Many Believers are afraid of deliverance, or perhaps don't think they need it, but it's required for abundant living.

I had a great deliverance session last this past week. A tough case. Those are my favorite because I'm a tough case.
I believe there are 3 levels of deliverance cases:

70% - most people. They just want enough to get through life as a Christian & go to Heaven.

No weirdy stuffs. No prophets. Just work, family, church sometimes, may or may not own a Bible/open it/pray.

They're more human will oriented than knowledgeable of the supernatural aspects of Elohim, The Divine Creator and His role in the every day workings of the human experience.

"You can do anything you set your mind to, and if GOD helps, that's even betterer."
25% - the hungry. They want more of Holy Spirit and go after Him. They have divine encounters and experience miracles. They believe in The Gifts of The Spirit, satan and his cohorts, participate in #spiritualwarfare and even experience breakthrough into greater intimacy with GOD.
These folks have a Biblical worldview and are willing to lay down much of their lives to serve #Jesus so they grow and overcome demonic blockages and obvious curses.

These folks have good lives as overcomers because they seek Jesus and love Him.

Then, there are the rest of us.

5% - tough cases. We have layers and layers of thefts, locks, blockages and generations of curses and demonic hijackings that give us bursts of breakthoughs only to be captured again and again, found suffocating and clawing for a bit of fresh air.
We love The LORD, believe Him, chase after Him, pray, fast, prophesy ... we do it all, but still find the enemy waiting every time we turn the corner after a breakthrough.

Weirdy stuffs ... you have no idea. We have to go out on a limb and do whatever Holy Spirit instructs
because survival is on the line. Our backgrounds, family histories and our own sins and mistakes are so traumatic we have soul fragments spread across the world that must be called back and healed so we can progress.

And, unfortunately most deliverance ministers, and surely most Christians in general, don't know how to help us. So we continue in cycles our whole lives, just scraping through until the end.

I also believe that many of these tough cases are prophets because if satan can
successfully destroy those who receive the right-now-Word-of-GOD, many people will perish (Hosea 4:6). Remember before John the Baptist came on the scene in The Gospels, The #Prophetic Word of The LORD had been silenced for 700 years. And look what he ushered on the scene.
As we prayed together, I had this vision:

A figure walked toward me through a door, kept coming and walked through another door, and then I heard/saw 'FAITH.'

As we sought Holy Spirit's direction on how to begin this new deliverance journey, He showed that Faith had been locked
behind two doors. Think about that.

Without #faith it's impossible to please Yahweh and with it, everything becomes possible.

Therefore, if we don't have faith - GOD's faith as Christians, mind you - we're easy prey for the demonic. GOD needs our faith to partner with us to
see His Will done in our lives and circumstances.

But I also understand how faith can weaken if you're a deliverance tough case. You play as hard you can, do everything you know is right and still don't seem to win or come out ahead. Holy Spirit definitely has the answers but
when you're underwater, just trying to breathe from moment to moment it's hard to hear and receive from Him.

That's where deliverance ministers like myself come in. We walk through The Dead Marshes (#LOTR reference) with others until they can get their next breath.
If you're in need of deliverance help, I'm here to serve. I don't know everything, but I know The One (The Three) who does and I'm willing to agree with you in prayer until the answers to your breakthrough arrive.

For anyone who thinks some situations 'will always be this way'
or that 'it's just the way it is' I'm here to tell you Jesus already secured a Victory for that circumstance and it's yours if you're willing to put in whatever work is required. He always causes you to triumph, so if that's not your reality on an issue, you have recourse.
Just don't give up and don't quit. You can rest, yes. But don't quit when you know a Promise of GOD is available although seemingly out of your reach.

Be encouraged, dear ones. I bless you in the Name and Authority of Jesus Christ, our Messiah. Amen.

• • •

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#Christians, don't get the globalist great reset confused with what some are preaching about Yahweh resetting The Body of Believers in 2020. They are not the same.

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not completely sure of what pastors are preaching about it today.

From what I learned through prayer - many hours of tongues a day for a month - is that we (The Body as a Whole) missed an open window to propelled into a great outpouring of His Spirit, which is why the chaos
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I'm thankful for so many things right now. I'm thankful for Jesus and Salvation. For His forgiveness, mercy & grace. For The Written Word and that He is Emmanu-El, always with me and never forsakes me. I'm thankful for my son and family. Food, clothing & shelter.
I'm thankful for those of you who aren't afraid to support small ministries such as mine. And for those of you who purchase books directly from my site supernaturalyoubooks.info. I'm thankful for every engagement here and on my vids and podcasts. I'm thankful to everyone who's ever
taken a spiritual growth course I've taught and who've hired me as a mentor or tutor.

I'm thankful that I'm able to fulfill every dream I had growing up - to be a lawyer, writer & teacher.

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***Thank GOD for the #Constitution.

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I say these uncircumcised Philistines that are coming against Yahweh's Will turn on each other and destroy themselves today.

And behold, every Philistine's sword was against his fellow, and there was very great confusion. ~ 1 Sam 14:20b

I say those at war with Yeshua and His Body turn on each other daily.

When they blew the 300 trumpets, the Lord set every man's sword against his comrade and against all the army. ~ Judges 7:22a
I decree every instance of voter fraud is overturned today in Yeshua's Name.

Though they intend You harm, the schemes they devise will not prevail. ~ Ps. 21:11
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