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1/ This is #absurd and sick.
You cannot keep a #sterile school environment, & think children will wear masks for the duration.
It’s sick and #psychologicalabuse.
We will ruin our children.
New #CDC guidlines for reopening schools 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
◦ Wear masks over the age of 2
No sharing of any items or supplies, all belongings in individual cubbies or labeled containers; no sharing electronic devices, toys, games, learning aids
◦ Desks 6 feet apart, all facing the same way
◦ Distance on school buses- one child per seat, skip rows
3/ ◦ Install sneeze guards & partitions wherever you cannot space 6ft apart
◦ One way routes in hallways; tape on sidewalks & walls to assure kids stay 6ft apart
◦ No communal shared spaces - cafeterias, playgrounds
◦ Physical barriers/ screens between sinks in bathroom
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A thread where many @HRDMinistry links relating to education & knowledge are compiled & added more with time. As also insisted by @nsitharaman & @Anurag_Office in today's press conf, online education or #BharatPadheOnline is very important in this #pendemicorona. @RPNishank .1/n
1. E pg Pathshala:
A gateway to all Post-graduate courses. Personal Favorite. The content & its quality being the key component of education system, high quality, curriculum-based, interactive e-content in 70 subjects across many PG courses. (2/n)
2. IGNOU Gyandarshan Webcast:
Educational Webcast by IGNOU. Schedule for topic discussion is given. Better for Art-theoretical subjects. #Ignou @ignoumumbai @OfficialIGNOU (3/n)
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It's been a day since the #boislockerroom story has broken.

This takes me back a decade, to when I was bullied in a similar manner.

The reason I keep banging on about #bullying is because of things like #boislockerroom.

I get very upset when people say, "Okay, you were bullied. So? Almost every adult you would know has been bullied."
To all the people saying/thinking this, FUCK YOU.

If you have the audacity to say something like this, the #bullying you went through appears to have completely evaded your self-esteem as an adult.
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The #1 influencer for World Economic Forum/United Nations is resurrected in order to promote "#digitalization for all" as the #FourthIndustrialRevolution brings civil society into it's fold. "Access to #digital #education" prioritized over nutrition, water, & sanitation. #WEF
"Amply, an online attendance-taking system [] to track “impact,” is being piloted through #SmartStart a S. #Africa pre-school franchise.

... financed in part through #UNICEF’s innovation venture capital fund... registered over 3,100 [] as of spring 2018"…
"The tone they use when talking about this lack of “#trust” in the development aid space is steeped in a racist, colonial mindset. The “trust” issue provides cover for their real agenda. Pen & paper methods don’t capture enough #data, & digitized data is what they most desire."
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Here's why we will not be sending our children to #school in #Quebec on May 19th. I'm writing as a parent and as a teacher educator. 1/
One of the major reasons given for sending children back to school is to help students with #learning difficulties. Checking my child's IEP, there is no way his teacher will be able to meet his needs any better at school than at home. 2/
@francoislegault talked about how it's important for a student with ADHD to be in school right now. I agree. However, students are NOT going back to a learning environment they were used to, one that will support their learning-it will be worse than home. 3/
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@BenWeyts Enkele praktische vragen ivm school (4 mei , 11 mei , 15 mei en 18 mei)
Aansprakelijkheid voor lln die op school moet zitten volgens ouders

Onbekend maar stijgend aantal lln waarvan de ouders moeten werken 4mei & 11mei

Plaatsing van al deze lln in kleine groepjes met genoeg social distancing en aparte speeltijden
Voorsortering voor deze groepjes op klasdeeltjes van 10 lln ?

Mondmaskers ook al op 4mei ?

Vaste lkr al vanaf 4mei per groepje lln ?

Grote klassen als probleem 31 lln

Samengestelde klasgroepen voor hoofdvakken of wetenschappen
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Coronavirus: Auckland's Marist College Covid-19 cases cluster reaches 66
-do we know any more detail about this outbreak?…
🟠Sun 20MAR2020-22 cases: 13 teachers, 6 students
🟠Mon 30MAR2020-47 cases: 14 teachers, 33 students and their families…
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#RyanDawson: ".. Why is #Turkey so beholden to #Israel? I like you to see this. I has over half-a-million views.
..I explained this at the very beginning of the #SyrianWar

..Why is there conflict in #Syria, and why is there really a target on #Iran? If you stop thinking about>
it in terms of #US-#interest, the #puzzle is very easy. The US acts for only one state's interest, and that's #Israel.

#AIPAC purchased #Congress with a foreign government's financial backing.

Since we learn nothing in #school,
> and the #press is a joke [#Dawson is referring to the #USA, mind you. LG,I], I must go over some background-information about:#pipelines.

Pipelines are not just for transporting oil and gas, they are for political #leverage as well. Each country a #pipeline passes through
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💚Seven years. Seven years ago it was a Friday afternoon & spring break was starting for my #school. Seven years ago I left the school where I #taught kindergarten for 18yrs & headed to my mom's house for a girls trip to Mexico. I didn't realize that would be... Con’t
2. (C pinned)
my last time at my school. Seven years ago as I excitedly drove to my mom's, a car came out of no where totaling mine with me inside causing a Brain Stem Injury.


It was the most frightening time of my life.
3. Seven years seems like a long time ago but not to me. The battles I've fought these past seven years since my car accident have been difficult but have taught me so many lessons about life.
No one truly knows what tomorrow will bring. I've learned who my friends & family are.
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#School closed in #GCC? Want to extend your use of #GoogleClassroom? building plans around distance learning? @texthelp have some fantastic ways to help. 4 tools, endless ways to help students and teachers, integrated into Classroom. Thread @teachmiddleeast @bsme #TeachUAEchat
1/ #Read&Write - build in essential literacy support and extended accessibility for all students right in the Classroom and Assignment window. R&W is also great to help teachers provide even richer feedback with VoiceNotes!
2/ #PDFReader - Annotate PDF’s with text, comments, notes, highlights and much more then create and share assignments in just a few clicks.
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“How to make an education system good? (1) 👩🏻‍🎓Learners must be motivated to learn (early childhood programs, stimulation, nutrition).” -@JaimeSaavedra22 #ewf2020
“(2) 👩🏽‍🏫 We need to care about teachers (manage teacher careers better, investing in continuous school based professional devt for teachers, more school based training)” -@JaimeSaavedra22 #ewf2020
“(3) 📚 💻 👨🏿‍🏫 Classrooms: we need the right books, technology, and lesson plans. We need to work on mother tongue instruction in many countries.” -@JaimeSaavedra22 #ewf2020
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#Lithuania #Vilnius

Last week #Lithuanian #parliament adopted the state #budget for 2020. The main #financial document of the #state was approved by the majority of voters.
It is sad to see how #Lithuania is #suffering without #money. Absolute #chaos – this is how they say in #Lithuania about the new budget.
So, state budget revenues are planned in the amount of 11.559 billion euros, expenses – 12.705 billion euros.
The budget deficit will amount 2.9% of the planned gross domestic product. In other words, the #Lithuanian #draft hardly met the requirements of #fiscal #discipline. The #budget #deficit for #EU member states should not exceed 3% of GDP.
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@jemelehill @TheAtlantic
Your article is a band-aid solution to a problem where surgery is needed.
Cancer will not heal it'self with medication alone. A surgeon must go in and disect the root cause of the problem.

In the case of your article the root cause is:
There are less opportunities existing for African American communities.
Higher poverty.
Less employment, which leads to Higher crime rates for survival. Higher drug use + sales + violence + murders + school drop outs etc.
#QAnon2019 #USA #school #love #NFL100
My statement can be easily
confirmed by every statistical analysis of Democrat vs Republican run cities and schools.
50 + years the cities with the highest poverty, crime, corruption etc are run by democrats.
School facilities are overwhelmingly run and taught by Liberals
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1. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼
2. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world🤨👇🏼…
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How to support dyslexics

Stunted academic growth is a very common thing in the lives of most dyslexics. That’s exactly why I continue to refer to myself as “very lucky” each time I look back at how far I’ve come.
I wanted to drop out of school in my second year at the university because I couldn’t cope anymore with my struggles in school. I am happy I didn’t and this has given me the opportunity to encourage others that they may find the path that leads to their own destiny.
I’m passionate about dyslexia cause because I know the pain. It’s a lonely path especially when there are no supports.

When you identify a child that has shown signs of dyslexia, you can help with following;

Praise gives power, criticism kills
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"When Papa went down into the gutter, he took off his clothes & left the phone. After he died, I've taken his phone.Every day after #school I look at his pictures," says 9 yr old Amit whose father was killed cleaning #septictanks in a mall without any protective gear. #FathersDay
Chandan's employers not only forced him in this illegal situation, but attempted to distort the postmortem report. Rs 10 lakhs was given to the family according to a Supreme Court directive, but the only job offered to his wife,Putul,was the same one that claimed Chandan's life.
Putul was compelled to take up the offer, to secure a better future for Amit and herself, & fight off the shackles of caste for her son. Amit, on his part is resolved to "become an engineer & develop technology that will prevent humans cleaning gutters."…
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Do you think we earn this: 21st Century skills intervention & Technical/Vocational Education Intervention as #NGO in schools?
If yes:
Nominate here:
Use #TeamYowamca as Name of Implementing Organisation
Facebook: O'star Yowamca
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Not a reader of @NicholasSparks but have watched several of his books as movies.

Tearjerkers for sure.

I'm a gay man that lived a life of fear, isolation, and quiet desperation from my early years on.
I probably would have benefited from a club that existed to say, "Whatever I might think about your sexual orientation, you deserve to be safe and free from fear in life."

And, honestly, I think that is what, in particular, Gay Straight Alliance Clubs are about.
Today, in schools that receive federal funds and that have a club forum or offer an opportunity for political, religious, or philosophical groups, formed by students, to meet, a rule prohibiting such #LGBTQIA clubs would violate the #EAA, the Equal Access Act.
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3. Holocaust in Yemen caused by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco, US, France, UK, Canada, Australia,Germany
#Yemen #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #Holocaust #YemenCantWait #YemenHolocaust #WorldHypocrisy
1. In this Thread, I present evidence that the Invasion in Yemen is a war crime, evidence from the countries involved in this invasion, evidence of the crimes mainly committed by 🇸🇦,🇦🇪,🇺🇸,🇬🇧&🇫🇷, proofs that a holocaust is occurring in Yemen
2. In this Thread, I present evidence that the Invasion in Yemen is a War Crime, evidence from the countries involved in this invasion, evidence of the crimes mainly committed by 🇸🇦,🇦🇪,🇺🇸,🇬🇧&🇫🇷,proofs that a holocaust is occurring in Yemen
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Dear @arlenparsa, Thank you for the inspirational and comforting tweet #CovingtonCatholic #Magateen. Basic stuff is falling apart all around us and we are looking depraved on so many fronts. It’s nice to see that we have choices.
You have shown us that there is a high road, a smarter road, and we are free to take it. #Media impose a certain behavioral framework, but we can choose to engage at a higher level like you did. It takes more work and more commitment, but it’s ultimately so much more crucial.
We found the #CNN coverage disgraceful & unprofessional. What these #kids did was unquestionably reprehensible. But they are simply ignorant at this stage of their development. Are they the racist bigots of tomorrow? More than likely, but one may still hold out #hope for them.
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1.) Jan 14, 2019 pm News ~ Californians fume after learning lawmakers partied in Maui with utility execs as wildfires raged…

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
2.) Jan 14, 2019 pm News ~ Trump bashes report claiming FBI investigated whether he was working for Russia…

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
3.) Jan 14, 2019 pm News ~ Trump Speaks To Reporters AHEAD Of Trip To New Orleans. [Snow at White House is so Beautiful!]

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
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I suppose we can safely say that now #TheFrighteners have been so successfully and publicly put on a certain sector their combined angst will spew a diarrhoea of spin & warp whilst trying to use THAT VERY THING to generate $£Es Some with automated AdTech software already bought.
2/ Some bought by gormless companies, by mistake, some in full knowledge or partial knowledge of what it could do. It will be interesting as time goes on to see who apparently DIDN'T CARE about the likely instigation of its more negative 'dark' capabilities looking to 'side-step'
3/ or even 'wrong-foot' Irish & EU regulation standards, & possibly law. This too is a kind of #climatechange & #ClimateAction in itself, a would be mammoth untouchable iceberg of 'dominion' & 'control' being melted out into an ocean of citizens' scrutiny & advancement for change
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