22 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

Vote Fraud Too Big To Notice - Or, The Fix Is In

If you haven't watched @SidneyPowell1's interview in full, all 20 minutes, you'll be simply blown away when you do. I had to watch it twice, with many pauses for notes.

2) The worst thing I see on FOX, in the few minutes we may still turn to it, is when commentators scoff over Cuba, China, Venezuela and HugO Chavez. I want to shout at them: SCOFFING IS NOT AN ARGUMENT!!!
3) Sidney has established that the Dominion software was made at Hugo Chavez' specification in order to ensure he won every election. What I'd like to know of these TV scoffers is, what part of that is hard to believe? I can offer my own theory on point.
4) In today's TV analysis world, we tend to have around a 24-hour cause and effect factor. What happened in the past 24 hours is what is causing what's happening now. That's it. No stretch back for weeks or months, let alone years or decades. Hogwash, I say. Hogwash.
5) As you listen to Sidney, you have to give her at least the historical perspective of a couple of decades. And, instead of scoffing, ask, why wouldn't Joe Biden employ tools built for Hugo Chavez? You see, when scoffing you have no need to even address the facts.
6) On point, I confess I was wrong in 2018...at least significantly if not, very possibly in whole. I just kept saying we MAGA citizens failed to turn out in force, and that's how we lost the House. I blamed us. When you listen to Sidney, you can see I might have been wrong.
7) What's more, many of my friends hit me back, right here at Twitter, with the persistent refrain of Voter Fraud. I didn't believe them, and on that point, I know I was 100% wrong. Honor to all of you who knew, and tried to persuade me. You were right, I was wrong.
8) And contemplate the consequences. Through voter fraud the House is turned. Can you imagine the America we'd live in today if that had not occured? We must consider the Constitutional ramifications of this. Our Constitution sets up the parameters of our democracy.
9) How far back does it go that voting anyone out of office has been essentially impossible due to just this sort of fraud? In the video, Sidney tells us that electronic vote stuffing is really no different than it's ever been. In the past, paper. Now digits. It's still the same.
8) So, how do you go about proving something this big? The main thing I learned watching the video, about evidence, is that there are different standards under different legal conditions. Criminal Law demands proof beyond a reasonable doubt. In this case, not so.
9) In the case Sidney is working on, the standard is: A Preponderance of Evidence, a far lower bar to rise up to. And Sidney tells us her preponderance is overwhelming. She has already filed affidavits with witness testimony to crimes all over the country.
10) I recently shared how Tucker took 20 minutes to NOT talk about the news. I told @KateScopelliti he had been turned the moment he said that. Kate loves Tucker. So, she gave him the benefit of the doubt. Last night, I got a "you were right, I was wrong" out of her on topic.
11) I think that may be the 3rd or 4th such victory in our 40 years together. Ha! But it's truly sad. When you listen to Sidney discuss it, it's easy for me to see Tucker's inexcusable rudeness as the result of his charge from the powers that be above him, his paymasters.
12) I really did know it before. You Tucker fans will recall how UPS absconded with a flash drive on the Hunter/Joe scandal. When he never pursued that story further, I really did know, but did not want to believe he'd been turned. Whatever happened to that scandal, by the way?
13) Speaking of some of Tucker's better work on that scandal, take a look at this screenshot from Sidney's interview. I know it's familiar by now, but look at the red box (which I added).
14) One of the questions I loved the most was, how many people would have to be involved in such a conspiracy? And I called out, 1,000s before I heard Sidney say that exact number. Made me proud of myself. Truth is, it's 1,000s and 1,000s, over decades and decades.
15) Let's go back to Hugo Chavez and the inception of the Dominion method. Sidney fearlessly questions whether or not our own CIA's Hammer and Scorecard structure was not the real basis of Dominion technology. Myself, I can't make myself doubt the tie. I just can't.
16) Whenever you hear their scoffing denials, you can know that the likelihood of the truth they deny being actually true, is great. Hugo, Dominion, CIA, Color Revolutions, Hammer and Scorecard technology. Let them laugh. Nervously. We're facing a stolen election.
17) The interviewers ask Sidney why Trump's DOJ isn't doing more. She answers, not only doesn't Trump control the DOJ, neither does Bill Barr. Attorneys throughout the entire entity simply do what they want to do, and they give cover to all these crimes.
18) Follow it out. You and your Cabal buddies have uncountable trillions of dollars on the line, and your protection entities at the DOJ and CIA are under threat. Do you think you might take this seriously?
19) Here's another point too big for my brain to handle. Sidney states repeatedly that the Dominion technology was programmed to give every Democrat candidate a 35,000 vote lead from the get go. What's more, she tells us that this is a feature of the system, so touted.
20) You brilliant researchers out there may want to check to see if this is the right manual. If it is, I'm confessing I'm not up to reading its 74 pages. Do let me know what you get out of it, please.

21) What was perhaps the single most stunning revelation Sidney shared was the system's ability to weight the votes. For example, a Trump vote gets .75 and a Biden, 1.25. She explains, that's how you turn a landslide victory into a defeat. The word "shocking" is too soft.
22) We have a challenge, here. We must either accept or reject Sidney's statements. You know where I stand.


If like me you trust her too, then we can begin to see the looming fight more clearly.
23) I recently posted a picture of Tahrir Square in Cairo Egypt, where the Egyptian people turned out to oust the evil President Morsi, and they won. Here it is again. IT's from November 27, 2012. It was an absolutely peaceful protest, and it completely succeeded.
24) A big lie, a gigantic crime stretching over decades with 1,000s of people involved and uncountable millions or dollars. This can't be stopped without a big response. We know Sidney's doing her part. My question is what is our part?
25) Right here in social media we can work on something like:

#ITrustSidney &

Let us pledge ourselves. Never again will we allow voter fraud to steal our nation, our destiny, our republic.

Never again. And NOT this time, either!
Thread ends at #25.

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2) General Officers are not uniformly loved. Respected and obeyed, of course. But love is s different thing. Perhaps you can detect a small portion of why he is so loved in his greatest mandate, Pat, he said, don't just to the right thing, do the harder right thing.
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2) With no Tweets in between, here's the underlying story . The author Joan Swirsky reminds me, I brag, of me. She employs the grand sweep of history as a core element of her method. It's a great read.

3) Out of her wonderful work, it is ONLY the title I'm going to speak to today. However, I truly do encourage that you give the author her voice and read the entire piece/ Here's the title, again:

Only Donald Trump Can Counter the Coup D’état of 2008
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