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BORDER THREAD: A) Title 42 is NOT border policy & should not be treated as such. Too many GOP use it as cover for weak border efforts when we should not perpetuate the myth of on-going pandemic (see, e.g., student loans); B) We can & should fix the border w/ #HR7772… (1/6)
… the principles laid out in the #TxBorderPlan & we must do these things precisely b/c Title 42 is not an actual fix but a bandaid; C) Now, of course Title 42 can be aggressively used for duration of ANY concurrent federal “pandemic” mandates being used against citizens… (2/6)
…& federal policy makers can debate that, & we should; D) But, ACLU leftists went to District Court to compel the feds to end Title 42 & the court agreed, E) states said - hold up, we get a say if the district court is going to make policy… (3/6)
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End Proxy Voting.

If you don’t want to show up to vote on behalf of your constituents…

Find a new job.
It’s difficult for House Republicans to fight COVID-state when many jet off for fundraisers, signing proxy letters saying “I am physically unable to be present in the House Chamber due to the ongoing public health emergency”, handing their vote to another Congressman
Leadership must end this practice immediately. This and much more. #StandUpForAmerica #ArticleOne
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THREAD: 21 Senators voted to proceed to the $1.7 trillion omnibus - & to spend billions we do not have, empower Biden bureaucrats with no fixes, & block us from securing the border for at least 9 mos. Some are friends, one my former boss.. but unless… (1/13) #StandUpForAmerica
…they change their vote on final passage, I don’t care & will oppose their bills/priorities - & not for revenge, but b/c it’s the only tool I have to pressure them to stop doing this to us. This vote is indefensible, & damaging to Texas. It takes away our leverage to… (2/13)
…force Biden to secure the border & in fact specifically says new DHS money can only be used to process MORE people - which will lead to more fentanyl, violence, & death. For Texans, this alone is reason enough to oppose this terrible bill (cc: @JohnCornyn)… (3/13)
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🚨🚨🚨Here are just a FEW of the terrible, radical, tyrannical policies Swamp Dems are trying to fund with BILLIONS of YOUR taxpayer $$$ in their new continuing resolution

WARNING: It’s worse than you thought

🧵THREAD (it’s a LONG one):
Dems’ continuing resolution contains NOTHING to secure our border from cartels, illegal migrants, and lethal fentanyl flooding in - and would EMPOWER the Biden admin to make the border crisis WORSE:
$57.5 billion for @DHSgov that, under the leadership of @SecMayorkas, has:

🚨Given violent cartels operational control of our border
🚨Allowed fentanyl to pour into communities
🚨Undermined our national sovereignty
🚨Attacked their own employees for doing their jobs
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To “Make the Economy Strong,” we must COMMIT to 1) balance the budget in 10 yrs & appropriate to it (stop spending $ we don’t have); 2) unapologetically expand reliable nuclear & gas energy by opening federal lands & permitting… (1/13) #StandUpForAmerica #CommitmentToAmerica
To “Make the Economy Strong,” we must COMMIT to… 3) end subsidies distorting toward unreliable energy; 4) use federal investment power & SEC regulatory power to end the anti-free enterprise woke “ESG” constraint on capital. (2/13) #StandUpForAmerica #CommitmentToAmerica
To “Make the Nation Safe,” we must COMMIT to secure our border NOW by 1) using the purse power to require turn away or full detention, no exceptions, 2) tightening asylum & eliminating loopholes, & 3) building the wall / roads… (3/13) #StandUpForAmerica #CommitmentToAmerica
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This is right by @mirandadevine, as we have said for 2+ months (incl. @StephenM). @GOPLeader is correct, but ALL @HouseGOP must be pressed & @SteveScalise must whip it. @LeaderMcConnell must demand it of @SenateGOP. THREAD: (1/6)…
The following 42 House members & 14 senate members have pledged to AT LEAST oppose any “omnibus” spending bill OR “CR” into a lame duck… hardly a big lift, when we SHOULD be holding up funding to force border security... (2/6) #StandUpForAmerica #NotOneMorePenny
Current House Signers (42): Chip Roy, Ralph Norman, Troy E. Nehls, Bob Good, Bill Posey, Mary E. Miller, Tom Tiffany, W. Gregory Steube, Andy Biggs, Michael Cloud, Scott Perry, Jody Hice, Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S., Lance Gooden, Brian Mast, Barry Moore, Clay Higgins… (3/6)
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The Biden administration’s policies are devastating Americans.

-Energy, healthcare, and grocery prices are skyrocketing
-Crime is rampant
-The border is on fire
-Vax mandates are threatening national security

But we can stop it. 🧵🧵🧵

#NotOneMorePenny #StandUpForAmerica
Biden’s attack on American energy is sending costs through the roof.

A record 1 in 6 American families – 20 MILLION homes – are currently behind on their electricity bills.

And this will only get worse as natural gas prices increase this winter.…
And gasoline prices are STILL $1.38/gal higher than they were in 2019.

But the taxpayer funded EPA and Department of Interior are still doing all they can to choke fossil fuel production.

#NotOneMorePenny Image
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THREAD. WARNING TO FATHERS WITH SPINES, THIS WILL ANGER YOU: Imagine your 9th grade little girl getting anally raped in her school bathroom and then YOU get arrested at the School Board meeting & labeled a Domestic Terrorist by the leftist National School Boards Assoc. (1/5)
…which the (powers child for the left) Attorney General of the U.S. then uses as a basis for an (unconstitutional) order by the DOJ to target parents as domestic terrorists who speak out at (leftist indoctrination) school boards… & then… the guy who raped her… (2/5)
…attacks ain the community, wearing an electronic monitoring device - & yet the school board never acknowledges this - and that the rapist allegedly wore a skirt into the girls bathroom - while continuing to advance their leftist… (3/5)…
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THREAD - “Open letter” to @SouthwestAir CEO Gary Kelly - written, I am told, by an SWA employee & posted to Facebook. It was sent by a friend (who didn’t have link). God bless this employee. #DoNotComply #StandUpForAmerica - “The Big Choice” - READ… (1/15)
The Big Choice

It’s time to embrace the national discussion instead of finger-pointing who’s to blame over last weekend’s meltdown. The elephant in the room IS the mandate and the termination of thousands of employees and disruption of air travel after Nov 24th… (2/15)
…Amazingly, Southwest Airlines finds itself at the center of what is likely one of the most pivotal moments of our lifetimes and nation! There is no going back to “normal” or whatever you want to call pre-Oct 4th when the mandate was announced. There are two paths. Two…(3/15)
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Today, a number of my colleagues will be filing an amicus brief in support of the lawsuit filed by the State of Texas regarding the election results of several other states. Respectfully, I will not join because I believe the case itself represents a dangerous violation... (1/5)
...of federalism & sets a precedent to have one state asking federal courts to police the voting procedures of other states.

To be certain, the reckless adoption of massive mail-in ballots and changes to important signature matching (& other rules) in these and other... (2/5)
...states increased the casting of illegal votes and undermine confidence in our elections. The American people are raising legitimate questions & they deserve answers. I strongly support the continued pursuit of litigation where most likely to succeed - such as Georgia... (3/5)
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Today, we unapologetically thank God for America. We thank Him for the blessings of liberty & remember the Americans before us who risked everything to settle, work, & defend this land – all so that we might live free... (1/5) #HappyThanksgiving #StandUpForAmerica
...Today, we demonstrate our thanks by rejecting calls from Americans living bountifully off the sacrifices of these previous generations to tear America down from the inside... apology by apology, statue by statue, tradition by tradition, norm by norm... (2/5) #StandUpForAmerica
...Today, we recall the first recorded Thanksgiving - in Virginia – where after a decade of suffering & struggle in which 450 of 500 settlers at Jamestown perished in the first 2 yrs; suffering from Malaria, starvation, & battles w/ local Powhatans, the people persevered.. (3/ 5)
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As Americans, we are bound together by an idea larger than political discourse. We are bound by a shared belief in the greatness of Texas and our nation, and the centrality of both freedom and the rule of law to our prosperity as a people. #TX21 #StandUpForAmerica
On #ElectionNight, Texans in the Hill Country demonstrated our collective resolve to preserve these important ideals for ourselves and our children and grandchildren, so that they may inherit a stronger, safer, and freer country. #TX21
I am honored to represent the great people, businesses, and communities of the 21st Congressional District in Texas - and I appreciate the faith those people have placed in me to continue to represent them. #TX21
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At the ballot box, I will be guided by one goal: to vote to #StandUpForAmerica. I want order on our streets & leaders who stand with law enforcement under the rule of law. I want judges who believe their job is to interpret the Constitution & law, & no more. (1/5)
I want to secure the border, end sanctuary cities, & take out cartels - for America’s security & the safety of immigrants who seek to come here. I want to stand with Israel, deter China, & have a strong military used sparingly but forcefully w/o endless overseas presence. (2/5)
I want a strong economy built on low taxes, low regulations, & American ingenuity. I want all Americans, regardless of their health status, to get the best healthcare in the world, affordably, from their doctor without interference from government or insurance bureaucrats. (3/5)
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For pro-life Americans, there is no more important U.S. House race in the country than Texas-21 between self-appointed “Abortion Queen” Wendy Davis and Pro-Life champion Cong. Chip Roy @chiproytx.… #ProLife #StandUpForAmerica
In recent years, Davis’ Planned Parenthood has pushed for a New York state law to allow abortion up to the moment of birth, a radical position opposed by 80 percent of Americans.
Davis has even called for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which prevents the use of taxpayer dollars for abortions and is supported by most Americans.
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Today, I have called for the DOJ to use all tools and resources necessary to defend America’s federal property, including monuments and federal parks, America’s churches, synagogues, and all religious organizations under all applicable federal laws:…
I call on the president to use the Insurrection Act to step in where necessary to restore order.…
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