If I was building a White House staff, a campaign, a think tank or any other endeavor, my first hire would be Brian Deese. He is unquestionably brilliant, a great person, and in politics for all the right reasons.
Brian became a star in the Obama White House at barely 30 years old for spearheading the rescue of the auto industry where he worked with organized labor to save millions of jobs despite not having an office and working from an extra desk designated for an intern.
I was in nearly every economic meeting with President Obama from late 2009 to 2015 and I don't recall ever hearing Brian argue for austerity. He was always pushing for more stimulus, higher taxes on the rich, and creative ways to help the people that needed it the most.
Brian took over the climate portfolio as I was leaving the White House. His elevation to a position previously held by the incredibly experienced John Podesta was the ultimate validation of the faith that Obama had in him.
When I heard Biden was considering Brian to head his economic team, I was elated that Biden wanted a climate expert to lead economic policy. Centering climate in economic policy is something that progressives have long wanted and is at the heart of the ideas behind the GND
Enacting effective climate and economic policies requires creative thinking and a person that knows how to pull the levers of the federal government to our advantage. I have no doubt that Brian would do this well.
People have every right to push Joe Biden to hire the right people to implement the progressive policies he supported during the campaign. I believe that effort is done in good faith and should continue. I also believe Brian Deese would be the perfect person to do that.
Brian is my friend. I am obviously biased. However, my personal policy preferences are closer to Warren/Sanders especially on climate. I think Brian in a prominent role at the White House provides the best opportunity for the most progressive version of the Biden Presidency.

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