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How to even start making sense of this? The weirdest scheme proposed by the FReSH/WBCSD food multinationals

"World" should eat less salt, but single continents can also have more?😬 And that's a lot #nuts btw! (up to 2400% increase for Latin America -😅)…
From the same document, a case study: Kellogg's fake meat burger. Claiming that plant-based is "better for people and planet" and that the main barrier is prejudice because people think it "will not taste as good" ???
Nah, reason why most don't want this stuff is probably because the ingredients look like this. I don't see a lot of "plants" here that could be "good for people & planet"? Any plants at all? Only extracts & additives.

And I doubt that this is a good basis for tasting like beef.
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META-THREAD exploring the #GreatFoodTransformation toward a (semi-vegetarian) #PlanetaryHealthDiet designed by the #EATLancet Commission.

It is essentially the dietary part of the World Economic Forum's #GreatReset, branded as a #FoodCanFixIt-path to the #UnitedNations' #SDGs 👇 Image
This first thread demonstrates how the core organization (#EAT) portrays itself as a 'Davos for Food' & connects to major industrial, financial & geopolitical platforms. Its model: public-private partnerships (#PPP), business models & #greenwashing

Next, I'm outlining how all this isn't new. This is not so much a #GreatReset as a #GreatAcceleration (it certainly isn't about #COVID) The dynamic started in the 1970s with #MauriceStrong's $$$ model for 'sustainable development' & 'global governance' 👇

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#TAX! Here's Davos' #WorldEconomicForum again, suggesting that we should tax meat eaters... 'like smokers' ?!?! What a #GreatReset that'll be! 😬…
The idea is also spread by C. Figueres, a main driving force behind the Paris climate agreement & member of the Board of.... #WRI 🤔 The meat tax idea is further amplified by #EAT member Springmann who wrote a specific study on it:…… Image
A #GreenNewDeal-linked plan of New York’s (#NYC) City Council (& mayor Bill #deBlasio) to halve the red meat supply in municipal buildings & phase out processed meats in schools & hospitals by 2030.

Ehrr... what about the future of New-York hot dogs? 🤔… Image
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Previously (read first ), I mentioned the setup & history of a plan for a #GreatFoodTransformation of diets worldwide away from #meat, which is linked to the World Economic Forum's #GreatReset

Let's now look at how fast things are moving already
Thread 👇 Image
As a reminder: the #EATLancet Commission behind this plan advocates "hard policy interventions", because the public would otherwise reject its ideas. Also, social engineering is being deployed by its partner (WRI), based on the following strategies... Image
I already mentioned that this plan has considerable leverage over the new #EU food policy framework (the #GreenDeal) - setting the stage for the interventions favoured by #EAT & #WRI Image
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The cover of @TIME: the #GreatReset is coming. Swallow the pill, folks, for your own good. The #Davos aristocracy at @wef wants the best for you & is so kind to reset your lives in 2021. No need for democratic consultation, which would but slow down the process of your salvation. Image
Relax! The founder of @wef, Klaus Schwab, has described 'stakeholder capitalism' as his preferred model, positioning 'private corporations as trustees of society' to 'address social and environmental challenges'.…
In 2019, WEF entered into a partnership with the United Nations to accelerate the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (#sustainabledevelopmentgoals) Its plan is to shape policy proposals through a Fourth Industrial Revolution using the 'URGENCY' credo.…
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Texas A&M chancellor Sharp wrote a letter to Harvard president over fact that prominent Harvard profs signed a letter demanding retraction of @AnnalsofIM papers based on zero substantive grounds. Papers found minimal ill-effects of red-meat on health. Texas A&M dean an author 1/
Also, @Harvard's Willett accused @TAMU author of having sold out to "big beef" based on minor connection. Willett's been world's most prominent advocate of near-vegan diet (see #EATLancet), so Q: are he + colleagues attempting to silence science that contradicts their views? 2/
Also, important JAMA article documents the conflicts of interests at @Harvard that could influence their faculty's actions:… These are sadly, just the tip of the iceberg for Willett… 3/
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Mise à jour de mon post sur le régime planétaire sain et durable proposé par la commission EAT-Lancet
➡️ Estimation du coût médian de ce régime : $2,84/j
➡️ Retour sur les critiques, analyse des tweets #EATLancet et #Yes2Meat…
The EAT-Lancet Commission proposait un régime mondial bon pour la santé et l’environnement

Les chiffres cités sont des optimums nutritionnels/alimentaires avec leur intervalle basés sur les recommandations des autorités de santé et la littérature scientifique Image
“Ce régime présente des options de consommation recommandées par groupes d’aliments, qui, combinés sous forme d’un régime complet, optimisent la santé humaine. Une interprétation et une adaptation locales du régime alimentaire universel sont nécessaires" (1 des critiques)
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Thread. Only one of subjects in these pics answer to #sustainability without eco damaging side effects. Imagine, amount of #energy used to heat millions of offices schools public buildings homes. Could easily be cut in half simply wearing #wool, #sheepskin etc.
Solar is storing up massive problems for the future…
Wind power? Unintended consequences? No, you were warned…
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Remember that Planetary Health Diet designed by #EATLancet? Commanding you to avoid red meat or limit it to a mere 0-14 g/d? It's no more. Next time people wave it in your face, show them the information in this THREAD.

First point: #EATLancet's “meat consumption limits proposed by the Commission were not set due to environmental considerations” but “only in light of health recommendations.”

So meat avoidance is supposed to be about health?

Which triggered this reaction from Stanford University’s professor of medicine, health research, and policy, John Ioannidis:

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#EATLancet is on mission: it wants to impose its Great Food Transformation on the planet (& your plate for that matter). How? By eliminating consumer choice & using “hard policy interventions” – what do they mean, how do they plan to achieve that & should you care?

Enters the @WorldResources Institute: a 'knowledge partner' of the #EAT-Lancet cluster, founded in 1982 & like EAT a close partner of the World Economic Forum (@wef), @UNEnvironment & their industry platform @wbcsd (incl. the major food multinationals) – what is it’s role?

As #EATLancet's partner, @WorldResources is in charge of the social engineering bit, for instance by applying the “Shift Wheel” approach to “#DisguiseTheChange”, make meat “socially unacceptable” & “constrain its display” – 🤨 So, what else do they have in mind?

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THREAD: avoiding meat is often said to be one of the most powerful interventions to reduce one's greenhouse gas emissions. The wildest numbers are cited. Some groups (eg #EATLancet) are now lobbying to impose a 'meat tax' on us. Below some data to put this in perspective.

Let's assume that a person's yearly impact in CO2-eq is somewhere half way between the USA and EU, say 12 t CO2-eq.

Going vegetarian would mean an estimated reduction of 0.5 t CO2-eq/y, so about 4% difference. That is very far from halving your carbon footprint!

See also:…

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Watch WRI (an #EATLancet ally) hitting an all-time low in its social engineering approach to steer people away from animal foods.

Clearly, this is all about marketing, not facts.


#yes2meat #yes2eggs #yes2dairy
This is WRI's "Shift Wheel" strategy.

"Disguise the change", "make socially unacceptable" - can it be more sneaky?…
And this is their toolbox:

marketing, play social norms, change dietary guidelines, 30-day challenges (Veganuary?), price wars, meat tax, *banning* meat from restaurants…
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EAT-Lancet's mission: bring global food diversity within One Healthy Diet. How confident are we that the Great Food Transformation they've designed for us is also going to be beneficial?

1/n #Yes2Meat #Yes2Eggs #Yes2Fish #Yes2Food #ClimateFoodFacts #EatLancet #FoodPlanetHealth
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Not sure how peer-reviewers were able to evaluate the environmental impact scenarios in the #EATLancet paper, as the manuscript itself is pretty skimpy on quantitative details, as is the supplementary materials. For example, below is what the authors reference for assumed #GHGs
But, if you check references 4,5,9, and 10 in supplementary appendix, no way those refs are referring to this information.
Maybe main manuscript references? Seems unlikely except for the Tilman & Clark reference.
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The #EATLancet campaign is a very problematic one. This thread is a compilation of articles that address issues of concern that the mainstream media choose to ignore.

Let me start with this article that I wrote with @docmartincohen:…
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