1) Thread entitled: ‘duopoly deception’

People from either side of the aisle who don’t really understand Trump, likely don’t understand Reagan. So, I’m going to go back and use examples from Reagan's career to illustrate my revelations about Trump.
2) Conservatives in print & on the Internet talk about Reagan's dedication to individual liberty & smaller government & about his single-handed whooping of the Soviet Union.
3) TV journalists, having no interest in smaller government, focused more on his fighting of the Cold War & playing their usual role of controlled opposition by criticizing him for all the things, (like reducing the size of gov’t and cutting taxes) conservatives applauded him for
4) After all, here was a man running for POTUS in 1976 & 1980 preaching that "gov't is the problem, not the solution" & being trashed by the liberal media for saying so. But how much of this is accurate? How did his actions live up to his rhetoric?
Let’s take a look, shall we?
5)The first parallel between Trump & Reagan was how all the political pundits blamed Reagan for every conceivable ill that befell society - from the 1981 recession - to the stock-market crash in 1987 and everything in between.
6) Whatever happened was a "wake-up call" to get rid of Reaganomics, while nothing was ever blamed on the Democratic Congress.
7) The same type of theatre has been used to reinforce Trump’s “underdog” image & to solidify support from conservatives.

The only difference in the use of this tactic has been that the level of drama has been jacked up for the new generation of emasculated drama queens.
8) The next obvious parallel between the two highly worshipped Republican presidents is in the arena of spending. Both promised: “to balance the budget & eliminate the deficit.”
9) When Ronald Reagan took office, the federal budget was only $678 billion
During his 8-year tenure, the budget grew by 69%
The annual average increase in gov't during Reagan's administration was 6.8%, compared with "big gov't" Bill Clinton's average annual increase of 3.6%.
10) In 1980, Jimmy Caner's last year as president, the federal gov't spent a whopping 27.9% of "national income". Reagan assaulted the free-spending Carter administration throughout his 1980 campaign, but at the end of 1988, federal spending = 28.7% of "national income."
11) Even Ford and Carter did a better job at cutting government. Their combined presidential terms account for an increase of 1.4%—compared with Reagan's 3%—in the government's take of "national income."
12) The budget for the Department of Education, which candidate Reagan promised to abolish along with the Department of Energy, had more than doubled to $22.7 billion, Social Security spending rose from $179 billion in 1981 to $269 billion in 1986
13) The price of farm programs went from $21.4 billion in 1981 to $51.4 billion in 1987, a 140% increase. And this doesn't count the $4 billion "drought-relief" measure he signed. Medicare spending in 1981 was $43.5 billion; in 1987 it hit $80 billion.
14) Federal entitlements cost $197.1 billion in 1981—and $477 billion in 1987.
Foreign aid also rose, from $10 billion to $22 billion. Every year, Reagan asked for more foreign-aid money than the Congress was willing to spend.
15) He also pushed through Congress an $8.4 billion increase in the U.S. "contribution" to the International Monetary Fund.
16) Yes, folks Ronald Reagan helped build the IMF, the world central bank which will likely replace the Federal Reserve, under Donald Trump’s watch as the greatest looter and plunderer the world has ever seen, and usher in the final stages of the New World Order
17) Reagan promised to balance the budget within his 1st term. Instead, the annual deficit rose from $79 billion to $212 billion in that 1st term & the Reagan years added $1.9 trillion to the federal debt.
Reagan tripled the Gross Federal Debt, from $900 billion to $2.7 trillion
18) Ford & Carter in their combined terms could only double it. It took 31 years to accomplish the 1st postwar debt tripling, yet Reagan did it in 8 short years (do you have De ja Vu yet?).
19) I don’t think we need to spend time highlighting Trump’s massive spending accomplishments to date. It should be obvious at this point that he’s out to set new records as well
20) Reagan is known as tax-cutter & the term "Reaganomics" implies dramatic cuts in tax rates. This completely denies reality as; after pushing thru a tax cut to be implemented over 3 years, in his 2nd year he signed the largest tax increase in American history up to that time.
21) The nation's annual tax load increased by 65% during his time in office. Don’t believe me? You can look all these numbers up for yourself here: govinfo.gov/app/browse/cat…
22) Before looking closer at taxation under Reagan, we have to recognize that spending is the better indicator of the size of the gov't. If gov't cuts taxes, but not spending, it still gets the $ from somewhere, either by borrowing or inflating (think Federal Reserve, QE)
23) Either method robs the productive sector. Although spending is the better indicator, it’s not complete, because it ignores the other ways in which the gov't deprives producers of wealth.
24) For instance, it conceals regulation & trade restrictions, which may require little government outlay. It was estimated that in 2016 Federal regulations alone cost the US economy $2.5 trillion. That equates to more bureaucratic theft from the market
25) Reagan came into office proposing to cut personal income & business taxes. The Economic Recovery Act was supposed to reduce revenues by $749 billion over 5 years. But this was quickly reversed with the Tax Equity & Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982.
26) TEFRA—THE LARGEST TAX INCREASE IN AMERICAN HISTORY—was designed to raise $214.1 billion over 5 years, and took back many of the business tax savings enacted by the plan the year before.
But this was just the beginning.
27) In 1982 Reagan supported a 5-cent-per-gallon gasoline tax & higher taxes on the trucking industry. Total increase: $5.5 billion a year.
28) In 1983, on the recommendation of his Special Security Commission- chaired by the man he later made Fed chairman, Alan Green-span-Reagan called for & received, Social Security tax increases of $165 billion over 7 years.
29) A year later came Reagan's Deficit Reduction Act to raise $50 billion.

Even the heralded Tax Reform Act of 1986 is more deception than anything else. It shifted $120 billion over 5 years from visible personal income taxes to hidden business taxes.
30) It lowered the rates, but it also repealed or reduced many deductions, just like Trump’s alleged tax cut”
According to the Treasury Department, the 1981 tax cut would have reduced revenues by $1.48 trillion by the end of fiscal 1989.
31) But tax increases since 1982 would equal $1.5 trillion by 1989. The increases include not only the formal legislation mentioned above but also bracket creep, $30 billion in various tax changes, and other increases.
32) Taxes by the end of the Reagan era was a larger chunk of GNP than when he took office: 19.4%. The so-called historic average was 18.3% at that time.
33) Conservatives like to blame the increase in government on the Democrats. But Presidents have the power of veto.
A President can sign as many vetoes as he likes. Unless his opposition can muster a 2/3 majority in both houses of Congress, nothing can be forced on him.
34) The determining factor is whether the President has the will to reduce government. If he does, no one can stop him.
And while Reagan did veto some bills (unlike Trump), in 8 years Congress passed only nine bills over Reagan's veto. And only one of those was a budget bill,
35) thus the Democratic Congress didn't enlarge government in spite of Reagan's determined opposition. He actively participated in the growth of government
36) We have been seeing the exact same thing with Trump. Conservatives continue to blame Democrats in Congress (despite having control of the Senate) with a president that to my knowledge has NEVER used the veto.
37) Under Reagan both liberals & conservatives had a vested interest in maintaining the fiction that Reagan was gutting the federal gov't. Conservatives wanted to point to this with pride, while liberals wanted to scream that the sky was falling.
38) So, both sides went along with the deception for the sake of their respective emotions.
Here again we see a similar phenomenon with Trump.
39) Conservatives insist that Trump is “fighting the deepstate”, “taking on the globalists”, “tearing down the cabal”, “draining the swamp”, meanwhile nothing could be further from the truth:
40) as he surrounds himself with swamp creatures & signs the US onto globalist trade agreements (see my pinned tweet thread), signs a $6.2 trillion central banker, NWO bailout disguised as a “stimulus”, and goes along with Rockefeller’s & Bill Gate’s #convid19 agenda
41) If government was the "problem," why did Reagan keep signing bills that made government bigger and bigger?

42) If, Trump really believes:
“The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots. The future belongs to sovereign, and independent nations, who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors, and honor the differences that make each country unique.”
43) Then why does Trump keep signing bills that undermine our sovereignty & which only benefit the NWO central banking cabal?
44) Why did he reauthorize tyrannical bills like FISA, the NDAA & the Patriot Act which crush American’s rights? Why does he continue to capitulate with the cabal’s #scamdemic?
45) This is in keeping with the long-standing tradition that politics is all about talk, with no concern for actual results and aligns with my (as well as many others) constant assertion that there’s not really two sides in American politics.
46) Both sides answer to the same puppet masters and part of their jobs is to create the illusion that there’s a power struggle between the two sides.
47) If this were actually true the US government could never have moved continuously to the left year after year, administration after administration for the last 150 years.
48) If this appearance of a power struggle were real, we would see at least on occasion, some movement back towards liberty, but we never have.
Conservatives my whole 50-yr long life have blamed this on Republican politician’s lack of courage or backbone. Who are they kidding?
49) Really? Everyone with their sets of values are cowards? Do they honestly believe this?
50) At this point I could go on at considerably further length about both of these Republican (not so conservative) presidents in the areas of ‘trade’, ‘social policies’, foreign policy & the bureaucracy & further show how demonstrably both have been given undeserved...
51) levels of credit by the right for unearned achievements & obviously theatric levels of criticism from the left for the sole purpose of continuing the false dichotomy,
52) but my pinned tweet thread spells out in black & white exactly what Donald Trump is trying to accomplish in these other areas.
53) Why did I write this thread?
Q) Do I dislike Ronald Reagan and/or Donald Trump
A) No, at least no more than any of the other Rothschild/Rockefeller NWO puppets, but rather:
54) Because most of my adult life I have understood that there wasn’t really “two sides”, but for a long time I thought that certain conservatives stood outside that paradigm. I always thought that Ronald Reagan was one of these individuals.
55) When I finally let go of my own confirmation bias and took a long hard look past all the rhetoric from both the left- and right-wing talking heads; only then could I see clearly.
56) Once I figured out that Reagan’s record was a fraud & that he served the same masters as every other president (minus JFK) for the last 100 plus years, only then was I able to look objectively at Donald Trump. In 2016 I got duped.
57) Like many others I was conned into believing that he was one of these select conservatives that really were battling the forces of international communism. I now know that I was wrong and now have a strong desire to truly wake others up.
58) Why does all of this matter?

It matters because we need to understand that since the 1920s no American President has made a significant effort to reduce government.
It’s not that it can't be done. It's just been shown that NO Republican or Democrat is going to do it,
59) yet conservative voters continue to grip the deception that the two parties have opposing agendas. They cling to the false hope that the next Republican will finally be the 1 to accomplish "conservatism"
60) Meanwhile they fail to recognize that this generation's conservatism has taken the place of last generation's progressivism
61) If honestly viewed, history has proven that both parties are on the same side despite vitriol, despite the theatre that has been orchestrated for our deception.
62) It matters bcuz it reminds us that politicians are not to be believed, not about their records, not about the foreign dangers that supposedly require us to go to war, not in their promises to obey the Constitution & fight for smaller government & especially who they represent
63) Both parties represent the same interests. The central banking, NWO, deepstate cabal that seized control of this country long before any one of us was born.
64) It matters because those on the “right” claim to be awake & those on the left claim to be “woke”, but as long as most people buy into the deception that there’s two sides working for a different group of the People, the People will continue to be victimized
65) It matters because it demonstrates that we have no heroes.

It matters because our salvation lies with ourselves.

It is us who must carry the message of the benefits of liberty, and spread that message far and wide until the public demands the restoration of “Americana”,
66) a restoration of truth, freedom, liberty, Individual rights & equal justice for all.

It is us who must throw off the rulers who have been working so diligently to enslave us.

67) "We Control Both Left & Right"... we create apparent opposites to "remake the world"...

"direct opposites to one another, put into our hands the two poles of this planet and allow us to be its axis"
- Kuhn Loeb Banking partner - Otto Kahn (1926)
70) Additional, final thoughts:
Donald Trump has accomplished things no Democrat ever could have without fierce opposition, 1 example: Obama never could have gotten TPP passed. Trump put TPP in USMCA & received praise from the same people who opposed it under Obama
71) This is the job of 'controlled opposition', pretend to oppose the leftist agenda & quietly advance it "undercover". Reagan signed the most oppressive anti-2A legislation in US history, in his 2nd term; the 1986 National Firearms Act
72) In typical fashion that bill was named the exact opposite of what it really was; The Firearms Owner's Protection Act. Reagan is revered to this day as a president that protected the 2A. Nothing could be further from the truth.
73) This is my prediction and I hope that it does not age well, but I'm fairly certain that it will:
In his 2nd term (just like Reagan) Trump will sign the 'Red Flag' bill that's currently sitting on Lindsey Graham's desk and conservatives will continue to make excuses for him
74) "I like to take the firearms and have due process later"
This will lead to mass disarmament on the grandest scale this country has ever seen, and conservatives will continue to lick the boots of the thugs that enforce the tyrant's will.

• • •

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