#nowreading “Over the past decade,” Ruth S. Barrett writes, “the for-profit ecosystem that has sprouted up around athletic recruiting at top-rung universities has grown so excessively ornate, so circular in its logic, that it’s become self-defeating.” theatlantic.com/magazine/archi…
Even before i dig into the article let me add a few images
Keep in mind that CT is one of the richest states in the union
If you haven't dug into Chetty data in the NYT you should nytimes.com/interactive/pr…
ok. let's go!
So stay at home mom, Sloane, in paragraph 1 throws shade on Ohio State (and not for the obnoxious THE).. but also reveals that she's got deep knowledge of the recruiting game.

My kid took a basketball camp in the summer before 9th grade and in the 4 months that followed
I'm going to just stop commenting on all the money being spent, but

- one family income
- trips to CA and Chi with 3 kids
- sports equipment
- home gym set ups
- private lessons
- membership fees
- tourney fees
"Yet Sloane found that she didn’t know how to make the folly stop. "

“We just got caught up in it,” she said. “We thought this is what good parents do. They fight for opportunities for their kids.”
this framing is shameful. @TheAtlantic and the author should be ashamed. To compare the antics of the uber wealthy to people trying to escape poverty in this way is shameful and some real bullshit.
I don't even remember the Harry Edwards work but I'm betting there is a lot of push back on it. Maybe later I'll look it up
sorry.. had to take a break to help tutor someone for the #GMAT.
Lordy lordy ....

There are whole dissertations and books written about this one paragraph. Chetty called bullshit on this narrative before but of course it lives on in rich neighborhoods who seem to believe if they can't have every. single. thing. they WANT that's disadvantage
The fact that the author cites Luke Walton in an article about sports and doesn't give the disclaimer probably says all you need to know about the author and audience.
I can't yet decide if this article is good or bad yet. While implicitly critical of the obsessions, it seems to overlook so much of the opportunity hoarding mindset of these people. It also reeks of elitism in its casual dismal of two great schools: Bates and An Ohio State
perceived is doing a lot of work in this passage
the snobbery and cluelessness dripping out of these quotes.. I guess the spot a Yale just disappeared and no one gets it?
The word ilk here is kinda perfect.

NCAA Data: mens fencing, all divisions 53% white, 42% other (huh.. interesting
Another huge failure of this article is that it leaves our race and income (after gently implying it in early paragraphs)
Holy crap! people of "other" race are apparently very athletic and like particular sports..

Look at all college (3%) vs baseball (16) vs fencing (42) vs basketball (16)
I wonder if we can get the artist of this to update the drawing and add international students ...
Holy shit! they said the classist/racist part out loud.

the commis of the Water Polo association set up meetings with colleges to make sure it was clear that if they added water polo they can bilk more money out of rich kids (read: and screw poor kids)
"water-polo athletes tend to gradate..." is some reductive BS.

lets translate: using a proxy for rich will help you in lots of ways

1. they pay full freight
2. they have the money to make sure they can graduate
3. they increase your ranking
JFC! even in the world of elitist BS this is some prime artisan hand crafted bespoke elitist BS
whoops.. clipped it short. This article isn't good for my blood pressure
how i'm feeling.. and yeah this is a #hateread
timeline cleanse
back to the fray
There is so soo sooo much to unpack in this article. I'm not going to do it all and I'm not going to do it consistently. But Let me just ask that every time you read a state, think about it demographically: income, race, school type,

think about who benefits.
This whole article is basically saying to me: these are the people who didn't happen to meet Rick Singer. | Born on Third, Stealing Home, Paying Off the Ump: The Unhinged Greed of “Elite” College Cheats vanityfair.com/style/2019/03/…
god. the lack of perspective is so disgusting ... since you can't have everything you want in a college life is terrible and unfair and your child's been hurt.
Holy crap! this might redeem the whole article!
this right here seems like a great message for everyone on #admission and #emchat
As a long time #SAT tutor I appreciate articles on college and the rich bringing regatta and reminding us how biased the test has been (and is).
this whole story makes me really want to know what the Robinson's paid to curate their daughters squash experience vs what they donated to StreetSquash.. anyone want to take a bet on which was more?
sigh... I'm goin to reserve my thoughs hear. i have qwite a feu
Ohh look its the homie @melissakorn who once quoted me in an article!

I wonder if its "optics" of eliminating these sports vs the possibility they schools actually give a damn about the public good and fairness
</fin...for now>
It also feels like this article needs a reading list or reference section.. so here goes
Pedigree: How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs ... wall street's love affair with lacrosse bros
Wall Street Pipeline Finds Work for College Lacrosse Players financial-planning.com/news/wall-stre…
Dream Hoarders: How the American Upper Middle Class Is Leaving Everyone Else in the Dust, Why That Is a Problem, and What to Do About It
The Hoarding of the American Dream
In a new book, a Brookings scholar argues that the upper-middle class has enriched itself and harmed economic mobility. | Forget the one percent. Remember the 20 percent, @annielowrey writes: theatlantic.com/business/archi…
reading a bit more on Harry Edwards, I'm wondering if this framing of his work is entirely accurate...
You can’t have a non-racist sports industrial complex within a racist society “any more than you can have a chicken lay a duck egg.” undf.td/2pQ7SYq

• • •

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