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Political parties viewed through a Lord of the Rings prism...
A) LibDems: hobbits, largely overlooked but with an important part to play.
B) Greens: elves, defending the natural spaces
C) Labour: men (some good, some evil, many arrogant)
D) Tories: orcs
#Ridge #marr #MarrShow
E) Brexit Party: Uruk-hai
F) Brexit: the One Ring
G) Jeremy Corbyn: Denethor
H) Jacob Rees-Mogg, Priti Patel, Michael Gove etc: ringwraiths
J) Boris Johnson: Gollum at his least Smeagol-like
K) Lady Hale: Galadriel
L) Dominic Cummings: Wormtongue
M) Putin and/or Trump: Sauron
N) Nigel Farage: Saruman
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Syria in 3 pictures.

Why does the #BBC and #SkyNews NEVER report the truth about Syria?

Why does the #BBC and #SkyNews NEVER report the fact the U.S., UK, Saudi Arabia & Qatar armed an invasion of al-Qaeda type terrorists to start the War in Syria?

In Shocking, Viral Interview, Qatar Confesses Secrets Behind Syrian War…

The Geopolitics of WW3.

This is an excellent short video (22 minutes) which explains most of the why of Geopolitics over the last several years.
If you want to understand what is going on in the world - watch this.

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Here's why we will *never* get good trade deals outside the EU... It's hardly rocket science. We may be the 6th largest economy in the world, but the graph drops off like a cliff. We're small fry compared to the sharks: the USA, EU and China. We have no chance!
#Marr #Ridge
And before you go all "but Brexit was not about the economy" on me, how do you think we pay for everything else? Can't tackle the NHS, hire more police, reverse school cuts or do anything else if the asteroid strike of Brexit has cratered the UK economy. Wakey wakey!
Finally, we're the world's 6th largest economy (used to be the 5th before Brexit, but who's counting) *because* we're in the EU, not *despite* of it! So using our supposed economic strength as an argument to "prove" we'll be OK if we go it alone is logically absurd.
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Boris Johnson is talking OUT OF HIS ASS.

BoJo's Deal is NOT #Brexit.

The "transition period" will mean further INTERMINABLE DELAY, while we are held as SLAVES of the EU, with no say.

The EU will NEVER agree a deal that takes us out of the EU.

CLEAN #Brexit NOW.

Why the hell would the EU ever agree to a Trade Deal that means we stop paying them the current £1bn a MONTH, when they can hold us as PERMANENT SLAVES and pass new EU laws that benefit France and Germany & screw us over?

EU want to milk us DRY.

Clean #Brexit NOW

UK has a massive Trade Deficit with the EU.
We buy much more from the EU than we sell to them.

They need us, more than we need them.

Why the hell is nobody using this leverage in negotiations with the EU?

EU & Germany are currently on the brink of RECESSION.

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Rebecca Long-Bailey confirmed on Sophy Ridge this morning that Labour could well campaign for Leave in a second referendum, and that their campaign stance would depend on the exact nature of the better Brexit deal Labour can negotiate with the EU. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
#Ridge #marr
But voters have to decide *now* which way to cast their Remain vote. How they can do that rationally when Labour won't disclose its full stance, I have no idea.
And the problem is this explicit ambiguity will allow people to claim post-GE that a vote for Labour was a vote to Leave, just like it was interpreted that way after the 2017 GE.
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While you're listening to the *pre-recorded* interview with Boris Johnson on Sophy Ridge, here's a few things to keep in mind:
- The police have passed a file on Vote Leave to the Crown Prosecution Service since it was recorded
#Ridge #marr…
- According to MP Ian Lucas, Boris Johnson was aware of the Vote Leave overspend, but sat on the information…
- The Government have been sitting on a report that could show there has been Russian meddling in recent elections, and in the referendum…
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ISIS, Jihadi Extremist Groups, Israel, Saudi Arabia and US Foreign Policy…

Baghdadi was a CIA asset for Regime Change in Syria and Iraq.
McCain went to Aleppo in May 2013 to arrange further arms shipments to the terrorists.

Obama armed ISIS & then told them to go and invade Iraq because he wanted to replace Maliki who had refused to extend immunity for War Crimes for US Troops & was getting too close to Iran…

Terrorism is BIG BUSINESS - Follow The Money.
Mali, Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, CIA, UK and France…

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The danger of removing protections for workers' rights, food hygiene standards and everything else from the legally binding Withdrawal Agreement is that we are then at the sole mercy of this Government and of all future governments of any stripe. #Ridge
Right now, the EU provides a floor below which no government can go. It does not prevent us from negotiating stronger standards than this baseline.
As I explain in my book, "The EU’s strength is that it protects the long-term interests of 28 countries rather than the short-term interests of one. It operates on a scale of decades, not the scant few years between elections. It doesn’t have to do foolish things to win votes."
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Watching #Marr is like being in George Orwell's 1984.
EVERYTHING is the complete OPPOSITE of the Truth.

Keir Starmer is a Neoliberal Globalist Fascist Blairite Remainer who has NEVER wanted to leave.

He is also a Corporate Globalist Fascist Trilateral Member.

The EU is a completely corrupt, anti democracy, Neoliberal Globast Fascist org that wants to transfer ALL Wealth & Power to Banking & Corporate Elites, Impoverish Europeans, Destroy Europe, and bring in the "NWO" - Authoritarian One World Gov…

EU is deliberately causing massive social unrest, the economic destruction of Europe & impoverishing ordinary people, with its disastrous Neoliberal Globalist Authoritarian policies from the Brussels Dictatorship

The sooner the EU is gone, the better for everyone in Europe
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My new book about Brexit, "Slaying Brexit Unicorns", is out on Amazon Kindle. Tackles a tonne of Brexit myths head on. Covers the consequences and benefits of Brexit - yes, there are *some*! (Free sample available at link...) #Ridge #Marr…
Some of the things it covers...
- Referendum & aftermath
- Single Market, Customs Union & Irish backstop
- Article 50
- No deal dangers
- What trading on WTO terms means
- £39 billion financial settlement
- Fishing
- Sovereignty
- Public ownership & state aid
- Take back control
- Brexit scepticism & Project Fear
- Crashing pound
- Other countries do fine outside EU
- We were OK before EU
- They need us more than we need them
- Just get on with it
- Could we switch to air freight to trade with the world?
- Organising a second referendum
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'after the collapse of a trial into an alleged Mafia-run sex ring', it came to light that none other than JEREMY CORBYN had 'backed' the [Visa?] application of the alleged Chicago Mafia pimp, James Foster, accused of running 200 sex workers from a Mayfair front. 1/3
So many unanswered questions.

The trial collapsed because a crooked detective was also found to be a pimp.

Note though Corbyn does not condemn what had happened, or show any concern for the 200 sex workers being exploited. 2/3

#Marr #Ridge
Does Corbyn just sponsor/support anyone's visa application? He has always professed a hatred of the US & the free market, so why give a visa to a US 'businessman'?

I can only think that Foster must have said he had links to NORAID.

Anyone else got any ideas? 3/3

#Marr #Ridge
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Jo Swinson is leading an illiberal, anti democracy, FASCIST party.

Anti democracy, Neoliberal Globalist Fascist extremist @GuyVerhofstadt calls for the "New World Order" & " a European Empire".

This is straight out of the Nazi playbook.

@guyverhofstadt The true nature of the EU is apparent from the fact that a Megalomaniac Fascist Psychopath @GuyVerhofstadt is the leader of the "liberals" in the EU "Parliament".

The EU will become even more authoritarian, dictatorial & corrupt over time.

@guyverhofstadt This is the true face of Spanish & EU "Democracy".

An elderly woman beaten up by Spanish Riot Police for wanting to vote "the wrong way" in the 2017 #CatalanReferendum.

There is NO democracy in the EU.

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Could Sophy Ridge's sub be any more biased? Every question is phrased to benefit Leave views. He keeps talking about no deal as if it's something we should be actively seeking. Better to take the programme off air for a week than replace it with a propaganda puff piece. #Ridge
He also said "If we accept all that to be true, then..." after listening to a long stream of lies. Objectively out of the window.
"At what point does the Prime Minister turn around and say we've got to have an election?"

No acknowledgement of the fact that it's not in Boris Johnson's power to call an election. He can only call a vote on one. 2/3 of all MPs have to agree.
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NEW: Former leadership candidate @SamGyimah says there are more than thirty Tory MPs who will support legislative methods to block the new PM going for a no deal Brexit #ridge
@SamGyimah This tallies with what my colleague @tamcohen was told earlier this week - that the Chancellor was leading a 30 strong group of MPs to thwart a no deal Brexit:…
But @SamGyimah says he would not vote against the next Tory govt in a confidence motion. However he says he knows some colleagues who are considering it. He isn't commenting on whether there are enough for the govt to fall though #ridge
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Boris Johnson claims that "F*ck business" and all his racist and homophobic comments are just things that were "taken out of context". But there's no context in which a phrase like "tank-topped bum boys" is anything other than extraordinarily offensive. #ridge
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Sajid Javid blames Ireland for not being willing to implement the (non-existent unicorn) invisible border technology on #Ridge

Also states he would pick no deal over no Brexit.
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Ann Widdecombe, on gay conversation therapy: "The fact that we now think it's quite impossible for people to switch sexuality doesn't mean that science may not yet produce an answer at some stage." Sick, sick, sick!!!! #Ridge
She then went on to dig that hole much, much deeper. I won't quote all of it. But if you really feel you must suffer through it, I'm sure it will be online soon.
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Sam Gyimah just announced he will be joining the Tory leadership race, taking them to a baker's dozen. He wants an explicit final say on the Brexit deal, ie a second referendum. But as the interviewer points out, that sadly means he will never get chosen. #ridge
He states that his referendum would have 3 options on the ballot paper:
- Remain
- Theresa May's deal
- No deal
He then goes on to say that he would personally vote Remain out of those 3 options, but would not actively campaign for that option.
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Anti Democracy, Anti UK, Neocon Globalist Fascist Philip Hammond says the Globalists will gang up in Parliament to defy the Will of the People & prevent #Brexit.
Al-Qaeda supporting Hammond should be in Jail for War Crimes & Treason…

Neocon Globalist Fascist Treasonous Scum Philip Hammond says he would vote to bring down any government that tried to leave the Globalist EU Dictatorship that wants to impoverish the 99% and destroy Europe.

Hammond is the ENEMY of EVERY honest Brit.

Neocon Globalist Fascist Treasonous Scum Philip Hammond using "Project Fear" to try & prevent UK ever leaving the EU's Globalist Fascist Dictatorship.

There is no difference between Hammond & corrupt Mass Murdering Globalist Psychopath Tony Blair - BOTH should be in jail.

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*FINAL* Guide to pro-Remain Tactical Voting at the European Elections

The aim of the guide is to maximise the pro-Remain vote so that it produces the highest possible number of MEPs.

#marr #ridge #pienaar #bbcsp #WestminsterHour #bbcnews #BBCPolitics #C4News #itvnews #skynews
Since we're trying to maximise the number of MEPs won by pro-remain parties, that means voting for the parties that have the best chance of getting MEPs, not necessarily those you usually support. Brexit's the massive issue that's front and centre this time around.
Brexit trumps party loyalty. It trumps past grudges. It trumps everything. This isn't a winner-takes-all general election. Nobody's forming a government on the back of this. But it's a chance to send a loud, clear message.
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Nigel Farage shouldn't be allowed to say he wants to "stop discrimination against people from India etc" (migration) when his Brexit campaign was about stopping people coming from Asian countries even though they had NOTHING TO DO WITH BREXIT!
#Ridge @SophyRidgeSky @RidgeOnSunday
COME ON! We have 2 weeks to save the UK from becoming the "Farage country" in the eyes of the world. If he wins the #EuropeanElections2019
a) We're leaving with May's deal
b) Millions of Non-Racist Brits will have voted for a racist party so the conversation will get MUCH worse
I am a nobody who went from zero to 160,000 because I exposed what this man is. It's in the media's INTEREST to do the same.
So do it!!
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There was NO Leave option in UK local elections:

Cons Remain TM WA is Perm Slavery to EU
Lab Remain Customs Union & ECJ, 2nd Ref - Keir Starmer is Trilateral Commission
Lib Dems & Greens Remain - Globalist Est Shills
SNP Remain
UKIP - now a racist extremist party

Latest poll of EU voting intentions:

Brexit Party Soars In European Parliament Polls, Well Ahead Of Remain Parties - Labour, Cons, LibDems, Greens & NoChangeUK…

Secret History of Globalism:

What everyone should know about the Oligarchs plot to control the world
Part 1.
The Rise of the Round Tables (1864-1945).…

Cecil Rhodes
Alfred Milner
Lord Rothschild
One World Government
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Rebecca Long-Bailey refuses to say that a second referendum is a Labour red line in their negotiations with the Tories. Witters on and on about all the jobs-first Brexit unicorn fluffy stuff. #Ridge
Stop messing around, and vote for an unashamedly pro-Remain party instead...
Several thousand words later, RLB still hasn't committed to anything. Preview of Tuesday's manifesto?
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One chilling commonality struck me about nearly all the political interviews on #Ridge and #marr this morning: MP after MP talking as if Brexit's something way off in the distance, rather than the brick wall our economy is about to shatter itself on in just *5 days time*!
Only Jess Phillips and Caroline Lucas showed more than a flicker of recognition at the impending nature of our doom. But it is extremely arrogant to expect the EU will simply roll over and extend Article 50 for no reason. They know Theresa May's capable of wasting infinite time.
So we might get a temporary reprieve. But we need to behave as if we won't. MPs must act now, immediately, without hesitation. Another 48 hours and it will be too late for Parliament to impose revocation, even as the last last last resort. The legal processes just take too long.
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