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1/5 Salvation isn’t about perfect theology; it’s about a heartfelt connection with God. Let’s mirror Yeshua’s love outwardly. Worship in spirit, truth, grace, and understanding. #Grace #Faith #SpiritandTruth
2/5 In worshipping Adonai in spirit and truth, we aim for ἀκριβέστερον - a more accurate understanding of Him. Like Priscilla and Aquila with Apollos (Acts 18:26).
3/5 This accuracy helps us walk circumspectly (Eph. 5:15) and be prepared for the day of the thief (1 Th. 5:2). Yet, the pursuit of perfect theology may remain elusive.
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What is the Bahá'í perspective on Service to Humanity?

Service to humanity is the essence of our purpose, a reflection of our boundless love for all. 🌏❤️

#bahai #faith #bahaifaith

To learn more, read the thread below
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(1/5) Image
Bahá'ís believe that true fulfillment comes from selflessly serving others and working towards the betterment of society.

Also, serving others is an integral part of one's spiritual journey.

#bahai #faith #bahaifaith

(2/5) Image
Engaging in selfless service to humanity is not only an admirable deed but also a fundamental component of leading a purposeful and meaningful life.

#bahai #faith #bahaifaith

(3/5) Image
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1️⃣ "Recognize the divine spark within all beings." 🙏
Guru Nanak Dev Ji taught us "Na ko bairee, nahee bigana" - There is no enemy; there is no outsider. Let's embrace the beauty of diversity and see unity in all. Spread love and acceptance! ❤️ Image
2️⃣ Guru Angad Dev Ji emphasized the significance of education and literacy. "Let there be one language of the learned and the illiterate," he proclaimed. Education is a catalyst for growth, empowerment, and understanding among people. #EducationForAll #GuruAngadDevJi Image
3️⃣ Guru Amar Das Ji highlighted the value of selfless service, or "seva." "Selfless service is a treasure of virtue," he taught. By serving others without any expectations, we can create a positive impact in our communities and uplift those in need. #Seva #GuruAmarDasJi Image
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#Bhakti #foodforthought #faith
Every day early morning a little girl would come to the temple, stand before the deity, close her eyes and with folded hands, murmur something for a couple of minutes. Then open her eyes, bow down, smile and go out running. This was a daily affair. Image
The temple Poojari was observing her and was curious about what she was doing. He thought, she is too small to know the deeper meanings of religion. She would hardly know any prayers. But then what was she doing every morning in the temple?
15 days passed and Poojari now couldn’t
resist but to find out more about her behaviour. One morning, Poojari reached there before the girl and was waiting for her to complete her ritual. “My child, I have seen since the last 15 days that you come here regularly. What do you do?"

“ I pray,” She said spontaneously.
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A thread for the #left

If we choose to change, just imagine what we can do. What makes America great has never been its perfection, but the belief that it can be made better. And that people who love this country can change it.
In hearings around the country, Americans reaffirmed our belief that this great nation can compete–and succeed–in the 21st Century but only if we take a new approach. One that is both innovative and faithful to the basic economic principles that made this country great.
We believe that it is essential to take immediate steps to stem the loss of manufacturing jobs. Taking these immediate measures will provide good jobs and will help the economy today. #FJB
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Well, it appears that, since people really are like sheep, are manipulated, spell bound, indoctrinated and just as the Bible says, asleep to truth, & their selfish egotistical self centered & desire only to "return to being entertained" instead of awakening to truth...

And I'm talking about the remainder % who saw the spark but once the arc flash had diminished & they could see around them the world's offerings they quickly filled their eyes with desires of the flesh, put their heads down and started grazing again.

Ergo, for the sake that none should parish but all are given every opportunity to "#WAKEUP" the show will continue to the great finally of the scare event. 😱

To those who are fully awake and doing/done your part in the #GreatAwakening operation thank you! Well done!

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Faith means complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Life is full of surprises and twists. There is no guarantee that we will get up next day morning after we go to sleep. We continue to retire to bed everyday with no doubts. Faith is something that helps to get on
with our lives amidst so many uncertainties. Faith is like an inner voice that keeps reminding us about the positive outlook of our life. This imaginary story emphasizes the importance of #faith.

It was a hot, hot day, and a man who lost his way in the desert was badly in need
of water to quench his thirst. He was afraid he may die due to dehydration.

As he struggled walking in the desert, he saw a small dwelling at a distance. Initially, he thought it was just an illusion. But he continued walking towards it, and as he reached closer, he realized
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Given the current state of affairs, maybe take some time to listen to the stories of #trans folks, and hear what they have to say.

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #TransWomenAreWomen #nonbinary
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What important messages would Jesus share if he found himself resurrected at Walmart?
#HappyEaster #JesusChrist #Church #Christianity #WorshipAI #HealthyLiving #Walmart #AIArtCommunity #MidJourney #MindJourney
🧵Thread - Share your thoughts on AI merging with religion and…… Image
Would he have anything to say about kosher food? Image
What would Jesus think about plastic Easter eggs? Image
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ah yes, I was going to say more about The Fear™, which is so difficult to discuss. discussing #fear in general is tough; the social taboos of Western culture and Western discourse forbid open discussion of fear. hardline Christianity is largely to blame; fear is useful to them.
fear is the chief weapon of Christian fanatics—e.g. @MattWalshBlog, @laurenboebert, @PastorMark, even mild-mannered @DouthatNYT—and they've good reason: they themselves are afraid. it's likely that they're at least partly afraid of *themselves*; they feel they need a tight leash.
that's the general effect of fear on the human psyche—limitation. your fears determine your boundaries and the range of your likely actions.

extremist Christians believe they've solved the problem of fear, through unwavering faith in...well, something. they have faith, though.
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I've talked a little about how Christianity and Christians have been lurching towards a semi-acknowledged *dualism* in their ideas of good and evil. extremists like @PastorMark and @pastorlocke have come to impute far-ranging, almost godlike powers to Satan and devils.

in their zeal to paint the world as irremediably sickened and corrupted by sin and diabolism, @PastorMark &c. are almost *forced* towards invoking Satan and demons as universal explanations for everything they despise—and right-wing Christians despise almost everything.

as a result, right-wing Christianity has coalesced around a _de facto_ dualism in which Good and Evil, Light and Dark, Order and Chaos (q.v. the gibberings of @jordanbpeterson), Saved and Damned, @GOP and @TheDemocrats are given roughly equal metaphysical weight.

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the modern "#conservative" movement, the right wing of American politics, is fundamentally about the primacy of emotions over reason.

of course that's not something that right-wing politicians and pundits will ever admit openly. @MattWalshBlog pretends to be "rational".

Western society exalts itself as the sole embodiment of reason and logic and science on Earth; even mere #Christian bigots like @dalepartridge or @jordanbpeterson have taught themselves to pretend that their bigotries—and indeed their religious assertions—are "logical".

this is an easy trick for human beings to manage.

any human being can be taught to stick, without ever yielding, to an assertion—however absurd the assertion is. "@jordanbpeterson is logical and rational" is an absurd assertion but Mr. Peterson and his fans stick by it.

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we in the Pnictogen Wing are perhaps nearly alone in thinking that "flat-Earth" people, i.e. human beings who cling to the notion that the Earth is not a spheroid but instead a disc, are not totally pointless.

flat-Earthers are, for most of Western society, safe targets.

for that reason alone, we are drawn to try understanding the phenomenon better, rather than simply discard flat-Earthism and its adherents as worthless and laughable.

what drives a person to endorse such a quixotic worldview, one that insures their permanent ostracism?

there's emotional benefits to belonging in a mostly-despised faction, of course. the faction experiences so much pressure from outside, the society *inside* the bubble is practically forced to be orderly and well-disclipined—a safe haven from an otherwise chaotic world.

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the intellectual damage done by #CSLewis and the cult of #Christian #apologetics that he unwittingly founded is becoming clearer to me. the situation is a bad one.

it's easy to explain: a large fraction of Western intellectuals have, without admitting it, rejected #doubt.

Jack Lewis taught a whole lot of clever, sophistical #Christians how to talk as if they were absolutely certain of themselves even though they were on uncertain ground—which is roughly how Lewis carried himself in the intellectual arena. the bad habits spread from there.

but I contend the problem is endemic to #Christianity. this isn't just Jack Lewis's problem, or Mr. @dalepartridge's problem; this is a fundamental *fault* in Christianity.

Christianity is intellectually incoherent because it has refused to deal with its own doubts.

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@dalepartridge @dhanabarger "legalism" has absolutely nothing to do with God, Mr. @dalepartridge; we still inhabit a society that (on paper anyway) is maintained by a strictly irreligious *civil government*, one devoted to enforcement of no particular religion's notions of right and wrong.

@dalepartridge @dhanabarger now we know that in reality, Western civil governments have been thoroughly corrupted by hypocritical and deceitful Christian rogues, pushing notions of Christian theocracy--but Christian theocratic rule is NOT the official form of social organization in the West. not yet.

@dalepartridge @dhanabarger in other words, Mr. @dalepartridge, whether you like it or not, The Law is a secular thing, a human thing that exists entirely apart from your bloodthirsty #Christian God.

God is supposed to exist *apart* from mere human laws--the instruments of flawed, mortal humanity.

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it's been widely noted that #Christianity, during its early centuries, appealed to Mediterranean audiences by appropriating something of the form and iconography of the <i>mystery cults</i>.

it's probably impossible to summarize "mystery cults" in a tweet or two...

...for one thing, I have no idea how many existed, before the fusion of Christianity with Roman tyranny--which led to the wholesale desecration and destruction of all forms of non-Christian worship throughout the Roman dominion--made sure that we'd never know the answer.

right-wing frauds of the @DineshDSouza / @dalepartridge / @MattWalshBlog type love to pretend as though "terrorism" is a crime that only brown-skinned infidels ever carry out, but terroristic violence and pogroms have been central to #Christianity since its earliest days.

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@WholeMarsBlog now...this sort of thing is very interesting. it's speculative and futile, nonsensical even, but these little arithmetic calculations are one of the chief preoccupations of the grifter class—the #entrepreneur class, the #investor class, the #cryptocurrency gambler class.

@WholeMarsBlog @WholeMarsBlog, @APompliano, @BillyM2k, and all the other grifting rag-tag who are wont to dangle after @elonmusk (or any other wealthy and famous person whom they perceive as blessed with #success) spend huge amounts of time with these napkin-scribblings that forecast *riches*.
@WholeMarsBlog @APompliano @BillyM2k @elonmusk @WholeMarsBlog starts out with a false assumption: @Tesla will be able to extract cash from literally every car driver in the country. this is their presumed #market, and it's deliberately chosen to be as broad as possible, so as to forecast even greater riches from extorting it.
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incidentally, this issue to which I allude in my little analysis of one of Jordan Peterson's diagrams—this issue of where Daughters are supposed to come from, if there's only one Father who only wants a Son—is central to the fundamental *absurdity* of #Christian monism.

the scheme is oversimplified to the point of inanity—so fixedly insistent upon the primacy of masculinity to the point that there's *no room* for more than token representation of femininity, as one sees with reactionary expulsion of the Blessed Mary from #Christian canon.

even the #Catholic Church, the Church of the @Pontifex, would rather not that Catholics talked too loudly about the Blessed Mary. they've guiltily permitted some folk worship of Mary, in various aspects—otherwise their dour, manly faith would have had little mass appeal.

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I love how the #LEFT target those of #Faith & especially those that are #Conservative with #Evil #Laws to impose #immoral & #unethical standards of living. @DNC #DemocratParty is full of immoral people. @POTUS @JoeBiden is the Chief among them all.
"How I Learned To Love The New World Order" authored by: Joseph Robinette Biden | Personally Authored Published Op Ed. while U.S. Senator of the State of Delaware.
This is the man who in concert with Criminals who have criminally hijacked our beloved Republic. This is a mentally deranged sick individual and not a real true Christian man who fears God Almighty. He's one of many like this. Catholics should be aware of this.
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#faith #close #chakras #downfall #Nacionalistas #Ancient #God
Крштење, са прецртавањем
средине чела, представља
(барем симболично и ритуално, а код многих и стварно) затварање 6. чакре и епифизе. Image
Родновернм народима, којима
је насилно наметнуто јудеохришћанство,
ипак нису успели да наметну обрезивање
на 8. дан

(које затвара срчану чакру). Кад их нису "оперисали" од љубави, емпатије и осећаја за правду, остао им је покушај да униште интуицију,
креативност и духовни развој. Од тада је, уместо издаје Рода, највећи грех постало "бити некрштен". Сетите се детињства, кад вам кажу "ти си некрштен(а)",
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“In search of Ruhani” A Vision filled with Strategy & Faith to make a real difference…

It Begins Today…

Thank you @mandolinaes for the wonderful picture & your support, much love.

#ProjectRuhani #motivation #inspiration #faith #hope
Day 133:

What a beautiful day. A bright morning with hardcore legs training.

Took some photos of padma pukur. Back home I worked on A.W Pitch and created some text designs as well.

In the evening I played some piano and worked with Designer.

Uploaded an IG tutorial.

Day 134:

Spent the entire day trying to create some new designs for the A.W samples pack.

Made floor plan for my studio. Went to purchase tiles in the evening and got some sweets for maa as well.

Watched Pathaan.

Tomorrow I gotta train.

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It’s All going according to Plan, Promise …

Every Bait & Switch/Misdirection has been #A #work #of B-#Art.
Reverse Physics 101•

Inception—Is 2 Mirrors Facing each other 1 Mirror, 2 Mirrors or A VAST Infinite Space of Mirrors Quantum Leaping Forwards while falling in Reverse?
I’m your ONLY, True Friend now …

#Hu#HU #HU !!!
#HU#HU #HU !!
#HU .. #HU #HU !

Sad But True—Down is Up …

#TheOnly #Hu GO !

#CS GO ⚡️
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I was in the Sviatohirsk Lavra, place of many sketes, churches and Monastic cells hollowed out in the mountain. A powerful place and one of the @UNESCO heritage. It's Holy Mountains National Nature Park.

During the #RussianInvasion, this holy place provided shelter for civilians and so (why?) became the target of the #RussianArmy.
On 12 March, #Russians striked the nearby bridge across the Donets, when about 520 people were attending in the monastery. The blast damaged the windows and doors of the monastery buildings, and several people were injured from the glass shards.
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Just Remember, When [they] mock you—[They] & MANY of the people mocked “nobody” first…
-It only matters when it happens to someone important, I know.

When [they] spit on you, [they] & MANY of the people Spit on “Nobody” first.
-It only matters when it happens to someone
Important, I know …

Humanity is at it’s crossroads, every choice EVERYONE collectively makes from this point forward determines whether there’s A future for ALL mankind & the children or just the children.

Is everyone going to collectively put on their BIG Boy/Girl pants
Choosing with their own FREE WILL too BREAK THE CYCLE #OR choose to Judge those who have sinned/made mistakes in their lives,becoming the very wicked/evil beings most seek to rid?
R N R;
“Reconcile Not Revenge”.✍️

None of this is truly hard, Humanity makes most of it harder upon
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