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1932 Ford 5 window coupe, and the first time I've seen a car in Cuba that might marginally be worth the money to bring to the US.

Also, another gentle reminder to please use #DavesCarIDService hashtag
Doesn't matter, the value in the car is the body and frame. I'd take it apart, sandblast it, and redeem it as a proper Yanqui capitalist hot rod
There are a number of companies (e.g. Brookville) that make very nice, very faithful all-steel replica 1932 Ford bodies and frames, but they're still replicas. There's a premium people pay for "Henry Ford steel," as they say.
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Happy New Year from #DavesCarIDService with a handy tip on how to dispose of the ol' Christmas tree.
Let's kick off with some from my buddy Noam, in a mysterious underground land yacht stash only he seems privy to: #1 is a 59 Buick Electra, #2 is 58 Buick Roadmaster, #3-#4 is a 60 Cadillac, either Series 60 or Coupe de Ville.
*also another gentle admonition to please use the #DavesCarIDService hashtag to assure my attention. In this second batch, #1-#2 is a 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V coupe, #3 is a 1975-76 Buick Estate Wagon.
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What happened then?
Well on Twitter they say
#DavesCarIDService grew 3 sizes that day.
*The Grinch here is obviously impaled on the grille of a 1949 Mercury.

OK, time to get to your ID requests and puzzle and puzzle until my puzzler is sore.
Another friendly reminder to use the #DavesCarIDService hashtag to make sure your request doesn't get lost.

Earliest this pic could be is very late 1950; on left in order
49-50 Chevy
41 Packard
49-50 Chevy
49-50 Chevy
51 Dodge
50 Pontiac
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prepping for today's #DavesCarIDService I saw this neato pic from the always wonderful @TracesofTexas (forwarded by @DruncleWill) leading down a weird historical rabbit hole. First, I can say the truck here is a 1910-15 Universal. Next, the rabbit hole.
Confession: even in my advanced age and state of automotive OCD, I had previously never heard of Universal Motor Trucks. But here it's conveniently labeled as such on the truck's chassis. So I decided to dig for more info.
Warning: this will be a long thread about obscure industrialists from more than 100 years ago that ultimately has no moral, other than stuff is more connected than you think. If that is tedious to you, you might as well mute this thread now.
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Santa Dave is on the way to stuff your stockings with some last minute gifts from #DavesCarIDService
yessir, Pops & friends were piling on a 1938 Chevy heavy duty truck (1 ton or higher).
needed to research this one a bit; what you have there is a VW Type 2 utility truck, and if really diesel it's a 1981-85, and picture is almost certainly in Brazil. The earlier air cooled versions of these are very collectible.
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Hurry down to #DavesCarIDService for unbeatable photo ID bargains on your family's pre-owned creampuffs. We will not be undersold!
Let's kick today off with Dad's impressive stable of 1960s muscle, which included (1-2) 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix, (3) 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1, and (4) 1966 Chevy Chevelle SS rocking Radir 5 spokes, with a modest little 61-65 Chevy Nova sedan behind it.
Oooh, me likey this 1950 Mercury Monterey coupe. Don't often see 49-51 Mercs in stock condition, as they are considered the ultimate material for a chopped & dropped custom lead sled.
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Today’s episode of #DavesCarIDService is brought to you by Dogville Tire Center. Don’t lose your best gal to a flat, call Dogville Tire, stat!
From the 1930 epic "The Big Dog House," which I regard as the Citizen Kane of talking dog prison melodramas. During the 1930s Pete Smith produced a whole series of "barkies" for MGM featuring trained dogs, often parodying hit movies of the time.…
Today's kickoff is a nice Allard-influenced hot rod, a 1932 Ford roadster, channeled, sectioned grille, Duval windshield, and the 2 intakes popping up through hood suggest hopped up flathead. Bozeman probably had a few of these in 1952.
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Ladies and gentlemen start your Zingers for another installment of #DavesCarIDService
*back in the day when plastic model car kits and sniffin' glue was all the grade school rage, MPC introduced Zingers- fanciful pint sized car kits stuffed with huge blown motors just like the Ed Roth monster T shirts. For marketing, they created real life versions for car shows.
Before getting to today's IDs, a gentle reminder of my request guidelines:
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Today's episode of #DavesCarIDService is brought to you by the all-new 1912 Reeves Sexto-Auto. Give your drive a happy ending with the smooth sexto-action ride of a Reeves!
Yes, it's real and spectacular, and as the ad says there was also an 8-wheeled Reeves Octo-Auto. Founded by the delightfully named Milton Othello Reeves, these were based on Overland and later Stutz cars with extra axles. At $3200-$4800 not many takers.
Without further ado, let us get to the identifying: contain yourselves ladies, for this barnyard lothario is headed to town in his chic 1934 Chevy 5 window coupe. Judging by the attire I suspect this photo is closer to 1934 than 1940.
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Time to relax with a Space Martini and #DavesCarIDService
*"Zero-G Drive" by my talented hot rodding pal @KeithWeesner, background artist for Batman the animated series and charter member of the Burbank Choppers. You can find more of his Noir Sci Fi Hot Rods & Space Vixens here (not 100% safe for work).…
Before diving into today's batch, and speaking of the fine arts, I am utterly tickled to learn that a previous car ID here has resulted in a published poem: "Mechanic in a Photograph Taken in 1940" by Tim DeJong.
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Due to unforeseen circumstances, the regular Saturday AM episode of #DavesCarIDService, which was previously scheduled to be canceled today, has now been uncanceled for a special Extra Edition
Quick note: I am slowly winnowing through my car ID files in hopes of assembling a book, and I am sensitive to potential copyright issues. I'm crossing my fingers that you are OK with my use of your family album or wilderness/junkyard pics in this manner.
That said, in addition to the regular car ID request guidelines below, I ask that you only share photos that belong to you, or at least notify me that "please do not reprint" or "this is not my picture." Image
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Happy double full moons from #DavesCarIDService Image
*Moon Equipment is a speed & dress-up accessory company started by Dean Moon in the 1950s, famous for their aluminum fuel tanks, wheel covers, and handsome fleet of yellow race cars. The Mooneyes Special '32 Ford 3 window above is sporting "full Moon" wheel covers. ImageImageImageImage
After my macabre Halloween junkyard car ID thread yesterday, let's get back to some sweet family album shots- like this leggy Dallas lass and a '72 AMC Gremlin. The mall hair and leggings put the photo squarely around 1982.
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You can run but you can't hide from the #DavesCarIDService Halloween Automotive Graveyard of Horrors Spooktacular
This is of course the eponymous 1958 Plymouth Fury coupe from John Carpenter's "Christine," based on the Stephen King novel, and for my money the best satanically possessed automobile movie ever made. 14 identical '58 Furies were destroyed in its filming.
Today I will abandon my usual cheery upbeat car identification duties to focus on the macabre. The grotesque. The mangled, rusting, disemboweled corpses of cars that took a wrong turn.

So stick around as Coroner Dave attempt to identify the remains.... IF YOU DARE. BWAHAHAHAHA
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Another bonus catch-up-with-my-inbox episode of #DavesCarIDService today. Please to enjoy this heartwarming News 5 Cleveland segment that captures how a car can be a beloved family heirloom.…
even today a near-100 year old Model T can function as a daily driver on city streets. They were famously reliable, easy to work on, and still easy to source parts. There is a reason that half the cars in the world were once Ford Model Ts.
Let's kick off today with a little bit of family album cheesecake, featuring a 1949-51 Dodge or Plymouth 2-door sedan.
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What are you lookin' at, nerd? It's time for #DavesCarIDService
*Car is a 1930-31 Ford Model A coupe, chopped & channeled, 36 Ford truck grille, early Chrysler Hemi, U-Fab 6x2 intake with Stromberg 97, whitewall recap cheater slicks, 57 Plymouth hubcaps. Next to 55 Olds 88 4 door sedan.
Administrative notes: glad to be back on the car ID beat after my unfortunate hacking incident. My avi and old tweets haven't been restored yet, but I'm hopeful they will be within a few days. Thank you for your patience.
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Update: almost 3 weeks after reporting the hacking of my account @iowahawkblog, this I finally heard back from Twitter Support. Enjoy a chuckle.
Let me 'shplain to you slowly what happened, as I have tried with @TwitterSupport.

On Sept 29 my account was hacked. The hacker changed my profile, including my handle (from @iowahawkblog to @barkbiteblog), my @phone #, and apparently my email.
I know this because when I tried to login on Sept 30, it asked to send a verification code to phone ending in "51." My phone does not end in "51", and besides I never had phone # in profile. I know, my bad.
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Hello, fellow randos! It's me, your old pal Dave Burge. You may remember me from such Twitter accounts as @iowahawkblog.
No, seriously. It's really iowahawk, communicating to you from the great Twitter beyond. Here is my verification code:


1949: 1 center bullet, F O R D emblem on hood
1950: 1 center bullet, Ford crest
1951: 2 bullets, Ford crest
*1949-51 Fords.

Please accept no cheap substitutes, such as "@iowahawkblog1" who I assure you is an imposter that has probably never once successfully crashed a pickup into a liquor store.
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