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"Best wishes to a very good friend of mine" @BorisJohnson, says @POTUS, adding "we're saddened to hear he was taken into intensive care" suffering from the #coronavirus.
"When you're brought into intensive care it gets very, very serious" with #COVID19, notes @POTUS.
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The make up of Maldives population demographics is about to change forever fundamentally. #Thread

#coronavirus #covid19 #covid19mv

Let me explain by what I mean below. Read on!
The population of the country is roughly 400k people, give or take a few thousand. These are Dhivehi speaking mostly brown people born to Dhivehi parents who for the most part are also Muslim.
Then we have the expat population currently in the country. Some are legal and some are illegal immigrants. It doesn't matter. Some of these people are just unskilled laborers. But others are skilled people - professionals and tradespeople as well.
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Exit Strategies. A thread:

"I saw the first results and I thought: "Holy fuck, that timeline."

Dutch scientists are working on a #Coronavirus exit strategy that could last anywhere between one and two years. "One sneeze, one cough and the virus could explode again..."

- Dutch government doesn't know how long strict measures are needed to suppress the new virus SARS-CoV-2.

- The population may have to do some degree of social distancing for one or even several years before the pandemic is over.

- But the estimates are highly uncertain: no numerically substantiated long-term plans are ready to get out of this pandemic.

- The 'exit strategies' now being hastily devised & calculated are all very difficult to maintain, socially disruptive, expensive & time-consuming.

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The thought occurred to me that not everyone outside NY NJ area is experiencing this, so thought Id warn ppl of what it may look like after
#coronavirus comes knocking... took these yesterday at Stop N Shop, slowly getting worse😬:
(Paper products, cleaning, frozen, perishables)
I am very suspicious as to why they just dont seem to be restocking certain things- where are toilet paper and paper towels made? Are there not supplies anywhere in the US? Wegmans finally got some in from Canada, but charging a mint! Wtf, what is holding up the US supply chain?!
Also $7.00 for 2 rolls of Bounty ppr towels when they finally got them in!!
#Inflation or #PriceGouging?
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NEW: SO. NHS is NOT just short of protective gear and ventilators, per fascinating leaked memo by senior doctor; also #COVID19
#Coronavirus is NOT a "one organ" (lung only) disease - my latest via @FT 1/thread…
@FT First, the who/what etc

This is a 1,000-word memo from Prof Daniel Martin Intensive Care Lead for High Consequence Infectious Diseases at
Royal Free Hospital after a conference call with 80 other docs.

It is gripping for several reasons /2
It essentially reveals two things:

1) the shortages and pressures on the NHS, on staff and kit

2) how care is evolving and still under discussion by docs. It is not as simple as just 'deal with pneumonia'.

Take each in turn /3
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La pandemia ridisegnerà le catene del valore globali: produrre tutto in Cina è un rischio troppo grande. L’Italia? A bocce ferme è già in default: dipendiamo dalla volontà europea di tenerci in vita.
#Coronabond? Non sono necessari, ma se al posto di #Conte ci fosse #Draghi ce li avrebbero concessi.
Il problema è l’angoscia che troveremo fuori, quando si riapre. Troveremo negozi chiusi, ristoranti chiusi, aziende chiuse, gente diffidente che ti saluta a distanza, con la mascherina.
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To all schools giving unrealistic timetables for children to do at home-PLEASE STOP. By all means offer work for those who wish to do but to expect children to do it under duress is wrong.There is NO #DFE expectations for this and children IN SCHOOL are off timetable #coronavirus
2. Imagine being a parent of 4kids in different YG's whilst 'working from home?' -Parents are NOT teachers. Parents should be ensuring their children are happy and their wellbeing is protected. I would use @HeyPobble 'fun' homework OR use the brilliant example from @LeedsEastWay
3. @LeedsEastWay sent the most brilliant letter - offering work BUT not being punished for not doing it. We have to remember NOT all households have x4 different appliances to work on - and phones 'data' will soon run out.These are unique times. Take the pressure off the teachers
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Here is latest data on #Hydroxychloroquine. #AnthonyFauci is right, we have little data now to support its use. The idea that #PeterNavarro thinks otherwise, has ear of @realDonaldTrump should frighten you. It means science doesn't matter @WhiteHouse. 1/…
If you don't believe @AnnalsofIM, European regulators too are dubious about #Hydroxychloroquine & won't approve it. Why? Because again, the data simply isn't there. Difference? EMA isn't subject to political pressure from out-of-control @POTUS who doesn't believe in science. 2/
Here's @FiercePharma report on EMA decisions:…
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La semana pasada el @InstitutoSyC publicó un pequeño informe en el que se advierte del uso informativo de la crisis del #coronavirus por parte del independentismo catalán. Un pequeño hilo sobre su impacto en la burbuja independentista #desinformación HILO
El conocido periodista Quico Sallés de ha publicado una pieza al respecto que resulta interesante desde varios puntos de vista y, de hecho, confirma varias de las ideas apuntadas en el informe
La manipulación más evidente e intencionada -aunque manteniendo cierta ambigüedad- se encuentra en el titular en el que se dice que el informe “relaciona coronavirus con el separatismo catalán”
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In November 1970, officials in Oregon, USA decided to blow up a rotting whale carcass. The whole thing went horribly wrong.

Why do we bring this up? Well, this story can teach us 3 things about #coronavirus ⬇️
The story begins when a 45-foot sperm whale washed up on the beach in Florence, Oregon on 9 November 1970.

Here it is:
There was some debate amongst locals about what to do with it.

1️⃣ Although unpleasant, they could leave it to decompose.

2️⃣ They could try and chop it up and bury it (again, not pleasant)

3️⃣ They could blow it up with dynamite and hope that seagulls ate all the small chunks.
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1/ #Manufacturing is broken. We can all see that now. Global supply chains have been bending and breaking under the strain of #COVIDー19. From medical supplies to plastics to automakers, brands are scrambling to refactor their supply chains to adapt to our changed reality.
2/ At E xD Atelier, we’ve seen the writing on the wall for the last two years, and it’s my position that CoVid-19 will be to #cloudmanufacturing what SARS was to ecommerce. That is to say, the cause of the bend in the elbow, the catalyst that saw adoption explode.
3/ The rigidity and lack of dynamism in traditional supply chains leave them exposed to all manner of risk. We've seen that risk become reality with trade war and now #coronavirus
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Why is the #Covid19 a #Coronapsyop in the United States - but people are dying in other countries?? #Huawei #WuhanVirus @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
Why is the #Covid19 a #Coronapsyop in the United States - but people are dying in other countries?? #Huawei #WuhanVirus @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
Why is the #Covid19 a #Coronapsyop in the United States - but people are dying in other countries?? #Huawei #WuhanVirus @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
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Here's How to Make a Face Mask With a Bandana and Hair Ties | via @Allure_magazine #PPEdiy 😷…
COVID-19: What Americans can do to protect their lungs, according to Dr. Albert Rizzo, the chief medical officer of the American Lung Association (ALA) | via @inversedotcom #FlattenTheCurve…
30 Major U.S. Companies Hiring Now to Meet #Coronavirus Demand… via @YahooFinance #HiddenFigures
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#Thread: Experts challenging government officials panicdemic model. #1: Leading epidemiology expert from Stanford University published two papers challenging models.……
#2: Leading Yale professor questioning the pandemic panic mass-attack method, calling instead for "surgical strikes" to contain virus, given wide scale collateral harm from the governments' shutdown approach of mass quarantines and mass curfews.…
#3: Leading pathologist pointing out that many of the deaths attributed to #coronavirus merely substituted one cause of death for another cause of death, rather than cause any excess deaths, due to loose standards of cause of death in case of the virus.…
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⚠️The number of daily #COVID19 deaths in the US now exceeds *all* other countries (#China not accurate).

Sadly, daily #coronavirus deaths will continue to rise, until ~2 weeks AFTER we #FlattenTheCurve of new cases.

The next 3-5 weeks will be brutal.

A glimmer of good news: the curve of the total number of US #coronavirus deaths may be starting to flatten (yesterday's below). Let's hope that trend continues.🙏🏼

Unfortunately, we remain on track have more deaths than #Italy or #Spain.

🤞🏼Another glimmer of hope: new daily #coronavirus cases in the US are still rising but the curve *appears* to be starting to flatten. Sadly, we are still setting the global pace (#China not accurate).

Countries with #lockdowns were able to #FlattenTheCurve BEFORE us.

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1/I never tweet about personal issues—but this is way too important—I am COVID positive and asymptomatic and have been a caregiver for my husband @JagSinghMD who was critically ill with #COVID19. I've learned some things - please follow for more 1/25
2/ He is on day 25 of experiencing symptoms related to being COVID positive. I hope our experience with #coronavirus can be a resource for so many who are being impacted.
3/After experiencing #Covid_19 from the patient/caregiver end despite both of us being physicians at a major academic medical center, this has been a challenge like no other I have experienced.
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NOTÍCIA INCRÍVEL! Cientistas de universidades chinesas de Whuan dão um importante passo para a cura do COVID-19 ao utilizar anti-coagulantes no tratatamento da doença. Segue o fio. #Covid_19 #coronavirus
Observou-se no estudo que entre as vítimas fatais do novo coronavírus, há uma alta incidência de coagulação intravascular e tromboembolismo pulmonar. #coronavirus #Covid_19
No estudo, realizado com 449 pacientes com quadro grave de COVID-19, 99 receberam medicação anticoagulante, reduzindo significativamente a mortalidade em comparação com os pacientes que não foram submetidos ao tratamento. #Covid_19 #coronavirus
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1 Boy
with 3 different names
Died 3 different times
In 3 different Countries.

(Thread pinned to my profile)

Please verify everything.
This is not some sick joke.
I stumbled on this by accident.
Links if you wish to verify.

Boy 1
Conor Wilmot…
Boy 2
Ismail Mohamed AbdulWahib…
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Is the youngest boy to die from #coronavirus a lie?

Why is a photo from a 15 year old boy's death in 2017 being used?

This is not to offend anyone, just want the truth

Ishmail Mohamad Abdulwahab
Died at the Age 13

This is the only pic that has been released

The boy in the picture is actually

Isaiah Gonzolas
Age 13
Known as Conor Wilmot

(Most likely to divert attention from his parents living undocumented in the country)

Tragically lost his life to suicide in 2017 playing an online game called "Blue Whale Challange"

A Gofundme to cover the funeral costs for Ismail has raised
$ 87,901.05 usd

@madinah_college Director and family friend Mark Stephenson set up the fundraiser.

Ismail the 13 year old boy is also being reported as a student at Madinah College.

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THREAD: If we'd taken certain steps in winter - and recognized #coronavirus had characteristics we always feared in its balance between transmissibility and lethality - we may be in different position now. Let's not have to say in the fall we wish we'd done more in the spring.
We'll win this round, at an almost unbearable cost in treasure and in souls. But #COVID19 won't recede permanently. It'll most probably become epidemic in the southern hemisphere and return to us in September. This is a pathogen that wants to infect 40% of the world's population.
We need a massive surveillance system to detect spread early so we can rely and case-based strategies to isolate sick people and close contacts. But we also need a drug. And there are only a handful far enough along in development that can be good enough to make a real difference
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Look for instances of Trump meeting w/ anyone from #Novartis at #Davos around 1/22/20 - where Trump was still downplaying the #Pandemic.

"The president took a dinner w/Novartis' CEO-to-be Vas Narasimhan, Bayer CEO Werner Baumann and other execs to "share our economic success story and to encourage them to continue to invest in America," Gary Cohn told reporters..."

5/9/18: " Novartis' statement, they're expressly trying to deflect any blame away from the new CEO (Narasimhan), that met with Trump in Davos:

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Hilo sobre el farsante Jordi Évole y su mala praxis, ahora que vuelve a estar en primera línea mediática con su nuevo programa
1)No es el hooligan estilo Inda, Marhuenda o Rojo sino el pijo-progre chupiguay de la escuela Soto Ivars/Maestre que va de moderno con la tablet,y su denuncia fácil/superficial que hace que el espectador medio haga puñetazo de indignación en mesa pero al día siguiente se olvide
2) Se vende como el catalán que predica seny unionista en la línea de Boadella, Tomás Guasch, Arcadi Espada, Sardà o Pérez Andújar, pero con una pátina adicional de superioridad moral e intelectualidad. Todo fachada
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After downplaying the threat of the deadly #coronavirus, US @Surgeon_General now warns: “This is going to be the hardest and saddest week of most Americans’ lives. This is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11.”

If only he’d warned this EARLIER.🤬
On February 1, US Surgeon General @JeromeAdamsMD downplayed the threat of the deadly #coronavirus, one of MANY dangerous missteps by the Trump Administration.

#coronavirus #COVID19 #CoronavirusPandemic

On March 1, Jerome Adams yet again downplayed the threat of the #CoronavirusPandemic, tweeting: "for the general public the immediate health risk is considered low."

Meanwhile, the deadly #coronavirus was spreading like wildfire UNDETECTED.🤬

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