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Interview with world leading early treatment advocate, doctor & academic Dr Peter A McCullough

On successful Covid treatments & America's medical response

Vaccine is voluntary. CDC language confirms this…

#EarlyTreatment #CovidVaccine #InformedConsent Image
WHO changed its definition of herd immunity - raised by Reinette Senum in interview with Dr Peter McCullough
Dr McCullough referred to this warning letter by @noorchashm

A Letter of Safety Warning To CVS, Rite Aid And Their Pharmacists

The Potential Danger of Indiscriminate COVID-19 Vaccination In The Naturally Immune And Recently COVID-19 Infected… Image
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Governments can do multiple things at once on global #COVIDVaccine access. At risk of over-political-scienceing: Need to disntinguish 2 agenda-setting arguments re WTO waiver as "distraction"
-Govts can't do waiver and X (not a real argument)
-Govts might use to distract (fair)
We know (takes Baum&Jones off shelf) govts have limited political attention:
Aside: FAR too little focus on political strategy for vaccine equity. I see this as core prob of COVAX. Political agenda occupied by sharing doses (implausible) instead of knowledge to produce. Image
But PLENTY of political attention to both do TRIPS waiver and do tech transfer + funding. WTO negotiations will be done by trade ministers/reps with significant capacity. Issues are straightforward. I can say talking to USG, WH+State+HHS have plenty capacity to walk + chew gum.
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BREAKING—U.S. FDA has just expanded the emergency use authorization (EUA) for the Pfizer-BioNTech #COVIDVaccine to include adolescents 12 through 15 years of age. #COVID19…
2) “The data to support the EUA in adolescents down to 12 years of age is based on immunogenicity and an analysis of COVID-19 cases. The immune response to the vaccine in 190 participants, 12 through 15 years of age, was compared to the immune response of 170 participants,”
3) “16 through 25 years of age. In this analysis, the immune response of adolescents was non-inferior to (at least as good as) the immune response of the older participants.
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@BDUTT You writing fake narrative about #1990KPExodus was all justified. Deep introspection needed. How much low can journalism can stoop ? God save journalism.
@BDUTT You heard it right, the burning pyres of victims of #PandemicCovid becoming cashcows for #LutyensMedia and @BDUTT @RanaAyyub have many such "leathers" in their caps !
@BDUTT @RanaAyyub Never watched US journalists reporting Live with Covid burial grounds and graveyards in their background and sitting infront of their laptops. Are these journalists not insensitive to the miseries of victims and their families. This is no journalism but culture of vultures.
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[#SupremeCourt hearing in Suo Motu case concerning #COVID19 issues]

Justice DY Chandrachud led bench will shortly hear the #suomotu case regarding COVID vaccine pricing issues, #oxygen supply & supply of essential medicines.
Centre has told the #SupremeCourt that new liberalised pricing policy for COVID vaccine adopted is to ensure scaling up of vaccine coverage, to incentivize vaccine manufacturers to rapidly scale up their production and to attract new vaccine manufacturers…
During the hearing of the matter on April 30, the top court had questioned the government on vaccine pricing, remarking that vaccines which states have to procure are overpriced.
#SupremeCourt #covidvaccine @SerumInstIndia @BharatBiotech
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Perhaps experts publicly sharing their takes on AZ #CovidVaccine can consider a DM group chat. Remember your discourse on this public platform is open to everyone incl. non-experts who are fearful, confused & now feeling betrayed.
To the non-expert public a 🧵for you ⤵️ #COVID19
1) If you're feeling conflicted & having doubts/regrets re: taking the AZ #CovidVaccine esp. after a few comms failures & public expert discourse,
Please read 🧵⤵️, it will help explain what you're seeing & not take it as final word: h/t @thekimgauthier
2) This is an extremely important 🧵 by @MPaiMD who outlines all the things you need to know about the rare but serious side effect of AZ #CovidVaccine: what to look for & what to do if you have the symptoms. L
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[COVID Vaccine] Liberalised pricing for incentivising pvt manufacturers to increase production, attract foreign players: Centre to Supreme Court

report by @DebayonRoy

#COVID19 #SupremeCourt
Central govt has asked SC to refrain from interfering in the Vaccine policy since it is in the domain of executive and does not warrant judicial interference.

#CovidVaccine #SupremeCourt
Central govt has also told the court that all citizens are getting free vaccine since all States have announced free vaccination between age group 18-44.

#CovidVaccine #COVID19
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.@WHCOS and @JakeSullivan46: we appreciate your support for the #TRIPSwaiver. NOW: we need a Global #COVID19Vaccines Czar in the @WhiteHouse. Someone with access to both of you and @POTUS. 1/
This CANNOT be a lower post somewhere in @USAID or elsewhere. This person has to corral companies, the US’ allies, scientists worldwide to manage tech transfer, scale up of manufacturing, coordination of global supply chains for raw materials. 2/
This also CANNOT be handed off to #COVAX or #CEPI. They do NOT have enough political power to make anything happen beyond the status quo. 3/
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In 2020, @GlblCtzn brought the 🌎 the ‘One World’ concert to support frontline healthcare workers and the @WHO. Yesterday, their #VaxLive concert secured more than 26 million #CovidVaccine doses for countries in need!🙌You can watch the concert now at…
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Tucker Carlson interview with Dr Peter A McCullough - Clips

1/ Where Is The Focus on COVID Treatment?…

2/ Why Is Early Treatment Being Surpressed?…

3/ What Medications Are Being Used in Early Treatment?…
4/ Patient Autonomy, the Nuremberg code, and COVID Vaccines.…

5/ Who was excluded from COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Trials…

6/ College COVID Vaccine Mandates & Who Should Get the Vaccine…

7/ The CDC issues recommendations, not rulings….
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But look at all these terrible deaths on #VAERS, #TuckerCarlson says? Not so fast! Look at the disclaimer, first. Just because it was reported does not mean #vaccines were the cause!
First of all, let's emphasize that #VAERS is a useful tool, but not for folks looking to confirm their worst fears about #vaccines. It's mostly for the nerds in public health to detect super, super, super rare side effects as early as possible.
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The #TRIPSWaiver: lots of misunderstanding & mis-information on WTO & law.
A thread on why it's:
-not going to harm innovation
-not radical
- harmful to pretend it is
-not going to touch US pharma patents
-(as we all said) just 1 piece of #CovidVaccine access puzzle
1)Those arguing TRIPS waiver will undermine the innovation that got us #COVIDVaccines are asking us to believe start-ups (Moderna, BioNTech) and universities (Oxford, UPenn) are going to stop taking public money to develop & trial breakthrough vaccines (!?) or 2/12 Image
or that major pharma companies are going to refuse to commercialize technologies with huge potential rewards ($billions from massive orders) that have largely been de-risked by public + philanthropic efforts if they are only promised monopolies in US, EU and other HICs… 3/14 Image
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The last few months in #generalpractice have felt hectic, even by usual #GP standards.

short 🧵👇🏻 looks at what appointment/workforce numbers show, with some thoughts on the important bits that those numbers can't tell us....
1. Total appointment numbers in March were high (28.5m), BUT

2. The number of appointments done by GPs was particularly high (14.7m - the highest since the dataset began).

3. GPs did 2.5m more appointments in March '21 than in Feb (nb there were 3 more working weekdays)
- The absolute number (and %) of F2F appointments is creeping up (15.8m in March) AND

- The number of phone appts in March 21 (11.4m) is also the highest on record.
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Madras High Court to hear today at 2.15 pm Suo Motu case on Covid management in the State

#COVIDSecondWave #MadrasHighCourt #COVID19India
Hearing begins. Matter before Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy.

#COVIDSecondWave #MadrasHighCourt #COVID19India
Health Secy has filed a status report: Govt Adv Suresh

First and foremost, what happened in Chengalpettu yesterday?: Court asks Health Secy

It was management failure... What happened was somewhere around 11 o clock... (unclear): Dr J Radhakrishnan (Health Secy)
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"Prioritise the elderly & high risks"

Easy to be said,
NOT easy to be done.

Many elderly people are still vaccine-hesitant:their main source of info is "fear-mongering" Whatsapp chain messages.

This is a 🧵on #COVID vaccine's risk & why we should not wait for an IDEAL vaccine.
2/ Many of the high risk patients who we counselled for vaccine still are hesitant & adopted approach of "Tunggu Dulu la"
Despite our best efforts explaining the risks

Remember when Pfizer first came out? Many people went bonkers over the anaphylaxis issue despite reassurances.
3/ When Pfizer came out, people say "oh I wanna wait for AZ/Sinovac/J&J"

Now AZ are in, people are super scared over the risk of VITT (blood clots):they are saying "Let's wait for Pfizer" 🤷🏻‍♀️

J&J also has reports of VITT now.

Sinovac has minimal data on adverse effects for now.
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Biden waives the vaccine patents. Saving humanity is more important than protecting corporate IP, which taxpayers paid for with our research dollars anyway.

In America, right matters. Saving the world matters. #COVID19 #CovidVaccine
2) Previously, the Trump WH had *blocked* patent waivers where it was first proposed in October 2020!! Let that sink in how much elections matter!…
3) Been yelling about this for weeks. 50 companies stand ready to produce the vaccines. But to fully produce it, the pharma companies need to assist in technical sharing too. We can’t let pharma off the hook.
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Biden waives vaccine patents—process will be slow, but it has begun! American leadership is back! #COVID19 #CovidVaccine…
2) The Biden administration supports temporarily lifting intellectual property protections for coronavirus vaccines and will move forward with international discussions to waive them, its top trade negotiator said on Wednesday.
3) “This is a global health crisis, and the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic call for extraordinary measures… in service of ending this pandemic, supports the waiver of those protections for COVID-19 vaccines,” U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai said
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It's truly depressing to me that there are journalists who, months after #CovidVaccine was released, there are still reporters who write stories that assume that a death after the vaccine was caused by the vaccine. @PatchTweet, do better.…
Any death is tragic, but writing a story like this before medical authorities investigate is basically fodder for antivaxxers.
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US EXPORTING VACCINES NOW—The old Trump-era vaccine export restrictions are now gone under Biden WH. US will now export Pfizer vaccines and start supplying Canada and Mexico with #COVID19 vaccine made from its U.S. plant in Michigan. Finally!…
2) To be clear, there was an explicit reason why the first batch of US made vaccines couldn’t be exported… because Trump WH banned them from use outside of US territories. That won’t apply anymore to Biden WH contracted vaccines. Hence the new exports.
3) Now is a good time to also waive the #CovidVaccine patents so that more than 50 other companies around the world, who have offered to help produce them, can ramp up production.
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Here’s why #Immunesuppressed need faster access to 1st & 2nd #CovidVaccine doses.

What you need to know if you take AntiTNF #Biologics (#Remicade, #Humira, #Simponi) &/or immunomodulators (#Imuran, #Methotrexate, #6MP) for a chronic illness.

A thread
#IBD #Arthritis
2. Large scale study conducted in UK w/ #IBD patients (see @ClarityIBD) confirms those taking medications that suppress their immune system have little to no protection from a 1st dose of COVID vaccine alone
#immunocompromised #IBD #arthritis #Psoriasis…
3. Good news!

The @ClarityIBD UK study confirmed there is good protection against serious illness/death from COVID once you get the 2nd dose. So while 1 dose doesn’t really work for #immunesuppressed, 2 doses does!

#IBD #arthritis #psoriasis #COVID19Vaccine #RA #AS
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I've been warning about the likelihood of antivaxxers arming themselves and becoming violent for years. Now it appears to be on the verge of happening, with "Mamalitia." 1/
The receipts begin. Five years ago, I first started becoming concerned about the increasingly violent rhetoric and imagery used by the antivaccine movement. 2/…
With the release of @DrWakefield and @delbigtree's antivaccine propaganda movie disguised as a documentary @vaxxedthemovie in 2016, the violent rhetoric of the antivaccine movement intensified. 3/…
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[Suo Motu COVID-19]

Justice DY Chandrachud led three-judge bench of Supreme Court to resume hearing its suo motu case regarding supply of essential medicines, drugs, vaccines during the #COVID19 pandemic

#SupremeCourt #pandemic #suomotu
Supreme Court in its earlier order had directed the Central government to clarify the basis and rationale on which COVID-19 vaccines are being priced in the country
#supremecourtofindia #covid19 #pandemic
The top court had maintained that during a national crisis it cannot remain a mute spectator. But it clarified that it was not hearing the case to supplant the high courts.

Read all about the last hearing here:…
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Covaxin vs Covishield: Here's everything you must know about the two vaccines…

#CovidVaccine #CovidIndiaInfo #coronavirus
Currently, there are two vaccines available to the public- Bharat Biotech's Covaxin and Serum Institute- Oxford University-AstraZeneca's Covishield vaccine. Other vaccines, including Sputnik V, are soon touted to be made available.

#COVID19India #CovidVaccineIndia
Covaxin and Covishield are both homegrown vaccines that have driven India's vaccination drives. While Covaxin is fully made, developed and produced in India, Covishield is manufactured by Pune-based Serum Institute of India.
#COVID19India #CovidVaccineIndia
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#BombayHighCourt refuses to take up the plea seeking directions to ensure that vaccine for COVID-19 is supplied at the uniform rate of Rs. 150 per dose for citizens across the country.

#COVIDEmergency #CovidVaccineIndia #COVIDVaccination
Chief Justice Dipankar Datta: #SupremeCourt has said issues which have pan India will be considered by them. Pricing is a phenomenon applicble all over India.

#COVIDEmergency #CovidVaccineIndia #COVIDVaccination
CJ: Since #SupremeCourt has taken cognizance before you filed the petition, you can approach them. You cannot keep filing petitions. We are alive to the situation and are hauling up the centre and state governments for providing better treatment to the people.

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