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Got my ticket to see @stavridisj at @BrevardCollege. He’s discussing #Ukraine #Russia. Will livetweet on this thread. Starts at 6:30 PM Eastern US time. #ncpol #wncpol #wnc @granthaver @ccotnoir @djrothkopf @brooks_rosa Image
“21 Century Geopolitics and Leadership, Admiral Jim Stavridis” @stavridisj @BrevardCollege Image
Sizable turnout at @BrevardCollege’s Porter Center to see @stavridisj Image
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Every now and then I like to highlight characters in history who crossed paths with American Presidents in some way, shape or form.

I’d like to talk **briefly** about a lawyer named Lambdin Milligan…

Enjoy the thread! 🧵

Milligan was an Ohio boy who ended up studying law, eventually passing the bar in Ohio. He was actually classmates with Edwin Stanton! Stanton would go onto be Secretary of War under Abraham Lincoln 🇺🇸

But I digress…keep reading!
Milligan moved to Indiana to continue his law career. There he involved himself in heavy “states rights” politics, and followed guys like John Calhoun and Martin Van Buren 🇺🇸

Milligan eventually identified as a “Copperhead”—a Democrat opposing the Civil War & Lincoln

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Mea Culpa, I was wrong. I really thought Russia calling up 300k reserves in the first wave of mobilization meant Russia was calling up 300k men who had recently served or had specialist skills. Nope, turns out its just a giant ethnic cleansing operation in Russia's Asian oblasts.
I mean how else do you describe raiding college classrooms, ethnic Armenian participation at 90% while ethnic Russian neighbors are single digit, and some villages having lost 25% or more of their men? About the only ethnic Russian's finding themselves in this fiasco are those
who showed up at the protests which at this point look like recruitment drives to further isolate average Russians in Moscow and St Petersburg from the war wrecking the rest of the country. So, yea 300k "reserves" is as legit as the sham referenda that started today. My apologies
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Part 2. So in closing, Russia has inferior officers who cannot conduct a successful battle and her "wins" have come with unsustainable losses. Her troops and equipment quality is nose diving and her armies have been routed at least twice and a huge cauldron now exists near
Kherson that has the bulk of her remaining combat power outside of the Donbass. That is not a recipe for eventually victory. Infact that the only way Russia can win would be for Western support to dry up. I do not see that happening. #POTUS is fully committed to supporting
Ukraine as are my political leaders @JohnBoozman, @SenTomCotton, and @RepFrenchHill. Most NATO leaders and many other leaders in the Free World likewise are solid supporters. Holdouts like Scholz who only want to do enough to not get kicked from the Christmas Party invite list
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Dear Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.,

I’m going to set aside the condescension implicit in your suggestion that questioning the legitimacy of your court is due simply to a disagreement over its decisions. 1/15
Regardless of how you choose to rationalize the unpopularity of your court, the plummet in public opinion is not because some Americans don’t like a few rulings. 2/15
In 2010, I was absolutely horrified by the Citizens United decision (and I still think it is one of the worst decisions ever made by #SCOTUS), but at that time, I still respected the #RobertsCourt as an institution. 3/15
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Yesterday Russia disconnected Europe's
largest NPP from the grid while it was running hot. They bet a massive meltdown against the chance that some corrupt Russian had not looted some critical part that would keep the backup power from coming online to provide cooling. This was
easily the most insane nuclear stunt of my lifetime. Tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of people and two continents were put under the gun for a stunt. The whole situation there just screams gross negligence on a planetary scale. From the fighting to seize the plant to using it
as a giant ammo dump where any accident could unleash radioactive clouds to deliberately shelling their own positions to generate a false flag operation to yesterdays cooling power stunt all against a backdrop of Russia refusing to let plant workers do their jobs unmolested or
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Wer's noch nicht mitbekommen hat: Die #US-Regierung hat eine Hausdurchsuchung des #Trump-Anwesens in #Florida veranlasst. Angeblich das erste Mal, dass ein (Ex-)#POTUS durchsucht wurde.
Ja, formal gab es einen richterlichen Beschluss, aber die Gesetzestext veranlassen das ja nicht von alleine. (Sondern Menschen tun das.)
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(1/11) Do you ever stop to ask yourself:
“Why is the GOVERNMENT such an inescapable part of my PERSONAL LIFE?!” Because that’s how they control us.
#Democrats want even MORE control.
How’s that working out?
Time to hit “STOP” and then “REVERSE.”
Think about it…
#Liberals #POTUS
(2/11) Getting married? Government is involved! WHY?! What PURPOSE do they serve?
Having a baby? The placenta will still be warm and the government ASSIGNS THAT BABY A NUMBER!
And don’t kid yourself… it’s not about “population”… it’s about CONTROL! …
3/11) They stamp your baby with a number so that they can track its every move and then POUNCE the second it’s old enough to pay taxes.
Buying land? Wanna build a house? Start a business? Don’t you worry, citizen! The government will be up your ass…
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My new series about the stories behind popular pictures, portraits, and moments of our Presidents

Today’s subject:
The John Quincy Adams 🇺🇸 daguerreotype

Enjoy the thread below ⬇️!
In the mid-1830s Louis Daguerre and inventor Joseph-Nicephore Niépce developed a method to permanently capture images onto chemically treated plates (no negatives)

Níepce died but Daguerre kept working and perfected the process called “daguerreotype” in the late 1830s
Daguerre negotiated the rights to this innovative process with the French government in exchange for lifetime pensions for him and Níepce’s son. The French then gifted the process to the world

That’s it in a nutshell 😜

All caught up?
Let’s go to John Quincy Adams 🇺🇸
#POTUS Boulevard du Temple, Paris, 3rd arrondissement, a street sceDaguerreotype portrait of General Zachary Taylor in uniform,
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Happy Birthday Gerald Ford 🇺🇸!
Born #OTD 1913.

Ford's birth name was actually Leslie Lynch King, Jr.

Gerald Ford 🇺🇸 is the only Vice President and President to not be elected to either position
#POTUS 🎂🎈 Image
Young Gerald Ford 🇺🇸, ladies and gentlemen.

For those of you whose parents cut your hair at home as a kid to "save money".... too can grow up to become President.
#POTUS 🎂🎈 Image
Lyndon Baines Johnson 🇺🇸 asked future POTUS Gerald Ford 🇺🇸 to be on the Warren Commission that investigated the assassination of John F. Kennedy 🇺🇸
#POTUS 🎂🎈 Image
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The United States is an incredible statistical outlier among economically developed countries re guns per capita. 1/
#gunviolence #guncontrol #facts #congress #senate
This translates directly to another statistical achievement for our country compared to the rest of the developed world - a several fold higher chance of gun death. 2/
#GunViolence #guncontrol #publichealth #facts #congress #Senate
Your baby or young child now has a 1/100 chance of being killed by a firearm as he/she grows up, and that chance is increasing year-over-year. 3/
#GunViolence #guncontrol #children #facts #congress #senate
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We want what's worst for everyone and we're just plain evil.

We hate life and ourselves and we can't govern!

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America showed us after Sandy Hook they don't mind children getting killed!

Abolitionists just want to abolish some shit and we are not scary.
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Police brutality and white supremacy in #Uvalde, #Texas:

For me the greatest horror is that kkkops wasted the golden hour while kids bled out.

#POTUS Image
From a Portland youth:
Since when do police need a fkn key? Pretty damn sure every single cop that's busted through any door didn't have a key! Image
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Why does Biden always tweet shit like "who the hell is the president I'd like to have a word with him."

#POTUS Image
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1/ Legislators - Collaboration with WEF / WHO is TREASON.
Any & all actions to advance the creation, amendments, submission and/or passing of agreements or treaties, that attempt to circumvent, undermine &/or interfere with the United States’ sovereignty
#TulsiGabbard #blinken
2/ & exclusive authority to self govern, as set forth in the Constitution & Federal & State laws, &/or transfer this authority, in full or in part, to any foreign country or other entity, are a violation of United States Federal and State Laws.
#WEF #WHO #Clinton #Newsom
3/ Involvement in such actions is considered treasonous & persons found guilty of violations may be subject to fines, imprisonment &/or death in accordance with U. S. law.
#WHO #WEF #gallego #Pelosi #POTUS #buttigleg #vanjones
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Richard Nixon 🇺🇸 died #OTD 1994 in New York City
He is buried next to his birthplace in Yorba Linda, California

Presidents attending the funeral
- Gerald Ford
- Jimmy Carter
- Ronald Reagan*
- George HW Bush
- President Bill Clinton

*Reagan's last public appearance
Richard Nixon 🇺🇸 is one of four Presidents who died in New York City:
- James Monroe
- Chester Arthur
- Herbert Hoover
- Richard Nixon
Interestingly enough, per Richard Nixon's 🇺🇸 wishes, none of the elements of the state ceremonies for his funeral occurred in Washington DC.
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Abraham Lincoln 🇺🇸 was shot #OTD 1865 by John Wilkes Booth

Booth actually had no intention on shooting Lincoln that night. He stopped by Ford’s Theater to get his mail & heard Lincoln would be there that night w/US Grant 🇺🇸

That got the ball rolling for Booth & his crew
- Booth kills Lincoln & his guest US Grant 🇺🇸
- Lewis Powell kills Sec. of State Wm. Seward at home
- David Herold helps Powell
- George Atzerodt would kill VP Andrew Johnson 🇺🇸 in his hotel room
- They would all in Maryland at Mary Surratt’s tavern
John Wilkes Booth & David Herold fled Union troops hot on their trail, fleeing into Virginia, & finally to Richard Garrett’s Farm

They evaded their captors for 12 days

In Garrett’s tobacco barn, Booth would be shot & killed after a standoff with troops
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Happy Birthday, Thomas Jefferson 🇺🇸, born #OTD 1743

He served in the Virginia House of Burgesses with George Washington 🇺🇸 under Great Britain before the Revolutionary War.

John Adams 🇺🇸 also served The Crown in the Massachusetts House of Representatives
Thomas Jefferson 🇺🇸 was the first President to have once served as Secretary of State (under George Washington 🇺🇸).

This means he was also part of the first ever Presidential Cabinet.

You can read about it in the @lmchervinsky book "The Cabinet" (see pic)
As President, Thomas Jefferson 🇺🇸 had ZERO vetoes in his 8 years.
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Franklin Roosevelt 🇺🇸 died #OTD 1945 in Warm Springs, Georgia. His last known photograph is below. He was sitting for a painting at the time of his death

Harry Truman 🇺🇸 was sworn in as President. Record of the event was taken by the White House Chief Usher (below)
Actual conversation between Eleanor Roosevelt & Harry Truman 🇺🇸:

Eleanor Roosevelt: "Harry, the President is dead.”
Harry Truman: “Is there anything I can do for you?”
Eleanor Roosevelt: "Is there anything we can do for you, Harry? For you are the one in trouble now.”
Franklin Delano Roosevelt 🇺🇸, who died #OTD 1945, is the last President to die in office of a cause other than an assassination.
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"To the dismay of many Democrats, Biden remains wedded to the futile goals of “bipartisanship” and “lowering the temperature.” Frustrated Democrats make the point that there can be no real bipartisanship with a party that plays to QAnon ..."

"By remaining so studiously above the fray and refusing to identify Republicans as the threat to our democracy, he has sapped his own base of energy and allowed Republicans free rein to light up their voters."

"Biden and the rest of the party must paint an accurate picture of what a Republican-led Congress would look like. Chaos. Vicious partisanship. Gridlock."…
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So I’m just going to pin up here something that has puzzled me since this morning when I realised from a tweet by @eucopresident that #Putin actually had his own personal Twitter account @KremlinRussia_E and has had for some time…
Of course there is the paradox that Putin’s just blocked his own people’s access to @Twitter .But no, what puzzled was something else….
No, what puzzled was this: Putin has >1M followers yet he himself follows only 22 entities. Not 0, not millions, just 22. Does this number mean something to him @gaslitnation ? A catch 22?? Anyway I was even more staggered when I looked at what these entities were….
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I say this NOT from a political standpoint, but from a medical one. #SOTU

#POTUS said $35 cap is for Type I #diabetes. Helps ~1M. That's good!

The 1 in 10 ppl have diabetes is mostly those w/Type II: 37,000,000 ppl. THAT's where high costs are!…
Again, NOT political, just can't help myself from trying to disentangle potentially confusing medical stats.

The common citation is how common Type II diabetes is (1 in 10), but the program is meant to address Type I diabetes costs (about 1 in 500 kids).…
With the more common Type II diabetes (#T2DM), there are a lot of other healthcare costs, due to the many comorbidities in this patient population.

Lowering insulin costs for kids with Type I is a good start, but we also need to prevent / manage Type II!…
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Today's episode of #WhatTheShip on @YouTube:

1️⃣ Update on #UkraineRussiaWar & impact on Global Trade
2️⃣ @FMC_gov @TheJusticeDept & @POTUS on Container Lines
3️⃣ Update #FelicityAce & #EuroferryOlympia
4️⃣ #SuezCanal Rate Hikes
5️⃣ #Mariners caught in a War

2⃣ Supply Chains: Shipping Lines in the Cross Hairs of U.S. Authorities

#SupplyChains #Container #alliances #POTUS @FMC_gov @TheJusticeDept…
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