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I hate to say "I told you so" - but I did. Over & over. As did a few others.

"They're planning to make virtual learning permanent while undermining Ontario’s publicly funded education system. It's a plan that they’re busy working on behind closed doors during a global pandemic."
Global #Education Coalition Members. Announced Mar 18 2020, 7 days after #WHO declared a #pandemic.

There are 175 corps/institutions now overseeing your children's #education going forward.

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Jan 2020, WEF:

"The notion of an #educator as the knowledge-holder who imparts wisdom to their pupils is no longer fit for the purpose of a 21st-century #education."

#COVID19 as a Weapon. The Crushing of the Disposable Working Class - by Design…
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Excellent new guide on healthy #school buildings. Should be mandatory reading & discussion by all #K12 school boards, districts, school leadership.

Short, easily readable, w/ practical recommendations & support - for COVID & well beyond.

Link:… (1/🧵)
2/ Summarized interventions for airborne infectious disease prevention:
1⃣ Commission buildings and examine existing systems
2⃣ Ventilate with clean outdoor air
3⃣ Improve the building’s air cleaning efficiency through evidence-based air cleaning treatment such as filtration
3/ Interventions, cont'd:
4⃣ If the ability to upgrade ventilation and air cleaning is limited, use portable air cleaners with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration
5⃣ Consider other evidence-based air cleaning approaches in the context of existing strategies
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Great thread for anyone pursuing graduate studies. Here are my top 10 tips for a new #phdstudent in their first 6 months. #phdchat #AcademicTwitter
@AcademicChatter @PhDVoice @OpenAcademics #coachphd
1. Start with an attitude of gratitude. If it was your choice to pursue a PhD, it’s a privilege. Imagine all the people who would love to have such an opportunity to extend their schooling beyond highschool, to learn a topic in depth, but couldn’t for all kinds of reasons.
2. Don’t rush. Take the time you need to choose your #dissertation topic wisely (of course stay within the timelines of your program for finalizing your choice) - if you can, discuss with your mentor/s a few avenues for your dissertation and the various pros/cons of each.
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I attended @AICTE_INDIA’s Lilavati Award Distribution Ceremony today. ImageImageImageImage
The empowerment of women is considered to be the biggest measure of progress & social upliftment of any nation. I am happy that AICTE has taken this initiative & paved a path towards equality in #education & #innovation for women. Image
India is a country where 'Nari Tu Narayani' has been an integral part of our ethos & culture. Our Hon’ble PM Shri @narendramodi ji considers the women of this country important for nation building. Image
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Peak Twitter. Woman w/ stage 4 #endometriosis, #fibroids, latter condition more common in WOC, post 2 gyn surgeries

identifies online #womenshealth #vaccine #survey as poor #data #quality

instead of improving, response ~ "not to attack... but am glad you are not my doctor"
Indeed, I engage patients & families 1:1 without forcing them into fields I've pre-created for my #data collection, based on assumptions I have from personal experience

Respecting women & WOC allows people to not be forced into leading questions or pre-created fields
Measuring needs to be #quality to deliver quality. Your #results will never be better than your #studydesign or collection methods. Wrote this cuz we need less measurement & more humanity. I'm in b-school & everyone sends a new survey every 30 sec..…
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I read the story The Silver sword by Ian Serrailler. Its about 3 Polish children who separated from their parents in World War II cross war torn Europe facing war, danger & #disease. These are children like me, I thought & was so glad I had been born after the war finished. 1/20
Living through the war as RAF personnel my parents also had a horror of war, which rubbed off on me. I saw photos of the relief of Belsen & I decided that I would do everything I could to stop war #poverty & #prejudice. 2/20
I remember Dad telling us about the jigsaw at his #Methodist Sunday school with the map of the world on one side and the face of Jesus on the other. “taking care of the world is taking care of Jesus” he said 3/20
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This afternoon, I met with the three indigenes of Ekiti State who were recently honoured with the Presidential Award for @officialnyscng Corps members. I am glad that in their various Places of Primary Assignment (PPA) they demonstrated #leadership, #compassion, and #diligence...
- values that define us as Ekiti people.

These young people went beyond the call of duty and made us proud. Kolawole Toba Gabriel focused on maternal and child #mortality, and helped to address questions of #poverty that contribute to high mortality rates in Adamawa State.
In Bauchi State, Ayodele Olubusayo Abidemi did a lot to improve the learning environment in the community where she served by renovating three blocks of classrooms, and assisting #school children.
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When they try to exaggerate the risk of #Covid_19 in #kids or push #school closures, show them these:

A thread of the evidence & consensus statements 👇🏽

#cdnpoli #onpoli #DemandtheData
Children face very little risk from #Covid_19…
Closing schools is NOT good science and harms children…
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#Privileges! Ik heb het! Ik heb alles wat ik nodig heb. Koffie lust ik niet, dus ik hoef niet naar het #museumplein/#Malieveld. Leuke buren, groot dakterras, bij mooi weer groot zwembad erop. Loungebankjes. #Vrijheid voor mijn kind van 8 dat al een jaar niet naar #school gaat. Op
het dakterras kan ik iedereen uitnodigen die ik wil (op afstand). Megagroot plein voor de deur waar mijn dochter kan rolschaatsen, fietsen en op de Space Scooter. Hapjes, drankjes, gezelligheid. Al die #vrijheid! Mijn dochter is elke dag uiterlijk om 12.00 uur klaar met haar
huiswerk. En ondertussen leer ik haar veel over maatschappij/geschiedenis/crises/politiek. Sinds dat ze 3 was, leer ik haar ook Engels erbij, en dat gaat nu heel goed. Al een jaar niet naar school, maar wél een klas overgeslagen na de zomervakantie. En ondertussen ben ik
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A group of >100 🇨🇦 physicians wrote an open letter to advocate for children's right to education during the #COVID19 pandemic

In this thread, I list their main points:

#education #school #kids #onpoli #ontariocovid
1: "Children are not at risk for serious outcomes forSARS-CoV-2infectioncompared to other commonly
encountered respiratory viruses, such as influenza."
2: "Closing schools will adversely impact the health and wellbeing of children, possibly for years to come"
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I asked a child in #kindergarten if he was allowed to talk during lunch.
A: no
Q: What do you do while you eat lunch?
A: Watch a show
Q: Can you remove your #mask other than to eat?
A: no
Q? During recess/play?
A: no
Q; Have you ever seen your #teacher's face?
A: no

👇 Image
The tearful mother, who had no idea, told me that this explains why her 5-yr-old does not eat most of his lunch. He sometimes can not open the containers, boxes, etc. - & is not to ask for help. As well, he has reiterated that he has to eat quickly & has no time to eat his food. ImageImageImageImage
With approx. 78,000 students (over 55k elementary age), @TVDSB is "one of the largest #publicschool boards in #Ontario, serving an area that stretches more than 200 km & across more than 7,000 sq. km." Let's take a look at the #Covid cases justifying the oppressive measures: Image
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#Florida #COVID19 update 2/14 ♥️

Signs of improvement across counties as vaccine distribution moves along, thanks to @FLSERT.

>1 million fully vaccinated (1.2 million received first shot, waiting for second)

Positivity higher today, but trending downward, even mong new ppl
That's the good news.

66,399 total #K12 cases since last August -

But that's nearly DOUBLE what it was in December (34,869 on 12/23).

Half of the #COVID #school cases in #Florida have been in the last five weeks.

But that's not what really worries me...
#Schools are showing some concerning trends w/a larger share of elementary cases being reporting since winter break.

In #collier, 2/3 of new #COVID19 #school cases reported occurred in the #K8 environment - opposite the pattern from the fall.
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1/x Just can't shake my disappointment in yesterday's #CDC school opening guidelines: "Operational Strategy for #K12 Schools through Phased Mitigation"

A 🧵 with other thoughts, links, practical tips wrt #school COVID airborne health, beyond CDC guidance.…
2/ First, here is the link to updated #K12 guidelines, as well as a few other key #CDC pages (w/ last update as of today).

K12 update (2/12):…

How COVID spreads (10/28/20):…

Ventilation in buildings (2/9):…
3/ So many lines of thought to follow, but I will direct you to short thread yesterday by @CorsIAQ for a good summary. The gist is simply that the #CDC guidelines leave out some of the most important, obvious help b/c they ignore the airborne component.
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1/ Wow! So Fisman was likely paid $400-600 per HOUR consulting for teacher’s unions while promoting #school closures! He made money as the mental & physical health of #Ontario kids got destroyed!

#COVID19 #Canada #lockdown #cdnpoli #onpoli #coronavirus…
2/ As he advised that schools in #Ontario should remain closed, the #CDC says that MOST of the evidence indicates schools are safe. His advice as an “expert witness” has had dire consequences on children. How abt some #accountability

#COVID19 #Canada…
3/ Fisman also advocates for harsh #Ontario wide #lockdown. So while ppl have lost jobs, their lives & livelihoods ruined, he not only got paid $400+ per hr from teacher’s unions, but also got paid from vaccine producers AstraZeneca & Pfizer. Conflicts du jour
#Canada #cdnpoli
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When we rest we often feel guilty. Society values effort, productivity and achievement above everything. But for me resting isn’t doing nothing, it’s an essential part of preparing to do something, and recovering afterwards. It’s how I survive.
1/ Picasso’s painting ‘Rest’ - abstract image of face res
At nursery #school #rest was factored in. We napped on camp beds with scratchy blankets after lunch. Even at primary school we were given the opportunity to lay our heads on our hands on our wooden desks while the teacher read to us. Short interludes in otherwise hectic days.
2/ Black and white photo of children sitting at wooden school d
The thing I remember most about secondary school is rushing. We were always hurrying from one place to another, at risk of being late, but not allowed to run. My only restful moments were in the art room, library and garden, or walking up to the playing fields to do sports.
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£100 Million Deals for School Laptops
Awarded to
Sam Bright

Our leading investigations include #Russian Interference, #Coronavirus,# Cronyism and Far Right #Radicalisation.
Prime Minister Boris #Johnson chairs the morning update meeting on the #Coronavirus pandemic
As a shortage of #laptops ostracises children from education, Sam Bright reports on new contracts awarded to a company with Tory ties
A series of #Government contracts worth £99.4 million for the provision of #school technology devices during the #Coronavirus crisis have been awarded to a firm co-founded by a #Conservative Party donor.
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Dallo studio Gandini già emergeva un quadro di contagi tra il personale #Scuola molto preoccupante.

Analizzando le tabelle dei gg. 23-28 Nov. il quadro è tragico:
In quei giorni si sono contagiati 155693 italiani pari a ca. 0,26%
Si tratta di percentuali assurde per il personale della #Scuola!

Mettendo anche i contagi di domenica 29 nella popolazione (portandola a 0,307%) Personale non docente a #Scuola risulta essersi contagiato più di 6 volte la popolazione!

Segue docenti dalle tab. 4-5 allegate:
Grande rischio per i docenti del I CICLO. Contagi superiori di 5 volte dei contagi della popolazione!

Maggiore rischio in #Scuola infanzia: più di 7 volte poi primaria e medie.

(superiori non incluse nello studio contagi settimanali poiché in DAD)
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1/ A 🧵 on some #CO2 measurements in my home, car, school *AND* details/instruction on how to use dry ice for DIY estimate of #ventilation rates at your home or as a school project.

Highlights in thread & gathered together in the linked doc 👇. #COVIDCO2…
2/ Lots of good resources on using #CO2 as a rough measurement of #ventilation rates in your house, car, school, business. I.e. if CO2 < 800 ppm, generally fresher air, better ventilation. If CO2 rises, so does #COVID aerosol risk b/c of poor ventilation.
3/ #CO2 Example 1: Poorly ventilated minivan

Serendipitous obs of *really* high CO2 (4000+ ppm) w/ 2 adults/3 kids in car. Then one is #carsick & we crack 2 windows ~1”; CO2 drops immediately to ~750!

Interestingly, drive home had a) much lower CO2 & b) freshly cut tree in car! Image
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1/THREAD This yr I researched the impact of racism on YP in Eng. Some findings. Not easy reading. Thx to YP with lived exp involved with @NExclusions, @TakeBackTPower, @StopWatchUK & others for helping me understand #racism #criminaljustice #education #edutwitter #school #housing Image
2/ EDUCATION - the over-exclusion of Black students is present at all ages. There's a persistent problem of stereotyping & unconscious bias, a “cumulative process of mounting disciplinary sanctions for relatively low-level disruption that might go unpunished for others” Image… 3/ Schools sometimes label naturally growing afro hair as a uniform violation or exclude children for having dreadlocks. These policies are highly discriminatory, undermine a child’s sense of school belongingness and make them feel devalued and unwelcome.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/28/2020
Robots help to answer age-old question of why fish school…

#robots #school #fish
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Field trips help children connect with the real world & erase #classroom boredom. These trips contribute to their understanding of the world, broaden their perspectives and make learning new concepts fun.
Given the constraints of conducting physical field trips in the current environment, we at #NuttysDen conducted a virtual tour of our premises, for the students of @pathfinders_ps
There have been multiple studies that highlight the positive impact that #pets have on the mental & physical development of #children - children that grow up with pets tend to have higher self esteem, develop better congnitive and social skills.
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