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1) A thread entitled: 'More nitty gritty on the #scamdemic '

The World Health Organization has inadvertently confirmed what many experts and studies have been showing for months; that #CV19 is no more deadly or dangerous than seasonal flu...
2) The WHO's top brass made this announcement during a special session of the WHO's 34-member executive board on last month on October 5th, it's just nobody seemed to really understand what they were (inadvertently) admitting.
3) At the session, Dr Michael Ryan, the WHO's Head of Emergencies revealed that they believe roughly 10% of the world has been infected with SARS-CoV-2. This is their "best estimate," and a huge increase over the number of officially recognized cases (around 35 million)
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1) The vaccinations are not "mandatory," but without a #covidpass you'll be barred from

Public Transportation
Sporting Events
Houses of Worship
2) They will then tie the #covidpass into a digital currency as well as a Chinese-style #SocialCreditSystem.

The physical dollar will eventually be phased out (although this may take years).

So "good behavior" and up-to-date vaccinations will determine whether ....
3) an individual will have the ability to move about freely and unmolested - and also - access to their own funds tied into the #covidpass.

The "#covidpass monitoring grid" will be managed in real-time by #AI, so that someone may have boarded a train with a ....
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1) Thread entitled: 'The nitty gritty on the #scamdemic ':

On pg 39 of CDC document entitled "CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel," dated July 13, 2020, the CDC is forced to admit that they don't even have an isolated sample of the SARS-CoV-2
3) which is the virus that they say is to blame for the disease diagnosis that was named "COVID-19" by the World Health organization in March of 2020. Buried deep within that PDF document, in a section entitled, "Performance Characteristics," it reads as follows:
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Must read!

"Science is rarely absolute. It rarely applies to every setting or every population. **It doesn’t make sense to slavishly follow science or evidence**."
Politicians should be "informed and guided by science"...

"But even that approach retains public and professional trust only if science is available for scrutiny and free of political interference, and if the system is transparent and not compromised by conflicts of interest."
Chapeau Kamran Abbasi, executive editor, British Medical Journal.

#plandemic #scamdemic #genocide #TheGreatReset
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#FFS #FakeNews #BBCNews @BBC

People who die within 28 days of #PositiveTest have NOT


Died OF #COVID1984

NOR if #DeathCertificates MENTION it

DO Y.O.U.R J_O_B & tell us how many people have

HAD symptoms of it

AND tested +ve for it

AND died FROM it

#FFS #FakeNews #BBCNews @BBC

People who get into hospital after stroke

Or being hit by bus

Get routinely tested on admission

#TestPositive for #COVID1984

And die within 28 days AREN'T A #COVID death

NOR if die after 28 days of #PositiveTest if it's mentioned on #DeathCert!
#FFS #FakeNews #BBCNews @BBC

People who die within 28 days of #PositiveTest have NOT


Died OF #COVID1984

NHS *ADMITS* to accidentally KILLING 5,000 patients a year

Doctors estimate true figure could be 100,000

From eg 100 times dose

Test doesn't change cause!
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JOE M: Latest (MANY) INTEL msgs #DarkToLight Patriots🇺🇸
(1 of 4 Intel Post, FOLLOW ME for more info)
#JUSTICEisCOMING 👇😉🙏 #GodWinsALWAYS ImageImageImageImage
JOE M: Latest (MANY) INTEL msgs #DarkToLight Patriots🇺🇸
(2 of 4 Intel Post, FOLLOW ME for more info)
#JUSTICEisCOMING 👇😉🙏 #GodWinsALWAYS ImageImageImageImage
JOE M: Latest (MANY) INTEL msgs #DarkToLight Patriots🇺🇸
(3 of 4 Intel Post, FOLLOW ME for more info)
#JUSTICEisCOMING 👇😉🙏 #GodWinsALWAYS ImageImageImageImage
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1. Dem #pennsylvania
Governor #TomWolf attended this secret summit two years ago. His name is listed. Please read. The theme was titled #Resistance.

1. Secretive Liberal Donor Summit Increases Security, Changes Itinerary Following Free Beacon Report…
2. #pennsylvania #tomwolf is a mbr of the #resistanceparty. #soros. Watch video
3. #pennsylvania Governor #TomWolf joined Soros & #Pelosi At This Meeting To Fund And Plot Democratic ‘Resistance’ in 2017…
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Wondering WTH is REALLY going on?? This may help. Almost seems like the Nazi Party reincarnated.

YOU decide if you want to know or not. ⚠️ Once you open your eyes there’s NO going back. Do you want to remain asleep or know the ENEMY we’re fighting.

👇🏼🧵 #StopTheNewWorldOrder

👇🏼🧵 #StopTheNewWorldOrder

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1) Thread entitled: ‘duopoly deception’

People from either side of the aisle who don’t really understand Trump, likely don’t understand Reagan. So, I’m going to go back and use examples from Reagan's career to illustrate my revelations about Trump.
2) Conservatives in print & on the Internet talk about Reagan's dedication to individual liberty & smaller government & about his single-handed whooping of the Soviet Union.
3) TV journalists, having no interest in smaller government, focused more on his fighting of the Cold War & playing their usual role of controlled opposition by criticizing him for all the things, (like reducing the size of gov’t and cutting taxes) conservatives applauded him for
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Their Great Reset is failing.
The #Scamdemic is coming to an end.
The #DeepState has lost control of their agenda.
The #Rothchilds #CentralBankingSystem is collapsing as the #QFS gains momentum.
A New World awakens.
The lockdowns were never about protecting us.>
It was always an agenda to try to collapse the economy so the #CentralBankingSystem could regain control, to bring in a cashless society and a universal income. It was so the #Elite had an excuse to control us, to take away our freedom, our rights and to scare us>
into taking a deadly vaccine, all under the Illusion of keeping us safe.
The #Scamdemic was always a smokescreen, it was never going to be successful.
It was counter attacked a long time ago but had to be allowed to play out so you could see first hand how corrupt>
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@ArtValley818_ Exactly! Trump is going to win and they will contest the results then try to impeach him again. They already have their deep state lawyers in place to file lawsuits in several states. The rioters are paid and waiting too. Nancy will talk...
@ArtValley818_ 25th Amendment again and try to get Congress to appoint her as interim. This is why they keep pushing the #FakePolls despite the fact the entire country can freely see the MASSIVE rallies boat parades, and caravans for Trump all summer onward while lying, hiding, #BribenBiden...
@ArtValley818_ Has less attendees than a pre-school graduation. Meanwhile Trump will take the gloves off and go on an absolute RAMPAGE firing the deep state gov players (EO already signed for this), fire the directors of both the FBI & CIA, soon more EOs, tell the public...
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If the goal of the #plandemic was to inject everyone with mandatory microchip Mark of the Beast vaccines it would have happened by now. And there would have been something realised that actually KILLS people so they would be scared into taking it.
So,what is the REAL agenda here.
It was never goal of the Satanic Elite / #Illuminati for #depopulation through #billgates #vaccines or to enlave you in a Dystopian #5G Smart City. They have no need to control us any more than they already do.
They just WANT you to believe these things.
Their TRUE goal is and always has been for you to worship the same God as they do.They cannot force you to do this. You must do so willingly. And,
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It's you that seems to be the stupid stupid boy

As stupid stupid as your "Fact Check"

Did you read it?

Or did you not realise how stupid stupid it was?!

And what about operational problems like detecting testing & lab contamination

#COVID1984 #PanicDem #ScamDemic #Masquerade ImageImageImageImage
It's you that seems to be the stupid stupid boy

As stupid stupid as your "Fact Check"

Did you read it?

Or did you not realise how stupid stupid it was?!

And what about operational problems like detecting testing & lab contamination

#COVID1984 #PanicDem #ScamDemic #Masquerade ImageImageImageImage
So it appears you're not only one of those people who blocks & runs when runs out of argument

But one who sneaks back unblocks & slips in some BS before cutting & running again

In case you missed it in UK they run the PCR "test" to 45 cycles

#COVID1984 #PanicDem #Masquerade Image
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If don't believe me perhaps you'll take #NewYorkTimes as "liberal" Gospel?!

"Faith in Quick Test Leads to #Epidemic That Wasn’t" - #NYT

And that was BEFORE #COVID1984 #PanicDem

Over a DECADE before the

#ScamDemic #Masquerade #PCRTest #FalsePositives…
1. If don't believe me perhaps you'll take #NewYorkTimes as "liberal" Gospel?!

"Faith in Quick Test Leads to #Epidemic That Wasn’t" - #NYT

And that was BEFORE #COVID1984 #PanicDem

Over a DECADE before

#ScamDemic #Masquerade #PCRTest #FalsePositives…
2. If don't believe me perhaps you'll take ANOTHER #NewYorkTimes article as "liberal" Gospel

"Your #CoronavirusTest Is #Positive Maybe It Shouldn’t Be" - #NYT

"tests..too sensitive"

#COVID1984 #PanicDem #ScamDemic #Masquerade…

#PCRTest #FalsePositives
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Questions I would ask if I would be an investigative journalist #investigativejournalist #findthetruth #COVID19Aus #scamdemic #pandemicoflies
Ask how a supposed virus can run rampant around Asia, Mediterranean, Iran, Europe, UK, USA & then Australia however it's Australian scientists that managed to identify, isolate, propagate, amplify then classify a novel CORONA virus in 48hrs? Apparently, no one else was capable?
Ask how and why every lab on the globe uses the samples Australian scientists made?
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#Science & #COVID19 "The Flu I mean The #Coronavirus" #SCAMDEMIC FACTS:
-#TrackAndTrace DOES NOT treat an infection for ANYTHING & CAN NOT help in treating infections
-Knowing who has come in contact with an infected person CAN NOT TREAT an infection
-Those pumping #TrackAndTrace have NEVER even suggested a Treatment regimen of ANY kind, Other than Forced Injections of Toxic Unidentified Untested Agents with ZERO recourse if they Poison or Kill or Maim you & your family & no help when they do whatsoever ever spoken of.
-#TrackAndTrace CAN NOT solve a pandemic, & there is no real evidence of ANY KIND on ANY LEVEL that it can do so.
-Tracking AFTER THE FACT the spread of where a disease went, that is airborne & hyper-infectious & penetrates masks, CAN NOT help a pandemic
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
#Australia has turned Full Nazi Fascist & Eliminated All #HumanRights. Forced Injections with Zero Liability on injectors. CRIMINAL #TrackAndTrace& Nazi Eugenics Prison Nation Police State the likes CCP & Robert Mugabe haven't even tried. Can't even leave
-No money & total abandonment of the #vaccine damaged persons
-Still Lying that vaccines don't do any damage
-All 5 vaccines so far for the Fake #Scamdemic have damaged the patients so badly nearly killing them that had to terminate all trials
-No country on earth so Fascist
#AU is officially the first country in history you need to be force injected with Toxic chemicals to travel out of, effectively eliminating all bodily sovereignty for over 20 million people in Medical Tyranny & #MedicalRape #CrimesAgainstHumanity on scale never seen before.
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‼️1. This is flu season, The government from 8/10/20 have decided to combine figures for both the FLU and Covid AS ONE UNIT. Lots catch / die from Flu yearly, this has been done to UP their CV19 figures, frighten some & keep you in FOREVER LOCKDOWN.
2. Why are the Councils given a cash incentive when lockdown in enforced their area, if you go into Tiers 2 & 3 they get a payout, per person. TIER 2 - £1 PER HEAD. TIER 3 IS - £2 PER HEAD. Is this a weekly/ monthly payment?
3. If we move from tier 2 to 3 do they get the payment again? Likewise if we move from tier 3 to 2 do they again get the per person payment ? There is NO CASH incentive given for keeping you in tier 1.
So you know you’ll constantly be on Tier 2/3.
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#Breaking #BreakingNews for #Education
The CORRUPT #UN #WHO #WEF #Scamdemic has Decimated the #Educations of poorer children around the world, causing them loss of already nearly a year of schooling & they want them to lose MORE. Poorer kids DISADVANTAGED…
In the #WEF's CRIMINAL "The Great Reset" Which has ALREADY Murdered MILLIONS of people, Multiple Times that of the FRAUDED 20x "#Covid19 Deaths" figure as admitted by #CDC & #WHO, Poor nations OF COURSE won't have access to high level Education 4.0 THEY DONT HAVE ELECTRICITY
3/ The nations outside of the UBER-RICH ENTITLED G-7 G30, in the OTHER 210 nations, they dont have the MONEY for a high quality Digital education. Over 4 BILLION PEOPLE DONT HAVE TOILETS TO GO IN! They don't have CLEAN DRINKING WATER, they DONT HAVE INTERNET nor Reliable POWER!!!
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I don’t disagree with Phil. But we are talking about an entire global industry that has been built on malpractice. For decades. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry relies on that system of corporate order and control in medicine, and pharma could not exist without it.
Medical practitioners are silenced, so instead we get ridiculous (but dangerous) propaganda, like this from Nazi spokesman @anneapplebaum. It is a grave problem in international public health. @PhilGreaves01 #SCAMDEMIC Image
A “super-spreader” is NOT a real public health thing!
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Judge for yourself 👇🏾

Part 1
Part 2
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Anyone else noticed how worldometer was once top of the list on Google search re Coronavirus now its slipped to page 2 now data doesn't support the narrative ?
And SUDDENLY we are swamped with western media 'Belarus very bad man'
Anyway see for yourself ImageImage

It may not have been to start, but now the deaths are not coming, it's fair to say public policy on this is now a #scamdemic
And here's why: because Davos wants it
@Conservatives purge the pay of the Davos mob please. ImageImageImageImage…

Look up any nation your want.
Look up strict lockdown nations like Peru & their death toll.
Look up S Koreas but remember 49% male population smoke(low risk factor v non smokers) obesity/diabetes low, & they didn't fully lockdown contrary to narrative ImageImage
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#DisclosureOnTargeting #ForTheRecord
@MassDPH #MayorThomasKoch @CharlieBakerMA run Noise Harassment campaigns right next door, w. power-saws, garden-equipment for hours today, yesterday in retaliation for truth-telling tweets on #FluVaccine. (Plausible Deniability.) Stasi on St.
Quincy, like Boston, like every other town & city in MA now prey to the AI-run Domestic Terrorism covered up as "Community Police Monitoring" "Neighborhood Watch" by #TopCrims in local gov. Noise Harassment with EXTREMELY LOUD power-eqpmt a MAJOR TOOL. @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
While loudly-droning small-planes, helicopters, zooming SUVs, pick-ups, trucks, FedEx, UPS are all being used nonstop (this week & every week), along w. re-routing of commercial planes, getting the neighbors to NONSTOP POWER-SAW, LAWNMOW, SNOWBLOW a MAJOR TACTIC.
Run by @MassGov
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