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I will,
Without fear,
Share my research findings on the impact of #Gukurahundi.
That the Shona language,
Is a trigger to genocide victims.
Is an undisputable fact.
Progressive Zimbabweans should focus on what can be done.
But whatever the case,
You can't silence me.
Zanu criminalized discussing Gukurahundi,
Victims had to live silently with the trauma,
No chance the wounds could heal,
When victims tell you Shona language was weaponised,
Anger should be directed at gvt,
For abusing the language,
Not at victims,
For speaking out.
That govt was the perpetrator,
Not Shona ethnic groups,
Is known.
The weaponisation of the Shona language,
Is unfortunately at the core of Gukurahundi memories,
That weaponisation continues in Matabeleland,
People are still forced to speak Shona to survive.
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Join me in my Space!…
@SiphoMalunga is discussing the following in his lecture:
-The applicability of International Law in Zimbabwe
-The status of International Law in Zimbabwe
-The status of the conflict in Matabeleland
-Evaluate the Gukurahundi massacres

#Gukurahundi @39
@SiphoMalunga- Customary International law applies to Zimbabwe according to our Constitution.

#Gukurahundi @39
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#Gukurahundi @39: How the genocide was indemnified, justified and hidden


On or around 20 January 1983, the Fifth Brigade-led genocide was launched in Matabeleland and the Midlands, Tsholotsho, Lupane and Nkayi in Matabeleland North and Zhombe, Silobela and Lower Gweru in the Midlands being the hardest hit.

#Gukurahundi @39
#Gukurahundi @39: Within weeks thousands of people had been killed, mostly through mass executions, thousands forcibly disappeared, raped, and an entire population in those areas tortured.

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On questions as to why @ProfJNMoyo didn’t speak out while he was in ZANU PF, these are sensitive issues about the state like #GUKURAHUNDI are not discussed in the politburo or in parliament. It’s considered a closed issue & raising it means you’re opening old wounds.
Coming from Tsholotsho, you’re confronted with the evidence of #GUKURAHUNDI. We didn’t stop talking about it, only we did it in whispers. In 1983, his father died, he was studying abroad in California. He was a ZANU commissar in California. He didn’t join after #GUKURAHUNDI
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Dear Everyone,
1/24 WHAT'S GOING ON? This is the question I have been asked over the last few days, and especially since las Friday, through DMs, chats, calls & even in these streets.

It all started with this👇🏿tweet by @glenmpani!

2/24 The point by @glenmpani was that Zimbabweans seeking change:

*Want out/can't join ZanuPF.
*Find MDC Chamisa disorganized, intolerant, immature & unstrategic.
*Think it's suicidal to be independent or to form a party.

I agreed with him as per this👇🏿!
3/24 ALAS, @glenmpani's tweet & my rejoinder torched a storm, with a torrent of abuse from some MDC-A rank and file. The worst for me was an MDC-A leader who angrily told a mutual colleague that I should have shared my rejoinder with him before tweeting it. No academic does that!
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The most significant act of violence against innocent unarmed Civilians in Zimbabwe was #Gukurahundi. It was motivated by Robert Mugabe’s desire for a 1 party state. It was genocide. @SiphoMalunga
Widespread attacks against civilians in an effort to quell the dissident threat. The dissident threat was a result of disgruntlement with the demobilization process. Both Zanla & Zipra buried weapons after the liberation war.
2000 people killed in the 1st 2 weeks by the 5th Brigade. Systematic terror & mass murder. Villagers were rounded up, made to sing songs all night, dig mass graves, then shot the men & raped the women. Tsholotsho got the worst of the 1st wave. Such trauma cannot be forgotten.
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Understanding Pseudo-operations in politics

1. Dealing with an authoritarian regime is tricky business. In war, there’s a thing called pseudo operations. This is where the army creates teams that are disguised as guerrillas in order to penetrate guerrilla-controlled units.
2. Pseudo-operators pretend to be guerrillas. People unwittingly accept them as “our own”. But they gather intelligence. They might do damage which is attributed to the side they are pretending to be. The Selous Scouts were masters at this during the 1970s liberation war.
3. Some of the most devastating massacres, such as Nyadzon’a were a result of these counterinsurgency operations led by pseudo operators. Some pseudo operators were “turned guerrillas” the most infamous of them being Morrison Nyathi. Pseudo operations didn’t stop after the war.
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1/14 Once again Mnangagwa is in Bulawayo today, with his security boys Owen "Machete" Mudha Ncube & Kazembe Kazembe, in another Virginia Mabiza facilitated abuse of the @NPRCZim & Matabeleland traditional chiefs to cleanse himself of #gukurahundi blood!…
2/14 Following the publication of his biography, littered with lies by Eddie Cross that he only played a peripheral role in the #gukurahundi genocide, Mnangagwa hopes the Cross book will whitewash his murderous gukurahundi past; before the @NPRCZim comes to an end in 23 months!
3/14 It's a cruel lie & a deepening of his genocidal complicity in gukurahundi atrocities to say, as does Eddie Cross in a book which been taken off the shelves in Zim for security reasons, that Mnangagwa played a minor role in the framing & execution of the gukurahundi genocide!
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Lieutenant Colonel GIFT MUNANA, a deadly exRhodesian & exGukurahundi soldier who was SAS Commander untill just before the Nov 2017 coup, has been recalled from retirement to lead special operations against Mnangagwa's political opponents in & outside Zim. His team has been to SA!
Lieutenant Colonel GIFT MUNANA was a Selous Scout in Rhodesia. After Independence in 1980, he operated with #gukurahundi forces in Matabeleland!
Lieutenant Colonel GIFT MUNANA in Equitorial Guinea in February 2015👇🏿!…
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1. I eventually got round to play Mnangagwa’s panic address to the nation. Tedious and empty as usual. He described the opposition parties as “terrorists”. Coming from a co-architect & enforcer of #Gukurahundi, this label is not to be taken lightly #ZimbabweanLivesMatter
2. By calling the opposition ”terrorists” he’s not only stripping them if their legitimacy but he is also setting up the tone for the brutal treatment applied to opponents. Being called a terrorist is being described as an outcast criminal element deserving of harsh measures.
3. Those who remember #Gukurahundi will know that this is similar to how whole communities in Matebeleland were decimated on the grounds that they were habouring & supporting dissidents. Describing opponents as terrorists was also a favourite method by the colonial regime
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1. Today’s reading is from Wages of War, A Report on Human Rights by the Lawyers Committe for Human Rights (1986). The excerpts give context to the reaction following the demise of a former general, Perrance Shiri who was commander of the 5th Brigade during #Gukurahundi Image
2. “This period was the darkest hour in Zimbabwe’s brief history. It was characterised by the most serious abuses of human rights since the end of the civil war, including by far the largest number of summary executions of civilians” page 33 #Gukurahundi Image
3. “5th Brigade soldiers would arrive in a village, heavily armed ... They showed a readiness to beat the villagers for the information, using sticks, clubs, rifle butts and bayonets ... Many women and girls showed signs of having been raped” page 34 #Gukurahundi Image
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1/4 "How Mike Auret tried to stop Gukurahundi as Mugabe went on a rampage against Ndebeles"
By @DumisaniMuleya

This obituary by Dumisani Muleya on Auret who died on Good Friday is a must read. It dispels ZanuPF myths & lies about #gukurahundi!

2/4 "Edison Zvobgo secretly told (Cephas) Msipa after the (#ZanuPF Central Committee) meeting (held in Harare on 31 December 1982): the decision was simply that let's massacre Ndebeles".
3/4 "Mugabe, who had denounced the bishops after their unrelenting pressure as "sanctimonious prelates" and "foreign agents", had also indicated in one of their meetings that the Ndebeles were resisting his rule because they didn't want to be ruled by a Shona leader".
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1/8 "Matabeleland Collective collapses over Gukurahundi"

The so-called #MatabelelandCollectve died on arrival because it was neither about Matabeleland nor a collective; but a scam to cover up Mnangagwa's #gukurahundi atrocities to escape accountability!…
2/8 If the collapsed #MatabelelandCollective was not a Mnangagwa scam, like #Polad is, it would have ensured that the bambazonke Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.2) Bill, 2019 includes extending the life of the National Peace & Reconciliation Commission (#NPRC) beyond 2023!
3/8 The 25 amendments in Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.2) Bill, 2019 bring back provisions sought by Mnangagwa, Patrick Chinamasa & Paul Mnangagwa in August 2012 but rejected by the ZanuPF politburo. Also on that day Mnangagwa rejected the #NPRC!…
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1. It’s pointless commemorating a contract between 2 political parties. A thoughtful leader would have changed the narrative & declared a Memorial Day for the thousands of innocents killed during Gukurahundi. There are still Gukurahundi denialists. Some media clips from the time:
2. “June 10 Silongwe Kraal line, Tsholotsho district - 22 people including women and children herded into a hut and burnt to death” #GukurahundiMemorial
3. “People in Matebeleland ... claim the soldiers killed, tortured and raped hundreds of civilians and razed whole villages in the province early this year in a crackdown on dissidents”
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[1/5] Dear Mbuya Nehanda & Sekuru Kaguvi;

It's #HeroesDay day in our beloved Zimbabwe and we honor your signal which contributed to the fall of racist colonialism.

In the same manner your bones rose against colonialism,our generation is rising up against #StateCapture.
[2/5] Those who captured the revolution for an inclusive & democratic Zimbabwe where citizens issues & concerns are heard & addressed are killing us, the killed in #Gukurahundi, #2000s, #August12018 & #January2019.

They are even planning to abuse our soldiers to kill more!
[3/5] They killed Tongogara, Mujuru, Tsvangirai, thousands of our soldiers in the #DRCWar, Lookout Masuku, Tonderai Ndira & many heroes in selfish persuit of personal capital.

Chiwenga is on his death bed.

They have in less than 2 years charged over 20 citizens with treason.
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1/8 The biggest heist Zimbabwe has suffered under Mnangagwa is printing of over USD9 billion in TBs at 1:1; now part of Zim's domestic debt. This CORRUPTION has decimated the economy, triggered run away hyper-inflation & destroyed livelihoods to genocidal proportions!
2/8 The #TBgate heist was accomplished by CORRUPTLY masterminding an obscure enterprise called Command Agriculture under which not less than USD 5 billion was spent in 2017/2018 to create zero grain reserves; as Zim now need to import 800,000 tonnes of grain for USD 255 million!
3/8 The #TBgate CORRUPTION is now being covered up by Mnangagwa who has gotten ZanuPF youth to muddy the waters; with the support of @MthuliNcube & @MinisterSBMoyo, minister responsible for international trade, whose wife at #Zacc has replaced Goodson Nguni as the hatchet hand!
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@NewZimbabweCom 2 May 2019

It is indeed true, as @nelsonchamisa is reported to have said, that there will never be peace in Zimbabwe unless & until the #gukurahundi issue is resolved!…
2/10 It is imperative to deal with the #gukurahundi issue for Zimbabwe to move on. The question is how to resolve it. Expecting or demanding an apology from Mnangagwa won't resolve #gukurahundi. What's needed and must come first is TRUTH and JUSTICE, then apologies can follow!
3/10 It's a serious matter that, whereas #gukurahundi was waged by the State from 1980 to 1987; and while some baseline information about victims has been documented, there's no official or legal record on what happened in each case, who did what and under what chain of command!
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1/10 Justice ministry permanent secretary, Virginia Mabhiza, gave a presser today on Matabeleland issues, including some that deeply affect victims of gukurahundi atrocities. The presser exposed Mnangagwa's dirty ploy to cover up his gukurahundi tracks!…
2/10 The minute with the matrix of actions to be taken by Home Affairs, Health & Public Service ministries is in the name of Virginia Mabhiza; a permanent secretary in a line ministry with no legal power or authority to direct other permanent secretaries, let alone any minister!
3/10 The recipient of Mabhiza's minute is something called "Matabeleland Collective". Whatever this "Collective" is; it is not a legal entity. There's no legal body out there, called "Matabeleland Collective"; with legal power to act for the State on gukurahundi or any issue!
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1/11 Perhaps by some divine coincidence I need not explain, earlier I had a deeply worrying chat with @MDCAllianceZW Vice President #SenatorMorganKomichi who's in Harare over a cell phone line. I cannot live with my conscience without sharing what #SenatorKomichi told me!
2/11 #SenatorKomichi said the second total Internet shutdown was effected around 10pm yesterday. The military & #ZanuPF militia used that Internet shutdown along with nightfall to unleash untold horror upon residents of high density suburbs in all cities across #Zimbabwe!
3/11 #SenatorKomichi said while #Bulawayo & #Harare are the most affected, all cities & towns in the country are suffering the same assaults. He said he & his colleagues have been overwhelmed by desperate #SoS messages of killings, torture, rape, injuries & abductions!
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