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@RepBrianHiggins launches campaign seeking "carve out" from Canada's @VacantHomeTax for US citizens. He argues that this CDN tax (based on citizenship) violates US/CAN tax treaty and #USMCA. What about US @citizenship tax and #FATCA imposed on CDNs?…
Although @RepBrianHiggins is reinforcing the image of "The Ugly American" by his bullying tactics and viewing the world ONLY through his interests, this may be an opportunity to bring a discussion of US @citizenshiptax and #FATCA as applied to CDN residents into public domain.
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1/10 Time to settle down, class. Today's topic is economic disinformation, the use of economic methods to present false claims as data-driven "facts." Today's case: @stuartsmyth66's claim of huge economic losses from #Mexico's restrictions on #GMO corn imports. Image
The Feb 2022 paper models economic costs to #Mexican producers and processors. In economic modeling, the results are often driven by the modelers' assumptions, not the model or data.
Assumption #1: The ban will shut off yellow corn imports in 2024. Nope.…
So, not until 2025, and then maybe phased in. For @stuartsmyth66 an immediate, total ban adds to damage estimates. So too Assumption #2: #Mexico will be cut off from US feed corn with no alternative sources. But no:…
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40 years ago, giant entertainment companies embarked on a slow-moving act of arson. The fuel for this arson was #copyright #TermExtension (making copyrights last longer), including *retrospective* copyright term extensions that took works out of the #PublicDomain. 1/ A montage of works that enter the public domain on Jan 1, 20
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Term extension put public domain works back into copyright for decades. Vast swathes of culture became off-limits, pseudo-property with absentee landlords, with much of it crumbling into dust. 3/
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Gorsuch's question suggests he is willing to limit dormant Commerce Clause to pure discrimination. Seems like Republican Justices did not take #Prop12 case to side with #hog industry, but to increase state's power to pass laws.
Gorsuch compares @NPPC & @FarmBureau to Lochner. That's the #SCOTUS equivalent of saying "come on man."
Also asks why courts should get into policy balancing as required by #BigAg's rule.
Calling it now #Prop12 stands, at least 6-3 (Dems + Thomas, Barrett, Gorsuch).
May get a dissent saying that the Courts should have applied Pike balancing by Alito and Barrett and saying it should survive a motion to dismiss. But, that's it.
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SCOOP: Blackstone CEO Stephen @Schwarzman played a pivotal -- and, until now, little-known -- role in securing a 2018 deal between Trump and @JustinTrudeau to preserve free trade among US, Canada and Mexico, Jared Kushner writes in a new book.


The buyout mogul’s intervention took place in late September 2018, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York, Trump's son-in-law @jaredkushner writes in his new book “Breaking History: A White House Memoir,” set for release on Aug. 23.

“Please let prime minister Trudeau know his negotiators are about to blow up a $600 billion trade relationship over BUTTER,” Kushner recalls telling the Blackstone co-founder and CEO, feeling that Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland was holding out.


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1. Si el #NAFTA se hubiera firmado hace un siglo (cuando el trabajo infantil era legal) eliminarlo hubiera requerido compensar por billones de dólares a las empresas "afectadas".

Obviamente esto estaría mal, pero como hoy muestra twitter, muchos lo defenderían.
2. Esto se debe a que #NAFTA tenía un mecanismo de resolución de controversias demasiado protector de inversionistas.

Tan protector que no se podía aprobar legislación democrática (por ejemplo, para proteger el medio ambiente) sin ser demandados.…
3. De hecho, Canadá fue demanda al menos 26 veces por cosas absurdas como la prohibición de productos riesgosos para la salud, de proyectos ambientalmente nocivos, etc.…
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🧵Carta palmaria del presidente de @ShopFloorNAM, @JayTimmonsNAM, a @POTUS en la antesala de la visita de trabajo del presidente mexicano a Washington el 12 de julio. Lista todos los rubros en los que el gobierno mexicano está en violación o potencial violación del #TMEC y ...1/4
..y remata con esto: "..we respectfully ask that your administration hold existing trade agreement partners accountable for their failure to uphold their commitments. These include measures implemented and proposed by the government of #Mexico that
contradict the letter and ..2/4
..spirit of the #USMCA and undermine the rule of law in #Mexico. Failure to prioritize enforcement of these commercial challenges will undermine the long-term credibility of the USMCA." ¿Así, o más claro?
Y a esta carta se vendrá un alud de cartas de otros sectores y ...3/4
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AFL-CIO Calls on @GM and Mexican Labor Authorities for Fair Silao Facility Election

On Feb. 1 and 2, more than 7,000 workers at the General Motors (GM) Silao facility, in the Mexican state of Guanajuato, will cast their vote to elect a new union to represent them.
This election takes place after a Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM) union contract, considered a “protection contract” by many observers, was thrown out in August in a legitimation vote required by the Mexican labor law reform.
In April, the first attempt at a legitimation vote was annulled because of serious irregularities that resulted in a complaint under the labor chapter of the USMCA.
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I'm pleased to announce that the U.S. has prevailed in the first dispute settlement panel ever brought under the #USMCA. It's agreed that Canada is breaching its USMCA commitments by reserving most of its dairy tariff-rate quota for the exclusive use of CA processors.
Enforcing our trade agreements and making sure they benefit American workers and farmers is a top priority for the Biden-Harris Administration. That is why this Administration filed the first-ever panel request under the USMCA.
This historic win will help eliminate unjustified trade restrictions on American dairy products, and will ensure that the U.S. dairy industry and its workers get the full benefit of the USMCA to market and sell U.S. products to Canadian consumers.
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@Ulkoministerio @Haavisto #Trudeau refused to say the name of the new “#USMCA” trade agreement during a signing ceremony with President Donald #Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña #Nieto in #BuenosAires, Argentina, on Friday | Nov 30th, 2018
- lost one of his fake eyebrows… Image
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The AFL-CIO, @SEIU, the SNITIS and @Public_Citizen announced today that they have filed the first complaint under the Rapid Response Mechanism of the #USMCA against Tridonex, an auto parts factory located in Matamoros in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico.
The case will test whether Mexico’s labor reforms and USMCA’s Rapid Response Mechanism can deliver for Mexican workers denied their fundamental right to organize and bargain for better wages and working conditions.
For two years, workers at Tridonex have been harassed and fired for trying to organize with SNITIS, an independent Mexican union of their choice, to replace a corrupt “protection” union.
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A thread of encouragement!


People on Team #MAGA lose faith too easily. Sure, it’s understandable to have periods of doubt but they should be short lived.
Our enemies, both foreign and domestic, should never be underestimated. They should also not be overestimated. Trump understands them because he was in their world as a businessman for decades.
Now, with the information he has as POTUS, he can deal with them kindly or ruthlessly. It’s really up to our adversaries how this is done.
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1) Thread entitled: 'The Agenda'

Perhaps the single most striking feature of UN Agenda 2030, which Obama unlawfully signed America onto, is the practically undisguised roadmap to international communism it creates.
2) To begin with, consider the agenda's Goal 10, which calls on the UN, national governments, and every person on Earth to "reduce inequality within and among countries."
3) To do that, the agreement continues, will "only be possible if wealth is shared and income inequality is addressed."
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.@GtownCarola recently hosted an event as part of its Fall Series, “The Future of Trade.” Speakers discussed what the future may hold for the international trade regime as the backlash against the global liberal consensus of the last 3 decades unfolds:
“[The #USMCA] is a fundamental change in the way we look at #trade agreements, and I think that it’s going to be with us for a while whether Trump wins or doesn't win” - @AmbJamesRJones:
“One big question mark will be if [the phase 1 US-China 2020 procurement] target is not met, what that will mean in terms of whether or not the trade war will escalate.” - Mark Wu @Harvard_Law:
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Central America economic reactivation: Opportunities amid COVID-19 w/ @Laura_Ch & @aherscowitz…
"Our intention [with this new report] is to provide some ideas on how to sustain reactivation of Central America in a #COVID19 world," said Former Costa Rican President and @ACLatAm advisory council member @Laura_Ch. #ACCentralAmerica
Economic slowdown, informality, low coverage/quality of education, high poverty, high levels of violence, migration flows, dysfunctional states and disenchantment with democracy have created a "volatile combination of challenges." -Fmr Costa Rican Pres @Laura_Ch #ACCentralAmerica
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This section is called: Building A Fair System of International Trade for Our Worker. Only one party has a specific plan for rebuilding the great American #MiddleClass. ..the other has a loyalty pledge to a lying con man. 1/11
For too long, the global trading system has failed to keep its promises to American workers. Too many corporations have rushed to outsource jobs, and too many countries have broken their promises to be honest and transparent partners. 2/11 #DemPartyPlatform #GlobalTrade
The #COVID19 pandemic has shown the risks of relying too heavily on global supply chains, as shutdowns and shortages have created chaos for workers and consumers and made our public health response even more challenging. 3/11 #DemPartyPlatform #Shutdowns
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Since @GreenfieldIowa hasn't made the effort to visit 45 Iowa counties in over 15 months of campaigning, I thought I'd do a thread celebrating these amazing communities!

First up: Adams County, where I visited Fostering Hope of SW Iowa in early January. #IASen #IAPolitics
Just last week I stopped by Allamakee County to meet with the folks at WW Homestead Dairy. Great visit! @GreenfieldIowa has never been to Allamakee County after 15 months running in the race #IASen #IAPolitics
In May, I was in Appanoose County to meet with the folks at Inhance Technologies, where they do great work to improve our ag. @GreenfieldIowa has never been to Appanoose County as a candidate in this race #IASen #IAPolitics
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On Jul 1, Mexico's Congress passed a new copyright law that pasted in the worst aspects of US and EU copyrights. The law passed without debate or consultation, as part of Donald Trump's #USMCA trade deal.

1/14… Image
Then, a month later, Mexico's Human Rights Commission stopped the law (temporarily), referring it to the Mexican Supreme Court on the grounds that it could violate the Mexican Constitution.

They're right to worry. The US's digital copyright system - the #DMCA - is 22 years old and over that time, it has been a disaster for human rights. We should know. We've been fighting it since it was just a bill, working its way through Congress.

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I hate DRM. A lot. And while I started off hating DRM because of the ways it restricted fair use, the more I worked on the issue, the more I realized that this was just the tip of the iceberg.

DRM is not really a technology - it's a law. The digital locks on your devices can generally be removed, because preventing the owner of a device from modifying it is really, really hard.

Which is why DRM was a longrunning joke - the subject of a million snarky warez crack-screens - until 1998, when the USA enacted the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (#DMCA), whose Section 1201 makes it a felony to provide someone with DRM-removal tools.

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Thankful to @POTUS who remains committed to maintaining our dominant position as the No.1 producer of natural gas in the world.
@realDonaldTrump has extended authorizations for LNG exports through 2050 and signed four energy infrastructure permits for pipeline and railway construction on our borders.
This executive action builds on the #USMCA, which I was proud to support, as it ensures the quick movement of goods across our borders benefiting manufacturers and businesses in Oklahoma and America.
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For the past ten days, I've written extensively about Mexico's new copyright law, a law that copy-pastes the US copyright system, enacted with no consultation or debate, nominally to satisfy requirements under Donald Trump's #USMCA agreement.…

The law is a disaster for human rights, undermining free speech, the rights of disabled people, cybersecurity, national sovereignty, the #RightToRepair, and other fundamental rights - it puts Mexico at a permanent, structural disadvantage relative to Canada and the US.

Like the US law it copies, the new law has numerous, seemingly reasonable exemptions that, superficially at least, appear to resolve these human rights issues. However, these are tissue-thin pretenses, unusably larded with conditions no one could satisfy.

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Mexico's new #copyright law was passed in haste, without real consultation or debate, as part of the country's obligations under Trump's #USMCA. It's an unconstitutional catastrophe.

1/11… Image
The law poses grave risks to free expression rights, thanks to filters, takedowns, and DRM.

But it also compromises the cybersecurity of the Mexican people, exposing them to surveillance and attacks by criminals and corrupt officials.

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Mexico is a world-leader in constitutional protection for free speech. Unfortunately, it forgot this protection when it hastily passed a new copyright law as part of Donald Trump's #USMCA treaty.

1/9… Image
The new law mandates automated, unthinking, indiscriminate copyright filters that will disappear your speech in an instant and make you get in line for years to have it reinstated.


It creates protections for digital locks that allow foreign corporations to take away your books, decide whether your own code can run on your devices, and even tell you whether your family is a real family or not.


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Earlier this month, Mexico passed a catastrophic new #copyright law, virtually overnight, without adequate consultation or debate. They did it as part of Donald Trump's #USMCA treaty.

The law is incompatible with the Mexican Constitution, a remarkable document that has some of the most stringent protections for free expression in the world.

The law mandates copyright filters for online services. These are the automated algorithms that block you from posting anything that someone has identified as their copyrighted work.

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