// THREAD //
Follow these steps.

You will realize that there is GOLD to be made out there.

This is NOT something you can do overnight.

If it was, the whole world would be doing it.

If you can accept that, keep reading :)

It'll take only 2 min of your time.

1. Choose a niche

For this service choose a blue collar niche
>> Plumbers
>> Electricians
>> Barbers
>> Welders
>> Automobile repair shops
>> etc...

Choose one to focus on, preferably one you know something about.
2. Learn Webflow

Spend 2-3 weeks to learn Webflow using all of the free templates out there.

There are dozens.

All free to use and gain inspiration from.

Practice making functional info sites.

The more time you spend on this the higher price you can charge.
3. Pay $25 for d7leadfinder

>> Enter your niche
>> Choose any city in the US
>> (not a top 50 city)
>> Generate leads for that city
>> Do this for 10 cities/day
>> You will have ~3500 leads/day

PLENTY to go off forever.
4. Quick scan for bad sites

>> Go through the list of leads in a spreadsheet from d7

>> Go through each website for every business

>> The one's that suck, add the lead to a separate spreadsheet

>> You will realize 75% of these sites are TERRIBLE.

>> Save that new sheet.
5. Video audit hack

For each lead on your new list:

>> take a video screenshot of every website on the list

>> use the thread below as guidance

>> organize them in a folder with the website name as the title of the photos (to keep track)

6. Get a site + email with Gsuite

$12 for a domain
$6 for a custom site

>> Create your own site using webflow
>> Make it a "local web design" agency
>> Add your details (keep it simple)
>> Forward your custom domain to it

Let's keep going!
7. Get lemlist for $29

Simple to use and you can warm your emails up using lemwarm.

>> add all the leads to your email list
>> use the wording in the video audit thread
>> instead of "powerful ad" use "powerful site"
>> edit as needed
>> add the video screenshots
>> send away
So far you have scraped THOUSANDS of leads.

You have emails sent to each lead that has a terrible site.

In each is a screenshot of their site (with a play button) to make it personal and attract action.

You have an "audit" for them if they respond back.

8. Video audit + book appointment

If they respond that they're a HOT LEAD.

>> create a mock site using your webflow template

>> record a before / after audit video using their old site vs. your design

>> Send video + "When can you speak this week to talk more about this?"
9. Close them on the phone and get paid

>> get them on the phone through an appointment

>> charge $1000-2000 for each site you build upfront

>> spend 2-4 hours over the next week to build their site

>> send it over for edits

>> boom, deliver results
4-5 clients/mo and BOOM.

6-figures a year.

This will take time to execute.

But it works extremely well.

Now if you want the full process of making this a reality explained so that even a 16-year old can do this

Get this now.

You won't be disappointed

• • •

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20 Nov
This ONE skill will have desperate clients lining up at the door for you.

Keep reading.

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It's what got YOU to read this second tweet.


More specifically, direct response copywriting.

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I can't teach all of copywriting in this thread.

So instead, here's some tips to get started.
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Consider these when formulating killer ad copy to turn your words into deadly weapons.

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I'm NOT going to give you the exact phrases and words to use.

You can google/study that.

I will, however, give you 3 fundamental concepts you NEED to master to turn your ad copy into a powerhouse converter.

Works to help clients and yourself sell.

Let's begin.
First of all, thoroughly understand your client's audience or your audience.

Their fears, desires, and curiosities.

Craft their prototype customer in extraordinary detail.

What does the typical person in their niche look like?

Complete that then move on.
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Considering video audits with your cold emails?

>> Works really well
>> Takes 10x longer to create than cold emails
>> Doing it at scale will take up your whole day

Here's a quick hack to get around that.

// THREAD //
1. Let's say you're pitching FB ads to businesses

You see something on their website that catches your attention.

Gives you inspiration of an ad to create for them.

You decide that a 3-4 minute video audit would be perfect to explain your idea.

But execution time is ~10 min.
2. Get their attention, first

What if we could grab their attention first and then have them request the video audit?

Wouldn't that make it 100% worth it then?

So let's do that.

Here's the trick to grab their attention first and save you LOTS of time.
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without spending a dime.

// THREAD //
1. Leverage your social network

FB / IG / LinkedIn / Twitter
>> "I'm starting my own marketing agency and I'm looking for a Chiropractor who could use more leads"

If you have ZERO social networks...
>> Find a friend or family member who does
>> Let them post for you
Why does this work?

You might not directly know any Chiropractors.

But your friends and family might.

Or their friends and family might.

Or even their friends and family might.

Who knows what'll be shared and spread.

But you won't know until you get the word out.
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14 Nov
Today I turn 23 years old.

Give me 1 minute of your time to share 2 accomplishments and 3 tips to you all.


// THREAD //
1. Released The Agency Course

It's been 15 days since my course went live.

>> 80+ FIVE star reviews
>> 30+ testimonials
>> 10+ students who have made $1500+ in 14 days, including a 16 year old.

I'm humbled to say the least.


2. Attracted 12,000+ people to my account

The only difference between now and when I had 500 followers is just the difference in numbers.

I will always provide value, support, and mouth-drooling food pics.

The big 12k is just affirmation of the value I can offer.

TY tribe.
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11 Nov
Copy this if you want results and more money.

This is a process, not a hack.

This will generate you more money than any hack you'll find.

Let's get into it.

// THREAD //
1. You gotta have a niche

Choose one that you're familiar with and know how to research to get more info.

>> Home remodeling
>> Plumbing / HVAC
>> Roofing
>> Pool cleaning
>> Basketball training
>> Orthodontists
>> Financial planners
>> Real estate
>> etc.
2. Write some delicious copy headline drawing extreme curiosity

"The 7 Things No Marketer Will Ever Mention to You about Dental Marketing"

"Why Only a Few Wedding Planners are Killing It Right Now"

"2 Simple Tricks that No Other Home Remodeler is Using to Kill It Right Now"
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