Update: almost 3 weeks after reporting the hacking of my account @iowahawkblog, this I finally heard back from Twitter Support. Enjoy a chuckle.
Let me 'shplain to you slowly what happened, as I have tried with @TwitterSupport.

On Sept 29 my account was hacked. The hacker changed my profile, including my handle (from @iowahawkblog to @barkbiteblog), my @phone #, and apparently my email.
I know this because when I tried to login on Sept 30, it asked to send a verification code to phone ending in "51." My phone does not end in "51", and besides I never had phone # in profile. I know, my bad.
But apparently the email in the profile is now whatever the hacker changed it to. Twitter can't figure out that the account was created over 10 years ago with the email

d a v i d b u r g e at c o m c a s t dot n e t

and this remained the account email until Sept 29.
Please note that this is also the email link on my basically abandoned blog typepad.iowahawk.com.

And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not email me unless it's really important.
I will note that there are many people I have corresponded with through this email address, including high profile verified Twitter accounts, who can verify that this is truly, genuinely me.
But apparently Twitter does not have any archival information about an account's email, to wit:

May 2010 to Sept 29 2020: email is X
Sept 29: hacker changes email to Y
Sept 30: Twitter says email X is not associated with the account
Parenthetically I created this account with a different email, thinking that my comcast one was already associated with @iowahawkblog.
So it appears at this point @iowahawkblog is basically fucked, deleted except for half-assed restoration of my tweets between April and May 2020. I've lost 2000+ car ID post.

Needless to say I'm not in the mood for #DavesCarIDService this morning.
I don't know why someone would do this. I think I try to be a positive type on this site, or at least non-malicious.

As far as possible culprits go, I have a pretty damn good suspicion it is this POS, who created this account right after my hacking : @iowahawkblog1
But, long story short, this is where I throw in the towel. Like they say, you can't fight Shitty Hall.

I created this burner account only to read Twitter and let you know of my plight, but I'm not going to use it to rebuild a new Twitter presence from scratch.
Maybe one of you will have better luck than me prevailing upon @TwitterSupport that

d a v i d b u r g e @ c o m c a s t dot n e t

is really truly @iowahawkblog, but I'm tapping out. No mas.
I'll check my email occasionally for messages from Twitter Support to see if it ever gets resolved, and you'll be the first to know if it does (via this account).

Until then, any tweets you see from @iowahawkblog are 100% the product of a hacker.
In conclusion, adios amigos.
Oh! And one more fun-with-Twitter-Support bonus: I remembered I had emails from Twitter Support after my account was locked in January 2020 (due to a suspicious login attempt, not a suspension). Behold Twitter Support in all its glory.

• • •

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