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Just Remember, When [they] mock you—[They] & MANY of the people mocked “nobody” first…
-It only matters when it happens to someone important, I know.

When [they] spit on you, [they] & MANY of the people Spit on “Nobody” first.
-It only matters when it happens to someone
Important, I know …

Humanity is at it’s crossroads, every choice EVERYONE collectively makes from this point forward determines whether there’s A future for ALL mankind & the children or just the children.

Is everyone going to collectively put on their BIG Boy/Girl pants
Choosing with their own FREE WILL too BREAK THE CYCLE #OR choose to Judge those who have sinned/made mistakes in their lives,becoming the very wicked/evil beings most seek to rid?
R N R;
“Reconcile Not Revenge”.✍️

None of this is truly hard, Humanity makes most of it harder upon
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Navinder Grover kicks off ⁦@GurdwaraAid⁩’s National Gurdwara Conference 2022, reminding us this is a learning environment and that as well as some great speakers there is an opportunity to exchange know how with peers from gurdwaras and other Sikh charities across the UK. ImageImage
Mandip Singh of @GurdwaraAid reminds us that the theme today is #Safeguarding and #Disputes and that there will be an opportunity to enjoy similar sessions at regional events including one in the #WestMidlands. Image
Mandip also speaks touchingly about Gurdeep Singh, Co-founder of @GurdwaraAid, who tragically passed away recently. Image
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I mean, just how much does one person have to take before someone steps up
@Towno10 you played for @ManUtd where Ambrose was born who remained a
true #ManUtd #footballforpeace who showed #loyalty to the end as the #Corruption that continues @forambrose1984
@Towno10 @ManUtd @forambrose1984 leaving his mother Toni aka Ruth Lovell @annelovell743 and her sister @ginalovell545 fighting just to have their #TruthMatters addressed to be ignored
left with a body in @HaringeyToday over 7 years as #cindybutts ex @CPSUK ex @policeconduct ex @ccrcupdate
@Towno10 @ManUtd @forambrose1984 @annelovell743 @ginalovell545 @HaringeyToday @CPSUK @policeconduct @ccrcupdate who is now one of the #CommissionSheet who is now dealing with #racism involved in what @AzeemRafiq30 has been fighting to #endracism @ECB_cricket is the main reason

why this family have never been able to move on who has moving around attempting to help
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Das Trump-Netzwerk "Truth Social" ist nach einem miserablen Start plötzlich die meistgeladene App im Apple Store. Wir haben uns auf "Truth Social" umgesehen – damit ihr es nicht müsst.
Zuerst erfinden wir einen Alias: Ron Roger, einen überzeugten Trump-Fan und Wahrheitssucher aus New Jersey. Wir hoffen, dass wir uns so unauffällig umsehen können. Foto von Ron Roger. Ein von...
Wer "Truth Social" nutzen möchte, braucht ein iPhone – die App gibt es noch nicht für Android. America first gilt auch im Apple Store: Man muss in den USA leben. Mit VPN-Tunnel und amerikanischer Handynummer ausgestattet, lädt sich Ron die App herunter.
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The continuation of this thread

Finally, I could put this Lord's testimony here... Again

Back in January, while in days of fasting (21 days fasting movement of my church), I was about to end fasting for that day. I was still eating my meal when suddenly I received a WA message from my girl, Deea.
She sent me these 2 pictures. That was her mom and her boyfriend (at that time, he was in Medan) both got baptized on Dec, 25-26th 2021.
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The Toxic #Narcissist Cycle of Abuse: 5 Stages Thread
Stage 1:
Love Bombing & Lying:
Your #abuser lies to you from the start, convincing them-self/selves & YOU that you are liked, included, adored, loved & respected. Your #boundaries are respected & you are overly welcomed
In this phase, you will put on their ‘glasses’, be overmedicated on their empty promises, #future faking, deception & lies 👉🏻 all leading to fake #hopeism. They make you wear their glasses whereby you ‘view’ them as from #heaven & ‘saving you’, being ‘right’ or on the right side
You will #believe what they are selling you as they are now your ‘real family’, your #soulmate your ‘twin flame’,
your ‘neurokin’, your ‘transautlet’ your ‘otherkin’ (insert any propaganda) #family You become the centre of their life/group, organisation initially 🚩You find
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#Medium #Mediumship, was reading an old #Tufts@TuftsDaily⁩ article from 2008 interviewing ⁦@jessicaalba⁩ about her film #TheEye, watched the trailer:
you do see how see people died, though, if contacted by the deceased, they share their personality, images of what is relevant, what they think is, which can be difficult; I take #antidepressants, and, am #healing myself from illness, some #trauma, too, and, was seeing more,
earlier in my healing, and believe it is crucial to have a filter/level of #health with, a pretty well-known #medium told me he also got very sick with #pnemonia, I had #mycoplasmapnemonae, in #MeCFS #CFS, had #Lyme #LymeDisease, too, and, the information is for #healing,
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Grateful to #Virginia's Lt. Gov-Elect @WinsomeSears for making time to meet with some of the incarcerated men participating in @prisonfellowshp’s Academy program at the St. Bride's Correctional Facility. #VisitAPrison
We applaud elected officials who put their #faith into action by lifting up the God-given dignity & potential of every human being – including those behind bars. Thank you, Lt. Gov-Elect, for remembering your incarcerated constituents as you prepare to take office. #prison #hope
Want to learn more about the needs of returning Virginians & @prisonfellowshp’s work with prisoners at St. Brides? Watch our short documentary highlighting recent St. Brides Academy grad, Hajee, as he navigates #reentry & maximizes his #secondchance.…
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Did you know that the Devil can quote scripture?

Yes he can.

Did you know that Revelations chapter 3 verse 17 is of the most significance?
I am not a tepid man, and being lukewarm does not mean that I do not choose to steer the ship of my destiny.

It is the reason why I have made my stand, here and now:

One year ago President Trump remarked on System Administrators, of which I am one of the OG's.

True OG Legacy 2600.
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I didn't want to die but I was prepared to die ... now I would like to know what it is to live & love fully without hesitation.

To be unafraid of letting people into my heart.

I didn't want them to get close to me and suffer the misfortune of a loss of a friend. #Faith
Self Verification. Image
68W//PJ//CRO(w) :: @elonmusk ... F*cking Trains ... Choo chooo!

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Time for a 🧵 on two charts (at the end) that seem to tell an interesting #Bitcoin story.

For several yrs @CaitlinLong_ has openly discussed the potential negative impact of #rehypothecation of #bitcoin by banks, wall street, hedge funds & the broader #tradfi community.
@saylor has discussed and shown the need for sound money and the value that having a savings mechanism brings to the system.

@JeffBooth has shed light on the fact that #deflation isn’t such a bad thing when #technology is actually making our lives better and costs cheaper.
@saifedean taught the 🌏 the importance of time, effort, and energy & the value that living by the #Bitcoin Standard can bring to individuals and countries across the globe.

@FossGregfoss has done a phenomenal job helping to #educate on the benefits of owning #volatile #assets.
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@SeanathanCory @walden4pa53 @HoLichette @backtothewind0 @BernieSanders I love #ChristianMythology,
it has many beautiful parts.
But like the people who wrote it,
it is full of cruel & evil things.

Goodness was in the world long before any middle eastern men wrote the bible. Some #mythos worship knowledge instead of demonizing it.
@SeanathanCory @walden4pa53 @HoLichette @backtothewind0 @BernieSanders One red flag for me as a little girl growing up w bible study was the way they dealt with questions. Why did they assume a deity crushed up a gold statue to poison water that made the whole town sick for revenge. Doesn’t a pathogen
make more sense?
They didn’t understand germs🤷🏻‍♀️
@SeanathanCory @walden4pa53 @HoLichette @backtothewind0 @BernieSanders Surely SOMEONE in the town must have proposed the idea that there must be another explanation.
Theres always several possible questions to rule out before defaulting to magic.

Or how about the burning bush?
If it really happened,
what else could have lit it ablaze?
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#FridayFeeling #Faith or Experience?
…the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. —Galatians 2:20
We should battle through our moods, feelings, and emotions into absolute devotion to the #Lord #Jesus. ..
We must break out of our own little world of experience into abandoned devotion to Him. Think who the New Testament says #Jesus #Christ is, and then think of the despicable meagerness of the miserable #faith we exhibit ..
by saying, “I haven’t had this experience or that experience”! Think what #faith in #Jesus #Christ claims and provides— He can present us faultless before the throne of God, inexpressibly pure, absolutely righteous, and profoundly justified. ..
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#fridaymorning #FridayFeeling for #Christians
Self Deception and How to Avoid It

OF ALL FORMS OF DECEPTION, self-deception is the most deadly, and of all deceived persons the self-deceived are the least likely to discover the fraud.

The reason for this is simple. ..
When a man is deceived by another he is deceived against his will. He is contending against an adversary and is temporarily the victim of the other's guile. Since he expects his foe to take advantage of him he is watchful and quick to suspect trickery. ..
Under such circumstances it is possible to be deceived sometimes and for a short while, but because the victim is resisting he may break out of the trap and escape before too long.

With the self-deceived it is quite different. He is his own enemy ..
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#ThursdayThoughts for true believers in our #Lord #Jesus #Christ: "Nothing is more strengthening to #Faith, stabilizing to the mind, and tranquilizing to the heart of a #Christian, than for him to be enabled to discern his Father's hand guiding, shaping, ..
and controlling everything which enters his life; and not only so, but that He is also governing this world, and all people and events in it.

God is not shaken by the situation which now confronts our view, nor does the pride, arrogance, and blasphemy ..
of His enemies occasion Him any uneasiness. To the contrary "He who sits in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision" (Psalm. 2:4).

God is not troubled by anything that is now taking place in His world - either in its political, social, ..
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#wednesdaythought Houses of God

That (#Jesus) #Christ actually inhabits the nature of the regenerate believer is assumed, implied and overtly stated in the Holy Scriptures(#Bible). All the Persons of the Godhead ..
are said to enter the nature of the one that engages New Testament #Truth in #faith and obedience. "If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him" (John 14:23). ..
And the doctrine of the indwelling of the #HolySpirit is too well known to need support here; everyone that is taught even slightly in the Word of God understands this. Whatever God is, the Man #Christ #Jesus is also. ..
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#Rokos #basilisk isn't as bad an #info #hazard as it could be. Let me add one thing to it: It could be argued that similar to the book of #Romans, all are without excuse because there is a kind of general #revelation that strong #AI is inevitable. One need not be exposed to 1/n
the thought experiment to be considered culpable. As #McLuhan put it, "Man becomes, as it were, the sex organs of the #machine world...." Even if this isn't an entirely conscious activity we're engaged in, this caveat alone may not be enough to render one without 2/n
excuse before a nearly all-knowing, nearly all-powerful (with respect to us) SAI. Hence, the requisite need for #AI #evangelism. Like in the #Christian formulation, the techno minister may need to make the general revelation that AI is imminent an explicit, acknowledged fact 3/n
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REAL #faith doesn't require "proof."
Proof serves EGO.
Faith serves a higher purpose and a Higher Power.
We have FAITH in that which we cannot see,
and PROOF is only needed in the absence of faith.

"There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed, nor hid that shall not be
known." -Luke 12:2

Faith is the understanding that God will reveal the TRUTH according to His timing.
When we release EGO and focus less on what we [want] and more on only what we [need], we will discover #comfort in patience.

We can find proof of God's work by how we choose to
view the World each day.
We can SEE change in the littlest of things while the rest of the World remains blind.
We know that lies will be uncovered, that the system will fall and that corruption will end.
PROOF is for the blind; faith is for those confident in what God has shown.
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A few months ago, an international gospel singer posted a picture of him and his newly wedded wife, in a sexually suggestive pose. 🧵

#Life #Faith
As you can imagine, the uncles and aunties of Jesus flooded social media in indignation. To be fair, there was also an understanding group who laughed it off as youthful exuberance and wedding bliss.
The singer may or may not have made a mistake in view of his genre. But let's assume he did.
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representing #TheQueen, am I right in saying this?

So it is the representation of the @RoyalFamily that needs to reassure us that what is the #RuleOfLaw is followed by the guidelines and process that follows, am I right in saying this @wabbey ?
Just as @BBCCareers have a process they have to follow as set out by @Ofcom, right?

Just as #CPS has a process they have to follow when investigating a #CrimesAgainstHumanity carried out by anyone be it a member of the #civilsociety or a #PoliceOfficer as
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Reporters always have an angle, even when trying to be unbiased. Also, it's good to have reporters who come at stories from different backgrounds and beliefs. But this situation with @Newsweek reporter @CarlyMayberry, @edstetzer, & others is beyond disturbing! #Journalism #Faith
To help folks follow, I've tried to put this together in a thread 🧵to understand. It started with a @ChristianPost essay by @lucasmiles in which he criticized Christian leaders for not supporting @larryelder for @CAgovernor in recall election.… /2
@ChristianPost @lucasmiles @larryelder @CAgovernor In his essay, Mr. Miles specifically mentions and critiques several Christians: @drmoore, @edstetzer, @plattdavid, @BethMooreLPM, & @_wgthompson. All who Mr. Miles believes should support @larryelder for @CAgovernor publicly and strongly. /3
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It is very important in this period of humanity to take a serious look at what is happening in the world friends.

Watch this video first in its entirety & reflect upon current situations critically.

#Menticide is here & with it, a new attempt to establish a "#TechnoTotalitarian" rule over the lives of American citizens.

The final variant of #Coronavirus could very well be the manifestation of a #NewWorldOrder under #totalitarian rule.
That may sound absurd, but what is very concerning is that many talking heads in the media & even public figures are now making very carefully worded emotional appeals to logic to further induce a totalitarian #masspsychosis.
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1/1 A thread offering some reflections on the #SydneyOutbreak of #COVID19 #DeltaVariant and ending the #SydneyLockdown from a #socialmarketing perspective.

First, behaviour is driven by more than individual psychology & trying to motivate people to do ‘the right thing’.
2/14 The socio-cultural & structural environment also shape people’s behaviour 🙄 Yet, this receives less attention in policy & health behaviour change efforts. This is where a Strategic Social Marketing can come in.…
3/14 Social marketing uses #marketing & #SocialSciences principles to encourage health #behaviourchange. And it has been used before to tackle pandemics 🤔…
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🌊⛈️Bishop Silvio José Báez, O.C.D. preaching: "In the storm, the disciples cried out in despair, 'Master, don't you care that we are sinking'?" (Mk 4:38).
@silviojbaez #BaezHomilia #GospelOfTheDay
"...Jesus woke up, calmed the wind and the sea and a great calm ensued (Mk 4:39), and then he said to the disciples, "Why are you so afraid? Have you no faith?" (Mk 4:40)...."
Bishop @silviojbaez preaching on the #GospelOfTheDay
📷Mediterranean seen from Stella Maris, Israel
Bishop Silvio José Báez, O.C.D. preaching: "Where #fear begins, #faith ends. #Jesus reproaches them for their fear because they forgot him and felt that they were alone. Although Jesus was asleep, he was there with them..."
📷Westminster College, Cambridge🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
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