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Was just doing a wee bit o' #spiritualwarfare then my mind went on a twitty-like thread. 😊

Was thinking @stella_immanuel is probably a great physician if she's a born again Believer in #Jesus and casts out demons. Which He said those who believe in
@stella_immanuel 2. Him will do. She's probably treating spirit, soul and body and should have a greater success rate with patients than many others who ignore the spiritual realm for this temporal, low-level natural one.

That also would explain why she calls #hcqworks + zinc + az a cure.
@stella_immanuel 3. When you do the spiritual work in addition to the physical work for #healing, you're no longer just practicing #medicine as trained in colleges. You actually take on the role of healer. Especially when you honor Jesus. He said Believers in Him will lay hands on the sick and
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This is an older post #ARMYofGOD #SHARE #McFiles #MarkTaylor #SPIRITUALwarfare #SPIRITUALtreason #GODwins #pray #Jesus #prayers #CHRIST Revelation 2:9/3:9
#Justice must be served. On earth and IN the afterlife.
NO PARDON for obUma
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@POTUS @realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump @FLOTUS @TaylorRMarshall Why is there no HOLY CROSS put up on the @WhiteHouse lawn to honor #Yeshau #Jesus every year? Heck, why is it that us #Christians are mocked by #Muslims & #Jews with #HATRED? CONTD->
@POTUS @realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump @FLOTUS @TaylorRMarshall #Protestants & #Catholics MUST COME TOGETHER in this fight against #Evil. #OrthodoxJews have been brainwashed to HATE #Yeshau #Jesus. #Muslims have also been brainwashed to hate all #Christians & #Catholics. CONTD -->
@POTUS @realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump @FLOTUS @TaylorRMarshall Even #Freemasons hate us #Christians & #Catholics. #DC, #LONDON, #VATICAN, #ISRAEL they MARKED OUR LAND as their own with that Satan Obelisk - Phallic of Nimrod. CONTD-->
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5 Reasons Why I'd ❤️To Conversate W/ @PHARAOH_ATEN_

1. I'm Egyptian. (lots of symbolism/history to discuss here
2. I've been on a spiritual path since 13 & THIS is all #spiritualwarfare
3. Been listening to him alongside @Perpetualmaniac as you speak the truth.
4. Censored Too
5. I have TONS of ORIGINAL reporting on #georgefloyd and have been asking TONS of questions

Interview with #GeorgeFLloyd's employer Jovanni Thunstrom/#CongoLatinBistro

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You getting it yet? Pædophilia is being done by men AND WOMEN

#OprahWinfrey all the way up to the #Pope with MANY in #Hollywood & in OUR GOVERNMENT

It’s been happening in our faces for decades bc it all so sick/evil they knew we wouldn’t believe it..

..Until We Did

Many truths began as “#conspiracy” but if you TAKE THE TIME to educate yourself

You’ll never be able to turn your back on all the CHILDREN>>>victims>>>They breed, kidnap, sacrifice in the US & global network

#PizzaGate is local
#PedoGate is global

Pls watch video👇🏼
No bias; Just facts here👇🏼

This is #SpiritualWarfare we are fighting right now. It’s why you’re seeing so many #HumanTrafficking/ #Pedowood arrests the last 2 yrs

It’s what @POTUS meant in his tweet (👇🏼next tweet)

Help Us Save These Kids & America 🙏

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Changing Paradigm Thread, Section 4.5:
The Politicization of the Occult & Religion
Politicization of the occult can be seen best through Naziism, although Stalin’s cult of personality works as well.
The agnostic genocide led to a revival of the occult, mainly led by Helen Blovatsky.
*fun fact: there is a group named Lucis Teust who has a seat at the UN and -
Is based on Blovatsky’s writings. To become a member you have to read several of her books & take part in group distance energy work every week.
They have a plan for the New World Order, titled “the plan” that is publicly available on their website.
Look them up - powerful group
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1/ It's been a while, but here's part eleven of my Twitter “Book Review” of C. Peter Wagner’s edited volume: “Supernatural Forces in Spiritual Warfare.” This very short thread will focus on chapter 11 by Donald Jacobs entitled: "Out of Africa: Evangelism and Spiritual Warfare."
2/ For those who are new followers, I decided to do this series of threads on "Spiritual Warfare" in response to a poll I did some time ago. The purpose is also to inform people of Charismatic dominionist beliefs and practices, such as those of the New Apostolic Reformation.
3/ Now if you haven’t read my first ten threads on this book, you can access them freely on my blog at the following link: 👇…
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Many have reported they are awoken wee hour of the morning, having nightmares and/or are fighting depression.

Now wickedness is manifesting in the natural. Police officers shot in the city of brotherly love.
Evil is fighting hard and tomorrow is a full moon.

Getting reports that Witchcraft is very active now and they do rituals under the full moon. Lunacy is real. We all know it.

We have entered into a time of heavy warfare. The war front is on us.
Now is the time to suit up in Gods armor and sharpen the sword which is the word of God the bible.

Pray WARRIORS. At all times with all kinds of prayers. These are the prayers that cancel the enemies attacks.
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1/ This is part nine of my Twitter “Book Review” of C. Peter Wagner’s edited volume: “Supernatural Forces in Spiritual Warfare.” This thread will focus on chapter 9 by F. Douglas Pennoyer entitled: "In Dark Dungeons of Collective Captivity."
2/ If you haven’t read my first eight threads on this book, you can access them freely on my blog at the following link: 👉

3/ In response to a poll I did a while ago, I decided to do this series of threads on "Spiritual Warfare."

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#ThreadReaderApp: “One Nation, Under God” so...let’s think about this for a moment. The #AntiAbortion position those of us take who are have incorruptible patriotism and believe in the Almighty Father. Whether OR not YOU believe in God, our Founding Fathers did and
our country was founded on the fact that God exists. I can guarantee He is #ProLIFE Period. No debate. All the lame arguments (@BernieSanders @SenSanders @Alyssa_Milano @krassenstein et al) about #abortion being a constitutional right is so ridiculous because it lacks merit.
TIME and again that is provable. The founding fathers and FIRST knew evil would seek to destroy. They knew it’s always #SpiritualWarfare and acknowledged everyone’s right and dare I say RESPONSIBILITY to protect their own.
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With all this abortion debating there is something blatantly left out of the conversation and I’m going to inject it. There is a true long lasting devastating effect from abortion that impacts women and men.

Ask @IamStevenT…
It’s mind boggling to me that we’ve become this blood thirsty? What’s happening here? Really - this is a horrific fact that the US performs more abortions AS IT IS than any other country. This is a sickness straight from the #PitOfHell
And each law set forth like what @NYGovCuomo did and celebrated is setting up a whole generation of people that will be suffering from PTSD because murder is becoming legal.
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Iraninan Advisors — How did they get here and what does it mean for America? 🇺🇸🇺🇸 We have to Wake Up and Fight — Let’s DIG 👉🏻💵👉🏻#PatriotsFight #AmericaFirst #GreatAwakening #TakeBackDay
Why did HRC give Uranium & Obama 💵 💵 cash to Iran? And now John Kerry is making deals for 🇺🇸🇺🇸 ? - - NOT ON OUR WATCH & Not On Trump’s either @POTUS @RepMarkMeadows @GOPLeader @DevinNunes @GenFlynn
#Traitors Selling out U.S.A. For Years #PatriotsAwakened
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