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27 Oct, 5 tweets, 2 min read
At the ballot box, I will be guided by one goal: to vote to #StandUpForAmerica. I want order on our streets & leaders who stand with law enforcement under the rule of law. I want judges who believe their job is to interpret the Constitution & law, & no more. (1/5)
I want to secure the border, end sanctuary cities, & take out cartels - for America’s security & the safety of immigrants who seek to come here. I want to stand with Israel, deter China, & have a strong military used sparingly but forcefully w/o endless overseas presence. (2/5)
I want a strong economy built on low taxes, low regulations, & American ingenuity. I want all Americans, regardless of their health status, to get the best healthcare in the world, affordably, from their doctor without interference from government or insurance bureaucrats. (3/5)
I want all American children to be educated according to the wishes of their parents & not bureaucrats. I want to protect the unborn rather than fund Planned Parenthood. I want to stop spending money we do not have - and restore Congress to a functioning deliberative body. (4/5)
I want free speech, freedom of religion, & the right to bear arms protected, along with all our God-given rights. I want government to do its core duty & no more... And, most of all, I want to live free... without caveat or reservation. (5/5) #StandUpForAmerica #VoteForAmerica

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16 Jul
Hey white, “woke,” people - of whatever political persuasion - how do you feel about the fact it appears 75% or more of the people in ICU’s in Austin for COVID are Hispanic? While you shut down parks, preach about masks in public, & panic about schools... (1/7)
...who do you think are still making the food you pat yourselves on the back for “picking up for delivery?” Who are working the bulk of these jobs while you mock those who say schools should open, saying “I don’t know who goes to Home Depot 6 hours a day, 5 days week...” (2/7)
...but then you don’t give two craps about the workers sitting at HEB (grocery), Home Depot, or the gas station all day... all so you can get your Arugala and Croissant while dropping by Starbucks to get a Latte before heading to ride your Peloton... Feel good do you?... (3/7)
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23 Jun
Today, I have called for the DOJ to use all tools and resources necessary to defend America’s federal property, including monuments and federal parks, America’s churches, synagogues, and all religious organizations under all applicable federal laws:…
I call on the president to use the Insurrection Act to step in where necessary to restore order.…
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24 Apr
Extreme impacts are occurring as a result of #Coronavirus actions. Most who influence decisions aren’t using a full interdisciplinary analysis of impacts but are the first to admonish those who question them as “not listening to experts”. Here is what #CongressDoesNotKnow:
How many will die from breast cancer, lung cancer & prostate cancer because we aren’t doing elective “checkups” today? A study from Harvard demonstrated that 260,000 people died of cancer as a direct result of the 08-10 recession:… #CongressDoesNotKnow
How many suicides will occur as a result of financially crushed lives & businesses? Studies linking unemployment & suicide are robust & if past observations hold true, it will correlate to tens of thousands of additional suicides:… #CongressDoesNotKnow
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23 Apr
I am likely going to hold my nose & support the funding bill tomorrow because there are small businesses (restaurants, barbers, doctors...) desperate for help in face of government restrictions on their lives, & were left out of the first round of funding. But Congress... (1/4)
...must debate, VOTE, & pass changes QUICKLY, & until then we should NOT pass additional $. Too many mom/pop shops are stuck... unable to hire back the very workers necessary to meet the requirements of PPP loans b/c we’re paying people more to NOT work than to work... (2/4)
...through unemployment. We‘ve constrained small business w/ limits on expenses for rent/mortgage (25% only), & set arbitrary & unachievable timeframes (8 weeks), among many problems. We have to end picking winners & losers, stop paying millions to universities... (3/4)
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16 Mar
Early Saturday morning I voted against legislation we had no time to debate, amend, or even read. That bill was badly flawed. It purports to help people by putting a massive mandate on small & medium sized businesses while perpetuating the K-Street... #BeatCoronaVirus (1/16)
...Corporate welfare cronyism Americans are sick of – exempting businesses over 500. Worse yet, the mandate was to be paid LATER through tax credits, and the tax credits would not cover it all! This was a terrible mistake, and the Senate... (2/16)
...(or the House, in its “technical corrections” it is hurrying to the floor to clean up its mess) ought to correct it. Small business owners have reached out to me to ask what we can do to help stop this so they won’t be hurt. In short, it does no good to mandate... (3/16)
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5 Mar
For those keeping score at home, you should be aware that “the Swamp” is as alive and well as it ever has been - & yesterday’s #CoronaVirus bill is a case and point. I voted for it - but only because it was the only option I would be “given.” I voted for it... (1/7)
...despite the fact the number is much larger than anyone has been able to fully articulate to me was/is necessary for a supplemental (over 3x greater than @realDonaldTrump initial ask). I voted for it despite the fact it was rushed through with only 3 hours to review... (2/7)
...I voted for it despite the fact it’s not clear San Antonio will be fully made whole (though will receive some reimbursement for repatriation-related costs)... I voted for it despite the fact it has $1.4 billion in ADDITIONAL foreign aid when there is plenty of it to cut. (3/7)
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