@markyzaguirre @TheRickWilson We've also been treating this 4-year, slow-motion explosion like new geography rather than the snapshot of a blastwave and scattering shrapnel that it is.

It's not just that none of this was sustainable.

It's how much of their reserves our adversaries burnt down to attempt it.
@markyzaguirre @TheRickWilson "Destroying their reputation."

Lawyers going into court with spurious arguments or spouting conspiracy theories and clear falsehoods are facing far more than a stern lecture or the scorn of their peers.
@markyzaguirre @TheRickWilson See also the incredibly granular map counterintel and law enforcement now have of the offshored wealth being illegally onshored via money laundering and other illicit exchanges.

Or of the online, illegal-influence networks.

Darknet black markets.

@markyzaguirre @TheRickWilson Signal/WhatsApp exchanges.

Twitter and Facebook messages.

Super resolution, face recognition and geolocation used to track foreign-citizen spies through DC's security videos (and others) going back years if not decades.
@markyzaguirre @TheRickWilson And the proffer cascade as everyone caught in blatant criminal violations has to plead out and hand over larger criminals - or a legion of their peers - to lessen their own sentence.
@markyzaguirre @TheRickWilson Lied about cryptocurrency profits in 2019 when the @IRS_CI already knew thousands of large American accounts via Coinbase and others? Aka, a de facto guilty plea on your tax returns?

Wildly on the record FARA violations, without the fig leaf of a single loophole in the law?
@markyzaguirre @TheRickWilson @IRS_CI Unregistered income when you have a security clearance, especially via the aforementioned cryptocurrency wallets?

Hatch Act violations? Especially on live national television at, say, the Republican National Convention at the White House?
@markyzaguirre @TheRickWilson @IRS_CI And on and on.

Most people don't even know the worst of it.

Or even the worst of the relatively open-source, accessible material.

The evidence will *never* stop.
@markyzaguirre @TheRickWilson @IRS_CI In fact, this is the irony of anyone talking about "sweeping it under the rug."

The sheer scale of what's irretrievably out there.
@markyzaguirre @TheRickWilson @IRS_CI Too much is already in motion, but we're looking at a vast, open-source archive of material which many influencers, intelligence agencies and organized crime put out there without realizing it was permanent and very, *very* visible.

There's never been open datasets like these.
@markyzaguirre @TheRickWilson @IRS_CI Literally, machine learning will be trained, for years, using this data.

All the cryptocurrency blockchains.

All the open-source social media harvested, including all tweets up until the end of 2017 which were archived in the Library of Congress.
@markyzaguirre @TheRickWilson @IRS_CI The Panama and Paradise Papers.

The sliver of SARs out there.

All of this combined with newscasts and coordinated propaganda.

Oh, everyone thinks about the NSA, FBI, IRS, FinCEN, etc.

But companies and NGOs will never have this kind of opening again.
@markyzaguirre @TheRickWilson @IRS_CI We used to have a practice with new supercomputers.

One would come online, and we'd have it factor the largest numbers it could, so we could assess the scale of the work and the speed with which it was accomplished.

*That's* the most brutal twist in all of this.
@markyzaguirre @TheRickWilson @IRS_CI Supercomputers will be uncovering connections, conspiracy and crimes for years if not decades...

Not based on speculation but clear lines of connection, incredibly precise timing, vast oceans of data, and cold, hard facts.

There is no escape from this, and there never was.
@markyzaguirre @TheRickWilson @IRS_CI And a multitude of unrelated crimes will be taken down in its wake, as reckless exposure and the last desperate moves of the last few desperate years burn down the few resources the transnational criminal underworld had left.

• • •

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More from @Dry_Observer

20 Nov
@TheRickWilson Actually, if you're going to take this conspiracy down, as sprawling as it is, you need more than just ordinary open-and-shut cases.

You want to bring charges for the most shocking and repellent things their worst members have done.

Why? It forces their allies to turn on them.
@TheRickWilson You can expect more of their worst deeds to surface in the near future.

Epstein videos? Sexual abuse of actresses? The terabytes of videos of unspeakable acts the @FBI has seized from the Darknet?

All of that and more.
@TheRickWilson @FBI You have the treason, espionage and sedition happening live, on the airwaves and over social media.

You have all the hidden, odious acts boiling now to the surface via Ghislaine, Epstein tapes, automated facial recognition, etc.
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5 Nov
@ericgarland And for anyone who thinks this will all go away with just a few prominent criminals going down...

The evidence will *never* stop.

Innumerable, blatant crimes, often occurring in front of the entire world, are bound by oceans of hard evidence in a maelstrom of undeniable proof.
@ericgarland What? Did you *think* I was kidding?

We have civil rights in America and the West.
@ericgarland To employ the full power of quantum computing & a host of other tools before dictatorships could use them to destroy us, the only alternative was to let everything turn into a single, vast, interconnected crime scene.

Not so much "probable cause" as "beyond a reasonable doubt."
Read 4 tweets
16 Oct
@ericgarland Hey, everybody.

This message is for everyone working on behalf of Russia, China and other foreign powers, and/or transnational organized crime, to commit heinous criminal acts.

Just between you, me, Eric, and the @FBI, I have a bit of friendly advice.

"Buckle up, Buttercup."
@ericgarland @FBI You know the old adage that "We have to be lucky all the time, the terrorists only have to be lucky once"?

Bad news.

When you're committing treason in an insane, sprawling conspiracy connecting virtually every inept spy, asset and major criminal conspiracy on Earth...
@ericgarland @FBI With vast oceans of hard evidence...

Law enforcement and counterintelligence only have to be right... *Once.*

You have to be brilliant, lucky and right. All. The. Time.

And even that may not be enough.
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12 Oct
So, with 3 weeks to the election, why not start a book club?

Not really, but here's an early public discussion of automated micro-corporate entities &/or subsentient programs running wild & destroying everything as evolutionary algorithms.

It's free.
The novel is Accelerando, and in case you're wondering why I figured out the basic methods of using evolutionary algorithms in psychological warfare - not to mention why it was fundamentally suicidal - here's one of them.

Another would be the "basilisk hack."
Langford started with basilisks - images triggering thoughts a human mind can't handle, cognitively or physically.

Other creators made them even more formidable and subversive, ultimately rewriting the target's mind or even their entire body...
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6 Aug
@ericgarland A thought or two on. What. This. Means.

First, if you were going to take down foreign intelligence and transnational organized crime despite interference from Trump and Barr, state charges through New York would be ideal.

No pardons. No control over prosecutions.
@ericgarland No safe Federal supermax.

Just Rikers and worse.

And all the money ultimately ties into US banking, which ultimately runs, one way or another, through New York.

Giving them insane reach, especially in cooperation with the Federal government.
@ericgarland But what makes this especially interesting?

A couple points, really.

Yes, the NRA has been implicated in immense operations with Russian intelligence to manipulate US elections and influence us through psychological warfare.

But why *start* there?
Read 21 tweets
2 Aug
@ericgarland Everyone protesting against the banning of TikTok... who *know* what it is?

That's very telling, actually.

And a consequence of how the strategic ground has narrowed into a single pass our adversaries - Russia, China, etc - believe they must traverse or perish.
@ericgarland Being forced to fight on ground of your adversaries' choosing can be lethal.

Denying you freedom of maneuver, allowing them to set the terms of your meeting, and so forth.

Especially if you don't know exactly where they'll make their stand.
@ericgarland You can end up funneling your whole force through... "Hot Gates," if you will.

Hurling the worst possible troops into the spears and shields of a phalanx, trained, determined, skilled, impossible to flank, and ready to fight to the death.
Read 28 tweets

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