COVID. Update October 25: We already had the pandemic...but we didn’t have to have....
People who gave up on our lives...
People suppressed all dissent within the government...
People who decided to stop supporting working people & small businesses when they were in need...
People who want you to lose health care at the same time...
People who want you to believe a miracle is around the corner but won’t do the work...
People who promotes massive profit taking during the pandemic...
People who let high wage jobs recover (1% reduction in high wage unemployment) but hurt the people who had to work through this pandemic (18% reduction in low wage unemployment)...
People who don’t care about huge parts of America— farm labor, factory workers, warehouse workers, grocery workers, people in assisted living, in jails, in crowded public & private housing
People who let our health care workers die without PPE...
People who knew, who didn’t plan, who didn’t react, who didn’t learn, who don’t care. Who can’t take care of their own house can’t take care of ours.
We didn’t have to have ANY of the with a pandemic.

As the Jewish people say “it would have been enough!” Just the pandemic.
What we could have had: people who helped. People who brought in the best science. People who didn’t treat masks like a joke and stoke a culture war. People who passed paid medical leave. And supported our businesses.
We could have had people who mourned these losses, who shared the truth, who knew the country was in pain, who didn’t offer made up hope.
Let me tell you. We still can.

And it will be nothing extraordinary even though it feels that way.
Compassion should not be extraordinary.
Competence should not be extraordinary.
Making an effort is not extraordinary.
Having our back is not extraordinary.
We are so used to getting less than nothing in this pandemic that Joe Biden & Kamala Harris will seems extraordinary just for caring. Just for trying. Just for getting things done. Just for the truth.
We have the worst man at the worse time. This is not normal.

Decent people who know what the hell theyre doing will make a big difference.
Trump will day Joe Biden will abut down the economy.

Joe Biden will do human, normal things that help people. He knows how. But he would tell you that’s what you should expect of someone halfway competent & all the way human.
Having been there I can tell you it is about the right people, about caring, about assuming responsibility even for bad stuff. And about being willing to do the work.

They are ready to work. /end

• • •

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27 Oct
COVID Update: If you want to avoid getting it spreading COVID, Mark Meadows is right. There’s not one thing you can do.

There are 6. 1/
The truth is no one thing works perfectly— including a vaccine. But a combination of things works great.

This image captures it the best well. 2/ Image
If you want to read about the benefit of the combo effect of doing multiple things @Atul_Gawande wrote a great piece about it. (Everything he writes is great.) 3/…
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26 Oct
COVID Upate October 26: There's a dangerous new disease I've been reading about that's a dangerous off-shoot of COVID.

Its highly seasonal and potentially lethal. It strikes the temporal lobe and is called COVID Fatigue. 1/
The way it works is you don't actually FEEL sick. There is no fever or chills. Your bones or body doesn't ache. And you don't need to be ventilated. But it lulls the unsuspecting person into a kind of whiny sense of entitlement out of boredom. 2/
You can tell when someone is coming down with COVID Fatigue because early signs are statements like: "This isn't so bad." "How long do I need to keep this up." "I want to go to the movies." And "Netflix ain't all that great."

Wait you might be worried this sounds too familiar.3/
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24 Oct
COVID Update October 24: I spent the day reviewing data with & from the White House team in the spread of COVID-19.

The latest rush of new cases is very concerning. There are new insights as well. Will finish posting shortly.1/
I’m not going to pull punches. It’s a shit show. Here’s the quick overview.

April: intensely local
May-June: locale-based spread
July: entire South. Every county
August: some easing
September: South better, rise if cases in heartland

That leads us til Now and Next. 2/
Now: Deeply penetrated in rural communities. Only counties w/ <1000 are spared. Heartland on fire, but just beginning. College spread story (I will come back to this as a main event). Testing leveling off. Southern states & East beginning to get concerning again. 3/
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24 Oct
COVID Update October 22: There are 41,000 people in the hospital right now with COVID.

So it’s time to talk about Thanksgiving. 1/
I say this as someone who LOVES Thanksgiving. I love my family. I love for excuses to get together. Yes I love stuffing even more. Spatchcock the bird and ... Oh, I digress! 2/
Let’s start with who comes to Thanksgiving. College kids! And older people!

Remember we’re supposed to “isolate the old people?” from Scott Atlas and the herders. 3/
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23 Oct
Those damn gold star families.
We do need to avoid the gymnasiums.
I have no money because I don’t want money.
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23 Oct
COVID Update October 22: Europe is having a second wave. How quickly can they bounce back?

Faster than a country that makes no effort: the US. 1/
Despite a lot of wishful thinking, COVID-19 has not gone away.

(Remember the “people have natural immunity” & “the virus died out”, & the “it will disappear” man?)

Sadly wishful fantasies don’t fight the virus. Scott Atlas’s strategy of ignoring the virus doesn’t work. Only we fight the virus. 3/
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