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Hathras Case: UP Govt. Tells Allahabad High Court That District Magistrate Can't Be Transferred, Justifies Cremation Of Victim At Night

Govt. has decided not to transfer District Magistrate for reasons, firstly, that a political game is being played and the transfer of District Magistrate has been made a political issue by political parties with oblique motive so as to exert political pressure: UP Govt Tells HC
Secondly there is no question of the District Magistrate tampering with the evidence relevant to the investigation. Thirdly, security of the family is now in the hands of the C.R.P.F. with which the State Government and its authorities have no concern.

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Supreme Court bench headed by Justice NV Ramana hears a plea against the publication of the #Hathras victim photograph in the media. Plea also questions the delay in trial of sexual violence cases
Justice Ramana: These issues have nothing to do with law. People want to do such things. Right to freedom of expression is there. There is enough law for this. It is unfortunate that such incidents happen
SC: We can't legislate law after law. Its not for the wisdom of the court to legislate here. Make representation to the govt
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Global Virtual Conference hosted by Jindal Global Law School of OP Jindal Global University:

Supreme Court Judge, Justice DY Chandrachud to render Constitutional Day Lecture shortly.


Presidential Address to be given by Professor (Dr) Upendra Baxi.

Event begins. It can be viewed live here:

Prof (Dr) C Raj Kumar, Founding Vice-Chancellor of JGU commences welcome address.

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Siddique Kappan is the Office Secretary of Popular Front of India (PFI) who is using a journalist cover by showing identity card of a Kerela based newspaper named as โ€˜Tejasโ€™ which was closed in 2018 - State of UP says in the affidavit filed in the Supreme Court.
Kappan and others were going to #Hathras with a "very determined design to create a caste divide and disturb law and order situation", says State of UP in the affidavit filed in SC opposing the habeas plea of KUWJ.
"Incriminating materials" seized from Kappan. His flat mate is also a member of PFI - State of UP says in the counter-affidavit filed in Supreme Court.

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(Kerala Journalist Siddique Kappan's case)

#SupremeCourt bench led by CJI SA Bobde to shortly hear plea by a scribe association urging the top court to order release of Kerala Journalist Siddique Kappan who was arrested by @Uppolice while he was on way to cover #HathrasCase
The Journalist spoke to his lawyer from Mathura jail briefly this week. Kappan now faces charges under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act
Solicitor-General Tushar Mehta:
Arrested and remanded by competent court. Bail plea was heard for 9 days. He was arrested with others. Detailed reply was filed. They should approach the HC

Kapil Sibal: No not yet. We have not been served

CJI: then serve them
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Allahabad High Court to take up the suo motu matter in #HathrasCase Today.
Last week SC directed the #AllahabadHC to monitor the ongoing the CBI probe into the #Hathras case.

The CBI shall report to the High Court in the manner as would be directed by the High Court through its orders from time to time, the bench observed.โ€ฆ
#Hathras victim's Family should be provided with permanent accommodation in Delhi: Advocate Seema Kushwaha tells ANI

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I wrote a tweet yesterday, & many people commented on it. So I have to write this #Thread
I know it won't be circulated much & many people would get angry too, but it needs to be said.
#Hindus need to wake up both from their sleep & hypocrisy.
What is Modi doing for Hindus?
So let me remind u, all this info that u r seeing in SM, that was kept hidden for years is bcoz of BJP at the center.
Suddenly u see more cases of Sadhu lynching or temple being broken or love jรฏh@d
Do u think these didn't happen earlier?
It did. In much larger numbers but
3) never came out. U r able to tweet about all this, openly bcoz of Central Govt.

I gave 300+ seats to BJP, isn't it enough?
Ans. NO.
It's not. State wise majority is a must. Even if Center passes a law, states won't implement it. See CAA for example.
Or migrant Labourers
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..BJP will not leave any margin for error henceforth and let any form of sabotage occur.

For us it looks like just another State Elections, but the elections in the state affects the math in Rajya Sabha. Now we also want numerous laws, bills, amendments to be passed..UCC,....
Population Control Bill etc etc.

To successfully secure this aspect, one also needs figures in the Upper House. What we aren't discussing in this heat is the RS elections in UP. But the Centre and the BJP core committee has to be vigilant enough to make sure they stand tall ..
with fortitude.

Every action that happens in interlinked. If some incidence occurs in one part of the country, it's tremors are felt at the other end which we won't be even aware of..but Modi and his team has to be on their toes.

Modi can't afford to falter at this stage.
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[Breaking] Supreme Court direct that the security to the #Hathras victimโ€™s family and the witnesses shall be provided by the CRPF within a week from today.
Supreme Court also direct Allahabad High Court to delete the name and relationship of the family members with the victim from its October 12 Order also morph the same in the digital records and avoid indication of such contents in future

All aspects of the matter are left open to be considered by #AllahabadHC relating to the incident regarding which the investigation is to be conducted by the CBI and also with regard to the grievance put forth alleging illegal #cremation: #SupremeCourt
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<๐—ฉ๐—ฒ๐—ฟ๐—ฑ๐—ถ๐—ฐ๐˜: ๐—›๐—ฎ๐˜๐—ต๐—ฟ๐—ฎ๐˜€ ๐—–๐—ฎ๐˜€๐—ฒ ๐—–๐—ผ๐˜‚๐—ฟ๐˜ ๐— ๐—ผ๐—ป๐—ถ๐˜๐—ผ๐—ฟ๐—ฒ๐—ฑ ๐—ฃ๐—ฟ๐—ผ๐—ฏ๐—ฒ PIL>

#SupremeCourt's #CJI Bobde led bench to shortly pronounce verdict in PIL seeking court monitoring of CBI probe into the alleged gang rape & murder of 19 year old Dalit girl.

A bench comprising #CJI SA Bobde, Justices AS Bopanna & V. Ramasubramaniun to shortly pronounce verdict.

On October 15, top Court had reserved orders on the plea & affidavits had been filed on behalf of the UP, stipulating Witness protection plan as well as choice of legal representation by Victims' family in terms of an earlier order of Top Court.
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The Supreme Court is scheduled to deliver its judgment today on a batch of pleas seeking Court monitored CBI probe in the Hathras case and transfer of trial to Delhi.

Judgement is expected at 12 PM today.

#SupremeCourt #HathrasCase #UttarPradesh @Uppolice Image
Bench of CJI SA Bobde with Justices AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian will deliver the judgment shortly.

#SupremeCourt #HathrasCase #Hathras #UttarPradesh #UttarPradeshPolice
Bench assembles

CJI Bobde pronouncing the judgment.
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The Supreme Court Bench headed by CJI SA Bobde is scheduled to take up for hearing today a batch of petitions filed in relation to the Hathras gang-rape and midnight cremation of the victim.

#SupremeCourt #Hathras #HathrasCase #UttarPradesh
In the earlier hearing, the #SupremeCourt had sought details from the State of #UttarPradesh on the steps taken for witness protection.

SC had also sought to know if the family of the victim had chosen its legal representative.

State of #UttarPradesh informed the #SupremeCourt through its affidavit that adequate security detail has been deployed to ensure the safety and protection of the members of the victim's family.

#Hathras #HathrasCaseโ€ฆ
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SC bench headed by CJI to consider today the PIL seeking court monitored CBI/SIT investigation into #HathrasCase.

The UP Govt @UPGovt has welcomed CBI investigation. Last Saturday, the CBI had taken over the probe from UP Police @Uppolice on State Govt recommendation.
On the last hearing date, the Court had asked the UP Govt to inform about the witness protection scheme made available to the victim's family, and if they have engaged any lawyer.

In response, the UP Govt has filed an affidavit stating that adequate forces have been deployed for the protection of the victim's family.
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Absolutely nonsensical comparison.

Bajaj has stated an intent to not advertise alongside hateful content. It is to uphold basic human values/decency. Plus Bajaj DID NOT troll/abuse the channels or editors, land up at their studios to threaten them. He didn't even NAME ANYONE.
Bajaj wants to stay away from content that is beyond reasonable doubt 'toxic'.

Those opposed to #tanishq, on the other hand, are opposed to the idea of inter-faith love. It's the sort of mentality that has made life hell for young couples in India. Even so... doesn't stop at distaste for what the ad showcases. In the case of Tanishq there is a real attack online and offline, managers being trolled, people landing up at the store threatening staff, hurling abuses at them.
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#HathrasCase : Midnight cremation of the victim's body done without consent of the family members, as per their statement to Allahabad HC.

They wanted cremation in the morning; administration did it in night; no immediate family member participated - father's statement to HC.
Didn't get to see the face of her daughter for the last time, #Hathras victim's mother tells HC, breaking down.
Authorities acted in a "high-handed" manner in cremating the body of #Hathras victim, her brothers tell HC judges.
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[Breaking] Allahabad HC Directs UP Govt administration ensure the safety and security of the family members of #Hathras victim so that no harm is caused to them.

It is further provided that the inquiry/investigation which is being carried-on in the matter, either by the S.I.T. or by any other agency such as CBI, be kept in full confidentially and no report or post thereof is leaked out in the public: #HathrasHorror
No officer who is not directly connected with the investigation should make any statement in public regarding commission of the offence alleged or otherwise based on evidence collected as it can lead to unnecessary speculation and confusion amongst the masses : #AllahabadHC
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Yogi Govt is directed to ensure the safety & security of the family members of the victim so that no harm is caused to them.

The SIT / CBI investigation shall be kept in full confidentially and no report is leaked. #HathrasCase
The 11 Page order says, The Compensation offered by the State Govt shall be paid, at the earliest to the Victims family.

In the event they refuse, it shall be deposited in a Bank and may be utilized as directed by the High Court. @myogiadityanath #HathrasCase #HathrasHorror
Lawyer for the family of Delhi Nirbhaya Case, will be representing the Victim's family in the #HathrasCase

Seema Kushwaha, is allowed to file an affidavit on behalf of the family members

Next date of hearing is November 2, 2020
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This lethal cocktail is adversely impacting the liberty of all those who dare to speak up. The right to life and personal liberty is under a silent threat and we all know the consequence of losing our liberty โ€“ simply put, we will cease to be a democratic republic: Madan Lokur.J
Our freedom of speech is being eroded and mauled through twisting and turning the law if not abusing it altogether.

Law needs to be objectively interpreted but subjective satisfaction has taken over and the consequences are unpalatable: dissent or expression of a different point of view has become an issue to the extent that bona fide speech sometimes becomes a security threat:Justice Lokur
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The family members of #Hathras Victim to appear Today before the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court

A division bench of Justices Pankaj Mithal and Rajan Roy to hear the suo motu matter in the the #HathrasCase today at 2.15 pm Today
On Oct -1 Allahabad HC took Suo Moto Cognizance Of Hathras Case; said 'Incidents Have Shocked Our Conscience'โ€ฆ
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Supreme Court will shortly hear the habeas corpus plea filed against the arrest of Kerala journalist, Sidhique Kappan, by the UP Police while he was proceeding to cover the Hathras incident of rape and murder of a 19-year old Dalit woman.

#HathrasHorror #SupremeCourt
The plea was filed by Kerala Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ).

Details of the plea can be read here. ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿฝ

#HathrasCase #HathrasHorror #SupremeCourtโ€ฆ
Senior Advocate Kapil Sibal appears for petitioners:
When we filed this plea, it was a habeas corpus.
Now we learnt that an FIR was registered and UAPA was invoked.
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Supreme Court to shortly take up the habeas corpus petition seeking the release of Kerala journalist Siddique Kappan after he was arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Police on Oct 5

Kappan was arrested while he was on his way to cover the #HathrasCase

Senior Adv Kapil Sibal: When we filed this plea, it was a habeas corpus petition. Now we learnt that an FIR was registered. UAPA was invoked. No court in UP will grant us bail. Let us approach you under Article 32 of the Constitution
CJI: Please approach Allahabad HC. we are here in case something wrong happens

Matter adjourned for 4 weeks.

Senior Adv Kapil Sibal at liberty to approach HC for bail in the interim
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India test-fires 10 missiles in 35 days. It is not a coincidence - india news - Hindustan Times

India is finally Speaking the Language China understands Most

Why Indian Americans must ensure #JoeBiden is defeated in #USElection2020

He was the Senator who sabotaged India's efforts to procure and develop Cryogenic Engines.

Read this thread
Back in 1992, Joe Biden made sure that India does not get access to cryogenic tech for its space programme
#JoeBidenKamalaHarris2020โ€ฆ #America #JoeBiden via @tfipost
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Naxal bhabhi in #Hathras case... IndiaT journo tutoring the brother... Should we connect the dots.
The bhabhi was a planted one,,,not even real one.. she started a week before the nautanki... This is high level planning to incite riots. #Hathras
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Trivialisation of rape by liberals :

Rape happens in BJP run state, CM is responsible

Rape happens in non BJP state, PM is responsible

If the rapist is "secular", noone is responsible

If upper caste can be blamed, then rape happened even when didn't happen

1/4 #rape #Hathras
When #bollywood chatu Kashyap is accused, rape didn't happen in closed room

When non Chatu Nana Patekar is accused, rape happened on shooting stage

12 year old Hindu girl in Pakistan can never be raped, she married a 36 yr old Abdul with 2 wives and 12 children by choice

Noone has time to discuss how laws & processes can be improved to actually address the rape issue

Rapes globally r a law & order issue, social issue, but in India is it a Hindu issue. Only Hindu iconography can be used to highlight rape

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