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1.) The Overton Window is so small and pushed to the Left, that it is impossible to discuss facts regarding everything from the Left’s gender wage gap that no longer exists, or how the Left has recruited an insurgency of Islam to create a
#KAG #WWG1WGA #QAnons #Q
2.) culture that is antithetical to the US Constitution and to usurp the Christian belief system upon which our Country was founded.
It was the Left that created Trump as a Culture. Keeping America Great is a Cultural movement.
#KAG #WWG1WGA #QAnons #Q
3.) @POTUS Trump is the direct consequence of who it was that We the Ppl ELECTED to dispel the Left who call ppl homophobic when they’re not, who call ppl Anti-Semitic when they’re not, who call ppl racist when they’re
#KAG #WWG1WGA #QAnons #Q
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When @realDonaldTrump invited the #Taliban to #CampDavid this was a HUGE SIGNAL to everyone. That the Terrorists didn't case
"911" the one who cause it us Buried 6 feet of deeper and is rotting in Purgatory. But there is more!!
@realDonaldTrump Here's the Kicker 'BIBI' called out Boris Yeltsin 2 days before 911 same as Trump canceling meeting with Taliban 2 Days Before 911.. Both sequenced. Same Sides.
Trump cancels #Taliban meeting. Hint they were Not part of 911.. Refer to my Pinned Post!! Bushes!!
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bless u all
kno that

Mother Mary what is left?
By this river am i wrecked
On these banks i lay infected
With disease & so neglected
Sins like greed & misery
Hypocrisy & heresy
Are all that’s left inside of me
No matter how i cry 2 thee
Beg & plead 4 some reprieve

Doomed, I’ll seem 2 always grieve
Working thru each breath i breathe
Until i feel the will in me
Becoming one eternally
With the will which He decrees
Pain & strife remain so rife
Shamed i chose 2 live this life
When i froze i chose dislike
2 be my bride & shunned the light
Crawling in2 bed with spite
Holding 2 the pillows tight
Gripping 2 the sheets each nite
With my fists which are bleeding
From the floors & walls I’m beating
Somehow this i think I’m needing
& not OurFather high on Zion
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A twitter thread with details and insights about key players in the European Union.

Germany - Episode II

#QANON #J #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide
Bavaria alone has the 7th largest economy in the EU zone with large GDP gains over the past decade, is home to car and industry giants like BMW, Audi, MAN, Siemens.…
Ex head of state Seehofer met regularly with Putin. 3 weeks after George Soros’ 2019 speech in Davos, in which the billionaire made populist party AfD responsible for EU decline, Seehofer ordered auto surveillance for any government employed AfD member.…
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GET ‘Em, Corey! — Sheila Jackson Lee, not surprisingly, DISPLAYS [her] LOUD and OVERBEARING approach to “questioning a witness”!...But, ONLY Conservative witnesses!...She’ll GO DOWN in history, NOT for great accomplishments in Congress, BUT for being a CLOWN, instead!!🤔🇺🇸#Q #KAG
And, ONCE a reminder:
SEE a PATTERN here?...
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Seriously I just recently bought my Cell phone and the FB app is installed on it! I am Sick of FB they rook all my photos all my poetry.. anyways I am over that. I am moving on.. but Why is FB installed on Cell phones? @realDonaldTrump
@realDonaldTrump Check it out Facebook is Installed in your Cellphones you can never Remove it #DARPA #CIA if you didn't see this than you need to #WakeUpAmerica fast! Technology has taken over our lives. If you think you wont be hacked or your bank account think again. You on FB 3rd party..
.. 3rd party games you play on Facebook they will hack your accounts. #Facebook #SpamBots and all that bs.. Its absurd! #BigBrother is Constantly watching you and you on FB must obey the rules. you are servants to BIG BROTHER. Remember Obama Oct 1st 2016 Surprise? This was it!
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1.) 🚨😂🚨 AG Barr denies Jerry Nadler’s request for Grand Jury material from the Mueller Investigation to be released to the
2.) House Judiciary Committee, because Jerry Nadler has no legal definition for impeachment after changing the House rules granting himself the power Impeach. Imagine that.
3.) Just because NoNadsLer changed the rules, does not a rule change make without a vote, and NoNadsLer has yet to file anything at all, let alone any grounds for his Impeachment plan to proceed.
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هنگامیکه ایران رامسوول هرعمل خطا وآشوب برانگیزی معرفی میکنند،همیشه روی سخن پرزیدنت ترامپ وسکرتوری پامپعو مستقیماًباCabalاست!وقتیکه Cabalپهبادامریکایی راسرنگون کرد،این حمله بدستورRothschildهابرای ایجادنوسان دربازاربورس وضربه زدن به پرزیدنت ترامپ صورت گرفت!…
فکرمیکنم،دیگر این تحلیل وبرداشتی آشکار باشد!
پرزیدنت ترامپ باعملیات #Q،درحال مقابله وپاکسازی کامل نیروهای تاریکی وشیطانیDeepStateدر بعد فیزیکی و متافیزیکی هستند،وآنها که درحال نابودی کامل هستند،ازهرحیله وترفندی برای ایجاداختلال ومتوقف کردن این عملیات بزرگ جهانی،استفاده میکنند!
🔻پرزیدنت ترامپ باتوجه به حملات به عربستان سعودی،که ممکن است بر قیمت نفت تاثیر بگذارد،دستور آزادکردن نفت ازپالایشگاه ذخیره ای امریکارا برای حفظ ثبات وجلوگیری ازنوسانات شدید،صادرکردند.#RestartMIGA
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the energy
Of the full moon
actually saved me
Blazed me
How it gave me
An amazing
Igniting radiating
Burning up the night
Creating scintillating
Worth the work
& curses
Sent 2 make me nervous
By the demons
with a purpose

#GreatAwakening #Q
But I’m lit
Now I will not quit
I’ll drop my gift
& rock this shit
Aiming 2 uplift
Know this
Love like a lotus
Bloom so big
That you Put em
All on notice
Ever will impede
This starseed’s
That bleeds
Just as
Long as you pray
Put me in your
Push me some days
Then I can
Proceed w/ the plan
heart in my hand
That I rip
From my chest
a sentiment
Meant 2 mean
I never bleed

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1.) Once again, the climate warriors out filming a global warming documentary had to be rescued after their ship got trapped in polar ice. This necessitated ppl using fossil
2.) fuels to get them airlifted out of there by a Coast Guard helicopter, which does not run on solar power, having to burn a lot of carbon to save their lives; as will the ships that have to go out there to dislodge the boat stuck in ice.
3.) This exact same thing happened the last time the climate cult headed out to the Arctic to film a documentary on melting ice caps, only to get stuck in the polar ice.
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1.) I’ve got great confidence in America, and I say to those who don’t, look elsewhere; where else would you rather be?
-SCOTUS Justice Gorsuch
Can Hidden Camera Shots of Taylor Swift Trick America into Thoughtful via @YouTube
2.) He’s saying that life is not perfect in the USA because we’re imperfect ppl. However, the USA is the least imperfect place to be.
That’s humble American exceptionalism that ALL Americans should be very proud of.
3.) Partisanship isn’t new. Plots to overthrow the office of a duly elected .@POTUS by the losing team, that’s what’s new. The 5-4 SCOTUS decisions have remained the same since WWII.
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