The cover of @TIME: the #GreatReset is coming. Swallow the pill, folks, for your own good. The #Davos aristocracy at @wef wants the best for you & is so kind to reset your lives in 2021. No need for democratic consultation, which would but slow down the process of your salvation. Image
Relax! The founder of @wef, Klaus Schwab, has described 'stakeholder capitalism' as his preferred model, positioning 'private corporations as trustees of society' to 'address social and environmental challenges'.…
In 2019, WEF entered into a partnership with the United Nations to accelerate the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (#sustainabledevelopmentgoals) Its plan is to shape policy proposals through a Fourth Industrial Revolution using the 'URGENCY' credo.…
Anybody knows WHY the development of the Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs), which are now gospel, required the presence of the ex-CEO of Unilever, Podesta, Cameron, etc. in the UN panel of '27 eminent persons'? Philanthropy surely?…
One of the many targets is the '#FutureOfFood', tightly interlinked with the core activity of 'Developing Sustainable Business Models'… Image
The '#PlanetaryHealthDiet' & #Foodcanfixit model developed by the #EATLancet Commission, which is designed to generate a top-down #GreatFoodTransformation, is WEF's dietary model of choice.…
References to the diet are already commonly used in official policy documents worldwide to justify a shift towards plant foods (e.g. EU #GreenDeal). The SDGs and the Planetary Boundaries concept further serve as its formal framework of legitimization.… Image
It's no secret conspiracy: EAT self-identifies as a 'Davos for food', planning to 'add value to business and industry' and 'set the political agenda'… Image
EAT's founder: "I contacted Prof Rockström, executive director of Stockholm Resilience Center, to discuss how we could gather the world’s leading experts and stakeholders from different disciplines and sectors to convene a potential ‘Davos for Food’"…
EAT's industrial pillar is spearheaded by FreSH, a partnership with the @wbcsd, of which the President is member of EAT's Advisory Board.… Image
FReSH "brought together 25 WBCSD member companies to transform the food system. More than 30 companies are now part of this project" - some of them here, ready to develop "The Future of Food" for you 👇… Image
A common pattern is the strong anti-meat rhetoric by the FReSH member companies. And the ultraprocessed 'plant-based' business solutions involved, of course.

Is this how the Future of Food will look like? Like vegan ice cream? ImageImageImageImage
Or is the Future of Food= 3D-printed microbial glop?

Also on EAT's advisory board: the founder of Rethinkx, a UK think tank promoting 'precision fermentation protein' to bring the meat and dairy industries to '#collapse' by 2030.…
Anybody surprised that BlackRock is on EAT's advisory board too, to decide about our global Future of Food and in support of the Great Food Transformation (check:…)?

The world's largest asset manager and shadow bank:… Image
EAT works very closely with the World Resources Institute. WRI's Board of Directors has close ties to Davos' WEF, large financial institutions (Goldman Sachs, ..), the Council on Foreign Relations, Rockefeller Foundation, Oxford Analytica, ... Image
WRI's Corporative Consultative Group encompasses major players in the food and beverages industry too (…) Its activities within the dietary sphere include the development of social engineering initiatives to implement EAT's Great Food Transformation. Image
Their theoretical framework is based on the “Shift Wheel” approach to “#DisguiseTheChange”, make meat “socially unacceptable” & “constrain its display” ...… Image
Which is all rather needed, since EAT perfectly know that we shouldn't "leave this to the individual or the whim of consumer choice". What is needed according to its commission is: HARD POLICY INTERVENTIONS.… Image
And friends in high places. The World Economic Forum only goes so far. Better get that extra push too 😉 Image
Stepping up. the above-mentioned EAT, WEF, WBCSD, WRI, UN, & their allies of the industrial-NGO complex (eg. WWF) are part of a "Global Commons Alliance" together with large business platforms [e.g., Ceres, Natural Capital Coalition, and We Mean Business] Image
Oh look who's also part of this larger network (cf. red box in the previous picture). The winner of the highest environmental distinction of the United Nations: Impossible Foods. Is the UN now officially marketing junk food?…
Or let me rephrase that: are the United Nations now giving prestigious prizes to forces that want to push animal husbandry into a 'death spiral'? Image
Because words like 'collapse', 'death' & 'elimination' seem to be part of the vocabulary indeed. So what's the timeline for this Great Food Transformation? Image
And the UN seems to be happy about mayors of global cities committing themselves to achieve EAT's Planetary Health Diet for their citizens by 2030? Which in an ambitious scenario means no #meat, no #dairy? Don't believe me? Read this:… Image
Branca, member of EAT & WHO made it clear that, within the food system, 'everything has to be #reset [...] we have to have much smaller amounts of meat on our tables. We need to #reset, and we need to adjust... The WHO will be working on the consumer side'…
In parallel to the #GreatReset, 'Action tracks' will be developed at the UNFoodSummit 2021 (#FoodSystems); the track dealing with 'sustainable diets' will be chaired by EAT's founder (Stordalen) & will have the @WHO at its disposition as 'anchoring agency'… Image
The goal, according to EAT, is 'to take full advantage of the Summit' and 'to force the kind of far-reaching changes that the world now desperately needs'.

Lean back, they'll take care of your needs.…
Another 2021 UN summit (Convention on Biological Diversity), has been targeted by EAT/WEF/WRI's partner WWF to demand a designation of 50% of the planet as Protected Areas by 2050. This agenda involves a critical overhaul of the food production system.…
Will it really be the end of meat, as some within this network claim? No, the World Economic Forum will look after you - they'll make it in a lab. Which makes so much more sense. From a totalitarian point of view with control over the food supply that is.
But a bit of work left... Both for the tissue engineers & the ones working with amorphous Play Doh. 3D-printed lab meat still looks like this 👇 - but they're working on it 😅… Image
On a more tragic note - the red line below indicates the level of meat proposed by the EAT diet (0-16kg/p/y) & how countries that meet this recommendation are also the ones with rampant stunting rates in young children. Adapted from… Image
If you're #Australian, for instance, you'd better get used to such low levels of meat. A 91%- decrease in red meat & a quasi-vegetarian diet of mostly grains, beans & oil is waiting for you in 2050.

(at least according to a EAT/WRI/IIASA/FOLU report:…) ImageImage
In #China, on the other hand, a country where there "is no policy that forces people to change their diet" (sic!), things are more relaxed apparently. In fact, *more* pork, poultry, fish, & milk is foreseen by 2030?? Obtained from:… Image
In any case, they are ready to go "DEEP INTO the policy, regulatory environments, and businesses" of some selected countries. Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia first. Next up: Nordic countries, Australia, Europe.… Image

• • •

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2 Dec
Looks like a good day (since it's my B-day 🙃) to introduce you to a pet project I've been working on.

#ALEPH2020 makes the point that animal agriculture needs to be appreciated for the many benefits it offers to humanity, not vilified based on simplisms. Image
The website is supported by an interdisciplinary consortium of very fine scientists, incl. @Fabiensapiens, @TyRBeal, @bendormiki, @DJ_de_Koning, @AgusBC3, @u_eson, @MARIOESTVEZ, @IlseFraeye, @GregoriniPablo, @AviajaHauptmann, @puddleg, @ahhite, @PImazaki, ...
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28 Nov
Humans are omnivores. Eating along an animal/plant gradient, with animal foods at 20-90% of the energy intake of hunter gatherer communities. The #PlanetaryHealthDiet (dietary part of #TheGreatReset), brings it down to levels unknown in ancestral models. With red meat at 1% 🧐
100% plants also allowed. Populations that are situated in the proposed range do exist, however. But they're also characterized by high levels of stunting in infants & children. Correlation >< causation, sure. But still looks like a dangerous experiment. Don't let them fool you.
Lots more on the why & how of this #PlanetaryHealthDiet in this meta-thread.
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27 Nov
#TheGreatReset's "stakeholder capitalism is a betrayal of democracy [] to support an agenda influenced by a cabal of activists, NGOs, representatives of the “international community,” & politicians too arrogant to go through the usual legislative process"…
"expect a future of controls & constraints [] It is a picture of a suffocating, joyless society where enterprise is harnessed, the talk is all of “solidarity” & — this will sound familiar — the individual does not get much of a look in"
"The Great Reset is being orchestrated in plain sight, and not by a shadowy group of plotters. But to accept that is not to deny that it may be consequential."
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26 Nov
Grumpy me again, but I'm very suspicious about "Goodlife Goals-The Manual" Looks a lot like outsourcing parental education to a centralized planning committee, deciding what's best for us. Particularly so when there is a "World Business Council" (@wbcsd) involved

Not only does it kill critical thinking & conceptual diversity, before you know it, this will be used by crusaders to shame & blame people that deviate from the norms.

The current morality overdose will suffocate us in the end. All this will not end well.…
And with these people involved... 🤔

Something isn't right.

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23 Nov
@ryankatzrosene criticizing the New Narrative “Ditch red meat & dairy, & don’t bother with local food”:…

Excellent read, in defense of contextual, community-centered approaches to food instead of top-down, reductionist 'efficiency' planning. #Antifragile
"To assert that the localized cultural context of food is inconsequential to health & sustainability is to follow in the footsteps of a colonial mindset" 💯!!

'Efficiency' planners pooh-pooh this as romanticism. So do vegans. From my debate with Barnard👇…
Should have stated *many* vegans and *most* efficiency planners, but I ran out of characters 😄
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21 Nov
The World Business Council for Sustainable Development @wbcsd is a very #creepy organization. Business people in expensive suits on the one hand, "stewards of God's planet" New Age nutters on the other?

This is what they'd like to have in place by 2030…
But it gets more freaky still: for 2030, the WBCSD also expects widespread use of "millions of eyes" to monitor compliance with the sustainable development goals.

#BigBrother watching over your Planetary Health...
Forget national sovereignty & governments - NGOs will be designing our public decisions. 10-50 million of them. 🤔
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