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First of all, food systems don't need to be "reset", that's a ludicrous statement. And second: stay the hell away from people's diets, you predators.
Third, you're absolutely clueless when it comes to dealing with "systems". @WEF's toxic corporate network created this mess in the first place, and your #GreatReset & #DavosAgenda will just make things much worse. And put all of us at serious risk.
"Save the world" essentially means installing a top-down #GreatFoodTransformation, forcing us all into adopting a preposterous #PlanetaryHealthDiet and launching a massive dietary experiment which may lead to full disaster.…
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You may have read @john_vidal's piece on the protests by farmers & rights groups, denouncing the perverse influence of the @WEF over the @UN #FoodSystems Summit.

Let's look closer at what's going on here.

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First, we need to understand that the Summit's intend is to fundamentally change the way we eat.

You would expect something like this to be supervised by the @FAO Committee on World Food Security. Instead, incomprehensibly, the @UN Headquarters in Rome took over.
Worse: the fact that the @WEF & @UN have signed a Strategic Partnership Framework to "accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" opened the door to corporate influence.

As a result, the Food Systems Summit has been hijacked.
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💣‼️ “The @FoodSystems summit appears extremely biased in favour of the same actors who have been responsible for the food crisis [...] The @UN [has been urged] to sever the “strategic partnership” with the @WEF"…
"“The @WEF will exploit the @FoodSystems summit to streamline neoliberal globalisation. It will mean that global inequality and corporate monopoly would be sidetracked rather than confronted as the root cause of hunger and extreme poverty"
Background on the Davos #GreatFoodTransformation take-over of the Summit here:…
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"A coherent narrative of @WWF’s one in which the world’s power elite..leverage the WWF brand to remove indigenous groups from large sections of natural land [leaving] remaining land open for development by the world’s most powerful companies"…
"These activities are in the process of coalescing under a..campaign announced at the 2019 @WEF..The WWF is part of a growing movement on the part of many of the world’s most sell off what remains of the planet with the claim that Globalization 4.0 is an opportunity"
"The companies & business interests involved in this movement include such notables as Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble (via Global Shapers), IKEA, Salesforce, Alcoa, Cargill, Citibank, Shell, World Bank and Rockefeller Foundation (via the World Resources Institute)"
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The current age is one of SYSTEMISM or ‘faith in Systems’.

Below some reflections on the very fashionable #FoodSystems paradigm (based on Gall's great work 'Systemantics'), especially in view of the upcoming 2021 @UN @FoodSystems Summit.

There may be trouble ahead.
The prevailing view is one of the System-as-machine, whereby it would suffice to know & master a set of underlying mechanisms to understand, predict, & steer System’s behaviour & outcomes, in response to a Problem.
However, this utopian mindset has been criticized for the likely failure & damage it entails & the false sense of holistic management it seems to suggest. Frequently, Systems turn out to be an interventionist expression of high-modernist and reductionist top-down administration.
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In the (urban middle classes of) the post-industrial West, the symbolic value of #meat has been inverted. It always stood for nourishment & vitality, but now represents debauchery & harm.

What happened?

THREAD 🧵: a (very) simplified version of a complex historical trajectory
In the mid-19th C, coming from a Swedenborgian legacy (& building on even earlier meat-avoiding asceticism & mysticism), meat starts to be seen as impure in some Christian sects. Within that same legacy, Theosophy & New Age develop. The first vegetarian societies are founded.
With modernity, scientism develops, & thus an obsession with resource control, monitoring, metrics, top-down interventionism & societal progress & emancipation. Household economies are born, so that diets (now a matter of calories, not tradition) become a target for zealotry.
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Most have heard of @wef's 2021 #TheGreatReset or its earlier 2012 #GreatTransformation.

Many are aware of #EATLancet's #GreatFoodTransformation.

Few know #Tellus' #GreatTransition or #WBGU's #GreatTransformation.

The similarities of the names aren't coincidental.
All go back to an interrelated network of organizations, many of which were shaped by Maurice Strong in the '70-'90s. Strong was an oil businessman, New Ager, Rockefeller asset & UN protagonist. #TheGreatReset & its dietary part #TheGreatFoodTransformation are part of his legacy.
Today, the post-Strong Great Transition/Transformation network is being mobilized for the UN #FoodSystems Summit. The aim: to change dietary policies worldwide.

In addition, "vegan tech" (lab-grown foods) has joined the club, $$$-fueled by #SiliconValley investors (& others).
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The transnational corporations (THREAD 1 ) & investors (THREAD 2 ) that are now pushing a #plantbased food system are forces that operate symbiotically within the bulwark of neoliberal capitalism.
The latter is constituted of such (overlapping) power centers as @TrilateralNA, @GroupofThirty, @CFR_org & @wef. These think tanks represent the strategic-planning & consensus-forming centers of the #plutocracy (aka, the 'transnational capitalist class').
We should not be surprised, or dismiss it as 'conspiracy', when the obvious appears to us: those players that are having the intention to modulate world markets are also keen on shaping the food system.
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The #vegan option promises a new market horizon to a corporate system in need of expansion. In addition to novel product lines developed by transnational companies, business operations are launched as ambitious tech #startups.…
#SiliconValley & other large investors are attracted in support of a model that will activate supply chains, market speculations, & trade wars over what are expected to be the resources of the future.…
Financial #speculation has become key to overcome the stagnation tendencies of global markets. Global money management can be narrowed down to some 17 financial giants, collectively managing >$40 trillion in a self-invested network of interlocking capital.
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Food producers look back at decades of successful marketing, no matter if "animal-" or "plant-" based. In contrast to the past, transnational food corporations are now actively supporting anti-livestock messages. WHY?…
In support of its near-vegetarian #GreatFoodTransformation, the EAT foundation has set up a formal partnership (FReSH) with the World Business Council on Sustainable Development (@WBCSD), an industry platform of which the President is also a member of EAT's advisory board.
Within FReSH, affiliated food multinationals have explicitly promoted a '#plantbased' transition, sometimes with strong anti-meat overtones.…
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The World Business Council for Sustainable Development @wbcsd is a very #creepy organization. Business people in expensive suits on the one hand, "stewards of God's planet" New Age nutters on the other?

This is what they'd like to have in place by 2030… Image
But it gets more freaky still: for 2030, the WBCSD also expects widespread use of "millions of eyes" to monitor compliance with the sustainable development goals.

#BigBrother watching over your Planetary Health... Image
Forget national sovereignty & governments - NGOs will be designing our public decisions. 10-50 million of them. 🤔 Image
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META-THREAD exploring the #GreatFoodTransformation toward a (semi-vegetarian) #PlanetaryHealthDiet designed by the #EATLancet Commission.

It is essentially the dietary part of the World Economic Forum's #GreatReset, branded as a #FoodCanFixIt-path to the #UnitedNations' #SDGs 👇 Image
This first thread demonstrates how the core organization (#EAT) portrays itself as a 'Davos for Food' & connects to major industrial, financial & geopolitical platforms. Its model: public-private partnerships (#PPP), business models & #greenwashing

Next, I'm outlining how all this isn't new. This is not so much a #GreatReset as a #GreatAcceleration (it certainly isn't about #COVID) The dynamic started in the 1970s with #MauriceStrong's $$$ model for 'sustainable development' & 'global governance' 👇

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#TAX! Here's Davos' #WorldEconomicForum again, suggesting that we should tax meat eaters... 'like smokers' ?!?! What a #GreatReset that'll be! 😬…
The idea is also spread by C. Figueres, a main driving force behind the Paris climate agreement & member of the Board of.... #WRI 🤔 The meat tax idea is further amplified by #EAT member Springmann who wrote a specific study on it:…… Image
A #GreenNewDeal-linked plan of New York’s (#NYC) City Council (& mayor Bill #deBlasio) to halve the red meat supply in municipal buildings & phase out processed meats in schools & hospitals by 2030.

Ehrr... what about the future of New-York hot dogs? 🤔… Image
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Previously (read first ), I mentioned the setup & history of a plan for a #GreatFoodTransformation of diets worldwide away from #meat, which is linked to the World Economic Forum's #GreatReset

Let's now look at how fast things are moving already
Thread 👇 Image
As a reminder: the #EATLancet Commission behind this plan advocates "hard policy interventions", because the public would otherwise reject its ideas. Also, social engineering is being deployed by its partner (WRI), based on the following strategies... Image
I already mentioned that this plan has considerable leverage over the new #EU food policy framework (the #GreenDeal) - setting the stage for the interventions favoured by #EAT & #WRI Image
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In a previous thread (read first: ), I outlined how the #WorldEconomicForum's #GreatReset & #BuildbackBetter plans also have a #diet part, called the #GreatFoodTransformation.

Let's now look at where it's coming from; planned way BEFORE #COVID19! Thread👇 Image
The #EAT foundation -calling itself 'a Davos for Food'- has designed a #GreatFoodTransformation compaign to put the world on a so-called #PlanetaryHealthDiet, which is a semi-vegetarian diet (vegan also allowed) looking like 👇 (note that one can have more sugar than beef?!) Image
The '#GreatFoodTransformation' not only echoes Davos' #GreatReset but also the '#GreatTransformation' proposed in 2011 by the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU):… Image
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The cover of @TIME: the #GreatReset is coming. Swallow the pill, folks, for your own good. The #Davos aristocracy at @wef wants the best for you & is so kind to reset your lives in 2021. No need for democratic consultation, which would but slow down the process of your salvation. Image
Relax! The founder of @wef, Klaus Schwab, has described 'stakeholder capitalism' as his preferred model, positioning 'private corporations as trustees of society' to 'address social and environmental challenges'.…
In 2019, WEF entered into a partnership with the United Nations to accelerate the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (#sustainabledevelopmentgoals) Its plan is to shape policy proposals through a Fourth Industrial Revolution using the 'URGENCY' credo.…
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