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Via #vincenzotrasmissioni e @eretico_l
QUANDO tutto verrà svelato mantenete la calma.
Butteranno in piazza i loro pupazzi, politici tutti, media, ff00..AD UNICO SCOPO.."buttare ossi ai cani"..Miriamo in alto con l'aiuto di Dio
Ricordate la Rivolta dei Ciompi... una volta sedata poi la rivolta con massacri inutili.. la Nobiltà nera e le corporazioni intoccabili si riorganizzarono.. ascoltate Barbero, è lo schema che i Cospiratori hanno seguito per secoli. Questa volta NON SIAMO SOLI
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
Dio ha il Suo esercito sulla Terra. L'Arcivescovo Viganò è la nostra Luce, l'Unico insieme a un piccolo resto che salverà la nostra Chiesa, quella vera.. e non per come ci è stata raccontata da chi voleva levarci ogni Libertà marchiandoci come bestie
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Non solo Emanuela Orlandi ma anche i Desparecidos e altro
".. cambia il ge noma umano..."
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04-Nov-2017 10:10:37 PM PDT

Correct reference.
Saudi Arabia - The Bloody Wonderland.
=Alice & Wonderland signatures
04-Nov-2017 9:51:20 PM PDT

Alice & Wonderland.
Hillary & Saudi Arabia.
Hillary Clinton in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.
Saudi Arabia - the Bloody Wonderland.
04-Nov-2017 9:49:24 PM PDT

[Repost]Things need to be solved to understand what is about to happen.
Let's start w/ Alice & Wonderland.
Hillary Clinton in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.
Saudi Arabia - the Bloody Wonderland.
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Via #vincenzotrasmissioni @eretico_l ImageImageImageImage
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
Odessa 2014 - Mariupol 2022 ImageImageImage
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
Scienziati russi hanno iniziato a sviluppare un aereo civile supersonico nell'ambito di un contratto statale con il Ministero dell'Industria e del Commercio, del valore di 718 milioni di rubli ImageImage
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Via #vincenzotrasmissioni e @eretico
Jacoboni è noto per i suoi articoli al veleno contro i Presidenti Trump e Putin.
Chi è al servizio dei Rothsch e di S🕸ros💰 ha questi nemici in comune Image
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
A proposito di #ucrainagate e #Spygate
I media servi del Regime di Schw@b hanno svelato la loro natura durante l'Operazione Corona e oggi spingono verso una Guerra mondiale per finanziare spese militari con cartastraccia
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
La Russia è accanto al popolo Armeno... Già.. Chiudete il gas e il condizionatore anche per un popolo martirizzato da anni.
Anche in Armenia ci sono gli Italiani..una presenza leonardesca esplosiva💥 ImageImageImage
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Via #vincenzotrasmissioni @eretico_l
News dall'Occidente del Presidente Trump 🇷🇺🇺🇲
3, 2, 1..
#SpyGate 💥
#italygate 💥

Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
Distratti dalla farsa di una guerra mai voluta e usata per impoverire il popolo italiano, Von der Leyen continua ad acquistare sieri via #WhatsApp

I documenti rilasciati da #Pfizer denunciano la pericolosità dei sieri
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni

Il giornalista Christopher Sign, della ABC che ha raccontato la famigerata storia dell'incontro sull'asfalto del 2016 tra BClinton e l'allora procuratore generale L. Lynch, è stato trovato morto nel suo appartamento.…
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Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
Il Ministero della Difesa della Federazione Russa ha pubblicato una richiesta della società ucraina "Motor Sich" al produttore turco di UAV "Bayraktar" datata 15 dicembre 2021.
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#RomanaDidulo's convoy team speaks out. These next days will be critical to see how she navigates the loss of following and challenged leadership. I hope the authorities are also paying attention.
The fall of #RomanaDidulo has it all.
Dildos, death threats, previous employees dropping receipts, and a little story of Romana nearly burning down the RV.
Her new Admins seem to be MIA. Her Admin chat is 98 percent dildos.The other pages look mostly like this.
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NYT trying to get ahead of the narrative before too much of the information contained in the Q posts is proven to be true.

Four examples:

HRC #spygate
Russia Russia Russia
Southern border crisis
Another Epstein & Maxwell co-conspirator found dead in a French jail

Attack the source is a logical fallacy that has no bearing on the veracity of the information. Even if Satan himself posted the info, it could still be true. Why not investigate the info instead of trying to doxx the author(s)? Distraction of desperation.

This means it's likely a #BOOMweek ahead of us.

@JohnMayer plays 2 shows at Madison Square Garden @TheGarden this week, on SUNdei & Presidents' Day, then @CapitalOneArena in D.C. on Wednesday before a show at @PPGPaintsArena in PITtsburgh on Friday.

A (Alpha)
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Question for the audience:

How would your opinion change if you discovered "The Mafia" was actually "apprehending" possessed individuals who were trafficking demons & commiting crimes in the future through demonic magic, then going back in time to benefit from those crimes?

For example, the killing of "rival" mafiosos. What if the 'victim' was a known perpetrator & the killing was the execution of justice AFTER trial & complete demonstration of guilt in a legitimate court? Not 'Vanilla Sky' but actual known guilt through infallible demonstration?
Because that's true.
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Ein neuer, unauffälliger Beitrag von Carsten S. bei den #Querdenker von #Baunatal.

Bekannt ist Carsten S. von einem Post, der es sogar zu einem @fr Artikel führte

Das hatte zur Folge, dass die #FreieBürgerKassel intervenierten um den Post zu löschen.

Schauen wir es uns an.
2/ Heruntergeladen haben wir uns ein Video, angeblich ohne Quelle, das also Antworten liefern soll, wozu "das alles" stattfindet.

Sehr ominös, aber vielversprechend, meinen wir. Und es ist nur 2:20min lang.
3/ Gleich zu Anfang werden aber einige Details klar:

#humantrafficking #savethechildren #kagwar

Tom Hanks neuer Film?

Nein. KAGWAR ist offenbar der Urheber, es geht um Menschenhandel und darum, Kinder zu retten

Unbekannte Quelle eine Lüge.
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Jan 7, 2022:

#JoniErnst urges Supreme Court take up E15 case…

"“I fought hard to give consumers access to E15 twelve months of the year—including the summer driving season—and I was extremely disappointed by the D.C. Circuit Court’s decision” Ernst said."
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#Q U I K

Looper, Pool - this ones for you two ..

🐓 Suit
Billion Dollar industry

R.I.P. May Hoffman
We’re going full circle, Back to the Future …
Matt Hoffman
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Hinterfrage alles, recherchiere selbst.

Felix Blessmann der Corona Rebellen Kassel scheitert bei der einfachsten, sich selbst gestellten Aufgabe, den #Haverbeck Post bei den #FreieBürgerKassel zu erklären.

Dabei hat er sich extra dafür einen Account hier angelegt.
Für alle, dich sich an Felix Blessmann wenden möchten hinsichtlich Fragen zu seiner Haltung gegenüber #Haverbeck oder #Reichsbürger und #QAnon Anhänger aus Halle: Er lädt ein am Samstag um 15:30 am Rathaus…
@antifa_info_ks @Polizei_NH @mattilohr
Felix Blessmann u Bernward Otto i Plausch mit d #Q Anhänger, bekannt von Spaziergang und Autokorso.

Keine Berührungsängste offenb seitens Blessmann zu #Reichsbürger, #QAnon und #Rechtsextreme Ansichten.
Er vertritt sie ja teils selbst.

@mattilohr @antifa_info_ks @Polizei_NH
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Was Philipp Kolodziej zu #Q, #QAnon sagt, und was er als Admin der #FreieBürgerKassel zulässt.

#Querdenker #Verschwörungstheorie #Heuchler ImageImage
Wen es interessiert, hier weitere Aussagen des Organisator und Admin der #Querdenker #FreieBürgerKassel #Kassel, Philipp Kolodziej zu #Q #QAnon ImageImage
Die #Q #QAnon Ablehnung von Philipp Kolodziej ist allerdings schlecht geheuchelt, wenn Mitstreiter mit entsprechenden Profilen herzlich willkommen heißt. Mit #Reichsfahne und eindeutigem Namen.

#Rechtsextremismus #Reichsbürger #Querdenker #FreieBürgerKassel ImageImageImageImage
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After 7 years of contemplation, I have decided to create a thread on one of my favorite albums. I am now officially convinced that this album hade divine intervention in its creation and has been, and is a road map to our future and has parallels to #Q #Anons #Trump #China #Covid
The album in discussion is Abandon Ship by Knife Party. This album came out at the peak of the Dubstep and EDM craze in 2014. As someone who was born early 80's I would say that these genres were as important to their generation as Grunge was to mine. Let's dive in track by track
1) Reconnect

The introduction Track describes the changing of one hiearchy to another.

I can see Trump as the one being described as a proud knight with the trash filled mind of a socialite. I definitely draw a parallel to a storm and a shipwreck which some could connect Q to.
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Thread on American Gnosticism

Get cozy. I explain how a string of gnostic films in the late 1990's laid the path for what might be the most important religious movement in 21st century America


(Music by Zantae)
Inspired by post from @LatinxPutler (follow), I am in agreement that the foundational American's best shot at reclaiming his nation is through an Evangelical reawakening.

However, I believe this is already culminating! And its most recent iteration was the QAnon movement
Yes, beyond our jokes, I think Q is the most potent religious force in Christian America today

As BAP explains, only Q has been able to mass mobilize the People towards a true political mindset. Aimed at the right enemies and with a divine certainty that can only come from Faith
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0/N The other day, I took part in a writing retreat, and it was nice to see that lot of the practices I use were promoted throughout the day.

Here there are a couple of things I was reminded of on the day. 🧵
1/ [[Warm Up]]
Get the momentum going!
How many times do you find yourself slowing down and second thinking about what you are writing?
Warming up, you build up enough momentum to stick to writing mode, reducing the chances of changing to editing mode.
2/ A website that I find very useful for free writing is
The Most Dangerous Writing App…
- set a timer
- (optional) choose a prompts
- write without stopping. If you do, you lose all of your progress.
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