19 November #MAGAanalysis

Freedom of Tyranny

I think some may forget that @GenFlynn not only spent 33 years in the military, but cumulatively over 5 years in combat. Of the warriors I've met, to a soul, they worship him as their own beloved general.

2) General Officers are not uniformly loved. Respected and obeyed, of course. But love is s different thing. Perhaps you can detect a small portion of why he is so loved in his greatest mandate, Pat, he said, don't just to the right thing, do the harder right thing.
3) Of course, if you look back to the 2016 RNC, or any of the speeches and rallies General Flynn led, you can instantly see the precise same greatness of soul, and strength of command. I want to delve that a bit more.
4) I've struggled to name it. The best I've got so far is: clarity and cogency of thinking. I can only imagine what that must have been like for his warriors on the field of fight. The rest of us require that same cogency and clareity.
5) He tells us above, the moment we're in right now, it is NOT about which candidate you support, which you oppose. He tells us we face the question of freedom or tyranny. He tells us we must choose.
6) I can't quite recall the last time I attended a July 4th Celebration where there were speeches. My most recent attendances were on the Mall in DC, and they put on an amazing show. Who remembers a local small town mayor or sheriff giving such a speech?
7) As I look back over the decades, how often did I hear the words, "freedom or tyranny?" How many countless times have themes of our Revolution and Founding been extolled and those words there by statement or spirit? How often were my ears deaf to their true meaning?
8) Do you remember how, last summer before President Trump quelled the statue destruction, even the sacred field of Gettysburg was under threat? For a time, I lived about 50 or 60 miles from Gettysburg and went there many times. I'll never forget the first.
9) No, I don't recall the day or the date. I can't tell you the day or the date I first visited Arlington, either. The overwhelming presence of the spirits of those who paid the ultimate price for freedom over tyranny shines in every stone and sounds in every whisper of wind.
10) Are we worthy of their sacrifice? I can't honestly say I know. I know that as I look back on my life, I hold profound regret over so often simply not realizing the truth of General Flynn's mandate to do the harder right thing.
11) Perhaps the great burdens of truly realizing something, and remembering, remembering what that something means. Remembering so that one's actions may rise to the call. It is no easy thing to remember. How will I fight for freedom today? How shall I oppose tyranny?
12) I've shared many times that my philosophy is to treasure my regrets, holding them dear to my heart, so that I may extract every ounce of learning and every last lesson they offer, even as they ripen and grow old. I will burden you with one just such right now.
14) I forgive myself for my silly youth as a near-communist with the proud term "radical" or maybe, "natural radical." I forgive myself the family-centered decades of my 20's and 30s. I feel I did well following 9/11. It changed me forever.
15) But it is the short years, say from 2004 to 2012 that I find myself soarly wanting. Not so much from 2016 to 2016, and after that, my only real regrets stem from weaknesses of reach or such, but I feel I have arisen to remember, certainly since 2016.
14) As a veteran failure analyst, I always have my trusty time machine to hand, in which I may go back and make changes, and in this case, carry with me in its control space General Flynn's Command to do the harder right thing.
15) I even know the exact moment. It was the night of Obama's speech to the DNC. The first thing I'd change is I'd actually listen to myself. I knew he was a rising demagogue and felt he'd attain the White House. It was on everyone's lips, no great genius on my part.
16) Specifically, I remember hearing about his having been a community organizer. This following law school, both as student and professor. I'd never heard the term before. And here's the single act that would have been right.
17) I should have read Saul Alinsky's work. I am a reader. I would have loved reading it, as I love reading it now. I am not only no Alinskyite, I am very truly an Anti-Alinskyite. What I didn't do was probe and prod the idea. What is a community organizer? Had no idea.
18) We may call that my moment of oblivion. What I forgot to do was think. I forgot to follow a critical path, and target my study, learning, analysis. I hope you already see how profoundly all this ties to General Flynn's commandment. In case not, please consider...
19) Obama was a tyrant.

I do not say that as a slur or insult. I say it in the fullest weight of its literal meaning. The single example of Obamacare should be adequate to illustrate. This is the reality of tyranny.
20) I have NOT gone so far as to name Bush 43 a tyrant. I may have to do that one day, but if so, not today. But I do remember the tyranny he imposed over one seemingly small thing. Light bulbs. I still curse him for that when I buy them to this day.
21) But Obama's community organizing background is the truly pivotal thing for me. Why so? As our 2018 election proved, we in the MAGA Movement have not been adequately organized. And that brings us right back to General Flynn's question. Freedom or tyranny?
22) How, in actual fact, will we rise up for freedom? How is this to be done? At what risks, at what costs, by whom, where, when, and how will the decisions be made, once made, how will they be executed? Shall we learn from our victories and defeats? If so in what medium?
23) Let's ponder spontaneity for a moment. When the true heart of the people grows so fed up with that which is wrong, with the tyranny, they will assemble all on their own. We've seen this through the entire history of democracy. The questions is, will that be enough?
24) It may be enough to salvage our democratic freedom of the vote, this election. Maybe. Assume it does. Then what? Unless we make a fundamental change within ourselves and our Movement, it will surely fade.
25) Let's look another direction. What if we fail to safeguard the truth of our vote? As General Flynn says, I am NOT talking about who's in the Oval Office, but rather, how he got there. I utterly oppose Biden, but if he won fair and square, then I'm ready to face that.
26) So sadly, from what I see, though, a legitimate victory appears completely out of reach for Biden. No path to legitimacy at all. It may seem partisan, but I simply do honestly trust both @SidneyPowell1 and @realDonaldTrump. I trust them.
28) And that brings me to the answer I've been offering these days since the election. I will wait for instruction. And, my instruction will come from them. As a patriotic citizen, I am honored and proud to follow their lead.
29) There's a strange blessing always locked up inside the painful pangs of remorse, when you know how to find it. I have become a very, very good reader of Saul Alinsky's works. I have embraced the lesson of my failure with all I am. I have done some of the harder right things.
30) On that note, I close for today. I simply repeat General Flynn's question and command, again.

The Question is Freedom or Tyranny?

The Commanded Answer is do the harder right thing.

• • •

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20 Nov
20 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

Tyranny Or Freedom - Part 2

Yesterday's meditation on @GenFlynn counsel seemed to strike a deep chord. In case you haven't read it yet, you truly may want to. It is a 30-tweet thread, yet it does run deep.
2) To my observation our battle over our future as a free people, right now, comes down the question of evidence. In conversations with good willed patriots, this is the question I am hit with.
3) Trying to answer, I realize that EVIDENCE is, itself, a gigantic topic. Determining what evidence is, what it means, and what it proves is not an easy set of bars to meet. What's more, I know for a fact, it's outside my personal scope.
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Could This Be Our 2nd Attempted Coup?

If you don't follow @JonStancik, you'll want to correct that right now! Here's a Tweet of his that we'll follow out a bit...

2) With no Tweets in between, here's the underlying story . The author Joan Swirsky reminds me, I brag, of me. She employs the grand sweep of history as a core element of her method. It's a great read.

3) Out of her wonderful work, it is ONLY the title I'm going to speak to today. However, I truly do encourage that you give the author her voice and read the entire piece/ Here's the title, again:

Only Donald Trump Can Counter the Coup D’état of 2008
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17 Nov
17 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

You've Got A Friend

At the biggest of the big picture levels, we in the MAGA Movement have at bare bones minimum 72 million friends. This video shows us the two who need us most right now.

2) I don't have the honor of knowing Antonio, yet. But I do know @JoshuaMacias. We're not normal friends, although I have met his entire family to my joy and benefit. Our friendship is but a subset of our shared mission for America. It dates back to 2016.
3) Of the many endeavors we worked together on, back then, none was more important than Joshua's ability to communicate with the veteran community online. Joshua speaks with the Veteran's Voice. And, my friends, be clear. There is no voice more suppressed than the veteran's.
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16 Nov
16 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

I believe @realDonaldTrump and @SidneyPowell1

It was a quiet weekend at the Scopelliti home. I was closeted away in my office here for many hours researching, composing my long threads. I did get some nice cooking done too, treasuring my family.
2) It was a moment I could not have imagined just a short while ago. Unlike so many of you in your wisdom, we never made a hard break with FOX before. We've flirted with it. But 15 years of friendship is not easy to break.
3) I can honestly tell you I didn't miss the sound of TV news, at all. Sure, I always appreciated the entertainment factor, especially in the long gone days of the O'Reilly Factor. What a show that man could head up. He was a force. I knew I'd never forgive FOX for that.
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15 Nov
15 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

The Kraken is Common Sense America

Donald Trump is my President. He is the greatest President of my lifetime, and I consider him the greatest President in American history. He is the Common Sense President.

2) If you look around this morning, you'll see The Cabal minions are going OFF on the two words of Trump's tweet: HE WON!!!!!!!!!

With ZERO common sense, they read that tweet, the one above, as a concession dog whistle. He is conceding here, they shout.
3) I don't know how many of you know this, but in addition to being an analyst I am also a coach, and especially a problem fixer. Most media problems can be solved, believe it or not, with common sense logic. For instance, I can solve the media problem of HE WON, easily.
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14 Nov
14 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

Release The Kraken

I'll give you the best clip I found of @SidneyPowell1's @LouDobbs interview, below. It takes a monster to #DrainTheSwamp, and clearly, Sidney is a Monster's Master. We're watching history, folks. We're making history.
2) Here's the link, it's actually embedded in a Tweet. Does anyone else struggle to get from Twitter over to YouTube where that clip must reside? No matter, I'm happy to share this Tweet, and I'm going to watch it again, now...

3) I'll take her points best as I can.

* Dominion Software - soon, everyone in the world will know this name. To my mind, there is no worthier source of information than @SidneyPowell1. I knew the election was stolen, but she tells us how.

* It was created in Venezuela...
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