1/9 Under international law the primary responsibility of a govt is to protect its citizens. Where a govt fails to protect citizens the international community has a duty to step in. Mnangagwa's rogue govt has created an illegal Ferret Force to abduct & torture targeted citizens!
2/9 Mnangagwa's abduction & torture force consists of ferret teams with operatives mainly from the CIO & MID, that sometimes include CID officers from ZRP's Law & Order section. While ferret teams are now in every district, they are most active in Bulawayo & especially in Harare!
3/9 The main & in fact only purpose of the ferrets, a self-given name after the 2017 coup, is to abduct & torture citizens accused of threatening or undermining Mnangagwa's authority & identified either by Isaac Moyo & Owen Mudha Ncube at the CIO or by General Thomas Moyo at MID!
4/9 Structured as joint operations typically done by security forces around the world, and previously overseen by #JOC for state security operations, Mnangagwa's ferrets assumed institutional form on the back of the #COVID19 lockdown, which became a de facto state of emergency!
5/9 The search for the source or sources who leaked the information on the $60m Drax drug corruption scandal involving Auxillia Mnangagwa, her sons & family cronies has turned ferrets in Bulawayo & Harare into animals; with full backing from their CIO & MID bosses & State House!
6/9 Ferrets ran amok after the $60m Drax drug corruption scandal became the fuel for the #31July2020 protests. Since the Harare ferrets are now the most active & because they abducted & tortured Obert Masaraure, @JoanaMamombe, @MarovaNetsai & @ceechimbiri2, they must be exposed!
7/9 In addition to Samson & Anyway already identified, the Harare Ferret, minus its #MID component, includes Deputy Head, Mungate Mungate (top left), Fidel Marume (top right), Brian Maguyu (bottom left) & Abraham "Mudhara" Pasi (bottom right); all from the #CIO. There are others!
8/9 The Harare ferrets work around the clock with day & night shifts. They have a countrywide list of targeted citizens seen as anti-Mnangagwa & thus subversive for that reason alone. The ferrets are now a law unto themselves. Only an international judicial process can stop them!
9/9 Mnangagwa & his gukurahundi cohort have created an illegal & unconstitutional Ferret Force to terrorise targeted citizens to enforce his power grab. It's tragic. Public law & order must be the lawful enforcement of the constitutional order to which the people have consented!

• • •

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15 Aug
1/15 #WhyChasiWasFired: Below & in the next hours, days, maybe even weeks & months, I'll share with you the true story of why Mnangagwa yesterday criminally fired @fortunechasi as Minister of Energy & Power Development. The criminality involves theft of at least USD 1,2 billion!
2/15 In the statement that announced @fortunechasi's dismissal yesterday, Chief Secretary to the President & Cabinet, Dr Misheck Sibanda, said Chasi's "conduct of Government business had become INCOMPATIBLE with the President's EXPECTATIONS". It's very important to unpack this! Image
3/15 Chasi's conduct of Government business was INCOMPATIBLE with Mnangagwa's EXPECTATIONS in one respect in two cases, which cost him his cabinet post: Chasi did not want ministerial decisions made for him, he wanted to make or recommend decisions & take responsibility for them!
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8 Aug
1/18 Some here believe they've uncovered a "secret letter" that @PatrickZhuwao & I sent to @MYANC on 5 July 2020. For Christ's sake, the letter was made public by Zhuwao. There're reasons why it was shared. It's best to uncover them before jumping into conclusions!
2/18 It's sad & most unfortunate that in Zim, public discourse is invariably poisoned by a negative focus on persons over issues or ideas. Any public duscourse that seeks to box targeted or hated individuals into a thoughtless culdesac is absurd, crass & unhelpful!
3/18 Our letter is only a problem statement as an invitation to @MYANC to have a conversation on the crisis in Zim; given SA's critical role in Zim politics. The letter has talking points with no solutions. It was intended to kickstart, not to end the conversation!
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11 Jul
1/4 As momentum gathers for the people's #31July2020 action to restore constitutionalism & recover the economy to save Zimbabwean lives & livelihoods, the jittery regime is mobilising @PoliceZimbabwe to train officers in brutality. Below is an example in Bulawayo!
2/4 The best legal way is to exercise your ss 58, 59 & 61 rights in your area. Take Glen Norah A, B & C in Harare. They have one police station with 21 officers. If Glen Norah demonstrations & sit-ins are at its shops & offices, the 21 officers can't use brutality!
3/4 Another Harare example is Waterfalls. It encompasses Parktown, Zindoga & Mainway Meadows; all with one police station that has less than 30 officers & no cars. If Waterfalls residents demonstrate at shops & sit-in at public offices there, 30 #ZRPs won't manage!
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26 Jun
1/24 CRISIS IN ZIMBABWE: why ZanuPF must go

Initially I had intended this to be an article. But concerns shared with me via DM about downloading issues, and the convenience of a focused and tweet-specific duscussion & debate, persuaded me to do a thread, as I have done before!
2/24 While some may see ZanuPF as a political party, it has never been one. I did not have this view before 2000, but since then I have come to understand that ZanuPF is a system or culture steeped in the military; with a tainted history, a troubled present, with no future!
3/24 The fact that ZanuPF is not, and I would say has never been, a political party, in the traditional sense of the term, has far reaching implications on why it must go. Before developing this further, some preliminaries on important assumptions underlying this intervention!
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25 Jun
1/9 Congratulations to Malawi's Tonse Alliance for winning the presidential election & to Malawians for once again expressing their will which will undoubtedly count, this time. Clearly nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. There are huge lessons for Zimbabwe from Malawi!
2/9 Four factors explain how Malawians reversed the 2019 theft of the presidential election:
*Opposition unity;
*United support for the opposition by a cross section of Malawian voices;
*A transparent, fearless & independent judiciary; and
*A professional & apolitical military!
3/9 In Malawi's election, the military was with the people & the law; in Zim's election the military was against the people & the law. General Sibanda was right two days ago about the corruption of some bosses, but the most cancerous corruption in Zim is having a ZanuPF military!
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10 Apr
1/4 "How Mike Auret tried to stop Gukurahundi as Mugabe went on a rampage against Ndebeles"
By @DumisaniMuleya

This obituary by Dumisani Muleya on Auret who died on Good Friday is a must read. It dispels ZanuPF myths & lies about #gukurahundi!

2/4 "Edison Zvobgo secretly told (Cephas) Msipa after the (#ZanuPF Central Committee) meeting (held in Harare on 31 December 1982): the decision was simply that let's massacre Ndebeles".
3/4 "Mugabe, who had denounced the bishops after their unrelenting pressure as "sanctimonious prelates" and "foreign agents", had also indicated in one of their meetings that the Ndebeles were resisting his rule because they didn't want to be ruled by a Shona leader".
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