1/4: My comments this AM with ⁦@apoorva_nyc⁩ in ⁦@nytimes⁩, I stated how the “stars would need to align” in order to meet OpWarpSpeed projections of vaccinating US population and ultimately interrupting virus transmission nytimes.com/2020/12/06/us/…
2/4: We have two performance hopes or expectations for #COVID19 vaccines: 1) To keep you or your family out of the hospital or ICU and save your life (so far that seems to be happening), but also 2) if enough people are vaccinated then virus 🦠 transmission stops
3/4: Second bar is a high one requiring following stars to align: 1) the vaccine can also halt virus shedding, asymptomatic transmission and we haven’t established that yet, studies planned, 2) we estimated with modelers @CUNYSPH @bruce_y_lee that 60-80% US population vaccinated
4/4: To reach 60-80% we’ll need 1) additional vaccines beyond mRNA, don’t think mRNA alone will get us there, 2) vaccinate adolescents kids, 3) launch an effective national communications strategy, 4) confront and dismantle antivaccine aggression. All possible with political will

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7 Dec
You are not wrong. But it never was that way before? @NASA was launched in by Eisenhower, @PEPFAR #NTDs by W, I know because I worked with Dr Fauci to make it happen. Ok maybe Reagan wasn’t great, but not like this. Our nation was built on science. What the heck happened?
And how do we fix this? When i was chair 🪑 of microbiology at @GWSMHS for 11 years (loved it) I learned that you can get anything done you want as long as you don’t need to take the credit for it and are willing to reach across the aisle
Back then I would think nothing of going to Sen. Sam Brownback’s (R-KS) prayer 🙏 breakfast and walking down the hall to meet with Sen Patrick Leahy (D-VT). Two total ideological opposites, but work together on #NTDs? Not a problem
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5 Dec
1/3: Many thanks ⁦@AnaCabrera⁩ for hosting me @CNN re: widespread #covidvaccine hesitancy due to an absent communication plan from OpWarpSpeed, bungled messaging and press releases from pharma CEOs, and antivaccine dominance on internet, social media and ecommerce sites
2/3: Antivaccine messages coming from several sources: 1) US “health freedom” and specific antivaccine organizations that monetize internet, sell fake books and wellness products, as well as PACs linked to political extremism, 2) Russian weaponized health communication
3/3: These antivaccine organizations now targeting specific groups with misinformation and inflammatory language, for example Orthodox Jewish population comparing vaccines to the Holocaust and African American community comparing vaccines to Tuskegee, staging rallies in Harlem NY
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5 Dec
1/3: Many thanks ⁦@MartinSavidge⁩ for hosting me @CNN discussing two necessary performance features of OpWarpSpeed #COVID19 vaccines: 1) reducing severe infection and keeping you out of hospital and the ICU, and 2) interrupting virus transmission through herd immunity
2/3: I think we checked the box on the first one, which is great, but herd immunity is a high bar. We know this through our studies with @bruce_y_lee @CUNYSPH finding we’ll need 70-80% coverage with a vaccine that also stops virus 🦠 shedding - those shedding studies in progress
3/3: And to achieve 70-80% coverage in US we’ll need: 1) multiple different types of vaccines, mRNA vaccines alone probably won’t get us there, 2) to also vaccinate adolescents children, studies underway, 3) launch a communication strategy, 4) halt antivaccine disinformation
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2 Dec
Many thanks ⁦@Lawrence⁩ for hosting me ⁦@TheLastWord⁩ on imminent release of first OpWarpSpeed vaccine with the hope and expectation we might have a small “fleet” of different vaccines by early next year. But they all work by inducing neutralizing antibodies.
Don’t wait for any particular vaccine, they all operate by inducing virus 🦠 neutralizing antibodies. Only question is durability of protection, which we won’t know anyway for at least another year. Take what’s offered both doses, and if necessary you can be boosted later
But getting virus neutralizing antibodies in your system through vaccination is the best to ensure you or your family won’t be hospitalized with #COVID19
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1 Dec
1/5: I’ve severely criticized Dr Atlas since his appointment, but make no mistake he was only one of several mouthpieces for a far reaching and deliberate antiscience disinformation initiative led by the White House foxnews.com/politics/dr-sc…
2/5: It’s major tenets: 1) downplaying severity of the pandemic, 2) attributing COVID19 deaths to other causes, 3) fake herd immunity, 4) discrediting masks, 5) discrediting scientists (including me), 6) spectacularizing their abilities, 7) hydroxychloroquine
3/5: Soon other “populist” (almost fascist, but here I need advice from the political scientists) regimes adopted similar tactics, Bolsanaro-Brasil, Duterte-Philippines, Ortega-Nicaragua, mostly far right, with devastating consequences, especially for low income essential workers
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27 Nov
Many thanks to Jim ⁦@Acosta⁩ for hosting me in ⁦@CNNSitRoom⁩ describing our nation’s humanitarian catastrophe as #COVID19 deaths mounts. We need to do better halting surges on our ICUs that can overwhelm our healthcare heroes and mortality rates skyrocket
Highest reported COVID surges globally now in midsection of our nation, esp northern Midwest and West Texas + NM. 10/12 of worst affected states = red states where too often leaders bought into White House CoV TF disinformation campaign. With no one in charge I’m taking this on
I’m reaching out to every conservative news site that will listen. The message: No one has to die, we can save tens of thousands of lives, get them to the other side and get them vaccinated early next year
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