1.Barr... “I don’t want to be political in our investigation” Translation; hide everything the Dems have done and prosecute anyone connected to @realDonaldTrump and we’ll let meuller and Pelops Try and get rid of @realDonaldTrump
2.Wray... “We’re going to reform and do things differently at the FBI” Tranlation; hide everything from good whistleblowers and promote bad whistleblowers while holding up all docs.
3.Obummer... “Most scandal free admin in history” Translation; I can busllshit better than anyone! Russiagate, Chynagate, Irangate, Fast n Furious, U1, Uses alias email on Hillary’s bathroom server, Funded and staffed wuhan lab, etc, etc, oh and “you can keep your doctor”
4.Hillary, Brennan, Lynch, Rice, Yates, Jarret, Haspel, Biden, Kerry, +100’s Don’t even get me started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Media... Never in the history of this country has the media knowingly been sooooo complicit in acts of #TREASON, and #CrimesAgainstHumanity that the above have committed.
6. Big Tech... Never before has ALL social media platforms censored and deleted accounts of 1000’s people spreading TRUE information to affect an election. #TREASON
7. NIH, CDC, Fauci, Birx, WHO, Gates, Big Phama, etc, ... another BIG #CrimesAgainstHumanity
8. The Fed, and Central banks... Manipulation of stocks, unemployment, precious metals, interest rates, real estate, etc, etc, etc... ALL to break the common citizens. #CrimesAgainstHumanity
9.Foreign Governments... Global efforts to take down a sitting U.S. President all in the name of a #NewWorldOrder Yes allies as well... Canada, Britain, Australia, Vatican, etc, etc. #WarCrimes Make no mistake, we are at WAR!
10. I know, Blah, Blah, none of this is new. Global elites (not anymore) have been trying to take our freedom for centuries. What is NEW is we finally have a #POTUS who is an outsider willing to put it all out on the line for the world 🌎 not just America. Pray for him and
all the men and women that are fighting against these Dark, Evil, Twisted forces! @threadreaderapp please unroll

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More from @Nixit1Wills

29 Jul
Mr @realDonaldTrump, the MSM, Twitter, YouTube, FB, and News papers are not allowing the country/world to see or hear the Truth on so many fronts. Please, for the sake of your reelection and ultimately the health and well being of the entire country/world, host a full day presser
with people testifying to the truth. People, good people, are dying, losing their businesses, their safety, their constitutional/GOD given rights, their freedoms and their faith in you to deliver. I’m sure unitednewschannel.tv would be willing to help with this.
@Scavino45 @PressSec and anyone else who may be able to get this message to @realDonaldTrump please do so soon as the people we are supposed to trust the most must have sold their souls to “knowingly” let people die and let our country burn. I won’t go into all the evidences
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1 Jun
I want to know WHY the hell our incompetent intelligence community had not saw this coming. #WeThePeople have been sending out reports nation wide about crisis/rioters for hire long before this hit. Why have we not had insurgents arrested that were caught on tape setting up and
Leaving weapons for thugs to carry this out. The footage is all available and nothins been done to stop it. This is the same shit the obummer admin did in Ukraine and other places. It is time to drop the Hammer on this bullshit. Dir Wray withheld evidence that would have stopped
the Russia hoax, the impeachment, and now this. We were asked if we see something, say something! We have constantly done this on deaf and dumb agencies. If Q and team were actually in possession of this evidence and stood by while this shit continues, than they are complicit.
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2 May
I’m sorry(not) but I got a real problem with this shit. Some like me have been trying to expose the evil cabal for half our lives. Maybe .001% of the population. Along comes @realDonaldTrump who ran on giving our country back to #WeThePeople. We all know
this won’t easy as this evil cabal has infiltrated everything in society. From local gov to @WhiteHouse, cdc, fda, epa, Irs, CPS, Fed, all science/health, and the Military. Anyone who thinks this is a few bad apples at the top needs to wake the fuck up! Then Oct/17’ #Q pops up...
I had been on the Chan’s and found 5% info and 95% disinfo so I let it ride. After a time I find no flaws in the #Q info. To date not much from #Q has been new info to us .001%, but now we’ve grown and supported each other in the quest to wake up the masses. Best guess now is
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