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Among my other ongoing projects, I've begun working on the culture & languages for an epic high fantasy series set in a world that echoes to the distant past of Mesoamerica the way Middle Earth does Europe in #LOTR.

Everyone will be brown. Including the elvish beings.

Much like Tolkien, I'm inventing languages for this series. The human tongue is based on proto-Mayan (basically just a tweaked version of proto-Mayan). The language of the Allúdah (the Aluxes or elven folk) is a conlang built from bits of various other Indigenous tongues.

There will be feathered serpents of many types, giants, shapeshifters, halflings (alux-human hybrids), avian humanoids, merfolk, mages ... all of them drawn from Mesoamerican tradition rather than European (I'm using the English equivalent terms to give you an idea).

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Six years ago, when TV viewers were captivated with White Walkers, dragons and the fate of Westeros in #GameOfThrones, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos made it clear he wanted a blockbuster franchise for his streaming service.

Enter: “Lord of the Rings.”
Amazon’s Culver City studio has spent more than $700 million so far, including the cost of TV rights, according insiders. That makes #TheRingsOfPower the most expensive television show ever.

In taking such a colossal swing, there are inherent risks:
“This was not for the fainthearted,” Amazon Studios Chief Jennifer Salke told The Times.

“Of course you [have] nervous excitement about being able to deliver on such a major commitment and passion on behalf of the entire company.”
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Inside Amazon’s #LordOfTheRings’ series, the most expensive TV show ever made.
Early reactions to the series have been mostly positive, with praise directed toward the diverse cast and more prominent female characters.

For comparison, most of the lead characters in Peter Jackson’s #LOTR film trilogy were portrayed by white men.
Studios have been under pressure to diversify their casts, and companies like Amazon have been proactive in addressing it.

#TheLordOfTheRingsTheRingsOfPower prominently features female characters, including the franchise’s first Black dwarf princess.
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NEW: What does the $1 billion #RingsOfPower mean for Amazon Studios? To put it in Tolkien-ese, the co has not yet closed its fingers, Gollum-like, around its preciousss: a major watercooler show that lures global viewers en masse. $AMZN #LOTRonPrime #LOTR…
What constitutes a success for Prime Video is hard to say — but former Amazon Studios execs gave us a little bit of an idea. Like Bilbo rousing a dormant Smaug, the co is looking at how many inactive Prime users will be reawakened by #RingsOfPower. $AMZN… Image
Amazon Studios has made a mark with shows like The Boys. But as @RichLightShed said, “There's no doubt that Amazon has had success. [But] they haven't had a culturally defining show. There has been no massive breakout where everyone is talking about it."…
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Peter Jackson says Amazon asked him to be involved with its mega-budget #LOTR prequel – and then cut off contact. Amazon suggests the story isn't quite so simple:
“They asked me if I wanted to be involved...and I said, ‘That’s an impossible question to answer without seeing a script,'” said Peter Jackson, “So they said...'we’ll send them to you.’ And the scripts never showed up"
Peter Jackson said he has no hard feelings towards the #LOTR series: “I’ll be watching it...If somebody makes a good film or TV show, it’s something to celebrate. The one thing I am looking forward to is actually seeing it as a perfectly neutral viewer”
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Can DALLE answer riddles from the Hobbit? Let's find out!
#dalle #openai #experiment #dalle2 #aiart #AiArtwork #hobbit #LOTR #AI
This really is an easy riddle! #dalle2 #openai #dalle2 #aiart #AiArtwork #hobbit #LOTR #AI #riddles
(Except that the answer is mountains, not trees)
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In 1976 "Plop!", DC's oddly titled "New Magazine of Weird Humour" published a #LOTR parody by comic hero Wally Wood entitled "The King of the Ring". It was short, sweet with excellent retro art and jokes which verge from great to awful. Sit back and enjoy (kind of) (1) #Tolkien Image
Page 1 kicks off with Gondeaf the wizard arriving at the Georgian-styled home of Froydo the "Habbit". Notice how 1960s hippy favourite Wood is still down with the kids with his anachronistic use of "Gee whizz!" and "Wow!". The pizza joke is still pretty good though (2) #Tolkien Image
Page 2 introduces the Ring in excellent style ("if you became wouldn't matter!") and gives us an added poke at Disney in the shape of a Hobbit/Fellowship mash-up version of the Seven Dwarfs. There's also Snyder, an incognito Strider lookalike in shades (3) #Tolkien Image
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1. During our Storytime Program Elrod has created what is likely the largest-contemporary collection of hand drawn illustrations of Middle Earth.

From the Fellowship of the Ring
Here Bilbo prepares to depart Bag End, Hobbiton, and the Shire.

2. Gandalf examines the One Ring.

From the Fellowship of the Ring
3 Frodo Prepare to leave the Shire.
From the Fellowship of the Ring
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Exclusive 🚨: V.F. has your first official look at @PrimeVideo’s The Lord of the Rings: #TheRingsOfPower. Welcome back to Middle-earth.
#TheRingsOfPower, set within Tolkien’s Second Age, will juggle 22 stars and multiple storylines—from deep within the dwarf mines to the elven kingdom of Lindon. Here, the adventures of the fellowship are still some 2,000 years in the future.

🔗: ImageImageImage
Patrick McKay and JD Payne are first-time showrunners undertaking a daunting task for Tolkien fan Jeff Bezos. Their series—based not on a novel but the Middle-earth prehistory attached to the end of #LOTR—will be the costliest TV show ever.

🔗: Image
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LOTR 🧵: As an expert on Professor Tolkien’s work, I will now tell you definitively which character each of these posters for Amazon’s new Lord of the Rings show represent. First up, human diplomat Glumber Fussbottom, well known for his ornate CVS receipts. #LOTR
This is obviously the sword of Brucieum Wane, First Lord of Gothamdor. Look at the golden bat on the pommel of the sword. Too easy.
Next up is Elf Lord Choderiel, who was well known in the high forests of Lorien, which the Dwarves call Dwimordene, for making the most of what the stubby weapon the Gods gave him.
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A new age begins September 2, 2022. Journey to Middle-earth with The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. #LOTRonPrime #LOTR #LOTRROP
DESCRIPTIVE TEXT: The video opens on the camera moving through what appears to be canyons filled with mist. Cut to fire coming down the canyon, a river of molten lava visible below it.
DESCRIPTIVE TEXT: As the voiceover begins, the camera pulls back to reveal we are not in a canyon and the molten substance begins to fill up what might be symbols or letters. A wave of water flows over it, cooling it as steam is released.
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#Tolkien & Art MEGA THREAD alert!
Ever get that feeling where a picture reminds you of a fave #LOTR character? Well, if you've follow me you'll know its a little obsession of mine. So tonight, hitch a ride on the eagle that is Pictures that Should Have Been Tolkienian (Gandalf?)
A Silent Watcher guards the entrance to Cirith Ungol.
No sorry, that single head is a no-no. Actually this is Resistance, or The Black Idol (1903) by Orphic cubist and symbolist František Kupka. Based on the Colossi of Memnon, but with a Bram Stoker vibe #Dracula #Tolkien
The Black Riders kick back post-Weathertop. No, sorry, this is the Dance of Death by Michael Wolgemut (c. 1493) Featured in Hartman Schedel's Nuremburg Chronicle, this charming little #woodcut conjures the horrors of the Black Death. complete with Satanic snakes #art #Tolkien
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#Tolkien illustration MEGA-THREAD Alert!
Lately I've been on a visual odyssey, happily tweeting key #LotR moments as depicted by two different illustrators. I'm not finished yet (haven't even reached Mordor) but have a look at the journey so far...
(Image: Roger Garland c.1987)
As a little thank you to all the kind souls who have borne my ramblings to the verge of 1000 followers I present a whistle stop visual tour of #LotR
Same scene/two artists - first up Gandalf arrives in Hobbiton by Michael Kaluta (c. 1993) and Sergei Iukhimov (1991) #Tolkien
Part 2 of our whistle-stop visual tour through #LotR taking in key scenes by different illustrators. Tonight we happen upon Bilbo's Long-expected Party, first as a Breughel-esque character study by Inger Edelfeldt (1983) then a painterly mood piece by Lidia Postma (1997) #Tolkien
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Heads up: Iceland has been monitoring #volcano unrest at #Reykjanes Peninsula. #Aviation color code orange due to quakes & indications of shallow magma dike. If an eruption occurs, ash hazard may affect North Atlantic air #travel.… #geology #weather Image
"Suspense in Iceland as dormant volcanic zone shows signs of life" by @physorg_com - volcanologists say a #Reykjanes eruption would likely be more lava than ash; not expecting repeat of 2010 Eyjafjallajokull #aviation #travel disruption… #volcano #geology
"Sleeping Giant: Earthquakes And Volcanoes In #Reykjanes" by @rvkgrapevine - volcanologists describe how the peninsula's eruption history shapes expectations of possible volcanic activity to mostly lava flows, not explosions/ash… #Iceland #volcano #geology
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🧙🏿‍♂️El hilo que no has pedido pero necesitas de #lotr😌

Los lugares, escenarios y paisajes mas míticos de las películas de #elseñordelosanillos en la vida real.

Vais a flipar!👇
Monte del Destino: Tongariro National Park es el nombre de la localización real, en Nueva Zelanda. Comparado con lo que es en las películas es muy bonito😍
Cima de los Vientos: Es donde Aragorn y los Hobbits se refugian durante la noche en la que luchan contra los Nazgûl y hieren a Frodo. Esta localización está situada en Port Waikato. Creo que es el sitio que menos cambia de la vida real a las películas.
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Many Believers are afraid of deliverance, or perhaps don't think they need it, but it's required for abundant living.

I had a great deliverance session last this past week. A tough case. Those are my favorite because I'm a tough case.
I believe there are 3 levels of deliverance cases:

70% - most people. They just want enough to get through life as a Christian & go to Heaven.

No weirdy stuffs. No prophets. Just work, family, church sometimes, may or may not own a Bible/open it/pray.

They're more human will oriented than knowledgeable of the supernatural aspects of Elohim, The Divine Creator and His role in the every day workings of the human experience.

"You can do anything you set your mind to, and if GOD helps, that's even betterer."
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“Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.”
-JRR Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring
✨Details✨ (I have been working on this piece for a month lol)
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Nachdem gestern mein Tweet über das Grundspiel von „Die Reise durch Mittelerde“ etwas Aufmerksamkeit bekam,danke @terraminima, schreibe ich heute mal etwas zu den bisher erschienenen Erweiterungen.Zu erst geht es um die Schurken von Eriador und im Anschluss um Dunkle Pfade #LOTR
Die Schurken von Eriador
Hierbei handelt es sich um eine sogenannte Schurken-Erweiterung.
Der Inhalt ist recht gering, dafür ist der Preis mit um die 15€ ganz ok. Man bekommt 3 tolle Miniaturen, welche wie im Hauptspiel wieder sehr gut gestaltet sind.
2 der Minis kommen in der Kampagne des Grundspiels zum Einsatz und eine in der ersten DLC Erweiterung, welche man digital noch einmal extra kaufen muss. Es handelt sich dabei um Bossgegner, man sollte also nicht erwarten, dass man sie zum Beginn des Spiels trifft!
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BODY OF #CHRIST: If you need a refresher on the war we're presently in watch #LOTR: The Two Towers. Note how the demonic attacks on multiple fronts simultaneously. Note how some leaders were hesitant to fight until the battle was at their doorstep. Note how elves came to war
alongside men and think about the angels Yahweh has assigned to assist us in His Will being done on Earth. Meditate on how Aragorn said: 'Show them no mercy, for you shall receive none,' because demons and those who've given over control of themselves to them take that same
attitude toward you. Also, note that when it came time to war for The Kingdom everyone who had a stake in the game sent warriors - elves, men, trees - to fight against evil. That means the denominations need to join together in unity with the goal of warring for our King, #Jesus
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Seeing #TolkienEveryday posts from @sunamiami @The_Tolkienist and @MLCorbier have inspired me to do my own!

So here it goes! #TolkienEveryday Day 1: I recently recived the newest @DelReyBooks PB set! Even though I usually stick with UK versions I had to get these beauties! Image
#TolkienEveryday Day 2: Released just last month @JohnGarthWriter The Worlds of J.R.R Tolkien has to be one of the most beautiful books on Tolkien to date with stunning illustrations on every page, as well as being chalked full of great information on the professor’s influences! ImageImageImageImage
“If I stayed beside you, love would lead me, not wisdom”

- Beleg to Túrin

Beleg was the purest friend to be found in the legendarium and my favourite of Tolkien’s Characters. It’s heart wrenching when he’s killed accidentally by the one he most loved #TolkienEveryday ImageImage
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The Fellowship of the Ring: Quarantine Edition. Made with LEGOs and random household objects. #LordOfTheRings #LOTR #Tolkien #lego #legos #Quarantine #stayhome
Part 2
Part 3
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Um der Langeweile entgegenzusetzen und um einen Freund und sein Geschäft zu unterstützen, habe ich mich nach langem ringen mit mir selbst entschlossen, Reise durch Mittelerde zu kaufen! Jetzt freue ich mich ein kleines Kind, dass es Dienstag endlich eintrifft! #boardgame #LotR
Das auspacken hat schon mal viel Spaß gemacht. Noch 3 mal arbeiten!
So, heute wurde die erste Runde gespielt.
Das Regelheft ist für diese Art von Spiel recht kurz. Es wird alles gut erklärt und durch die Bebilderung ist der Einstieg recht einfach.
Der Aufbau war recht schnell erledigt. Die Karten könnten etwas größer sein.
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I understand that SCOTUS doesn't traditionally explain its decisions about whether or not to stay (i.e. smack down) an injunction, but that silence can be cruel.

The #PublicCharge rule will affect millions of US citizens, US companies, & #immigrants. Why rush to judgment?

Why do 5 justices believe the gov't will suffer "irreparable harm" unless the #PublicCharge rule goes into effect *right now*?

It replaces a policy that's been in place without incident for over 20 years.

@steve_vladeck nails it: 2/
@steve_vladeck Presumably these 5 justices agree with the 9th Circuit ruling, which is grotesque in its reasoning:


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We have lost the greatest mind in the dynamic world of #Tolkien Scholarship. Like his Father he was an intellectual giant who poured his entire life into those monumental works.

Never was the adage more true: He was a GENTLEMAN and a SCHOLAR.

A memory.
Born in Leeds in late 1924 - he studied at the Dragon 🐉 School at an early age, connecting him later to his Father’s beloved Oxford. He served in the Royal Air Force; continuing a family legacy of military service. He is pictured twice here as the littlest one on the right.

What an experience for him! Listening to his Dad spin marvelous stories of Bilbo, Thorin and Gandalf! 🧙🏼‍♂️

His teenage years enriched by giving feedback during the lengthy 15-16 years of writing #LOTR.

Can you imagine BEING THERE at his Father’s desk for that?! #GeekHeaven
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