First learn how to tie your shoelaces, make an honest living, change a bulb, raise a family & take care of them. Those are more meaningful things in life.

Else one day, u will be 70 and a bitter old man like Modi.

Be a Functioning & Useful Human before being Indian or a Hindu.
What exactly does college politics create but a bunch of brainwashed, poorly functioning adults who pretend to search for meaning in lofty places since personal meaning is out of reach. Stuck in an echo chamber of like-minded idiots, they fail to learn the basic life skills.
Lacking a sense of self and meaning, they search for it in a group. Unaware that the group will soon destroy whatever remains that was still the individual. Collectivism is Pure Evil - the Left and the Right are both assembly lines for manufacturing the least useful in society.
An existential vacuum at an individual level filled by becoming part of a group that suffers fm some sort of collective neurosis. Ironically, it is participation in such neurosis that's supposed to fill up the existential vacuum. That's nihilism right there - being has no meaning
So finally when these students become adults, all they know is searching for meaning in a group. The individual is not important as they themselves lack a personal self.

Is it any wonder then, as adults all they want is control over others and are often callous & dysfunctional?
Hence the quip, first learn to tie your own shoelaces, comb your own hair, manage your own self. Leadership is not about talking and morchas - it is thru personal example.

Unless you count Modi and Trump as leaders, in which case I shall be silent as words have no meaning for u.

• • •

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18 Nov
The curious case of Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Jupiter Capital, Mantri Group and #LakshmiVilasBank.…
Why is it that Real Estate Ventures, generally, are often in the middle of some scam or another?

I will tell you why!

Politicians love real estate - they love hoarding real estate. And a sector with so much political interest can never be transparent and above board.
Been a stock market investor for over 2 decades now. Not once in my entire life have I ever touched a real estate stock. Something about that sector is inherently shady - and if you buy stocks like you are buying a piece of business, you will never buy a shady business, will you!
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1 Oct
Bisht has bitten off more than he can chew. It is time for the Congress to muster its full on-ground presence. Each time you let Bisht get away with his totalitarianism, you help him set a higher baseline. Normalise his dictatorial tendencies.

No more.

Push Back.
Where are Mayawati and Akhilesh? Counting their millions in some quiet corner? This is the time for some good old street politics, count your millions later!

If your rears r still parked on some plush sofa somewhere, then you r are not worthy of being called leaders of any party
If you can not mobilise a full-fledged mass political agitation on the ground now, that shakes the foundations of the regime, then I am afraid, you are not Opposition parties but just actors in this theatre of the absurd where BJP has prime role and you all play your bit roles.
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25 Sep
Tolerance is a beautiful quality. But in an age where the clarity of thought to distinguish between what is right, what is wrong has vanished in the gutters of moral relativism, is it any wonder that we tolerate what we know should NEVER be tolerated.

Reap what you sow. Enjoy.
Nothing happens in society outside the boundaries of the dominant philosophy - NOTHING. There's a cost to pay for moral relativism. I am surprised that the intellectuals never saw it coming.

To b human is to judge, to discern - and to know whn to judge. How do u chose frnds eh?
Every individual, including n especially the "don't judge" crowd responds with some alacrity when he/she is being wronged. Yet, there is no right or wrong!! Ha Ha! Idiots! Hypocrites! Who go on naming a thousand wrongs and rights each day yet profess the no-right-no-wrong babble!
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22 Sep
Correlation is not causality. Also, substance abuse is a category all by itself and like other conditions, very often there are comorbid conditions. #Depression is quite often a symptom/accompanies a deeper illness [#BPD, #Bipolar, #SAD/#GAD, #Autism, even psychotic spectrum d/o]
One of the fallouts of the ease w/ which idiots like KR can say anything on serious issues & [mis]influence thousands/millions of minds, will be a general increase in overall ontological & epistemic confusion.

Philosophy spares none, not even those who don't understand it.
As it is there r billions of breathing dead, walking arnd like zombies, unsure of what is real what is not, what is true what is not, what is evil what is not - a dark fog of not knowing anything, not knowing even how to find out. Confused, whimsical, dead.

Philosophical decay.
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14 Sep
Put #socialdilemma on your must-watch list. Most sane folks already know much of what is going on with SM, but that movie is a neat summary of everything that has gone wrong with SM. Technology has evolved faster than human consciousness and it has made beasts of billions.
Psychologically,the phenomenon is a no-brainer for anyone who understands the basic mechanism of learning & conditioning. How reward mechanisms arnd vanity & the need to say something,anything, work. How othering works. How habituation & the need for larger dose 4 next high works
"For the first 50 years, Silicon Valley used to make products that consumers could use. Now the biggest companies there sell their users."

"If you are not paying for the product, then YOU are the product".

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11 Sep
Now replace the chicken with a human,the pink mat w/ a "suitable" tweet & the food with a dopaminergic reward [Likes,RTs etc]

A Ranganathan and Kangana - you are being manipulated by Malviya's army.Old trick.I don't expect Kangana to know it but Anand is a "scientist"
I wl go deeper into 1) ST memory involving mediating neurotransmitters and no anatomical changes despite the "practiced" triggering of action potential in post-synaptic neuron and 2) LT memory involving modulatory systems with protein synthesis and anatomical changes tomrw 😈
Basically, this would be about what is called "brainwashing" in normal parlance, but it is a mechanism for "Learning", "Conditioning" and "Psychological Manipulation" [either deliberate or incidental - former involves IT cells of pol parties and PR agencies etc].
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