool Sion, Mumbai

🎥: @sachin_haralkar

#Mumbai #SchoolReopening #BackToSchools #school #WatchVideo
#Watch: Schools welcome students.
#Covid19 norms were followed as students enter the school premises. Here are some visuals from D S Hig school Sion, Mumbai


#Mumbai #SchoolReopening #BackToSchools #school #WatchVideo
#Watch: #EducationMinister @VarshaEGaikwad meets students at D. S. High School.

📸: @sachin_haralkar

#Mumbai #SchoolReopening #BackToSchools #school #WatchVideo #VarshaGaikwad
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“One study…found…#schools that required #masking had…37% lower incidence of #COVID19…Another study…found…high levels of #mask wearing among students helped keep…rate of in-school spread…to under 1%…as…cases were surging in the wider community.”
@mgodoyh goes on:
“Not masking could be disastrous for schools, says Julie Swann, a department head and professor at North Carolina State University who leads a #COVID19 forecasting team funded by the @CDCgov
Adding handful (4) of tweets from experts on #Masks in #Schools 🧵here:
1st, former @Surgeon_General @JeromeAdamsMD reminds us #PPE good enough for doctors in the hospital can help mitigate spread in our schools, including high quality, fitted & authentic #N95 #masks.
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So glad to see growing national push to #EatOutside & increase #school lunch safety. Anytime masks come off indoors, COVID risk increases.

@HeidiNBC 👇: "Does this cost money?"
Principal: “Money?! No, we just used our brains!”

Full 🧵 of links & info. #DrFauci up next ... (1/x)
2/ Parents here realized that if adults need to be very careful w/ indoor dining when masks are off, so do school kids during lunch.
@HeidiNBC: "Here's what they do. It's not hard. They open these doors, the kids come out."

h/t @SmartRestartAPS
3/ #DrFauci today" "You have pretty good prevention measures at the time you’re in the class or working, and then you let your guard down when you get a lunchbreak and you take your mask off, b/c you have to take your mask off to eat."
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There has been a lot of talk of preparing new school starters over the last few weeks and lots of discussions about how to help them with big feelings as they settle in, but one huge missing part of the conversation is talking about how the *parents* feel. Image
Your child starting school is a huge deal for you too, but there’s far less advice to help you with your feelings. Image
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