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On #CDC call, Henry Walke says CDC has identified two acceptable quarantine options: Quarantine can end after 10 days without test if no symptoms or 7 days after negative test result if no symptoms.…
#CDC Henry Walke: If people travel, CDC recommends travelers should get tested one to three days before travel and then again three to five days after travel.

#COVID19 #pandemic
#CDC's John Brooks says CDC's change in quarantine guidelines was based on extensive modeling – not just by CDC but by other partners.
Some data published peer-reviewed websites. Will put this on CDC's website later today.

#COVID19 #pandemic
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Let’s talk about one cost of this pandemic we aren’t fully able to quantify. As an oncologist, care for my patients, and my potential patients is suffering because of #covid19. Even those who will never contract the disease themselves. Let’s unpack this.…
Unfortunately, a less visible direct impact of the pandemic on patients with cancer & other chronic illness is the damage to their care we can’t quantify. Delays in
🏥diagnosis bc of necessary lockdowns
🏥surgeries bc of resources
🏥treatment ➡️ progression of disease.
As @FutureDocs described so well in this thread 🧵 👇🏽, care for both #covid19 and non-COVID19 patients is being sacrificed due to a lack of supplies, staff and space. As cases surge, other emergency and non-emergency care is delayed, or unable to be given.
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I had a long chat with @politico writer @zackstanton about where we are with COVID, what we can expect might be coming, and how we got here, plus what we epidemiologists need to be doing better. Read it here👇🏼

Are Your Choices Making the Pandemic Worse?
We’ve learned a lot about this particular virus and how to treat it, but the public health tools for controlling a pandemic are still basically what they’ve been for hundreds of years:

Keep infectious people away from susceptible people until there’s no more risk of infection.
That strategy has worked for centuries and it’s worked for COVID in many countries already too.

We have the tools, we just need to buckle down and commit to implementing them on a national level, in a coordinated fashion.
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I made a fake liberal account yesterday to troll, but it turned into an experiment & research. The liberal bot problem is much bigger than we realize. I was getting RTs, likes, & follows from bots immediately after adding #StayHome and #resist to my profile.
In fact, even profiles & comments that look real are often fake. If you look through the profiles, they’re saying the same things over & over; the comments are usually out of context too. Plus, news anchors & liberal mayors followed me & clicked like on my moronic tweets.
Does that make sense? That a new day-old account with 7 followers is getting attention from people with blue checkmarks immediately?
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Screening patients has made me realize how few actually know anything about #COVID19. They know cover coughs, wash hands, but rarely anything of how it's actually spread, which events or places are risky... A simple & effective response is to #educate #SouthDakota. @govkristinoem
@SDDOH @RCJournal @argusleader need to do massive campaign on outlets outside of & on local news (because not all watch it) & let people know simple facts and stats that aren't being emphasized. Such as:
1. A Negative test is NOT a ticket to freely socialize without precautions.
2. Estimates by CDC suggest:
*60% of #COVID19 spread is done by those absent of any symptoms!
*35% are pre-symptomatic
*25% asymptomatic

JUST because someone seems OK, doesn't mean they are! #StayHome #MaskUp #SocialDistancing #EveryMaskUp #MasksSaveLives
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Every day wasted with inaction from our government, in this pandemic is costly us dearly.

Another Monday, with no press conference, or a plan on how the @SKGov is going to work with us to push this virus down.

Another day with 4 more deaths; more hospital & ICU admissions; 100’s more people getting their positive COVID-19 results; 1000’s more people getting named as close contacts and being on mandatory isolation; and those 1000’s of people are going to need testing.

All of these numbers getting higher and higher.

Each and every day.

At what point does everything come crashing down?

I’ll tell you one thing, a lot of people and workplaces are hanging on by a thread right now.

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This thread is based on conversations with doctors at 3 large metropolitan hospitals, all in the position to know what’s happening with their ICUs. Here are some important points that endanger the public’s health NOW in these and many other hospitals across the country.

Even if hospitals are relatively empty prior to a #COVID19 surge, it is very challenging to manage the surge because of how sick the patients can be, how quickly they come in, and the high volume of deaths.

If hospitals are already full prior to a COVID surge, it is not hyperbolic to say that more people will die. And in all 3 of these hospitals, that is the exact problem.

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Dear Americans,
Across our nation, esp in the Midwest, children's hospital beds reserved for sick kids are now being deployed to offload adult hospitals due to surge #COVID19 patients.
Is this normal? No.
But you have given hospitals no choice.
Nashville, Tennessee: Vanderbilt prepping surge beds at Children's Hospital
'Space is tight' in 730-bed main hospital
1) has already cancelled surgeries
2) stopped taking ICU transfers
2) over 230 staff are out sick…
Columbus, Ohio: Nationwide Children's to start admitting young adults to help other hospitals…
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A thought on isolation... Something we should all be doing more of right now.

While in isolation with Covid I took inspiration from the father of one of my best friends...

After surviving the concentration camps of WWII he faced a year of isolation w/ tuberculosis. It was his year of isolation that he credited for saving his life a second time and opening his mind to the world of poetry and literature.

Samuel Pisar wrote in his memoir, “Thanks to tuberculosis, thanks to literature, I would be reborn once more.”

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Voraussetzungen für die SIGNIFIKANTE Wirksamkeit von Masken:

- Viren-Filter entsprechender Partikelgröße
- korrekte Trageweise
- Einhaltung des Wechselintervalls
- Wechsel bei Feuchtigkeit
- korrektes Abnehmen & Aufsetzen

Alltagsmasken halten bestenfalls größere Tröpfchen ab.
Warum das Abhalten größerer Tröpfchen durch Masken eine untergeordnete Rolle spielt:

- ggü. Aerosolen weniger beteiligt am Infekt.geschehen
← fallen schnell zu Boden
→ Abstand genauso wirksam
- man kann in die Ellenbeuge niesen
- wer krank ist (mehr niesen muss) → #stayhome
Dementsprechend könnte man in bestimmten Situationen (längere Zeit kein Abstand möglich) für primitive Masken plädieren...

ABER: Jede andere Maske, getragen von der jeweils gefährdeten Person, wäre in dieser Situation immer noch überlegen.
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Day 270, Pandemic-life:-Just-finished-all-of-Netflix edition

Patients currently in the hospital:
(difference with yesterday)

1.933 (🟢31)

🔴Clinic: 1.393 (41)
🟢ICU: 540 (-10)

Newly hospitalized:
196 (🟢-34)

Clinic: 170 (-15)
ICU: 26 (-19)

#corona #stayhome ImageImageImageImage
New reported cases:

+5.407 today.

Indicators (exponential) growth / decay:
🟢 that is 669 less ⬇ than yesterday.
🟢 that is 33 less ⬇ than a week ago.

🟢 --> growth factor: -2% week on week.
🟢 --> halving: every 201 days. ImageImageImageImage
New reported deaths:

+21 today.

Indicators (exponential) growth / decay:
🟢 that is 27 less ⬇ than yesterday.
🟢 that is 23 less ⬇ than a week ago.

🟢 --> growth factor: -14% week on week.
🟢 --> halving: every 31.7 days. ImageImageImage
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Just as active alcoholics with terminal liver disease are REFUSED liver transplants...

People who don't follow preventative public health measures against COVID19 should be the LAST to get hospital beds.
Is this you in this picture? Sorry, we have limited oxygen tanks, bipap machines and ICU beds. Please wait in the WAITING room and we'll notify you when treatment for selfish people is available.
What state are you from? North Dakota.. you were suppose to #StayHome. Sorry, we have limited oxygen tanks, bipap machines and ICU beds. Please wait in the WAITING room and we'll notify you when treatment for selfish people is available.
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A traveler who tested neg 48 hrs prior to flight was infectious by day of flight, pre-symptomatic; using genomic analysis, traced to 4 cases of in-flight transmission

This doesn’t mean don’t get tested; it means *don’t travel unless an emergency* #covid19…
2/ I don’t say that lightly. I know that this is a big sacrifice; but we were just shy of 200,000 new #covid19 cases yesterday. Hospitals will *not* be able to handle a holiday superspreading disaster happening simultaneously around the country.
3/ The problem with prevention is that it is hard to appreciate disasters that we avoided. This has been a challenge since the days of #stayHome - it can feel like a thankless task. But as a healthcare worker, I am thanking you right now. Please.…
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👋🏼 Hello! My name is Andrew, and I work as an “unsung hero” at a hospital (my badge says I’m a Medical Laboratory Scientist)

I wanted to share a little 🧵about what the COVID pandemic has been like as an MLS 🙏🏼
First and foremost, the handling of this pandemic has been a resounding failure that has left >250,000 Americans dead. The lack of guidance from hospital management and political leaders has made an unthinkable situation worse for those who are on the frontline.
In the early months of the pandemic, the hospital I work at was STILL handling respiratory specimens for Flu, RSV, and Strep A testing at the bench, NOT under a hood.

It took an MLS to bring it to managements attention that we should be handling these specimens differently
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1/7 💔 TRAGIC﹒Sadly, 3️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ residents of LTC/R/Gp homes have passed away due to 🦠 during the 2nd🌊 in #Ontario. We are sending our condolences to the families.

❗️@fordnation 🙏🏼 ACT NOW to #ProtectTheVulnerable

‼️ Let’s ALL aim to reach #COVIDzero in 🇨🇦

2/7 So far, 4492 residents/or staff were 🦠 positive (+821 vs Nov 11th)

- 3215 cases in LTC homes
- 959 cases in Retirement homes
- 206 cases in Group homes
- 112 cases in Complex Care
3/7 The 2nd 🦠 wave has caused 500 outbreaks in total (+51 vs Nov 11th)

❗️166 outbreaks are currently active:
- 104 LTCH
- 52 RH
- 7 Gp H
- 3 Complex Care

❗️As of Nov 11th, 120 outbreaks had more than 5️⃣ cases; 11 of them are still active and have more than 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ cases.
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Máte zabaleno? Vydáváme se zas na pekelně vostrej výlet. Tentokrát nás #vesmírníček ale nezanese nijak extra daleko. Zaletíme se totiž kouknout na Měsíc, psáno s velkým m.

Ti z vás, co ve škole poslouchali a rozumí tak psaní velkých/malých písmen, ví, že budeme u🌍#cesinamesic
Je mi to vlastně žinantní, představovat Vám Měsíc, tedy měsíc Země (ha! vidíte, jak to malé a velké je podstatné?!).

Všichni tušíte (ne, víte!!!), že to je ta obrovská bílá koule, která svítí docela dost často na noční obloze a díky který občas trefíte z knajpy domů i bez lamp.
A pro ty z Vás, co jste sem náhodou Spadli z Měsíce (CSFD 55 %), tak nabízím ještě opačný pohled.

Kochněte se pohledem, který měli astronauti nad Měsícem. Dobrý co?

Ale už jste skoro geologové, takže co Vás má zaujmout?

Přesně! Chybí atmosféra... Na povrchu Měsíce je #vakuum
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Think the vaccine will end our #COVID19 problems soon?

Think again.

Pfizer will produce 50 million doses this year. 1/2 of those may go to the US. Each person needs 2 doses, so 12.5 million of us get vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine . /1…
Moderna says they will have 20 million doses this year for US. Again, 2 doses each. That’s another 10 million.

That means maybe 22 million out of 328 million people get vaccinated this year. /2…
While we get excited about a vaccine, #COVID19 cases rise. We have had one million cases documented over the past week, our rate of rise is higher than it even was in the summer, we have hospitalizations going up 25% week over week.” /3

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Our County Health Officer: “[T]ravelling or having guests in your home is not the right thing to do. We need to make sure that this is a social norm...It’s just a fact. This is not the time to engage in those activities. The people that have made those plans need to cancel them.“
“The next month is the crux of the whole pandemic. This is it....This is the time when we have to take extraordinary measures...There are many cases and many more possible cases in our county now...At the same time the capacity of our hospitals is shrinking.“
"The fundamentals have not changed. 40% of people who have this disease have no symptoms at all. They don’t know they have it. Others who contract the disease actually have no symptoms for the first 48 hrs that they are infectious. This is not a disease we can detect by symptoms"
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1.4 The worrying news in the @mophleb report yesterday was not the record number of new Covid cases. That was expected. It is still early to see the effects of the lockdown, which is relatively working. The worrying news was the reported death of a patient at home, aged 60.
2.4 That was the 5th reported death at home during the last few days, including a 51 yrs old patient. Circumstances are not clear, but hospitals are working at almost full capacity. Therefore, the agreement yesterday between @mophleb and the private hospitals was much welcomed.
3.4 The agreed new tariffs will incentives the private hospitals to increase their Covid bed capacity. In addition, RHUH will announce a new expansion this Friday. The two field hospitals in Tripoli and Tyre should also be ready soon. All of this is much needed good news.
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1/4 How is life post-Covid? For some, it is not good at all. Last week, a young RHUH patient who had suffered from severe Covid, became infection free and tested negative, still sadly passed away from severe respiratory failure. Covid can have serious long term complications.
2/4 Covid patients can stay in the ICU for a long period. With good care, more than 2/3 will survive. However, many leave ICU weak, and require respiratory and physical rehabilitation. They have depressed immunity, decreased mobility, and will need support until they feel well.
3/4 More Covid cases will result in more ICU admissions, and more patients leaving with long term Covid sequelae. The published @mophleb report does not show this category. These patients have a diminished quality of life, and can remain debilitated for a considerable time.
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Day 265, the Our-SecDef-has-to-quarantine edition

Patients currently in the hospital:
(difference with yesterday)

2.146 (🔴16)

🔴Clinic: 1.570 (13)
🔴ICU: 576 (3)

Newly hospitalized:
294 (🔴92)

Clinic: 256 (83)
ICU: 38 (9)

#corona #stayhome
New reported cases:

+4.320 today.

Indicators (exponential) growth / decay:
🟢 that is 547 less ⬇ than yesterday.
🟢 that is 347 less ⬇ than a week ago.

🟢 --> growth factor: -13% week on week.
🟢 --> halving: every 33.6 days.
New reported deaths:

+88 today.

Indicators (exponential) growth / decay:
🔴 that is 43 more ↗ than yesterday.
🟢 that is 8 less ⬇ than a week ago.

🟢 --> growth factor: -15% week on week.
🟢 --> halving: every 30.4 days.
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Hele, předem varuji, tohle bude fakt dlouhý. Hodně. Dnešní #vesmírníček se prostě nedá zkrátit. Všechno v něm bude neuvěřitelný :)

Pokud tak nemáte dnes a zítra čas, nechte si to na středu.

Na frontu před večerkou. Než to dočtete, budete na řadě.

Uvařte tak kafe, jdeme na to.
Tak schválně, kdy jste si naposledy na sockách pořádně zanadávali na politiku?

Že Pepa z @ODScz je konzerva, Božka z @ČSSD levičák, Lojza z @PiratskaStrana feťák a Máťa ze @zeleni_cz meloun?

To množství politických stran, na kterých si můžete zchladit žáhu, je fakt velký, co?
Za to, že si můžete takto pěkně veřejně zanadávat přitom vděčíme (opakované) odvaze řady lidí, kteří se nebáli postavit tyranii.

Jak všichni víte, zítra je přesně ten den, kdy si budeme část z nich připomínat.

Piercetp, CC BY SA 3.0
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From WHO:
What is a contact? "Direct contact" or within 1 metre (about 3 feet) for 15 minutes (regardless of mask status).
Stay quarantined for 14 days. Testing isn't mentioned? Why not? Because negative tests aren't always accurate. They're a snapshot in time. If you are a possible contact, you should first be contacted
Does this mean don't bother to test? Absolutely not! Testing is great. But it's not a permission slip to have unsafe contact.
For the next 4 weeks we need to #StayHome and attempt to #FlattenTheCurve again. Right now it's a terrifying line straight up, but we can bend it.
This winter will be hard, there's no other way to say it. We have to weigh every action so carefully. But there's a hope of saving lives until a vaccine, or a reasonable public health system comes forward.

#MaskUp when essential work is required, but otherwise please, #StayHome
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Day 264, the falling-numbers-do-sometimes-rise edition

Patients currently in the hospital:
(difference with yesterday)

2.130 (🔴36)

🔴Clinic: 1.557 (48)
🟢ICU: 573 (-12)

Newly hospitalized:
202 (🔴30)

Clinic: 173 (23)
ICU: 29 (7)

#corona #stayhome ImageImageImage
New reported cases:

+4.873 today.

Indicators (exponential) growth / decay:
🟢 that is 576 less ⬇ than yesterday.
🔴 that is 176 more ↗ than a week ago.

🟢 --> growth factor: -18% week on week.
🟢 --> halving: every 23.8 days. ImageImageImageImage
New reported deaths:

+45 today.

Indicators (exponential) growth / decay:
🟡 that is 0 more ↔ than yesterday. (same)
🔴 that is 6 more ↗ than a week ago.

🟢 --> growth factor: -16% week on week.
🟢 --> halving: every 28.7 days. ImageImageImage
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