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Continuem amb els espais innovació #SAD a l’ #EscolaEstiuDiba parlant d’atenció integrada al domicili amb @FPilares i Joseba Zalakain @SiiS_doc i experiències de França, Dinamarca i Anglaterra amb Jean Jacques Manterola, Tine Rostgaard i @V_DAVEY

[Obrim fil] ⬇️
@FPilares @SiiS_doc @V_DAVEY @llorenst 🗣️@llorenst coordinadora @SocialDiba presenta l’espai d’innovació en #SAD d’atenció integrada: “iniciem un procés de coneixement i intercanvi amb mirada internacional per a la millora dels SAD al nostre entorn des d’una major integralitat i personalització” #EscolaEstiuDiba
🗣️Per a Joseba Zalakain @SiiS_doc : “Els models europeus de #SAD apunten cap a la lliure elecció i una cartera de serveis flexible, complementària i integrada” #EscolaEstiuDiba
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Comencem els espais d’innovació #SAD (Serveis d'Atenció Domiciliària) en el marc #EscolaEstiuDiba i el projecte transformador Cures amb Joseba Zalakain @SiiS_doc, @sonia_parella @UABBarcelona, Camille Assy de l'Oficina Metropolitana d'Ocupació de Toulouse i Ana Llena @OECD_Social
@SiiS_doc @sonia_parella @UABBarcelona @OECD_Social @diba @llorenst 🗣️@llorenst presenta els espais d’innovació en #SAD: “volem treballar des de la recerca, el debat i la construcció amb els municipis un model de SAD que aposti per la professionalització i l’atenció centrada en la persona"#EscolaEstiuDiba #IgualtatSostenibilitatSocialDiba
🗣️Segons Joseba Zalakain @SiiS_doc: "davant la desprofessionalització hi ha experiències de #SAD que aposten per la personalització i la dignificació professional a través de models que reforcen la dimensió territorial i comunitària del #SAD" #EscolaEstiuDiba
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Les jornades "Cures en la comunitat: innovació i transformació des de les polítiques locals" reunirà +400 participants al Paranimf #EscolaIndustrial per reflexionar sobre l'organització social de la cura i el paper de les polítiques locals #JornadaCuresDiba

Segueix-la, fil ⬇️
A les Jornades explicarem el projecte "Cap a un nou sistema públic de Cures en la Comunitat" amb recursos per als municipis de la província de Barcelona per a la innovació, la sensibilització i l’enfortiment de serveis de cures #JornadaCuresDiba
Les jornades s’obriran amb la conferència inaugural de la catedràtica de filosofia, #VictòriaCamps i la presentació de la declaració per uns municipis i comunitats cuidadores #JornadaCuresDiba
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"Stimmt alles, lassen Sie mich Ihren Punkt aber komplett ignorieren mit einem schönen fetten Whataboutism."

Glaubwürdigigkeit des WDR gerettet.
Schade, Herr @ShomerAl. Ich dachte ja, nachdem Sie meine Anfrage zu Ihren regelmäßigen Interaktionen mit Querdenken-Twitter ignoriert haben, dass Sie wenigstens mal Ihr Verhalten anpassen.

Blick auf Ihre Timeline zeigt: Nope. Offenbar nichts verstanden. #sad
Jetzt auch geblockt von @ShomerAl.

Insofern: Mal ein Auszug aus seiner Timeline. Franziska Briest, Schmidt-Chanasit, Ecmo_Doc und weitere Star-Support-Acts aus der Kindertruppe dürfen natürlich auch nicht fehlen, aber RT_Deutsch-Pürner ist schon heftig. ImageImage
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While there’s no way to determine if you’ll develop Seasonal Affective Disorder #SAD (or what exactly causes it), there are a few possible causes to be aware of.

Let’s break em down! 👇
1) Distance from the equator

Well, unfortunately you’re a bit out of luck on this one (unless you plan on picking up and moving to Ecuador, in which case more power to you).

Further away = less sunlight = higher chance of developing #SeasonalDepression
2) History of #MentalHealth struggles

History of #depression, #anxiety, #bipolar and other disorders can put you at a higher risk.
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Do you have Seasonal Depression (or Seasonal Affective Disorder #SAD)?

There’s no shame in it if you do. It’s important to *understand* what you’re dealing with, in order to deal with it properly! Let’s talk symptoms 👇
If you notice your mood, behavior, or feelings (you’re #mentalhealth) change during the winter months, there’s a pretty good chance you have #SAD. What are some signs?

Sadness, crying, and hopelessness (you may know these as #depression) are CLEAR signs that you’re affected.
Anger, irritability, and agitation are harder to pinpoint. BUT, they are also signs. You may not realize or notice at first - you could be attributing these to so many other factors. But think back... did you feel & act similar before the winter months?
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Since a lot of us are suffering through it at the moment, let’s hit on what causes Seasonal Affective Disorder (aptly know as #SAD)

While researchers haven’t pinned down an exact reason, the most likely causes all have to do with - you guessed it - the sun. 3 major causes 👇
1) Circadian Rhythm

the lack of sunlight messes with our internal rhythms, which throws our body out of whack. Off kilter natural rhythm = greater susceptibility to #depression.
2) Serotonin Levels

the sun gives our brain’s mood-booster an extra kick and aids in production. Once again, lack of sun = lower serotonin levels = greater chance of #SeasonalDepression.
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1 of 10/ We badly need a new a narrative around climate and energy, if the goal is to have reliable, affordable energy the world needs with less CO2. The current “Oil is Evil and the New Tobacco” playbook, IMO, is driving a worst of all worlds outcome: Higher prices, Same CO2.
2/ Believing that we will have less CO2 if we could simply force oil companies to address “Scope 3” emissions is a fairy tale. You probably can succeed in killing the western oil industry as has happened with US coal. But the CAPEX, jobs, and CO2 will only shift to other regions.
3/ Does anyone know what year global Coal production peaked before its rapid decline following the demise of the Appalachia coal industry? This is of course a trick question, as it hasn’t happened yet. The jobs and CAPEX simply shifted to China and India.
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خوب دیروز که نوشتم دنبال راه های طبیعی برای افزایش سطح سروتونین ام هستم چند نفر نوشتن که بیام بگم چیکارا میخوام بکنم و منم با این که به شدت تنبلم! تو نوشتن اما به خاطر ادای دینم به رشتوهای مفید بقیه که خوندم و استفاده بردم تصمیم دارم بنویسم.
خیلیامون تو پاییز و زمستون مودمون میاد پایین، من تا مدت ها فکر میکردم فقط منم که این جوریه و بقیه عاشق آسمون ابری و گرفته و هوای دونفره ی این فصلن! تا این که فهمیدم خیلیای دیگه هم گرفتارن و این مشکل اسم داره حتی! #SAD #seasonalaffectivedissorder #winterblues 2/12
خلاصه که به فکر چاره افتادم چون این جور که حس میکنم، امسال از لحاظ این علائم سال سختی برای من خواهد بود! و البته وقت افسرده بودن هم ندارم این پاییز و زمستون و اگر هم که کار مهاجرتم درست شه، احتمال این که جای سرد تر و گلومی تر و ابری تر برم خیلی زیاده
خوب حالا چیکار کنیم؟
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Omdat ik de coronacijfers van Transinistrië (Moldavië) wil toevoegen aan de komende kaart van Europa, moest ik hun versie van het RIVM raadplegen.

Ja, zo'n soort site had ik ook ongeveer verwacht. Gelukkig zie ik al direct welk getal ik moet hebben.
En de Oekraïense overheid gebruikt emoji in hun coronavoorlichting.
Oh oke. Nooit geweten.
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Jaywon Au
— Rekat.

Jagoan sekolah; suka bikin onar, merasa selalu benar, sering kali kasar. Namun berubah 180° saat sudah bersama sang tercinta.

Terekat erat meski berat. ImageImageImageImage
T a g s :
— high school story, teenage romance, clise story.
G e n r e : Fluff / slightly hurt comfort
CW : Hars words, smoke.

Tags update seiring berjalannya cerita.
— Disclimer
• 100 % Fiction
• BxB story
• Lot of typos
• Ignore time stamp
• Feedbacks r really welcome!
• Enjoy the story!
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In Her Own Words: 13 Acts of Treason by Hillary Clinton ...…
The last nine days has revealed the inner workings of Hillary Clinton's campaign and mind - what's been found hasn't been pretty or American. Instead what has been seen through the W
Petition · To file treason charges against Hillary, Kerry ...…
An investigative report from the New York Times has revealed a scandal of greed, bribery, and treason by Hillary Clinton.
Treason (!), Sedition, and Trump Derangement Syndrome…
Hillary and Bill claimed to be broke when they left the White House, in spite of the same speech tours as Obama. On and on it goes, Presidents with private lives while they were President! The horror!
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Sounds like corporate America decided it wanted America to continue.
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Neither @SecretaryHobbs nor @maricopacounty published technical reviews of the Dominion Voting Systems software

Vendor driven sales demos conducted Oct 29 '19 & Jan 28' 20 were considered sufficient for cert by Hobbs' Equipment Cert Advisory Committee
.@maricopacounty Board of Supervisors vote for $6.1M allocation of funds to Dominion Jun 26 '19 had no consideration of a technical review and no discussion

From May 20 '19 MC Election Workgroup request, RFP was completed & negotiated very quickly in about a month
Several other Secretary of State Depts do have technical review formal test docs of Dominion published
➡️PA 107pg report Jan '19
➡️CO 30pg Aug '19
➡️GA 27pg Aug '19
➡️TX reports Feb, Jun, Nov '19
*TX denied cert for security USB issues, ballot secrecy, accurate operation
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As Trump & Co claim victory in PA, their lead keeps shrinking.

They lead by 379,692 votes.
There are 929,598 ballots left to count.
It all depends on what percentage of the absentee ballots are Biden's.

If Biden gets at least 71% of the absentee ballots, he wins.
Just updated my calculations based on new input from PA. If Biden gets 69% of the absentee vote, he wins.
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I feel sorry for you, Premier @jkenney. You have nothing better to do on Thanksgiving weekend than sit alone and record videos full of propaganda and lies. What a tragic figure you are. #sad #abed
You know, Premier @jkenney, your video would’ve been in poor taste any day of the week, but to send it out on Thanksgiving weekend, the first break most teachers have had since the start of school, is despicable. #abed
Teachers are busting their asses to ensure children are cared for and well educated, and they are doing it in conditions where every kid and adult they are around is a Petri dish full of germs. Almost 300 schools have COVID cases.
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Correlation is not causality. Also, substance abuse is a category all by itself and like other conditions, very often there are comorbid conditions. #Depression is quite often a symptom/accompanies a deeper illness [#BPD, #Bipolar, #SAD/#GAD, #Autism, even psychotic spectrum d/o]
One of the fallouts of the ease w/ which idiots like KR can say anything on serious issues & [mis]influence thousands/millions of minds, will be a general increase in overall ontological & epistemic confusion.

Philosophy spares none, not even those who don't understand it.
As it is there r billions of breathing dead, walking arnd like zombies, unsure of what is real what is not, what is true what is not, what is evil what is not - a dark fog of not knowing anything, not knowing even how to find out. Confused, whimsical, dead.

Philosophical decay.
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17 regular season home games
1 international friendly
2 open cup games
2 playoffs games
= 22 “seats”

1 account = up to 8 deposits

8 x 22 = up to 176 “seats” per account

This is the type of math used when announcing season ticket deposits.
All I’m saying is we should have announced 2,640,000 “seats” for the STC ticket pledge.

Opportunity lost. #SAD
And if you’re wondering why every MLS expansion team breaks the season ticket deposit record of the team that came right before them, just assume that your team will play THREE Open Cup games instead of two. Boom, eight additional “seats” per deposit.

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NOT surprised. So, you see NO corruption among Army Generals? You see only cold efficiency? Recall East Pakistan and the corrupt buffoon 'Tiger' Niazi who wanted his troops to rape locals? Recall Kargil and the corrupt buffoon #Mushy? Have you forgotten 'Dhanak' completely? #SAD!
2/ You talk about the state of Karachi: You DO know, don't you, that the Pakistan Army ruled Pakistan for half its life? Could you apportion half the blame to it? You DO know that for the rest of the time, the Army tripped up Bloody Civilian leaders, don't you? You SHOULD know 3/
3/ that before (the Granddaddy of All Dictator's) Ayub Khan's coup there was ZERO corruption in politics and that Ayub laid its Foundation Stone?!
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Why #farmers came on road today

This started with Modi Govt setting up Shanta Kumar Committee which gave its report in Jan 2015, recommending scrapping of Bonus given to farmers over MSP, & recommending "direct cash transfers" for PDS i.e. scrapping MSP procurement & FCI
Modi Govt accepted the recommendations, & curtailed states’ power to declare bonuses for wheat & paddy over & above the Min Support Prices fixed by the Centre. So, States could not give bonus to their farmers, Punjab, Haryana, M.P farmers & others used to get bonus, which stopped
Then from 2015 to 2019, Modi Govt's institutions like @NITIAayog kept on saying in public that Min Support Procurement is unviable Mechanism, then in 2019~20 reports Commission of Agriculture Costs & Pricing started recommending restricting MSP procurement from #Punjab & #Haryana
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A very good morning to you all and thank you @mentorshipzim for the opportunity. My session will focus on investing in the Artisanal & Small Scale Mining sector (ASM) in Zimbabwe - entry level into the bullion industry.
I'm not an expert but will share experiences from the
- industry gained from the past decade.
With this session let's interact, ask questions and answer on anything pertaining to gold. We'll discuss issues around 1. ENTRY into the sector 2. Contribution of the sector to the national economy 3. Myths surrounding gold mining
4. Most importantly, the process of obtaining a gold mining claim/ permit/ block in Zim and 5. Anything GOLD.
#Mining requires passion, commitment, discipline, patience & what I will call LUCK - Labour Under Correct Knowledge..
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Un 🧵 de caravanas de candidatos a la Gobernación hoy. #NecesitoUnHobby

Al final, mi opinión de si estos eventos sirven de algo.
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#Germany #Sad/#FunFact #BLM

RKI= Rober Koch Institute

(Named after Rober Koch who was one of the lost important doctors and resarchers in the world, he died 1910, the RKI was found 1891 under leadership of Koch and after his death named after him.
The RKI is the institut for pandemic and tropical disseases since 1891. Robert Koch won even a Medicin Nobel price for his work with tuberculosis. And also with anthrax before and prevented a epedemic.
His carrer begun as a country doctor who resarched in its own crafted labrotory and found there for the first time with knowledge of that time the anthrax and tuberculosis bacterias. And he got a master in hygenic and even advised the German empire.
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- The operations of domestic schedule commercial airlines shall cease operations effective from the mid night that is 23:59 hours IST on 24th March

- Airlines have to plan operations so as to land at their destination before 2359 hours on 24th

@MoCA_GoI statement
No outer date given till when are domestic flights banned. Only cargo to operate. Imagine our airports, aircraft parked rusting. #very #sad. #coronavirus #lockdown
God so it was the Parliament session why Kejriwal was overruled?
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