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🇪🇺Your reminder : EU citizens domiciled in the UK, paying council tax/ income tax were forbidden to vote in Cameron’s Brexit Referendum. #Ridge that’s over 3 million votes not counted.
Gerrymandering didn’t start with Voter ID. And they had lied told about them by #BorisJohnson Image
🇪🇺EU citizens were in the UK because the UK was in the EU
It was called Freedom of Movement.

Thanks to #borisjohnson* we were seen an ‘illegal migrants’.
A LIE perpetuated by Farage etc.
#ridge #brexit
*about to be ‘let off’ a long suspension for lying to Parlt.
#BBCLauraK ImageImageImageImage
🇪🇺Even today, i am asked ‘why don’t you go back to your own country’ by the sort of people who are ignorant and gullible and read the Mail/Express
The Conservatives have reduced this country to something akin to 1930s Germany.
They are utterly despicable ImageImageImage
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Foreign Secretary James Cleverly looks utterly thrilled to be on the morning round today defending the tax affairs of Nadhim Zahawi and the financial affairs of Boris Johnson. #ridge
“I don’t know” is the overall response to both scandals. In reality, ministers receive a thorough briefing before going on the airwaves and are acutely aware of the topics they’re likely to be asked about. Foreign Secretary clearly doesn’t want to be drawn into all this.
“It’s not my role to investigate colleagues’ tax affairs” says Cleverly.
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Why is @RidgeOnSunday letting Michael Gove tell blatant lies about Brexit on TV?
#Ridge @michaelgove

I had to deal with a moving target, mockery from his assistants, as well as filming it myself with a self-stick & a phone...

And I STILL held Michael Gove to account on Brexit better than @SkyNews did with a multi-million pound studio!!
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Tory Chairman Jake Berry says the party he & the Chancellor were at after the mini-budget was normal get-together with donors & "Britain's leading entrepreneurs". Asked if there were hedge fund managers there, he says he knows of at least one #ridge
Jake Berry says he's "not sure any of [the people at the party] made money from the crash in the pound". He adds this event was part of the "normal drumbeat of treasurer events" & the people there should be "lauded" for donating to political parties #ridge
Jake Berry says he can "categorically" guarantee that Kwasi Kwarteng didn't give any special insight into future tax plans in his speech at the event. He also says the Chancellor wouldn't have done that in private conversations there either #ridge
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.@NicolaSturgeon tells @SophyRidgeSky the SNP "can be better" and has "lessons to learn" on sexual harassment after Patrick Grady case.

Nods to Salmond as proof she doesn't sweep allegations under the carpet.

David Davis says broad top team is necessary for Tory unity:
"Greatest mistake BJ made... was creating a cabinet of loyalists. It wasn't a meritocratic cabinet."

"Slightly worried" Truss will make same mistake.

Davis argues next PM has a "ninety something percent probability" of leading the Tories into the next election.

But he thinks an early general election is unlikely.

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Imagine if someone in 2016 said a vote for Brexit would leave UK politics so broken that in the space of 12 months, there'd be government misconduct over porn, rape, paedophilia, bribery, blowjobs, bullying and 126 crimes committed in Downing street, and they'd still be in power.
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Today Dominic Raab blamed the EU for the fact that the DUP are holding Northern Ireland's government hostage over a Brexit Deal he negotiated and got elected on.

He wasn't challenged about this on either #Ridge or #Raworth.
Here are the unedited clips from @RidgeOnSunday
& @BBCPolitics.

#Ridge blames the Tories & #Raworth blames Brexit for the Northern Ireland crisis.

But both then let Dominic Raab blame the EU without challenging him, and then when asks to move on, they both do.
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Every Tory minister is saying they can't help people stay warm/fed as the economy can't afford it.

Will ANY TV interviewer ask if they'd be able to help more if they hadn't wasted billions on corrupt contracts & trashed the economy via Brexit?

#Ridge #Kuenssberg #PESTON @Peston
I mean, this isn't complicated stuff.

The Tories have spent months saying that there's a ceiling on what they can do to help people.

And NOT ONE OF YOU is asking whether the Tories bear some responsibility for how low that ceiling is now.

Feels like basic journalism to me. 🤷🏿

Every penny they wasted on dodgy contracts & every pound lost on Brexit, could have kept people's homes that little bit warmer and their kids' bellies a little bit fuller.

By not making that link, you're abetting that suffering after-the-fact.
#peston #Ridge #kuenssberg
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As we recover from the pandemic, we must futureproof our economy and get it firing on all cylinders.

Today, Labour launches how we would start that: by making, buying & selling more in Britain, and building the skills and jobs of the future. Thread.…
There are three parts to this plan.

The first is to give more public contracts to British companies, big & small.

We'll do this with stretch environmental and social clauses in contracts, to spend & make more in Britain, while also raising standards as a global trading nation.
Second, we will bring the industries of the future to Britain, by reshoring more jobs here.

From green jobs in offshore wind, to fin tech, media and film, we must grow our modern industries for a long-term economy that provides good jobs and thrives.
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Priti Patel is doing the Sunday morning media round.
Where on Earth do you start with holding her to account?
#Ridge #Marr
Priti Patel:
Let's take back control: Keep trade out, let viruses in.
(meme by @lunaperla)
#Ridge #Marr #TrevorPhillips
Priti Patel really is a nasty piece of work, isn´t she?
#Ridge #Marr
(meme by @lunaperla)
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It is extremely worrying that Boris Johnson is not reconsidering ANY of the relaxation of rules in nxt step of #Roadmap May 17, given SAGE modelling showed a 30-40% more transmissible #B16172 'Indian' variant could lead to January level hospitalisations EVEN IF vaccines work well
On Fri @IndependentSage published its 6 point plan on what ACTION the govt needed to take in order to prevent a 3rd lethal wave. We are extremely concerned that even though the govt have NOT MET all 4 tests of Roadmap (i.e. variants of concern) they are proceeding without caution
We now know #B16172 variant identified in India is 50% more transmissible than Kent variant, which drove our 2nd devastating wave last year. Given two-thirds of UK population partially vaccinated/not vaccinated at all why have govt not placed any limits on indoor mixing on May17?
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1/. “As far as I’m concerned, this completely answers the question” says @trussliz after refusing to answer @JayneSeckerSky’s question three times.

Liz Truss & the entire Cabinet appear to have been ‘media-trained’ to answer questions dishonestly. #Ridge
2/. The purpose of media training should be to help people to communicate their message

I always tell people I train to:
- answer the question
- tell the truth

These Ministers do the opposite

As viewers, we end up shouting at the TV or switching it off!
3/. Too often over the past year, Ministers have been allowed to not just sidestep questions, but blatantly lie

For example, whenever a Minister claims that “no one knew about asymptomatic transmission ‘til May”, it’s a lie

They knew about it January.
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Environment Sec George Eustice says there is "nothing wrong" with ministers like Matt Hancock having financial interests in companies as long as they have no role in procuring for the govt from those companies #ridge
Pressed on whether the rules around lobbying & conflicts of interest are tight enough, George Eustice says there "may come a time when it's right to consider tweaks to policy". But adds the rules as they stand are pretty good #ridge
George Eustice says the Boardman review will be a fact-finding exercise and will not make policy recommendations but adds "if there is a general view in parliament that the rules needs to be changed, then that is a question of policy" #ridge
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Chancellor Rishi Sunak confirms the dates in the roadmap will be the "earliest" the easing measures can happen on saying that the govt has to be "cautious" #ridge
Sunak says that the early signs on the vaccine and cases are good though and should give people "confidence and optimism" #ridge
Chancellor hints at more measures to come for online firms saying that he is "working with international colleagues to find an international agreement on taxing digital companies" #ridge
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.@MattHancock You can EITHER:

Proudly refuse to apologise for unlawfully failing to publish PPE contracts on time, saying you were saving lives.


Deliver expired PPE, buy £250million of unusable PPE from Tory mate Andrew Mills & let 100s of NHS staff die.

Was this the kind of contract you righteously broke the law for?

Giving £250 million in tax-payer money to a company owned by the wife of Liz Truss' former advisor, only for the PPE they made to be found defective?
#Marr #Ridge…
Is this where you got the arrogance to be able to brazenly say screw the law on national television?

Were you just so proud of your track record as health secretary, @MattHancock, that the rule of law simply melted into insignificance.
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Pleased to hear @MattHancock say he will now do what the law requires.

Our lawyers will write to him again this week to ask him to confirm (1) that he is in continuing legal breach (2) that he will comply. #Ridge
The Judge was clear their breaches of the law would have been more serious had we not sued:

“I have no doubt that this claim has speeded up compliance”.
The evidence also showed that the civil servants Hancock praises here were repeatedly calling out for more help to comply with their important legal obligations around transparency. But they were ignored. #Ridge
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Foreign Secretary @DominicRaab now live with @SophyRidgeSky:

-Checks will be strengthened at border and in isolation.
-Suspension of travel corridors is 'precautionary measure'.
-Avoids Q on whether hotels will be used for people isolating on arrival.
Raab on quarantine hotels: we've 'considered all the possibilities'.

'People shouldn't be going on holiday. That is not appropriate.'

Will people get second vaccine within 12 weeks?

Raab: 'If we follow road map... we ought to be able to deliver on that... We can be quietly confident.'

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Prof Adam Finn from the Joint Committee on Vaccination says there are already thousands of people who have avoided needing to go to hospital with covid because they have had the jab #ridge
Prof Finn on the 12 week wait for vaccinations says if your house is on fire and you have two fire extinguishers, you use them both and then rely on there being another one ready for the next fire. Says these are "not normal times" #ridge
Prof Finn says it "may well be" that more variants are circulating globally, but we just don't know about them. The Kent and SA variants were identified because the UK & SA have good genomic modelling #ridge
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Health Sec Matt Hancock says the data shows more people are following the rules than in the November lockdown. He doesn't say that compliance is as high as last spring though saying that's "harder to measure".

Govt scientists believe compliance now is lower than in March #ridge
Matt Hancock says the "rules are not there as boundaries to be pushed, they are the limit" and that "every flexibility can be fatal". He says he supports the police in doing their job and they are "right to take the rules very seriously" #ridge
Health Sec Matt Hancock says one third of over 80s have now been vaccinated & the country is "on course" to hit the target of 2m jabbed per week. Currently running at 200,000 people a day #ridge
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All eyes on #Ridge and #Marr.

This is the last MP interview before No-Deal Brexit is* announced.

Today is when Brexit stops being the Will of the People and starts being an attack by the Germans & French.

Will @AndrewMarr9& @skynewsniall call it out or platform the propaganda?
The deal Johnson signed in 2019 and won his election on was tied to a political declaration that said we'd have a Level Playing Field based on our geographic proximity.
So if you let them imply the EU's being unreasonable for not giving us a deal like Canada... 🤬
#Marr #Ridge Image
Here's @skynewsniall essentially repeating the tweet at the top of this thread.

I'm going to have to make a big video on that interview... in the 4 minutes before Marr starts.😅
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Hello @SophyRidgeSky,
I really hoped you'd do better, but you just sat there and let Michael Gove blame the EU for the coming No-Deal Brexit without pushing back AT ALL on the basis that the UK is negotiating in bad faith.

Journalists MUST start doing their job. READ!
Just watch what you did.
This 2 minutes straight of Michael Gove saying the EU is being unreasonable for asking for the things we agreed to in the Political Declaration and you didn't challenge him ONCE!
You should have immediately said that he's trying to blame the EU for something he reassured 2016 voters would never happen and which he knows will cause food shortages during the second wave, and all because he wants to break the Brexit deal he was elected on.
But no.
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Labour leader @Keir_Starmer is now live on @RidgeOnSunday. Tell @SophyRidgeSky:

-Supports fines for people breaking self-isolation rules.
-COVID testing 'is barely serviceable' and 'a major problem'.
-Reporting neighbours to police 'depends on the circumstances'.

.@Keir_Starmer to @SophyRidgeSky:

-Govt has 'lost control of testing' so unsure where the virus is.
-PM should apologise.
-PM should restart daily briefings.
-Children should be prioritised for tests.

.@Keir_Starmer to @SophyRidgeSky:

-'I cannot believe we did not scenario plan' for kids returning to school and getting ill.
-Big difference between him at Corbyn: need to listen to those who didn't vote Labour or never have.

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Dominic Raab:"All the UK is asking is to be treated like any other country. No other country would accept being bound by EU rules".

Except: Norway/Iceland/Liechtenstein(EEA), Switzerland(EFTA), Turkey(C-Union)...
You know, the other non-EU European countries..
Sorry about the speed. When I'm not watching it live, I put the speed setting on either x1.5 or x2 so I can catch up quickly.
@DominicRaab @SophyRidgeSky @RidgeOnSunday
Dominic Raab just repeated that same lie on #Marr.

IF journalists could PLEASE stop letting politicians get away with pretending Switzerland, Norway and Turkey don't exist, that'd be great.
@AndrewMarr9, @SophyRidgeSky, @adamboultonSKY @KayBurley @krishgm @Peston @cathynewman
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"Will Labour support a scottish referendum" should be an easy question!:
1⃣ We support the Union
2⃣ We'd support giving Scottish people a choice if SNP win a majority
3⃣ But only on a specific plan, and after further major devolution has been considered as an alternative.
And the absolute DUMBEST thing about those 530 comments...
YOU MISSED THE HASHTAG. It was a response to the interview with @SophyRidgeSky where she asked a Labour MP for their position on IndyRef and he dodged...

i.e. I was telling Labour to take a MORE PRO-INDYREF position!
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