Thread on the @adrspeaks PC yesterday on alleged "criminal candidates" in Bihar elections. I will explain why ADR's methodology is unprofessional, inaccurate and non-transparent. It equates activists falsely accused of crime (Delhi riot probe style) with criminals-turned-netas
The @adrspeaks released a graph showing that 100% of @cpimlliberation MLAs declared criminal cases. CPIML wears those criminal cases against MLAs as badges of honour, because they are obviously false, punishment for standing with the poor, read:…
Criminal cases do not imply guilt, they show that the ruling regime and administration has filed cases against you, cases which are often false & motivated. The @adrspeaks report does not mention this fact.
If a lay reader were to read @adrspeaks 2014 report, they would come away with the impression that the most notorious criminal candidates in Phase 6 of the Lok Sabha polls were Koodankulam anti-nuclear movement leaders Udayakumar & Pushparayan (382 and 380 criminal cases each).
Likewise, this time the candidate with the second highest number of cases against him is Manoj Manzil of @cpimlliberation. His struggles for schools for the poor & Dalit kids are met with criminal cases: read here…
In disseminating information re criminal cases minus any context, @adrspeaks reports actually allow real gangsters-turned-politicians (or their relatives who contest as their proxies while they are in jail) to camouflage themselves in the crowd – mere trees in a thick forest.
An eg of what @adrspeaks cd do if serious: in a 307 (attempt to murder) case, find out who is the alleged victim? If the circumstance was a public protest and the alleged victim, a cop who wasn't even hospitalised and is hale and hearty, then the public should be told this.
Btw cops routinely file 307 cases against protestors in every agitation when cops beat up protestors. The cops have no injuries but they claim injuries in order to be able to arrest protestors under a serious charge, and justify their unprovoked violence.
It's really not difficult to do a little work and state some more details about the cases filed against every candidate. Why can't @adrspeaks which enjoys (foreign) funding, pay employees to do the due diligence we require of, say, a journalist who files a ground report?
In 2014, ADR made a costly error, never apologised to us. See screenshot of 2014 note issued by @cpimlliberation: a false @adrspeaks claim that our candidate was accused of buying a minor for prostitution (section 373) made headlines. It was merely 379 (theft) for a protest demo
That false allegation (because it was a shocking sex crime) made headlines in national and local papers all over India and Bihar. Since it was the last day of campaigning, there was no time for us to correct the widespread slur that was spread about him thanks to @adrspeaks
For an organisation that speaks of transparency and accountability, why does @adrspeaks have none? They never acknowledged our letter to them, never admitted their grave error and false allegation, let alone apologised for it.
As citizens we should demand that @adrspeaks be obligated to maintain the same standards as expected from (real) journalists. Verify, fact-check, provide context, so that you actually help the voter & general public make sense of the raw data about "criminal cases".
Am tagging @dhruv_rathee in this thread because his post citing the @adrspeaks report has 1000s upon 1000s of likes and shares on Facebook. Persons with such influence shd tell their audience how the powerless & their advocates are often the ones facing the most criminal cases.
sorry the link is broken, here is the link again…
Our candidate Amarjit Kushwaha is in jail for the past 5 years in a "murder" case. Our MLA Satyadeo Ram got bail in the same case, a cop testified neither of them were present at the scene, yet Amarjit was denied bail unfairly. For details of the alleged "murder", see next tweet
Watch this video, it shows how police & district admin in Chilmarva village, Siwan stood watching while landlords and armed criminals fired at Dalit villagers to evict them from their homes, land. It cd have become another massacre of Dalits
The channel’s footage (above) clearly shows shots being fired by assailants on poor men & women trying to escape the bullets as they defend their hutments. But the BJP MLA & MP refer to the assailants as 'aam log' (common people) who are 'victims' of @cpimlliberation supporters!
This BJP propaganda continues in this election, where they try to build up a bogey of CPIML as a scary violent lot (there's even a twitter trend in Hindi today to the effect). They will lap up @adrspeaks analysis.
Throughout 2015 polls BJP campaigned that it was pointless to vote for Comrade Satyadeo – “He will anyway be hanged for murder,” they jeered. Satyadeo won, but in Jiradei, Comrade Amarjit lost: his being in jail hampered the party’s campaign.
Left to ADR, Umar Khalid would be a "criminal" while Kapil Mishra, who has no FIR against him, is not a criminal. @adrspeaks "analysis", deliberately depoliticises the understanding of "crime", helping the powerful retain impunity while branding the powerless "criminals".

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6 Oct
In the discussion jostled by @rahulkanwal on @IndiaToday
I wasn't allowed to comment on the discussion re PFI. I wanted to say: there are at least two caste & Hindu supremacist radical outfits based in Western UP and Hathras itself: Savarna Parishad & the Hindu Yuva Vahini.
The anchor should have questioned the fact that "literature" cannot be "suspicious", cannot be grounds for arrest, least of all of a journalist. If Savarna Parishad or HYV or Hindu Janjagran Samiti (accused in blasts) can move freely to any village in India why not PFI?
All the violence seen in Hathras has been on part of caste supremacists: who raped, fatally injured the victim, their men in uniform burned her body to destroy evidence, besieged her family, HYV chief the UP CM paid @ConceptPR_India to spin narrative to paint the victim as liar.
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5 Oct
We need to ensure the movement for #JusticeForHathrasVictim is sustained. It must be an anti caste, anti patriarchy, anti Manuvad movement. Come join us in burning effigy of Manuvadi UP CM, & his Manuvadi article opposing reservations & supporting women's slavery to men.
This is a screenshot from Yogi's article which was on his website from 2014 to 2017, taken down after he became CM. It attacks SC ST OBC reservations. Article title "Matrshakti, Bhartiyata ke sandarbh mein"
Another screenshot from Yogi's 2014 article, where he says women will become demons if they do "men's work" (he implies being an MLA or MP is men's work, since he is arguing against women's reservations). Note, article is not on website but its 404 error footprint still is!
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3 Oct
Upper caste panchayat in Hathras echoes the same line that the court verdict acquitting Dalit gangrape survivor Bhanwari Devi's rapists did: say 'we do not even take water touched by those people, how can our boys touch their girl?' Rank, rotten casteism stinking in the open. 🤮
Wondering what the Bhanwari Devi (stinking of casteism) verdict was? See the attached, and the link in the next tweet. Remember, the criminal justice system as well as upper caste & BJP leaders joined up then to brand saathin Bhanwari a liar, just as is happening now in Hathras Photograph of protest against the casteist Court verdict thaBhanwari Devi (Centre) was branded a liar when she complaine
Bhanwari's husband & friend, pillar of support Mohan Lal (pic) was forced to watch as his wife was gang raped: both were subjected to an anti Dalit atrocity by dominant caste Gujjars incensed at Bhanwari's activism against baby girls being married off. He passed away this week.
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29 Sep
The Hathras gangrape victim passed away.
Speak about the reality of assaults on Dalit women and girls. Connect dots, show larger picture of structural violence against Dalits, Dalit women. Don't isolate, exceptionalise this case as a gruesome aberration.
With 51,824 cases of crime against SCs registered under PoA Act between 2009 and 2018, UP ranks 1st among in the category with 22.38% of total crime. Speak about justice in those 51824 (& more) cases if you're interested in justice for the #Hathras victim.…
Cases of atrocities against dalits & adivasis have increased by 281.75% & 575.33%, respectively, from 2009 to 2018, recorded under PoA Act, which also has abysmally low conviction rate. How many prime time TV anchors, shedding tears for #Hathras victim now, spoke of this?
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17 Sep
Chief Justice of India, in response to a plea for right to privacy of couples marrying under Special Marriage Act (defying parental disapproval, caste/faith barriers), says parents have a right to know where their offspring have fled. Heard of rampant honour crimes your Honour? ImageImageImage
Any idea who's Ms Praveen's lawyer @LiveLawIndia? Might find a chapter in my book (Fearless Freedom, @PenguinIndia 2020) on the phenomenon of organised political terror against such couples, by outfits that monitor Special Marriage Act notices, useful to educate the Hon'ble CJI ImageImageImage
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16 Sep
PC has begun. @pamelaphilipose is conducting the PC, speaking powerfully about Bhima Koregaon and Delhi Police witch hunts. In the absence of real evidence, police is cooking up dodgy, falsehoods, narratives. I'll try for live tweet but poor network may not allow
. @pamelaphilipose says @DelhiPolice says it's even handed, but Kapil Mishra, Anurag Thakur are still free, an officer asked his people to take "due care" to avoid "Hindu resentment". But millions of Hindus want nothing more than peace, justice, d capacity to lead fulfilled lives
Now we're going to hear the voice of @UmarKhalidJNU, a short message he recorded just before being arrested by @DelhiPolice (you can't silence us! Can't silence him)
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