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18 Oct, 5 tweets, 4 min read
Hello @SophyRidgeSky,
I really hoped you'd do better, but you just sat there and let Michael Gove blame the EU for the coming No-Deal Brexit without pushing back AT ALL on the basis that the UK is negotiating in bad faith.

Journalists MUST start doing their job. READ!
Just watch what you did.
This 2 minutes straight of Michael Gove saying the EU is being unreasonable for asking for the things we agreed to in the Political Declaration and you didn't challenge him ONCE!
You should have immediately said that he's trying to blame the EU for something he reassured 2016 voters would never happen and which he knows will cause food shortages during the second wave, and all because he wants to break the Brexit deal he was elected on.
But no.
Please @SophyRidgeSky,
See above and Fact check it below.

If you fail to tell the truth. The devastation people will see this winter and beyond will be seen as a deliberate attack by the EU. That can lead anywhere... and YOU will be to blame.

This is simply unacceptable @RidgeOnSunday @SophyRidgeSky.

Not only did you not challenge the narrative of blaming the EU during the interview. But you've just tweeted that narrative unchallenged.


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19 Oct
Hi @KayBurley,
You've generally been awesome in dealing with politicians on Coronavirus and I'm grateful to you.

But this Brexit interview with Robert Jenrick was simply unacceptable given the effect Brexit will have on our economic recovery & the politics to follow. #KayBurley
This is a 5 minute "blame the EU for everything" monologue.
This is simply facilitating propaganda @KayBurley.
Please see below for an explanation of what I said. By definition, we're the ones negotiating in bad faith. Yet you let him blame the EU.

assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/upl… Image
E.g. @NickFerrariLBC doesn't even claim to be a neutral journalist and even he was like a dog with a bone about the "Australian terms" line.

We are heading towards a very dark time in our country. We cannot let the anger be directed the wrong way.
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18 Oct
What you just did to Michael Gove was BEAUTIFUL!

(Not perfect though, @AndrewMarr9, as you didn't point out that it's the UK negotiating in bad faith by going back on the political declaration, but still) #Marr
There's so much to unpack in that.

First off:

"We should... be part the network of free trade deal... from Iceland to Turkey".

Iceland is in EFTA. Turkey is in the Customs Union.

So #Marr is pointing out that Michael Gove promised Brexit voters we'd be in one of those two.
Then there's this.

Michael Gove promised that our country would NEVER face No-Deal tariffs or tariffs of any kind if it voted to Leave the EU.
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15 Oct
According to Jacob Rees-Mogg, dividing up the United Kingdom with new borders is "what you get when you vote for socialists".

Pssst @Jacob_Rees_Mogg... Your Tory policies have made a Welsh border medically necessary and a Scottish border politically inevitable.
Sorry, Northern Ireland should definitely have been included in that tweet.
And Kent...
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10 Oct
Given that public compliance with lockdown rules is the main factor in whether 1000s of UK businesses close...

When Boris Johnson said travelling across the country with Coronavirus was OK, he was choosing Dominic Cummings' job over the jobs of millions of people across the UK.
There's no other way of looking at it. They literally deleted the stay home advice so that Cummings could keep his job.
Can you imagine if the government put as much effort into explaining why lockdown rules are important, as they put into explaining why it's OK for their mates to break them?
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8 Oct
"People with mask exemptions shouldn't have to label themselves".
Anyone not wearing a mask in shops either has a medical reason or they're a criminally selfish virus-spreading ******.
It objectively improves how people see them if we know they're the former!
If they're not wearing a mask, people KNOW they're one of the two!

I can't believe how many tweets I just saw comparing medical mask exemption badges to making people wear armbands. I'm guessing those same people led a campaign against disable parking stickers too, right?
I'm talking about something whose primary function is to protect the medically vulnerable from being challenged for it in public!
It's secondary function is allowing the country to strictly enforce something that's necessary to prevent thousands dying.

How is this controversial!
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8 Oct
If the government cared about saving lives, they'd make it easier for mask-wearing to be enforced socially.

They'd remind us everyday: "This is what the official exemption badge looks like. So anyone not wearing this or a mask in an indoor public place should be challenged."
They sent out thousands of shielding letters in April. Even fewer people have legitimate actual exemptions. So it would be EASY to get them an official badge/lanyard.
This is necessary to make economy covid-secure, but they're just not doing it!
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