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I know how you like to do business Mr President, face to face. The only question is how long will it take you to root out all the enemies of the American people. THANK YOU ❤️🇺🇸
You were hired by the American People Mr President to make DEALS on our behalf.

Federal employees took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, they should uphold that oath. We need to look at the permanent swamp that was created 1900-1920's.

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🚨🚨🚨 BREAKING - Democratic donor Ed Buck arrested and charged with operating drug house

FINALLY!!! #ButNothingIsHappening
#Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #MAGA #PartyofCrime #DrainTheSwamp #LockThemAllUp #TheStorm…
👀 he's getting arrested..Sadly it's no where near as dramatic as the Roger Stone arrest..Where's the SWAT team?! Where CNN? He was operating a drug house

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #PartyofCrime #DrainTheSwamp #LockThemAllUp

Wait?! Another guy died at Ed Bucks house LAST WEEK?! This is the 3rd person who died at his house from a drug overdose right?!

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #PartyofCrime #DrainTheSwamp #LockThemAllUp

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2/ 'Poison Dwarf Speaker Bercow Jumps Before He Is Pushed...'…
3/ Bercow wrote a personal guide to luring women into bed......'If you want to pull a drunk girl, offer to take her home and name her breasts. To get her to leave after sex, suggest she might be accidentally infected with Aids.'…
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2/ 'John Bercow says he will stand down as House of Commons Speaker at next UK general election or on 31 October, whichever comes first....' ..Good riddance!! #DrainTheSwamp 🇬🇧👍
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2/ “In 2017 ..this is a pledge that I intend to keep - if House votes for early election my tenure will end, if the House doesn't I have concluded that least disruptive course of action would be for me to stand down for close of business on October 31.”
3/ Bullying allegation investigation...…
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2/ Tony Blair - former leader of the Labour Party & MP for Sedgefield. PM from 1997 - 2007. Strong supporter - US president George W Bush. Joined - War on Terror, sending British troops to Afghanistan & Iraq. Succeeded as Labour leader by Gordon Brown.
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[Thread] As I mentioned earlier, what follows is an analysis of the 'Trudeau Must Go' hashtag. It seems people's instinctive suspicions that the hashtag is manipulated by an organized disinformation campaign are valid. The findings are alarmingly familiar... #cndpoli
As you probably guessed, the hashtag is one of many anti-Trudeau hashtags that seems to be picking up before the Canadian federal election in October 2019. This is an analysis of tweets and accounts undertaken to determine who is actually behind the surge... #cndpoli
This is an analysis of around 34,000 tweets, retweets, replies etc from around 4,896 unique Twitter accounts (with biographical data). Just for some context, the hashtag has been around for a while. However, it really picked up on 4th September, as you can see from this graph
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@mwilson75 @NextLAMayor @mrscorie @KamalaHarris So Chicago was left WORSE despite “Community Organizer” president FROM Chicago and now we see that your VP was in China cow-towing to biggest mil threat to US and his son got BILLION dollar deal but ur answer is a gif - whose the idiot here then? 🙄
@mwilson75 @NextLAMayor @mrscorie @KamalaHarris Contrast to #MAGA President #Trump has come to the rescue with brilliant strategy diffusing Chinese manufacturing nd realigning industrial economics to favor Southeast Asian allies and bringing back jobs to US! WTF were Dems and last 4 presidents doing?!
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I couldn't stop thinking about the gold spheres at Google Camp.
I was thinking "they look like the CERN. May be a coincidence."

Well 😏, may be NOT.

@CarrollQuigley1 found something re: #Epstein & CERN


#WWG1WGA #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening @POTUS #QArmy #Trump #DeepState
Here is my thread about Google Camp, Selinunte, symbolism, s@tanism and much more (#Epstein and possible #RachelChandler connections⚠️)

#WWG1WGA #QAnon #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #QArmy #DarkToLight #DeepState #Epstein #DrainTheSwamp #UnitedNotDivided
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SHOCK VIDEO: Overstock CEO Resigns Then Drops BOMB on LIVE TV; Tech Boss Said he Spied for FBI on Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio…
MUST WATCH: Patrick #Byrne interview with Martha MacCallum 8/22/19

#Treason #SpyGate #Trump #DECLAS #PatrickByrne #OverstockCEO #DeepState #DrainTheSwamp #UnitedNotDivided
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Hmm.. there seems to be several recent roleplay hirings in areas where there have been #FalseFlags and in other areas... does this signal that they are preparing for more orchestrated #falseflagcomingup Highly suspect if you ask me... but I'm nobody.…
Human Domain Solutions, LLC is hiring Casualty Role Players to participate in a VIGILANT GUARD Emergency Response exercise, on 6-8 AUG 2019 in Multiple Locations in Ohio. CRPs will portray various physical and emotional conditions in this excellent opportunity to give back...
and show appreciation for the brave men and women of the US Military while being PAID to do so.

uhhh what?!

This does not seem like anything our military/government/intel agencies should be in the business of doing. So like, our taxpayer money is funding the very taxpayers to
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Trump in Talks With Key Senators on Gun Control Bill – Prepper Life Style…
@FreedomOutpost @NRA @Heritage @sandboxx @AmmoLand @Oathkeepers @parscale @tedcruz @LindseyGrahamSC @GOP This is where all of this mindless dribble from the left leads.
Because every idea platform they promote, eventually causes them to "eat their own" whereby they destroy themselves.

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1] If You Understand...

I do not care what you say / think about me
I do not care if you hate me or love me
I do not care as long as you are fighting for the truth
I do not care by what means you take to understand what is truely happening in this world....
I do not care where you are from
I do not care how rich or poor you are
I do not care where you were educated
I do not care what race you are
I do not care of you are famous or not
I do not care if you believe in Q or not...
I do not care if you make a mistake
I do not care if you are followed or a follower
I do not care if you mute me
I do not care how you live your life
I do not care if you judge me
I do not care if you are talented or not....
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#SundayMotivation Conspiracy Theories Are Running rampant amoung #TwitterSearch re: #ClintonBodyCount & I’m in a very small majority. #EpsteinSuicide was a Suicide committed by himself with no help from anyone else. I’ve gathered evidence over the past 2 days & seen the worst
reporting from some of the “best” 🙄 Media we have. Listen to what we’ve been thru..Epstein was on Suicide Watch!! Ohh no, hours later, No he wasn’t! But, why not? And the noise continued & no one searched for regulations? Or did they? I refuse to repeat myself & earlier tweets.
Anyone could have gone through the SHU for Fed. BOP (just the 18 pages) 🙄..To Hell with the 150+ #DOJ report I referenced. There are procedures ppl!! MH evals! Btw, anyone that knows anything about ppl that want to commit Suicide, they plan it out first. Oh know someone maybe?
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@SeanHannity - You are losing the forrest for the trees. The need to keep Trump out of power is like the need for a life-saving drug. They don't care about the guy who breaks the pharmacy window to save a life. You need to explain the big picture.
The Swamp has gotten so corrupt, the DC Power Elite cannot afford an outsider coming in to call out all the shenanigans. it's like your Mom walking in on you while you are masturbating or something. They do EVERYTHING to stop it from happening.
Nearly everyone in DC (all governments, really) have been feeding at the trough of the gravy train of public money.... laundered in very creative ways to avoid detection. They simply don't want to get caught. Review the proven corruption... both sides of the aisle.
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