I’m soooo tempted to do a thread right now on how a Nazi death threat led to my current unemployment.

Because I’m still extremely pissed off.
I’ve been explicitly told not to publicly talk about this “because academia.”

But when higher education is run by administrators so obsessed with PR and rich donors that they victim blame terrorism experts for terroristic death threats...

I don’t have a career left to ruin.
I’m not going to go into too much detail but I will say this:

Institutions of higher education shouldn’t lie to the FBI to obstruct investigation into death threats made against a professor. That’s a federal crime.

How do I know? The FBI told me.
Here’s what I was told - verbatim - about why my permanent hire wouldn’t go through:

“The president, the provost and the board of trustees look askance at a faculty member who would bring so much attention to herself as to warrant death threats.”

Best believe I memorized that.
Anyway, my ex-employer knows who they are.

That’s why I’m unemployed and utterly fucked.

Because I work on terrorism, Nazis wanted to kill me, and my old employer blamed me. After hiring me to work on... TERRORISM.

/TheEnd (of my career)
That Nazi cop story just set me off, guys. Sorry.

Anyway, that’s why I’m trying to sell my art on Twitter while applying for the nonexistent academic jobs as they come up.

Sucks, too. I am damn good at my (theoretical) job. Academia, get your shit straight.
Hire me, someone.

I’m fun.
It also makes me extra furious that I was warning about the threats of white supremacist violence before it was all over the news.

That’s the shit that got me targeted in the first place.

Last word: always stand up to Nazis. I wouldn’t do a damn thing differently.

Those that enable such violence are, to my mind, even worse than those with rancid ideological convictions.

And now I’m going to feed my whiny cat.
In case you wonder why an ISIS expert would be a target for Nazis, terrorist violence has long been in my life.

I grew up in Wichita, Kansas during the “Abortion Wars,” one of the most sustained campaigns of domestic terrorism in American history.

In conclusion, here’s my Plan B on Etsy.

If you too are constantly trying to find something of beauty in this hideous world, maybe you’ll find something of value here.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the support. etsy.com/shop/ArtOfEntr…

• • •

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Playing with metal, barbed wire, and fences
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15 Oct
This is true. We’re insufferable.

Source: I have a PhD.
Replies from PhDs on that Nate Silver Tweet are hilarious, tbh.

C’mon, y’all.

We know we’re the worst. Why so eager to argue about it?
Am I really the only PhD who finds PhDs obnoxious af?!
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We need to talk about Patriot Prayer, Portland, the Insurrection Act discourse — and what last night’s death means for the coming future.

Hint: it’s not good.

Thread incoming.
The right has rallied behind Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, as a “defender” of state order.

The Patriot Prayer death has prompted calls for the Insurrection Act and vows for revenge.

Militias have gained a substantial veneer of legitimacy for those on the fight.
We are seeing wide and uncritical adoption of the “Patriot” label (beyond Patriot Prayer) at face value.

The Patriot euphemism has been successful in branding militias and alt-right orgs as in league with the state.

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Cleaning out my office, and the pile of weird shit students leave for me deserves its own Twitter thread.

Yes, why yes - that IS a photoshopped image of me as a Jesus riding a dinosaur. Monsters.

I miss them already.
Please note also (for the record):

“Live. Love. Anthrax.”

Middle East politics memes

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11 May
There is a browse function by school - universities, you need to start paying closer attention to the students on your campus with neo-Nazi tendencies.

It's going to get [more] people killed.
@AntiFashGordon - this looks modeled to me on the Nuremberg Files: "toll paid" moves women from the hit list to a "punished" section.

Where have we seen that before?
This site doesn’t stop at “traitors” and “toll paid.”

There’s a “brainwashed” section asking for the names of women “at risk” of of interracial relationships to “cure them.”

This is horrifying.

#AcademicTwitter protect your students.
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8 May
Army of God is the Christian Identity group that tried to kill Dr. Tiller for decades.

Nuremberg Files was linked to them - a kill list on which many of my friends and teenage me featured, back in the day.

AOG is older than Al Qaeda, and a pioneer of terrorist Internet use.
Eric Rudolph is a name you probably never heard of, because public memory is shit when it comes to white supremacist violence.

He bombed the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, along with other targets.

Rudolph had extensive ties to Army of God, a Neo-Nazi “Christian” terrorist group.
Old article I wrote about AoG and why @AntiFashGordon is more than 200% correct.

It’s extremely concerning that they’re out with boogaloo boys.

AoG is an established and successful Nazi terrorist group with decades of successful attacks.

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