"A Societal Transformation Scenario for Staying Below 1.5°C", a study published by @boell_stiftung

It's the reason for my ✊🙌 . Reading the part on IAM had me smile devilishly 😆 and my mental middle finger rose higher with each word.

My takeaway🧵boell.de/en/2020/12/09/…
Kai Kuhnhenn, Luis Costa, Eva Mahnke, Linda Schneider, Steffen Lange are the authors.
It's not peer-reviewed.
Böll-Stiftung, a political foundation by @Die_Gruenen, published it under their own quality assurance.
Bullet points:
*a global scenario, not national bellybutton
*describes pathways for Global North and South/ Annex-I-countries and non-Annex-I countries
*fossil CO2 552 Gt by 2100; additional natural sequestration of 4Gt/a from ~2040 onwards.
*#Equity is implied but not addressed
*no CCS
*nuclear is phased out
*energy demand is lowered through change
in transport, regionalised economic activity (global trade stays), #righttorepair & circular use, cultural change in household size & number of appliances.

1990-levels of Global North are mentioned often.
*each proposed change is expressly drawn from real-life national or smaller-scale examples, and paired with building on already existing or to-be-implemented policy suggestions.
Reading it didn't cause the usual disappointed feeling of "Oh, just another ballad of utopia".
Their approach in part is finely tuned to realistic expectations. Eg, coal for steel production is kept in place, in case a substitute isn't available. Or the potential for sequestering soil in the proposed green agriculture is NOT factored into their budget, due to uncertainties
Overall, it's a low-tech scenario, one that works with current available and realistic tech. Which is very appealing because as such, it is a worst case scenario (of a 67% chance on 1.5˚ scenario...!)and better tech can even out "assumption bumps" in other parts of the study.
"assumption bumps":
one is, they assume ground transport per rural person in non-Annex-I countries to grow from today ~1500km/a to 23,000km/a or somesuch. For a rural population of ~5bn in these countries, roads to travel 23,000km/a? 😳 (I just hope, engineers quickly make e-✈️)
There are a few bumps. But that's only hair-splitting, now.

My take-away is:
we should all read it and discuss it. Is this it? Do we want to rally behind/for it? Then let's do it. But the decision would be very risky. Bc it means, today's policy makers &dynamics are not changed

• • •

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7 Dec
What @ClimateBen says is best available science, not fringe opinion. Sources below. And it doesn't happen suddenly AT the end of the 40s. It has already begun and worsens over time. It's a train wreck in slow motion with suffering and deaths and global destabilisation and fascism
I'll add 4 sources here. The most important one is the video abstract of a paper by @EdwardByers , part 2/2. Because only this source shows how important global solidarity today is in alleviating poverty so as to lower the vulnerability in climate hotspots.
Or check out IPCC SR15 table 3.4. The figures in millions of people exposed or exposed and vulnerable are for the year 2050 on the respective warming pathways toward 2100. So in all likelihood we're already in for the 2˚ columns.
We can lower the impact only in global solidarity
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6 Dec
Devastating thread. Or threat. Wait till you hear this: it's not only destruction and CO2... per tonne of coal up to 25 m3 of methane is stored in its pores and released when the coal is mined. Don't believe me?
It's true. It's peer-reviewed. And there's more...
Not only is this a known fact, it is also a research field to make profitable use of all the released methane. So it must be a considerable amount of CH4. Right?
And there's more...
Even tho the molecules are broken down after 9-15 years and are no longer in the air to be measured, the concentration rises and rises...
How did the CH4 curve evolve?
A plateau from the late 90s until mid 2000s (already broken down), and then CH4 mounted higher and higher....
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