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The Lahore Resolution: A 🧵

#OTD in 1940, the All-India Muslim League adopted the Lahore Resolution—which later came to be known as the Pakistan Resolution—during its three-day general session, which was held in #Lahore from March 22–24.

1/10 Image
A. K. Fazlul Huq, the Prime Minister of #Bengal, presented the resolution, which was authored and compiled by Muhammad Zafarullah Khan and served as a formal statement of the party's vision for the future of Muslim #India.

2/10 ImageImage
The document famously stated that "...the areas in which the Muslims are numerically in a majority as in the North Western and Eastern Zones of India should be grouped to constitute ‘independent states’ in which the constituent units should be autonomous and sovereign."

3/10 Image
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World Water Day: A 🧵

#OTD every year, #WorldWaterDay is observed to raise awareness of the value of fresh water. It aims to promote the sustainable management of freshwater resources, consistent with the targets of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6.

#SDG 6 focuses on making sure that everyone has access to clean water and proper sanitation. The #UN General Assembly set 17 SDGs in 2015, including this one.

To meet this goal, 8 targets must be completed by 2030, using 11 indicators to gauge the progress.

The six outcome targets include:

🔼Safe and affordable drinking water

🔼ending open defecation and providing access to sanitation and hygiene

🔼improving water quality, wastewater treatment, and safe reuse

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Richness of cultures, languages & traditions in #SouthAsia also translated into a rich landscape of poetry; giving birth to some of the most renowned & celebrated #poets of the world.

A 🧵


1/8 Image
Names like Iqbal, Ghalib, Krishan Chandar, Rehman Baba, Khushal Khan, Amir Khusro, Amjad Islam Amjad, Jalib, Parveen Shakir, Noon Meem Rashid, Abdul Latif Bhitai, Hali, Abul Kalam Azad, Mir Taqi Mir, Rabindranath Tagore, Bhupi Sherchan, Kamila Bhasin; hail from this region.

Perhaps the one who sits high on the throne of poetry in the region is no other but the legend #Iqbal.

The subcontinent, Afg, as well as Middle Eastern & Central Asian poetic traditions hold Allama Iqbal in high esteem, while he is the acclaimed national poet of 🇵🇰.

3/8 Image
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#SAT Update✨

Cyber-attack on #Khalistan Referendum in Australia caused disruption in voting thrice.

This, coupled with the arrest of #AmripalSingh in India & a mega crackdown in the Indian state of #Punjab is causing ripples.

A 🧵

Mobile internet remained down in #IndianPunjab as the police searched & chased people associated with 'Waris Punjab De' - a collective headed by Amritpal Singh, that supports an independent Punjab.

Sideways, in #Brisbane, the 2nd phase of #KhalistanReferendum came under alleged India-backed #cyberttack on electronic voting machines.

The 1st attack took 30 minutes to be fixed & the other 2 took 20 mints each.

The turn out of the voting was 11,000.

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#SAT Analytics✨

The Bucher Papers - A 🧵

#India has long been accused of attempting to stop the declassification of documents from 1947 pertaining to #Kashmir out of concern that the "sensitive" letters might have an impact on international relations.

The letters, also known as the Bucher papers, are thought to include political and military grounds for Jawaharlal Nehru, #India's first prime minister, to request a cease-fire with #Pakistan and grant the state of Jammu & Kashmir special status.

For the current nationalist government in Delhi, which has derided Nehru's decision to reach a compromise on status of disputed Kashmir as an ignorant "blunder," the correspondence from the then-commander-in-chief, Gen. Roy Bucher, will have major political implications.

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#SAT History✨

Alongside the busiest Mathura Road in Delhi, the newly-renovated garden tomb overlooks the Yamuna river.

But do you know of the poet this monument houses?

Discover in this 🧵

1/10 Image
This massive square edifice with a central dome is the tomb of Abdul Rahim Khan-e-khanan – one of the nine jewels of Mughal Emperor Akbar.

The structure is one among an almost 100 historic mausoleums in this vicinity of #Delhi.

2/10 Image
What is even more interesting is the fact that two other timeless poets are buried within hardly a kilometer of stretch.

The legends being Mirza Ghalib & Amir Khusro. But history could not accord a similar stature to Abdul Rahim & the neglect his tomb faced speaks of it.

3/10 ImageImage
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Raúl Arellano Aguilera, ex policía federal, es uno de los nuevos testigos de la fiscalía estadunidense en el caso #GenaroGarciaLuna. Contó cómo se permitía el tráfico de #drogas y mercancía ilegal en el #AICM al inicio del sexenio de #FelipeCalderón.
Indicó que ciertos elementos desaparecían y después volvían. Vio q el entonces director General de Aeropuertos, Oscar Moreno Villatoro, recibía maleta con dólares. También describió que había una misteriosa orden 45/35, cuando se dejaban de hacer revisiones en determinado tiempo.
Arellano no ha mencionado vínculos directos con #GarciaLuna, pero indicó que en varias ocasiones Óscar Moreno -jefe de aeropuetos de la #PolicíaFederal- se reunió en el #AICM con altos mandos de dicha corporación para supuestamente recibir dinero.
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The new #SAT report is out.

- Every racial group had a composite SAT score drop, except Native Americans (up 9 points) & those who did not respond on race
- Every racial group had a participation increase
- Men & women both increased participation 15% & lowered scores 11 points Image
The reformed verbal/critical reading section is maintaining its scores as well as the math section, so far, unlike previous versions of the SAT. Image
Citizenship is no longer reported, but English-only students dropped to the level of English-as-a-2nd-language students. However, students who didn't give their language took the SAT more than ESL students for the 1st time in 2022, while these non-responders' scores plummeted. Image
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1) Yatırım alanında #strateji belirlemek isteyenlere faydalı olacağını düşündüğüm 3 ana, 15 alt bölümden olmak üzere toplamda 310 sayfadan oluşan ve @Scala_Kitapci’lıktan yayımlanan #KarşıtYatırım kitabını kısaca özetlemeye çalıştım.

#kitap #yatırımnotları #finansalokuryazarlık
2) “Karşıtlar #kötü haberde alır, #iyi haberde satar.

#Alışta, yatırım sürüleri kuyrukta yer kapmak için uğraşırken, siz zaten biletinizi almış ve yeri kapmış olacaksınız.

#Satışta, ahali bir #hisseden çıkmaya hücum ederken oluşan panik de ezilmeden, herkesten önce kapıdan”
3) “çıkmış olacaksınız.

Piyasaları işleten #likiditedir.

#Erken giriş yaparak, diğer #yatırımcıların hali hazırda sahibi olduğunuz hisselerin fiyatlarini yükseltmelerini beklersiniz.

Doğumdan itibaren #uyumlu olmak ve #sosyal olarak kabul edileni yapmak öğretilmiştir.”
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Feeling spicy today $Qnt

#IETF114 #SAT #MIT #IBM #INTEL @quant_network

Secure Asset Transfer Protocol

Feeling spicy today $Qnt

#IETF114 #SAT #MIT #IBM #INTEL @quant_network

Secure Asset Transfer Protocol

Feeling spicy today $Qnt

#IETF114 #SAT #MIT #IBM #INTEL @quant_network

Secure Asset Transfer Protocol

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I'm going to attach a thread as to why I believe $QNT #QNT could be the safest thing to hold, to endure what ever economic change presents us in the near future towards 2030.

A non inflationary tokenomic model that fuels a global ecosystem of ecosystems across all verticals

ISO TC 323 - Circular Economy ISO standard.

Towards the renewable, reusable, repurpose approach to economies.…

The 2030 Agenda, or the strategy towards ISO standards to making lives easier, safer and better.

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¡Que ya no te dé miedo el #SAT! #AbrimosHilo con 5 cosas que debes tener para que no te espante.

📸: Fotoarte: Evelyn Alcántar / iStock
1) RFC con homoclave.
2) Definir en qué régimen fiscal estás.
3) Obtener la Firma Electrónica #FIEL
4) Hacer tus declaraciones provisionales y/o anuales.
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Here is a hard question for #bitcoin maxis (and plebs):

Why will we end up with 21 million coins in the end?

You think this is easy? Let's see... 🧵 of 21 👇
1. We all know the easy answer: because in its first halving cycle, #bitcoin created 10.5 million coins (50 block subsidy coins * 210,000 blocks), and half that in the next, etc. After a number of cycles, we will have close to 21 million coins.

But I'm asking why, not how.
2. Let's dig in. #Satoshi was (partly) a coder, so he was obsessed with the powers of 2. Many generations of computers have been built on these powers: 8 / 16 / 32 and 64-bit computing and operating systems - to mention just the most obvious.
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Building the DPC Model, Part IV
Adjusting the projection line to the diminishing effect of #bitcoin's halving cycle

🧵 of 11

Part I:
Part II:
Part III:
2. The final adjustment to the projection line takes care of the diminishing effect of the halving cycle. The impact of the halving cycle was discussed in Part II. Why is this effect decreasing, and when will it disappear?
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/02/2022…
A Billion Years of Time Are Mysteriously Missing. Scientists Think They Know Why.…
#GrandCanyon, #geology, #GreatUnconformity, #TectonicModel
What Happens Next in Ukraine Could Change Europe Forever | Time…
#InternationalRelations, #russia, #ukraine, #europe
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#OlaDeCalor | Enero 2022 🌡

En los próximos días se espera un ascenso gradual de #temperatura en varias provincias argentinas. El #calor extremo se mantendrá durante la próxima semana con valores superiores a 35°C en gran parte del país.
⚠ Desde hoy, viernes, habrá condiciones muy #calurosas en las provincias de Rio Negro, Neuquén, Mendoza, La Pampa, oeste de Buenos Aires, San Luis, San Juan, La Rioja, Catamarca, Tucumán, el este de Salta y de Jujuy, Santiago del Estero, Chaco y Formosa
❌Hacia comienzos de la próxima semana, las altas temperaturas irán extendiéndose hacia el este, a las provincias de Bs As, Córdoba, Santa Fe, Entre Ríos, Chaco, Corrientes y Misiones. Además, habrá pocas lluvias, lo que intensificará las condiciones de #sequía.
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The new #SAT report is out.

- Every racial group had a large participation decline
- Every racial group had a composite SAT score rise, except Hispanics (who are categorized as a separate racial group) & those who did not respond on race
- Natives rose 24 points
- Asians rose 23 Image
Men dropped their #SAT participation 30%; their composite score rose 13 points.

Women dropped their participation 32%; their composite score rose 6 points. ImageImage
Here are the graphs for racial averages on the verbal portion of the SAT and the mathematics portion. These are raw scores, in the sense that there are no corrections for reforms that change the points scale. ImageImage
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#SupremeCourt hears the Franklin Templeton case.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta appears for SEBI

Justice Abdul Nazeer: there are some matters pending before us Image
Sr Adv AM Singhvi: There is no pending matter

SG: The very foundation of fundamental error is wrong. We want them to deposit the amount in escrow account. The interim order is wrong since only profits can be directed to be returned.
SG: The tribunal has grossly erred that they have failed to note that in terms of Regulation 12.1 of SEBI mutual funds, its not gross amount which is taken, In addition to management fees, the asset mgmt scheme may charge following expenses.
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So is anyone curious how test prep companies responded to the #testoptional movement?

Follow me down the rabbit hole

First let's touch on a little history:

1926 - first #SAT
1936 - Kaplan founded
1978 - first full sample SAT released by CB
1979 - "Truth-in- Testing" Act. passed in NY
1980 - CB begins selling 5 Real SATs
1981 - Princeton Review founded
So the test prep industry has largely grown lockstep with the testing industrial complex

(dear educational researchers and economists please do more work on the growth of private tutoring companies and shadow education in the US since 1930)
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1. Tasa de impuestos que deberían pagar la #empresas ultra-grandes: 30%

Lo que realmente pagan (según ellas): 62%

Y (según el #SAT): 6%
2. Costo de la elusión fiscal corporativa anual en 🇲🇽: 8.3 mil millones de dólares

Como % de la recaudación total: 6 por ciento.

Lugar que ocupa 🇲🇽 entre los #evasores corporativos más grandes del 🌎: 12 de 147
3. Aumento en #recaudación durante los primeros 4 años de EPN: 4.4 puntos del PIB.

Lo que se necesita para pagar la reforma de pensiones aprobada por #AMLO: 5 pts más para 2046.

Lo que propone AMLO (y fuentes de este 🧵):…
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I received an @ACT report today based on a survey of enrollment leaders that I participated in regarding pre-COVID, COVID, & post-COVID testing policies.

While the folks at ACT provided an interpretation of the responses, I thought I'd share some of the data and my own insights.
Most COVID #testoptional adopters are NOT going back to requiring #SAT or #ACT test scores.

The value & impact of the #SAT & #ACT is permanently diminished.

Test score score requirements are no longer "the norm"... they are outliers.
Far too many universities are still using #SAT and #ACT scores - that have problematic correlations with family income, gender, and race & ethnicity - for merit scholarships and financial aid.

A note to colleagues at #testoptional universities: Let's put an end to this practice.
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En marzo de 2019 el presidente @lopezobrador_ dijo haber enviado al rey de #España una carta que nunca apareció pese a solicitarse a través del @INAImexico hoy por una pregunta de @Alejandro_Lelo sobre el tema desde #PalacioNacional señala que la hará pública pero aprovecha
Machucheramente para atacar nuevamente al @INAImexico y a los órganos independientes.
Y señala @lopezobrador_ que la liquidación de los #fideicomisos había Corrupción que nunca acreditó sólo fue su dicho, su boca que es enorme por cierto.
Ahora el grupo rapaz se encuentra en el poder es tan hipócrita que olvida @lopezobrador_ q cerró la información x 20 años sobre la construcción del 2do piso.
Al desaparecer al @INAImexico lo que quiere es no sólo apropiarse del dinero de la institución sino impedir la información
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#nowreading “Over the past decade,” Ruth S. Barrett writes, “the for-profit ecosystem that has sprouted up around athletic recruiting at top-rung universities has grown so excessively ornate, so circular in its logic, that it’s become self-defeating.”…
Even before i dig into the article let me add a few images
Keep in mind that CT is one of the richest states in the union
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Ubicar como sí hay un hilo ÷ 4 legislaturas y 3 gobiernos federales de distinto partido para que el #ImpuestoAlTabaco incumpla estándares mundiales fue larga labor e increíble hacerla con @AleMelgo @karlacasillas20
Aquí la foto de cómo operaron las tabacaleras una década
Abro🧵 Image
En 2010 🇲🇽 sentía que iba a🏁de @opsoms de 75% en impuestos a costo/cajetilla de cigarros con nuevo #IEPS+IVA. Pasó a 67.5% y con los años se devaluó y dejó de servir p reducir consumo sobretodo en jóvenes.
Aquí qué pasó en @Mx_Diputados y @senadomexicano
Para este bloqueo, #PhilipMorris y #BAT no solo mantuvieron un intenso cabildeo en el Congreso sino fuera de él, en secretarias y dependencias. Creando vínculos poco transparentes con funcionarios y legisladores y usando datos a modo.
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