1/21 I'm uploading herewith raw evidence which exposes Mnangagwa & his wife Auxillia as the barons & beneficiaries of money laundering & gold smuggling by one Mohamed Zakariya Patel. The evidence covers the period from 24 May 2018 to 14 January 2019!
2/21 As is often the case in such matters, the main enabler tends to vary either their name by use of different spellings or even use of different names. So, here you get Mohamed Zakariya Patel, or Mohamed Zakaraya Patel or Mohammed Zackaraya Patel commonly known as "Zaks Patel"!
3/21 The raw evidence consists of WhatsApp chats between Mohamed Zakariya Patel & Ishamaiel Mossa Lunat; along with key documents that backup the content of the chats. The chats specifically refer to "Number 1" (Mnangagwa), "first lady" (Auxillia) & "Pres (President's) Office"!
4/21 The evidence is uploaded here as raw data to enable citizens, especially the media, civil society, churches, political parties & academia to do their own investigations to draw their own conclusions to inform their own interventions & praxis to tackle the crisis. Study it!
5/21 The complete WhatsApp chats are uploaded; but highlighted here are Mohamed Zakariya Patel's clear & unambiguous mentions of money laundering transactions for "Number 1" (Mnangagwa) & a "fuming first lady" (Auxillia); as well as visits to "Pres Office" ( President's Office)!
6/21 Mohamed Zakariya Patel's WhatsApp chats with Ishmaiel Moosa Lunat have attachments, like this confidential memo from @ReserveBankZIM to #CID, which show Patel's intimate connections within law enforcement agencies in the system; arising from his links with the Mnangagwas!
7/21 As the evidence in the documents shows, thanks to his barons, Mnangagwa & Auxillia, Mohamed Zakariya Patel has deep Police & CID contacts; whom he bribes to cover his money laundering & gold smuggling crimes, one is Michell Nyabadza, at CID, Harare Central Police Station!
8/21 Attached is the verbatim record of WhatsApp chats from 24 May 2018 to 14 January 2019 between Mohamed Zakariya Patel & Ishmaiel Moosa Lunat; implicating Mnangagwa (Number 1) & his wife (first lady) Auxillia, in money laundering and gold smuggling!

9/21 Here is a link to the full 148-page Dossier of confirmed WhatsApp chats, and their supporting documents, between Mohamed Zakariya Patel & Ishmaiel Moosa Lunat disclosing serious crimes & implicating Mnangagwa & Auxillia. The NPA, SACU & ZRP have it!

10/21 The key law enforcement agencies, NPA, SACU & ZRP's Law & Order have been sitting on Zaks Patel Dossier for months without taking action as required by the law, to protect Mnangagwa & Auxillia. And @matandamoyo's @ZACConline has literally been running away from the Dossier!
11/21 Some weeks ago, the evidence of the involvement of Mnangagwa & his wife Auxillia, as barons in Mohamed Zakariya Patel's money laundering & gold smuggling, was led by Ishmaiel Moosa Lunat in Case No. R635-7/19 before the Magistrates Court; and was not impeached by the NPA!
12/21 After Lunat implicated Mnangagwa & Auxillia in money laundering & gold smuggling without being rebutted or impeached by the NPA in court, @elias_mambo, a Mnangagwa ally, tried a hatchet job to smear Lunat to sanitize the Mnangagwas. Lunat's lawyers have taken the matter up!
13/21 Mohamed Zakariya Patel uses his Mnangagwa ties to access gold from Fidelity Printers & Refinery, as did Henrietta Rushwaya; smuggles it out to sell it in hard currency & to buy rtgs from parallel market to pay 45% to #RBZ & to share hard currency with his VVIP gold barons!
14/21 From a forensic reading of his Dossier, it is clear that Mohamed Zakariya Patel runs "Toppers Uniforms", more as a money laundering vehicle than anything else. Zaks Patel is a pilot who regularly flies to SA, Zambia & Dubai on money laundering & gold smuggling missions!
15/21 The Dossier shows that there is a criminal capture of the presidency, especially State House, through Mnangagwa & Auxillia, by syndicates like the one run by Mohamed Zakariya Patel; who is deeply networked within the criminal justice system, the financial & mining sectors!
16/21 The Mohamed Zakariya Patel Dossier shows how Mnangagwa and his wife Auxillia make big bucks through systematic looting of a key national resource: gold. To recap: they use the likes of Mohamed Zakariya Patel to access gold from Fidelity Printers & Refineries for nothing!
17/21 After the gold is accessed from Fidelity Printers & Refineries, it is smuggled out of Zim by Mohamed Zakariya Patel, the pilot, to be sold in hard currency for the Mnangagwas; some of the forex is used to buy the local currency to pay #RBZ 45% of the value of the gold!
18/21 From Mohamed Zakariya Patel's money laundering plunder, captured in his Dossier, it is clear that his syndicate "burns" forex to multiply it, before paying the Mnangagwas (and the 45% to the @ReserveBankZIM); hence the calls Mohamed would get from a "fuming first lady"!
19/21 It's also clear from Mohamed Zakariya Patel's Dossier that the biggest loser in the scam is Fidelity Printers & Refineries, meaning the people of Zimbabwe, who only get paid 45% of the value of the gold in rtgs local currency. It's an untold story of shocking grand looting!
20/21 What emerges is that Mnangagwa's so-called anti-corruption campaign is fake. Mnangagwa has weaponized corruption, not to fight it but to criminalize his opponents and has used that criminalization to cover up his & his family's corruption as captured in the "Zaks Dossier"!
21/21 The facts & the implications of the WhatsApp chats between Mohamed Zakariya Patel & Ishmaiel Moosa Lunat speak for themselves; exposing serious crimes. The people must hold Mnangagwa & his wife Auxillia to account, without fear or favour. State House is now a looting haven!

• • •

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1/24 @MinisterSBMoyo's PA Lynette Mahlaba has been AWOL from circa Feb 2020 & not seen at the Ministry since lockdown. Staff say she's training for posting in SA or on maternity leave. Truth is SB lied to wifey that he fired his PA in Feb yet he moved her to a Kuda Tagwirei bldg!
2/24 The Kuda Tagwirei bldg is on 11 Argyle Drive, Newlands, Harare. That's where @MinisterSBMoyo, who has a private office there, has literally been hiding his PA from his wife, under the false pretext that he fired her in Feb; yet she's still with him on the Ministry's payroll!
3/24 It is an open secret in the foreign affairs ministry that @MinisterSBMoyo is in a relationship with his PA. Things came to a head in Feb when SB's wife said she didn't want to see the PA at the Ministry. SB then moved her to a Tagwirei bldg, but lied that he had fired her!
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1/4 After Justice Happias Zhou came third in recent public interviews for ConCourt judges, Chief Justice Malaba has arm twisted the interviewing panel to remove Zhou's name from @JSCZim list of five judges recommended for ConCourt appointment!
2/4 Out of seven judges interviewed by the @JSCZim panel chaired by Chief Justice Malaba, five were nominated by Mnangagwa's office: Justices Chinembiri Bhunu, Paddington Garwe, Annie-Marie Gowora, Ben Hlatshwayo & Rita Makarau. Excluded were Justices Bharat Patel & Happias Zhou!
3/4 The top three performers from the public interviews as scored by the @JSCZim interviewing panel were:

1. Justice Rita Makarau

2. Justice Paddington Garwe

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29 Sep
Lieutenant Colonel GIFT MUNANA, a deadly exRhodesian & exGukurahundi soldier who was SAS Commander untill just before the Nov 2017 coup, has been recalled from retirement to lead special operations against Mnangagwa's political opponents in & outside Zim. His team has been to SA!
Lieutenant Colonel GIFT MUNANA was a Selous Scout in Rhodesia. After Independence in 1980, he operated with #gukurahundi forces in Matabeleland!
Lieutenant Colonel GIFT MUNANA in Equitorial Guinea in February 2015👇🏿!
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1/3 Zim's special forces (SAS) recently carried out two audacious operations against Owen Mudha Ncube, CIO minister, at his residence to expose his insecurity. One night, they immobilized his security guards & left them asleep. Mudha found them all in deep slumber in the morning!
2/3 One morning days after the first incident, which Mudha blamed on his security whom he wanted fired, he & his wife woke up on their bed in the middle of their yard. His gun, which he sleeps with under his pillow had been disarmed & put on the yard some two meters from the bed!
3/3 The SAS's Mudha operation wasn't the first of it's kind. They did the same to Sekeremayi, defence minister in 2017. They went into his bedroom, kept him & his wife asleep, took money; & a bag & suit were left in the yard. It was reported as a burglary!
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22 Sep
1/7 It's not in dispute that after the 2018 general election, a political party, MDC-ALLIANCE was formed. The rights of this party are protected by the Constitution of Zimbabwe. The leaders, members & supporters of the MDC-A have an obligation to defend their party by all means!
2/7 There're two reasons why MDC-T seeks to runaway from its tainted name to contest elections in MDC-A's name: their MDC-T can't win any election against MDC-A & @DMwonzora wants to use MDC-A name to reclaim Parly funds given to MDC-A in 2018 & 2019; which he claims were abused!
3/7 The MDC-ALLIANCE is not a name but a symbol of a formidable social base made up of leaders, members & supporters. Names of political parties don't matter in Zim; what matters are registered party symbols. No one, let alone MDC-T, can use this MDC-A election symbol👇🏿. No one!
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9 Sep
1/9 Under international law the primary responsibility of a govt is to protect its citizens. Where a govt fails to protect citizens the international community has a duty to step in. Mnangagwa's rogue govt has created an illegal Ferret Force to abduct & torture targeted citizens!
2/9 Mnangagwa's abduction & torture force consists of ferret teams with operatives mainly from the CIO & MID, that sometimes include CID officers from ZRP's Law & Order section. While ferret teams are now in every district, they are most active in Bulawayo & especially in Harare!
3/9 The main & in fact only purpose of the ferrets, a self-given name after the 2017 coup, is to abduct & torture citizens accused of threatening or undermining Mnangagwa's authority & identified either by Isaac Moyo & Owen Mudha Ncube at the CIO or by General Thomas Moyo at MID!
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