A traveler who tested neg 48 hrs prior to flight was infectious by day of flight, pre-symptomatic; using genomic analysis, traced to 4 cases of in-flight transmission

This doesn’t mean don’t get tested; it means *don’t travel unless an emergency* #covid19
2/ I don’t say that lightly. I know that this is a big sacrifice; but we were just shy of 200,000 new #covid19 cases yesterday. Hospitals will *not* be able to handle a holiday superspreading disaster happening simultaneously around the country.
3/ The problem with prevention is that it is hard to appreciate disasters that we avoided. This has been a challenge since the days of #stayHome - it can feel like a thankless task. But as a healthcare worker, I am thanking you right now. Please.

4/ We have to believe that every action we do actually matters. And if you not traveling prevents cases, you may never actually see it but *you saved someone else’s life*.

I don’t have to say how big of a deal that is- internalize it & realize this is still in our hands.
5/ One thing I will never do is give up- I refuse to embrace pandemic nihilism. I don’t care how many cases we have- we can still prevent it from becoming worse. And we need to emphasize this to everyone- to our family, to our friends, to our neighbors. Do whatever you can.
6/ Remember- we have *lost* the moment we cease to believe that this pandemic will end through the power of individuals and communities working together & sacrificing for each other.

This is the *only way* this will end.
7/ We need to act now.

Inaction has a cost— it is deadly.

No time to waste.

Everyone play the part you can play.

**And remember our vulnerable workers who can’t afford to travel - who continue carrying the burden of this pandemic on their backs while we debate choices**

• • •

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23 Nov
You know that moment when all the water pulls back from the beach until it’s completely & eerily empty right before a huge tsunami hits?

That was how it felt leaving the hospital today. Nearly every patient I took care of was #covid19 positive, up until the end of my shift.
2/ All kinds of stories here— stories that I’ve heard before; stories from April when we had our last surge. People infecting their parents, roommates infecting each other; nursing home/group home patients infecting each other.
3/ We tried to warn everyone to not travel unless it was an emergency & absolutely needed, not because we don’t want you to see your loved ones, but because we don’t want you to have to see them in a hospital bed as we see them. I am genuinely worried about what is coming next.
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22 Nov
1/ We usually call family members daily to update them on their loved ones. Some of the toughest calls are when the family is also infected. Many feel like it’s their fault for infecting mom or dad. Not being able to isolate safely at home *is not your fault*. #covid19
2/ Safe isolation is a fundamental part of epidemic response. This was a responsibility of our states & our government to provide this for people. As the virus surges, we will find ourselves in these situations again (we already are to be honest)
3/ I’m going to bring this back to the holiday before us. Please realize that spending days together at home with family you don’t usually see is a very bad idea. Testing helps & its necessary - but it won’t guarantee safety on its own.
Read 4 tweets
20 Nov
1/ The single most important lesson I learned working on a state #covid19 response for 7 months: there is nothing worse you can do in an epidemic than waste time

We had over 187,000 new cases yesterday

What the hell are we doing?
2/ We have an intervention that we know works, that is of immense benefit w/ little to no cost. Yet we are still leaving that up to choice in so many parts of this country.

Don't ask me to say #MaskUp again- we need a national mask mandate for indoor spaces, now.
3/ We have thousands of Americans (maybe more) who are thinking about flying around the country for the holidays.

This is a true catastrophe waiting to happen. This is an epidemic slingshot being stretched, & will fire off more cases than we can handle.
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19 Nov
1/ Have spent the last few weeks working on research examining early #covid19 spread globally. One of the articles needs to be re-shared again.

It looked at how Hong Kong, which had experience from SARS in 2003, kept its epidemic from getting out of control in March.
2/ They focused on intense surveillance not only in incoming travelers, but also in the community setting, testing 400 outpatients and 600 inpatients daily in *early March 2020*

If positive, patients remained isolated in hospitals until recovered/no longer shedding
3/ Close contacts were traced, from 2 days before illness onset.

They were quarantined in special facilities, so outside of the home.

By doing this well, they were able to avoid more intense lockdowns.

They also cite Singapore and Taiwan in this group of strong responders.
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15 Nov
1/ It is *problematic* how quick people are to judge how other people may have been infected by #covid19.

This judgment re-enforces stigma; this is a destructive force that makes viral spread even more hidden.

This is *not helping*. It dissuades testing and disclosure.
2/ I am not trying to defend carelessness. But I am also not trying to be the judge of it. As doctors, we hear deep and personal stories. As much as I have had patients who got sick on the job, so too have I had patients destroyed by social isolation--> depression, alcoholism etc
3/ In this CDC report, 1 in 4 respondents aged 18 to 24 had *seriously considered suicide in the last 30 days*

Along with viral spread, there have been significant mental health epidemics as well.

We are all struggling in different ways.

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14 Nov
1/ Really appreciate @DrTomFrieden piece on more nuanced epidemic control based on local epidemiological data. @RanuDhillon & I wrote a similar piece back in August called “Smarter Lockdowns”— the problem is implementation. So many ideas, so little action

2/ At a point, we recognize that there are so many ways to get R<1; the issue is that doing any of them well and consistently requires coordination, the right policies, & enforcement of those policies. We don’t have that. We needed that for 9 months.

3/ We wrote a follow up piece @WBUR @NPR ⬇️— but admittedly, writing op eds generates ideas but if those ideas end up in a Twitter abyss, then they fail to influence what actually happens (hopefully @DrTomFrieden excellent piece gains traction/moves dial)
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