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#nowreading Contre Lordon. anticapitalisme tronqué et spinozisme dans l’œuvre de Frédéric Lordon, de Benoît Bohy-Bubel Image
Lordon : un « «post-capitalisme» [qui] reste bien un altercapitalisme qui ne s'assume pas, c'est-à-dire une variante de la société capitaliste, éventuellement « mieux régulée».
Lordon : un « «post-capitalisme» [qui] reste bien un altercapitalisme qui ne s'assume pas, c'est-à-dire une variante de la société capitaliste, éventuellement « mieux régulée»…
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#NowReading Civitas Dei: The Commonwealth of God (1938) by Lionel Curtis ImageImage
p. 2: All these races can still mix blood with each other; for, as in the countries they inhabit, there remains beneath all these diversities a nature common to them all… They were brought into contact, made to depend on each other and merged in the framework of a single society Image
The crowning achievements of Clive at Plassey and of Wolfe at Quebec, in their ultimate result, meant that Europe would extend to the whole world the finest product of her civilization, a system of life based on the principle of the commonwealth. Image
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#NowReading The Third British Empire by Alfred Zimmern ImageImage
"…the larger League needed to maintain law and order throughout the world and to provide a secure basis for the economic interdependence which grew up, under the tutelage of British sea power, in the nineteenth century.” Image
The British Empire of to-day is not the British Empire of 1914. It is something new—how new neither the outside world nor even its own citizens have adequately realized. —Zimmern
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#NowReading Eusebius of Caesarea’s Commentary on Isaiah Image
In every society as among the former people of God there were certain figures who were like “bulwarks” and foundations of the entire nation, whom the Word threatens will be taken away. - Eusebius Image
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#VendrediLecture Plaisir honteux de Michelle Desaulniers aux éditions @remue_menage.
#nowreading #jelisquebecois #inceste #trauma
Je vous mets des passages en thread, qui reprennent bien les bases concernant l’inceste et cette question. Toujours bon à rappeler ! ⤵️ Image
Des chiffres dérangeants.
(Si y a bien la biblio à la fin du livre je mettrais toutes les références)
⤵️ ImageImage
Réponse physiologique du corps même quand on est enfant (different évidemment de la maturité psychique) & la manipulation émotive des agresseurs dans les cas d’inceste. ⤵️ ImageImageImage
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#NowReading La Lutte de classes, organe de l'Union communiste (IVe Internationale) — octobre 1942 / mai 1947 #archiveLO

(archives également en ligne ici : ImageImage

"70 années de parlementarisme ont pu cacher en partie aux ouvriers et paysans de France la nature rapace et sans scrupules de leur impérialisme ; les événements actuels dévoilent complètement son rôle vis-à-vis de la "nation".
"Le grand Capital, qui exploitera la France aussi longtemps que les ouvriers et les paysans ne se seront pas emparés des moyens de production, considère la "nation" comme un simple moyen : instrument de pillage mondial quand il est assez fort pour se mesurer directement avec...
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#NowReading The Shock Doctrine (2007) by Naomi Klein
“[Friedman’s] determination to …advance a fundamentalist version of capitalism was also an oddly-fitting farewell from the boundlessly energetic five-foot-two professor who, in his prime, described himself as ‘an old-fashioned preacher delivering a Sunday sermon.’” Klein
Naomi Klein thinks “ballooning corporate power … made its global debut in Seattle in 1999”
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#NowReading Realities in the Third Reich (1979) by Hans Kehrl

I’m reading a Spanish translation of the German. I’ll select highlights and put them into English for you. ImageImage
Hennig points out that industrial % of salary spending fell from 1932-1938. This proves nothing. Those were years of improved capacities and rationalization through higher investments. He claims wages stagnated. This was a consequence of keeping inflation within the lowest limits Image
Workers’ annual income doubled once unemployment was eliminated, and once not only full employment but even the elusive over-employment was achieved. The rise of prices in seven years was only 5.6%, or about .08% annually. Image
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#NowReading a great article on "learning loss"

"Of course, the term "learning loss" comes from the language of test enthusiasts."…
I love this, especially “an increase in correct responses is gain; a decrease is loss.”

Exposing so many of the problems that plague the way we use test scores and draw inappropriate conclusions from them. Image

“Learning loss is a calculation masquerading as a concept”

#LearningLoss #testing #education Image
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#nowreading L'âge du capitalisme de surveillance, de Shoshana Zuboff (éd. Zulma) | on my #instagram : Image
Face à un capitalisme qui contrôle tjrs + individus & société, l’auteur sans rire compte sur “des droits & des lois” et demandent au “peuple” d’apporter son soutien aux “politiques publiques” & à “cx qui font les lois”... Mais lisons-la pr ses constats sur l’évolution en cours...
Le capitalisme de surveillance : "une force dévoyée guidée par de nouveaux impératifs économiques qui méprisent les normes sociales et annulent les droits fondamentaux associés à l’autonomie individuelle, qui sont essentiels à la possibilité même d’une société démocratique...
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#NowReading The Anglo-American Establishment: From Rhodes to Cliveden (1981) by Carroll Quigley ImageImage
Lord Salisbury practiced a shameless nepotism, concealed to some extent by the shifting of names because of acquisition of titles and female marital connections, and redeemed by the fact that ability as well as family connection was required from appointees.

Quigley ImageImageImage
The Balfour government was nothing but a continuation of Salisbury’s government, since, as we have seen, Balfour was Salisbury’s nephew and chief assistant and was made premier in 1902 by his uncle.

Quigley Image
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#NowReading Profits Without Production (1983) by Seymour Melman ImageImage
Whatever the maneuvers for financial and market control that went on in the boardrooms of industrial capitalism, no one doubted that investing in and efficiently operating the means of production, especially those of basic industry, was the high road to wealth and fame.

By the 1960s the ideal type had become the financier-strategist, the shrewd, nimble operator who combined disparate firms into conglomerates that maximized the short-term profit-taking opportunities afforded by tax laws, securities transfers, the milking of production assets

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#NowReading Sea Power in Relation to the War of 1812 (1905) by Alfred Thayer Mahan Image
Mahan Image
From John Adams to James Bowdoin, 9 May 1786… Image
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#nowreading “Over the past decade,” Ruth S. Barrett writes, “the for-profit ecosystem that has sprouted up around athletic recruiting at top-rung universities has grown so excessively ornate, so circular in its logic, that it’s become self-defeating.”…
Even before i dig into the article let me add a few images
Keep in mind that CT is one of the richest states in the union
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"The Psychology of Money" by @morganhousel
Your personal experiences with money make up maybe 0.00000001% of what’s happened in the world, but maybe 80% of how you think the world works.
Fascinating response to the story came from the nephew of a Chinese worker: My aunt worked several years in what Americans call “sweat shops.” It was hard work. Long hours, “small” wage, “poor” working conditions. Do you know what my aunt did before she worked in these factories?
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#NowReading "Vaccinnated: One Man's Quest to Defeat the World's Deadliest Diseases". The story of Maurice Hilleman, whom you have probably never heard of. He is the father of the modern vaccine.
These pages of the book are wow!! Spellbinding piece of history of how Pasteur gave the first successful rabies vaccine to Joseph Meister, a 9-year old boy bitten by a rabid dog. This was at a time when people with rabies were hunted down and murdered.
How was this vaccine made?By drying the spinal cords of rabbits who had died of rabies. It had been tried in dogs and was found to be effective, but had never been given to a human.
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#nowreading Naissance de la Grèce. De Minos à Solon (3200 à 510 avant notre ère), de Brigitte Le Guen (sous la dir.) | on my #instagram : Image
Le premier âge du bronze (3200-2200) : développement 1) de la production agricole (traction animale, aires de vignes et d’oliviers domestiqués, produits laitiers, fibres animales, etc.), 2) des échanges > mécanisme de distinction sociale, avec création de pouvoirs centraux.
Mais 4 « cultures » distinctes :
- en Crête : le minoen ancien (prépalatial, protominoen). De gdes sépultures collectives circulaires (utilisées pendant des siècles) qui deviendront les sites des futurs palais (au minoen moyen). Ds ces tombes, de bijoux en or (trésor de Mochlos) Image
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#NowReading War in 140 Characters
Particularly interesting to compare vis a vis current situation
Will be tweeting extracts I find relevant Image
"Social media, I understood, had opened up for individuals vital spaces of communication once controlled exclusively by the state.”
“extraordinary ability of social media to endow ordinary individuals, frequently noncombatants, with the power to change the course of both the physical battlefield and the discourse around it.”
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Since Memorial Day of 2019, our family has been on a reading quest. Not so much about how many books can we read, but to spend more time reading. We have in the end kept track of completed books. In this past year, I have completed 33 books. They are listed in order below:
The World's Fastest Man: Major Taylor by @PostKranish. Very good read about a native Hoosier. Would highly recommend. (1)
The Magician's Nephew and Prince Caspian by @CSLewis. I do not tend to enjoy fiction as much, but these are classics and would recommend. Good family reads. (2 & 3)
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“Watchmen” is rightfully regarded as a classic of the medium and a meticulously structured masterpiece.

However, I’ve always loved Moore’s pitch black sense of humour and grim juxtapositions.

It’s a darkly funny comic book.

(Watchmen #1.)
Interesting throughline to Lindelof’s “Watchmen” remix that I hadn’t considered:

The vigilantes of the “Watchmen” universe also started as cops who decided to wear masks, lending the follow-up some symmetry.

(Watchmen #1.)
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1,5 degré de + de réchauffement climatique, la moitié de l'humanité mourra. Lors de la COP 24, les dirigeants politiques ont sciemment décidé de sacrifier un quart de la population mondiale en plus en s'autorisant à aller jusqu'à +2 degrés...…
#nowreading L’humanité en péril. Virons de bord, toute ! de Fred Vargas
« Depuis le protocole de Kyoto (1997), les trente dernières années de lutte contre le réchauffement climatique n'ont même pas permis d'inverser la courbe des émissions de gaz à effet de serre ! Ni même de les stabiliser ! »
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#NowReading The Armies Of God, by Iain Buchanan - a study of how US foreign policy uses evangelical Christians as proxies to push their political, military, cultural and economic agenda.
“Never before has an imperialism had the capacity to destroy the earth - and leaders who are comfortable with the prospect.”
Very interesting, key member of the evangelical movement in US was Buchman’s Oxford Group, which inspired The Family that ministered to the White House for creating an elite who could impose “God Control”. Oxford Group was renamed Moral Rearmament. It’s headed by Rajmohan Gandhi.
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[Notes on terminology]
"A package is not a library."
Library refers to:
- "A directory into which packages are installed"
- "That used by the operating system, as a shared, dynamic or static library or (especially on Windows) a DLL, where the second L stands for ‘library’."
"Installation takes a source package and installs it in a library using R CMD INSTALL or install.packages."
"Source packages can be built. This involves taking a source directory and creating a tarball ready for distribution"
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#nowreading Debt, by David Graeber
David’s teaches anthropology at LSE. He’s written other books like “Toward an Anthropological Theory of Value”, “Fragments of an Anarhist Anthropology” and “Lost People: Magic and the Legacy of Slavery in Madagascar”. He worked with OWS and coined the slogan “We are the 99%”
Book opens with a conversation David had with an activist-attorney who provided legal support for anti-poverty groups in London. David told her about his participation in the “global justice movement”, which the media usually calls “anti-globalization movement” 🤔🤔
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