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1) Thread entitled: ‘duopoly deception’

People from either side of the aisle who don’t really understand Trump, likely don’t understand Reagan. So, I’m going to go back and use examples from Reagan's career to illustrate my revelations about Trump.
2) Conservatives in print & on the Internet talk about Reagan's dedication to individual liberty & smaller government & about his single-handed whooping of the Soviet Union.
3) TV journalists, having no interest in smaller government, focused more on his fighting of the Cold War & playing their usual role of controlled opposition by criticizing him for all the things, (like reducing the size of gov’t and cutting taxes) conservatives applauded him for
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Brexit has happened

The 'transition' period ends at the end of 2020.

If the UK and EU can't agree a trade agreement with the EU due to other things like the #COVID19 pandemic then it will need to agree an extension of 1 or 2 years by 30 June.

A agrement to extend the 'transition' period needs to be made by 30 June and it isn't as 'easy' as extending #Article50 was because each of the EU27 needs to be asked, which isn't a last last-minute thing.

Civil and diplomatic service grandees, including Ivan Rogers, Philip Rycroft and Gus O'Donnell have called for an extension to the transition period to deal with #COVID19

"It is simple common sense"
Philip Rycroft, former head of the Brexit department…
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@nytimes has published 2 really good articles about the #coronavirus #CONVID19 regarding the origins & timeline of the virus & the likelihood that it started earlier than most people thought.……
On Apr. 21, 2020 @nytimes published this article with a timeline of the #coronavirus #COVID19. The only problem is, like most reporting in the #US so far, it does not go back far enough. It starts with Dec 31st.…
Some reporters are starting to look farther back in Dec. for the #coronavirus timeline, but that may not be far enough back. @nytimes needs to coordinate their investigative journalism & broaden the research criteria to at least Nov. starting in-house...…
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Let me try a follow up on my tweet on 5G, EM spectrum & #CONVID19 from professional point of view. I will try to use layman language as much as possible for us to understand.
1stly, what is 5G? This is the 5th generation network. The advent of information age started with the 1st generation analog mobile communication in the 80s. This is followed by digital mobile communication in the 90s referred to as 2nd generation 2G, then 3G, 4G & now 5G.
Everything from ELF to radar waves is often referred to as microwave in the electromagnetic spectrum. That's my area of specialization. Also, from ELF to ultraviolet, except the upper part of ultraviolet that overlap with x-ray is referred to as non-ionizing radiation.
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I hope you are keeping safe in line with the advice of the @WHO , @NCDCgov, @Fmohnigeria and the Presidential Task Force on #COVID19.
The Federal Government of Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari, understands that the necessary restrictions on movements imposed,
may have negative impacts on the livelihoods of many micro business owners and traders. This is true for many of our compatriots, especially the vulnerable members of our communities - such as the IDPs, Persons living with disabilities; the elderly; petty traders and hawkers,
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#CONVID19 #GFI List 29March : 1. Put @USNationalGuard LNO Team in every #hospital to count #PPE Supply , Report days of supply to #Governors /micro manage #PPE . 2 . Make All side walks oneway . 3 . Make all Store Aisles oneway : Grocery / #Lowe’s/ #Walmart’s / #HomeDepot /
Stores with Baskets, wipe basket handles /counters between customers.4. @USCoastGuard @USACEHQ Allow only daytime operations on #Mississippi River / River is hi levees are old ,if ship / barge crash the levee and it breaks #NOLA will Flood ,5 open the frigging #mississippi
River Spillways . One more frigging Time , If levee breaks , #New Orleans floods along with 100 Chemical Plants . @CONVID19 is attacking the river cities ,one disaster at a time , @Whitehouse @realDonaldTrump @LouisianaGov @USACEHQ @USNorthernCmd
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This was @CMO_England two weeks ago explaining why govt hadn’t banned large gatherings & closed pubs, restaurants, schools etc.

"We do need to do it at the last reasonable point” he says.

Today, along with the PM & Health Sec, he come down with #Convid19
Chris Whitty was speaking here on 12 March.

If was 4 more days before the govt realised the scientific modelling upon which they’d based their #Herd_Immunity strategy was wrong.

They did a U-turn on 16 March, but it was too late. #coronavirus #COVID19
Virtually every epidemiologist across the world was saying the same thing: “You need to act quickly to combat #coronavirus.”

Chris Whitty & Patrick Vallance’s view that “we don’t want to act too soon” is why UK is seeing a steep rise in #COVID19 deaths.
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This is the only theory about #Covid_19 which has more logical sense in it and everything just click. And for those of you who believe what is happening came from a man who are a bat in #wahun l have more logical explanation that I found here. I'm not saying they are true but
It's too deep to think of it. " It isn't a Virus it's just a cold war and the upshot is not the prevalent. It will be a great world recession "
Twenty years ago it was said that in the future. Wars would stop being armed conflicts and become biological and economic wars,
Because the "most practicable" way to destroy a nation is to obliterate it's currency. Actually that day came to pass

The two biggest economies : the US and China.
In March 2018, there was a trade war b/n the US and China.When president Trump indicate the intent to sanction
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Selain melakukan sosialisasi, secara struktural ada keterlibatan aktif kader dlm kegiatan nyata pencegahan covid-19

PAC GP Ansor se-Kab Boyolali di intruksikan utk melakukan Penyemprotan Disinfektan di tempat ibadah, Lembaga pendidikan, dan fasum lainnya

Edukasi dan sosialisasi tentang wabah corona di masyarakat menjadi sangat penting dan menjadi tanggung jawab kita bersama untuk mencegah meluasnya wabah corona. Hsl ini tentu saja bukan cuma jadi tanggung jawab pemerintah. Namun kita semua harus #BersamaCegahCorona #StayAtHome
Hari ini Selasa 24/03/2020 PCNU Kab Sorong dan Satkorkab Banser Kab Sorong, Papua Barat juga melakukan penyemprotan disinfektan, di berbagai fasilitas umum dan rumah2 ibadah. #AnsorMelawanCorona
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#ثريد عملي جداً يشرح أهمية الكلمات المفتاحية العمود الفقري للتسويق الإلكتروني وال #SEO
نلاحظ في الصورة استخدام كلمة كورونا بدل الكورونا ستغير من النتائج بشكل كبير جداً، إضافة أو إزالة حرف من المفردة قد يؤثر على نشاطك التجاري بشكل سلبي أو إيجابي

أترككم مع الثريد!!

#mkt_art Image
الكلمة المفتاحية ليست مفردة
قد تتكون من عدة مفردات وتعتبر كلمة مفتاحية لأنها توصل إلى نتيجة معينة
فنلاحظ من المثال السابق أن كلمة #فيروس_كورونا، هي الكلمة الأكثر بحثاً من قبل المستخدمين فهي أهم من كلمة #كورونا أو #الكورونا
فعليك دراسة الشكل الصحيح للكلمة المفتاحية قبل استخدامها
واستخدمنا في هذا المثال أداة #غوغل_ترندس وهي أداة تمكنني من البحث والمقارنة بين 5 #كلمات_مفتاحية
لأعرف أي كلمة هي الأفضل بينهم وذلك حسب مجموعة فلاتر
المنطقة الجغرافية
المدة الزمنية
موضوع معين
محرك بحث

(وضعت لكم خط أحمر تحت الفلاتر في الصورة في التغريدة الأولى ليكون الشرح أفضل) Image
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LOTS of #Coronavirus noise out there, so have been talking to senior NHS doctors about what is REALLY going on.

Some good stuff, some bad....this is NOT meant to be alarming, but it MIGHT make people think about need to take 'social distancing' advice seriosly 1/Thread
First, what's happening as NHS prepares, per frontline sources.

1. Docs with ITC experience are all being asked to self-declare

2. Ongoing (re) training of consultants and docs on intubation/ventilation

3. Assumption staff will need to work 12hr on/off shifts /2
Now we get to the tougher stuff.

- discussions ongoing about WHAT constitutes non-urgent/elective care. There will be a gradual fading out, depending on need.

But, per source, may mean stopping "two week cancer" referrals - the ones GPs do for people needing urgent tests /3
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