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Hi 👋 Can we talk?

Listen - don't be afraid of what I'm going to say here, okay?

It's going to involve me talking about the end of my life.

I need to say these things, outloud. I need people to know how hard I tried, how hard I fought, how serious I took it all.

My name is Patricia George-Zwicker, I'm 51 yrs old. I'm #ActuallyAutistic, #disabled & have had #mentalillness since I was a kid.

I have #PTSD, #CPTSD, #depression, #anxiety.

Abuse began in my life when I was 5 yrs old. It was daily. It went on for 15 years. Daily. Relentless.
My abuse was extreme.

Are you hearing me?

Exteme. Daily. Relentless.

But I had to hide it all. Hide the abuse and the physical signs. Hide that I wasn't like others kids in truly fundamental ways. I'm Autistic. Dyslexic. Dyspraxic. Disabled.

You know, the freak, the weirdo.
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"Its not that I don't appreciate the gifts," Kiri says into the reciever juggling a beautifully decorated box while trying to work his keys into the door WHILE trying to keep his phone pinned between his cheek and shoulder."It's just I thought we worked it out. You like Shinsou."
There's no answer because Denki hadn't picked up, but Kirishima feels like he needs to say more. "Like I said. I TOTALLY like the gifts bro. I mean I haven't opened it, but I'm sure it's great. It's just that... you should be sending Hitoshi courting gifts. Not me."
Ei almost squeals when he finally manages to press the tip of his house key into the lock. He almost loses his grip on the package, but at the last second he keeps it in his arms. "I liked the workout shorts tho. So when you hear this, if you wanna send me the link to them I'd--"
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1/ The US economy is imploding. That’s the message of the plunging stock market and rising jobless claims. And Washington is not doing nearly enough to stop it. Forecasts of a deep recession followed by a strong recovery are too optimistic. Here’s why:
2/ The expanding #Covid-19 quarantines and shutdowns mean the utter destruction of many of the 30 million small businesses -- restaurants, shops, hotels -- that employ 60 million people.…
3/ This mass liquidation means mass unemployment today -- and a crippled private sector tomorrow. It will take a long time for new businesses to form, raise money, grow and hire the jobless. #Depression
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The disrespectful visitor

I hear a faint knock,
I hear muffled footsteps,
I feel a nudge,
I teeter a little,
Bit by bit,
I move,
Decibel by decibel
The sounds grow louder,
Knock becomes a bang,
Footsteps become thumps
And I start to tremble;
I find a corner,
I huddle,
I shut my eyes,
I turn deaf,
But I can feel
I respond to my senses,
I listen to the mind,
I hear
A thunder approaching,
The clamour reasoning,
And yes, the semblance of
The sounds besetting me;
I go numb,
But my mind is anxious,
This old acquaintance is back,
I know, I know, it will stay to slay,
It embraces me with its warmth,
But leaves me cold,
I shiver in frigidity,
I tether, I combat, I push,
I hush, I push, I hush
But in perpetuum I lose,
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Read sad story last night about Dr. Bucci, 50 year old Phychology & Brain Sciences Dept. Chairman, at Dartmouth that committed #Suicide 11 months after a lawsuit was filed by graduate #students in his department. He
2/ was NOT accused of sexual misconduct, but named in the suit for knowing about the professors’ inappropriate behavior as the Chair.I share many of the same feelings he expressed to friends and colleagues in his emails before he took his own life like: the case was deeply
3/ personal; reputation had been damaged; physical health diminished; false portrayal of his actions; being blamed unfairly; allegations & process “unfair”; how can they ever undo what they did to me & #wronglyaccused. Similarly, how I had reported the #disability
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Today is World #EpilepsyDay.
#Epilepsy affects around 50 million people worldwide, making it one of the most common neurological diseases globally.
@pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @WHOAFRO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO #Epilepsy is a disease of the brain that affects people of all ages.
It is characterized by recurrent seizures, which are brief episodes of involuntary movement that may involve a part of the body or the entire body #EpilepsyDay
@pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @WHOAFRO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO 70% of people living with #epilepsy could live seizure-free if properly diagnosed and treated #EpilepsyDay
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#Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide.

Depression can be treated.

The first step is talking #LetsTalk

Depression can happen to anybody.

If you think you have #depression, seek help.

Living with someone with #depression?
Here are 7 ways you can help #LetsTalk

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#Autism and #Depression - a very personal thread. Despite that, please share widely as it might help folk.

All based on my own experience. /1
It's an interesting thing that mental health is so universally taboo, as it means our mental health gets progressively worse. So, following in the example of people like @matthaig1 and @Sara_Rose_G, I'm going tk be pretty open and honest about my poorly little brain. /2
Please be aware that I'm not classing #Autism as a mental illness. Because it isn't. I'm talking about the black dog - depression.

It's shit. /3
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Here's my latest* update to my vetted collection of Twitter Disability and Chronic Illness hashtags. Please share it!

Thank you :-) Graffiti background. Foreground in black letters on a  white background to the left reads “Twitter Disability and Chronic Illness Hashtags”<br />
This collection is current as of 01.30.20, previous Twitter update 09.11.19.

There's a PDF version coming up this weekend, to be posted to my Kofi profile. I'll add the link toward the end when it goes up, after the questions, where you can also sign up for email updates.
This version has added

- community suggestions,
- mental health hashtags,
- Medical crowdfunding hashtags,
- and a section for cancer-related hashtags.
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@DrTedros @deepikapadukone @wef #Depression affects more than 260 million people around the world. Many people experience depression and anxiety at the same time.

Watch live from #wef20: @DrTedros in conversation with @deepikapadukone on #mentalhealth 👇
@DrTedros @deepikapadukone @wef #Depression affects people of all age groups, rich and poor, in all countries.

Watch live from #wef20: @DrTedros in conversation with @deepikapadukone on #mentalhealth 👇
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This week's #tweetorialsinpsychiatry is on suicide risk assessment in the ED (or indeed anywhere) and is predominantly aimed at non-psychiatrists and psychiatrists in training. I hope it is of help. #psychtwitter #medtwitter #medstudenttwitter #suicide #depression #psychosis
For additional reading around this tweetorial I recommend the following guide from the Oxford Centre for Suicide Research:…
There are ~6000 suicides/yr in the UK (~47k in the US) of which ~90% have a psychiatric disorder. Depression accounts for 60%, Half have seen their GP within 3 months and 20% in the week before death.
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#SuicideAwareness I very nearly didn’t make it to 2020. I don’t even know how I’m still here. I need to thank those who helped me up when I fell down.This is a thread about how grateful I am for being alive today.
From 2016 to 2019, I was stalked, sexually harassed, threatened and intimidated by a man from my society where my family and I were renting an apartment because it was close to my college. I was pursuing law.
In early 2018, after the man attempted to run me over with his car and later forcibly grabbed my hand and tried to touch me, my mother and I decided to take action. I was afraid but I knew we had to do something. Ignoring him had not worked.
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If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to reduce your #stress levels in 2020, here are 10 evidence-based strategies to try. There are other great ones, but these can be accessed at no cost or low cost. They may not all be possible for everyone, but maybe one will help. (thread)
1. Social connection. Decades of research show that social support from close others is a powerful stress buffer: emotional support provided in person or by phone by a parent, friend or partner can lower physiological stress responses. Hugs help too (photo by Tristan Le @pexels)
2. Sleep. #Sleep is critical for health and recovery from stress, but 7-19% of adults and ~50% of children do not get the recommended amount of sleep each night. NHLBI offers some solutions:…
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Given it’s nearly New Year I thought I would try something new on Twitter, namely a series of tweetorials on aspects of liaison and neuropsychiatry.
To that end a thread on depression in patients with epilepsy. 1/ #medtwitter #psychtwitter #epilepsy #depression
Would be great to hear any feedback. Is it interesting, patronising, wrong!, should I stop? Would love to follow other liaison psychs and hear what they do.. 2/
Epilepsy was for many years considered to be a psychiatric disease but in latter years the physical basis of epilepsy has been emphasised whilst the psychological features have been split off and conceptualised as comorbidities.3/
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This is a true story.

May 2019: Modi got re-elected. I was shattered. My daughter decided to give up meds & fight her way back to life. One year of being primary caretaker of a kid under depression had taken a huge toll on me. Physical, emotional & financial.

I left twitter. +
From June, concentrated on daughter's rehabilitation into the school system. It was a daily struggle. I had to help the kid fight her anxiety, push her gently with small goals, hold her when she stumbled, control my frustrations at her inability to follow a routine. It was bad. +
For a distraction from the daily struggle, I kept making videos of Darwin & posting it on twitter. I knew I was breaking inside, but kept up the pretense of 'strong father' so that the family felt everything was okay. Hid my emotional breakdowns cleverly, till.. +
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I often wonder if I'd be dead now, if therapy hadn't saved my life when I was suicidal. My great uncle didn't have access to therapy. He died in the same river I planned to drive my car into. Wildly irresponsible & ableist statements like this is the antithesis of helping people.
The glibness with which some people who have never experienced #depression, #anxiety, #PTSD or other mental illness address therapy, as if therapy is a foofy Starbucks coffee drink, is hard to fathom in 2019, yet seems linked to the anti-science talking points that stigmatize MI.
Seeking therapy is not easy.
Stigmatizing mental illness by dismissing the critical care that therapy is, makes it harder. People with depression are told to just get it together--something they'd never tell a person with a different life-threatening illness.
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Holt euch einen Tee, nehmt euch Zeit, ich schreibe jetzt über #Depression #KeineSchande #LasstEuchHelfen und das wird ein langer Threat werden:

Es gibt Dinge, von denen hat man gehört, die ereilen höchstens andere, die braucht man nicht selbst.

Depressionen sind so ein Ding.
Ich habe viele Jahre viel geleistet, viel gegeben, viel weggesteckt, viel erlebt, viel mitgemacht. Viele Jahre ist das gut gegangen, ich konnte mich immer wieder erholen und wenn das Leben austeilte, habe ich zurückgeschlagen.
Schleichend änderte sich das: es gab immer mehr, das ich hilflos aushalten und hinnehmen musste und immer weniger Gelegenheiten entspannen zu können. Seien es 2 Jahre Nichtstun an der Arbeit mit ungewissen Zukunftsaussichten oder - das Schlimmste von allem...
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DYK: Half of all #mentalhealth conditions start by 1️⃣4️⃣ years of age, but most cases are undetected and untreated.

WE ALL have a role to play in supporting adolescents 👧🏾🧒🏼👦🏿👩🏽 with their mental health #LeadingMinds
Some adolescents are at greater risk of #mentalhealth conditions due to their living conditions, stigma, discrimination or exclusion, or lack of access to quality support and services #LeadingMinds
@pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @WHOAFRO @WHOEMRO @UNICEF @DrTedros @unicefchief Emotional disorders commonly emerge during adolescence.
In addition to depression or anxiety, adolescents with emotional disorders can also experience excessive irritability, frustration, or anger #LeadingMinds
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1.) Is it just me or is everyone f’n brain washed into wanting a life devoid of freedom and happiness? Have people forgotten that WE make the world #economy work? We’re the consumers AND the work. The owners just facilitate between the groups & make a killing being middle men...
2.) If we ever broke free of our damn slumber & broke up these low competition industries there would be an entrepreneurial boom in the 2020s. Normal people will have opportunities to form businesses better than ever before without fear of reprisal from industry leaders...
3.) It’s absolutely imperative to expose these industry #Cartels who control every major revenue source in the world. There are 2,153 #Billionaires in the world who as a group, control more wealth & companies than the entire world population. They have boxed out small business.
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Stress, anxiety and depression are not uncommon in a lawyer’s life. According to a survey conducted in the USA by John Hopkins University in the 1990s, lawyers are 3.6 times more prone to depression than other people.

#stressed #Anxiety #depression #Lawyers #law #lawsikho
India is the country with maximum depression in the world according to recent reports. I know a few things about that.
I have been working as a lawyer since 2012 and have been fighting depression for quite some years now.
My lived experience tells me that depression is not uncommon in the legal sector of India. When I talk about it, people around me opens up and confides in me about their troubles. After all, being a lawyer is a demanding job.
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Let’s consider what we got for the grifter @POTUS bargaining away my and your kid’s future: a corporate tax break that never trickled down to employees. A net reduction on those covered by healthcare and a decrease in life expectancy for those in poverty...
A global military presence with our military families continuously stretched thin - but now we’re switching sides to aid former enemies who continue to undermine our democracy, brutally killing journalists and pro-democracy leaders.
A complete roll back of our environmental standards - taking us away from the few international agreements and protocols that show even the slightest promise of forcing global leaders to change fossil fuel consumption patterns.
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Here we go with:
"And the hits just keep on coming: Sex-specific effects of multiple stressor exposures on cognition"
Starting with @SEcksDifference setting us up well on the importance of early life stressor, working on limited bedding and nesting altering maternal care #Sfn2019
@SEcksDifference Limited bedding and nesting negly impacted maternal care, including affecting body weight throughout life, and gonadal hormones (elevating testosterone in males, estradiol in females. Interestingly an enriched environment there is also less time spent in nest building! #sfn2019
@SEcksDifference .@SEcksDifference showing the LBN model didn't affect vaginal opening or estrus cycle duration though, so unclear where effects on sex arise! Interestingly, prelim data shows that LBN enhanced male sex behavior, e.g., mounts less intromissions, and shorter latencies #sfn2019
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Ich habe es schon mal gesagt und sage es wieder:
Messer sind zur Selbstverteidigung bestens geeignet!
Vor allem, wenn:

- du denkst, dass du wirklich hart bist

- du meinst, dass du eine schwere #Depression schon nicht bekommst, nur weil du jemanden getötet hast [ 1/8]
- du Bock auf tagelange Vernehmungen und #Gerichtsverfahren hast, nur weil du jemanden getötet hast

- dir richtig einer abgeht bei dem Gedanken, auf Leute zu treffen, die dich hassen, nur weil du jemanden getötet hast

- du ein #Selbstverteidigungsmittel suchst, das... [2/8]
...nicht distanzwirksam ist, kein Geräusch macht und somit auch nicht Umstehende/Anwohner warnt

- du richtig Bock auf Aids und Hep A - C hast (Nagelbetten offen? Aufgekratzter Mückenstich? 🗡☣Willkommen im Club!)

- du die Worte "Überschreitung der Notwehr" gerne mal... [3/8]
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Live tweeting re-watch of #MainPremKiDiwaniHoon henceforth to be referred to as #MPKDH

First 5 minutes, and this college clearly never had a #POSH training because a student has plopped into a professor's lap and the professor is telling the girls they'll clear the exams
And of course the #electricguitar is connected to

When I see a puppy
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