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Join us for Committee of the Whole beginning at 4:30 - among agenda items an update on school reopening as well as a discussion of the Director Search criteria…
Meeting begins with a timed item on the Toronto Lands Corporation - extension of terms for Citizen Directors to allow continuity of its processes
The next TLC item is really interesting about negotiating for a new elementary school on the former Christie Cookie Factory site…
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About to jump into conversation with @thoughtxchng & @TahiraDChase exploring how to relaunch schools and what we've learned so far #bringpeopletgoether #backtoschool #newnormal #innovation
Launching into the drill-down session from @thoughtxchng superintendent round table: learning, reflection and crowdsourcing to move us into the new normal
Communicating & planning with the community for school relaunch: @TahiraDChase shares her takeaways from opening Greenburgh Central School. #collaboration is key
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#Assetallocation changes as you near retirement. What if your equity #investments are stuck in a phase where the markets are battered?
Can I share #income by creating a trust?
How can an IT employee generate alternate sources of income?
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Thanks to @GeoffCutmore & @cnbcKaren for having me on the show this morning.

Here's a short thread of the notes - entitled, "Time to Get Real?" - which I put together in preparation.
They should hopefully be self-explanatory:-

#SquawkBox #CNBC #macro #equities #commodities
You've heard it here before: pay out or pay down is a big part of the #inflation equation:-
Yes, there's a "V" - or at least a flipped square root sign - underway, but will it extend far enough & fast enough?
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A hopeful 🧵re: improving #globalhealth through #Decolonizingglobalhealth #antiracism efforts—some examples of positive change:

@DGH_LSHTM & #blacklivesmatter groups gathered signatures from 100's of staff, students, & alumni calling for leadership to examine the school's past
...listen to personal accounts of discrimination.

These groups have influenced the hiring of a postdoc to research it’s #colonial history & legacy. We wrote about Her findings & the calls for change from #DGH & #BLM groups & hope the leadership will act.
Other global #publichealth universities like @dukedecolonize @KarolinskaDGH @EdinburghUni @DecolonizeGh (@HarvardChanSPH) have hosted conferences to critically examine & challenge west/white centric curricula

One of my faves is here:
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Anidst the #COVID19 pandemic,the @narendramodi govt came out with a slew of steps to help #MSME sector-- a Rs 40000Cr fund to help distressed units by way of #Equity, Quasi-Equity& #SubordinatedDebt, guaranteed to the tune of 90% by govt's #CGTSME is easing stress!

#Modinomics💪 Image
Read👇 to know about eligibility criteria of #MSMEs that qualify, difference between #SeniorDebt & Subordinate Debt,Intetest Rate that will be charged,etc..

#economy Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/29/2020…
Futures Fallacies - Our Common Delusions When Thinking About the Future * Journal of Futures Studies…

#fallacy #future #thinking #futures
Full article: Re-assembling the surveillable refugee body in the era of data-craving…

#Data #DataScience #DataMining
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Saw this Harvard document being shared in light of the DES plans for reopening schools. It seems to be getting a lot of praise. Will share some thoughts here as I flick down through it. #edchatie…
Straight away,the Executive Summary is frank&honest. Acknowledges that the return will not be perfect, and there is no perfect plan, only "less bad" options. An absence of waffle is nice. Bear in mind this is for schools in USA, where the government pandemic response is shambolic
Next,this lovely infographic,and it becomes apparent that this document is all about what *could* and *should* be done,as opposed to what we have in Ireland which is a bona fide plan. So comparisons may be harsh. However, it takes into account 3 types of transmission. Ours has 2.
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@carbonwatchdog @Timlagor @Jumpsteady I don't hate it. It can work with an IPCC budget for 2˚C, eg 2000Gt.

But it can't work with what we can still achieve: what I call "a near 1.5˚C" budget. And I will continue spreading my idea until economists and political scientists finally pick it up and and flesh it out.
@carbonwatchdog @Timlagor @Jumpsteady It's also with rations -for everything, food, clothes, cooking pans. In an alliance of willing states. For 10, maybe 15 years. Like in UK 1939-56. But non-profit.
Non-profit is faster for what we need to do now. For-profit has too many dependencies slowing down the overhaul.
@carbonwatchdog @Timlagor @Jumpsteady Rations for everything and non-profit (ie no one gets a salary or makes profits manufacturing things) also reduce hyper-consumerism of the middle and upper income groups to <4t/a in the first stage where fossil fuel still provides energy. Leading to reduction of >30% in one go.
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Each specialty needs a DEI Officer. One that analyzes data for bias & engages in strategic planning to augment practices to include a health equity lens. There needs to be accountability of such efforts w/ standardized metrics for providers & depts alike. Time to fix the broken.
We KNOW the problems. We’ve reported the same death rates & disparities for generations on end. We don’t need to hear more numbers. We need to implement solutions. Every single physician, nurse, & provider should have a report card giving outcomes along lines of race & gender.
The department should also have the same report card of their collective averages of those same metrics. Compare them nationally. Every quarter there should be a review. Identifications of strengths and weaknesses of the individual providers and flaws of the system.
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🧵: It is with a bit of sadness, but also with a ❤️ full of hope, that I share that I’m leaving my position as @nycHealthy Asst. Commissioner this month.

It has been an honor to lead the city’s response to the HIV epidemic & to work with 300+ inspiring Bureau of HIV colleagues.
In my two-and-a-half years at @nycHealthy, we reached historic lows for the annual number of NYers newly diagnosed with #HIV & became the first large US city to reach @UNAIDS 90-90-90 goals./2…
We launched the agency’s first Racial Equity and Social Justice Intiatives Program to ensure that #equity is embedded into all of our work. And developed a microgrants initiative to support grassroots organizations such as @translatina_org and @audrelorde./3
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All categories of #mutualfunds (including ETFs) would be covered under #stampduty charges for units issued in demat & non-demat form. It will cover equity, derivatives & currency trades. Stamp Duty = Direct Tax levied by the govt. u/s 3 of Indian Stamp Act, 1899. @AmarUjalaNews
#StampDuty charges:

Equity (delivery) - 0.015% or ₹1,500 per crs on buy-side

#Equity (intra-day) - 0.003% or ₹300 per crs

#Futures (equity & #commodity) - 0.002% or ₹200 per crs

#Options (equity & commodity) - 0.003% or ₹300 per crs

#Currency - 0.001% or ₹10 per crs
- The #stampduty will also be applicable on #AlternativeInvestmentFunds (AIFs)

- Impact is more on the short term #investments by the #investors

- No stamp duty on #redemption of #mutualfund units.

- Impact at #portfolio level too i.e when fund manager executes transaction.
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1/? I guess it’s time we discuss the elephant in the #uranium #equity room, decouple. For those that are new, equities generally track the commodity exponentially. Historically, the recent 40-50% increase would have sent equities skyrocketing many % points higher than....
2/? the #uranium commodity itself. This has not been the case for the past couple of years, equities have decoupled and for the most part, have given almost no indication of what actually drives them up or down. It’s pure exhaustion if I’ve ever seen it. Why? My belief is.....
3/? the very things that are setting the next #uranium bull into motion have crippled equities. Mine closures such as McArthur, Cigar, and production cuts from Kaz et al are essential for the supply/demand side of the commodity, but catastrophic for explorers. The exploration....
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Thanks to the 400+ 😳 #WGAwriters who virtually attended the staffing panel tonight! Had a great time gabbing w/ @WalkerTVWriter @davyperez @MaybeLaurenTy @glenisemullins & @capitalWLD & sharing my thoughts & advice. #TVstaffing is HARD, y’all. If I can do it, so can you! #faith
Answering more questions from the Q&A -

Q1: What are examples of questions you ask execs/showrunners during a staffing meeting?
A1: With execs, what they like about the show, where they hope it goes, changes they wanna see, etc. Remember any stories they tell about development.
A1(pt2): With showrunners, I’ll ask show questions & questions based on my exec meeting, but also what they expect of their writers, how they like to run their room, what they think the biggest challenge of breaking the series will be, etc. Make it clear I’m ready for that work!
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For 66% chance at staying near 1.5C, the world must have reduced annual CO2-only emissions to less than 17.5 Gt in 2030.*

Per capita for 7.5bn ppl for your personal footprint, see #3-#6

*w/ assumed & growing non-CO2 from 2018 level of 7.5Gt.

Data from…
UNEP Emission Gap Report states 25Gt CO2-EQ as target for global emissions in 2030 for a 66% chance at 1.5C by 2100 with an overshoot to 1.7C.

Bc non-CO2 GHG are difficult to reduce & will grow from 2018 level of 7.5Gt/a,

25Gt-EQ in 2030 translate to global < 17.5Gt CO2-only
Per capita for 7.5bn people:
6t/a in 2018 to 3.3t CO2-EQ and

< 2.3t for CO2-only in 2030.

3 factors to be observed:

1) every state's services incur CO2-EQ. For Germany, UBA sets 0.73t/pca CO2-only (no data for CO2-EQ)

Which leaves less than 1.57t CO2 per capita in 2030.
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The following thread: Advocating for expanded @pharmacists immunization capabilities to close gaps in vaccine schedules that have been widened due to COVID-19. @RIpharmacists @RIHEALTH #vaccination #publichealth #pandemic #COVID19 Written by @alyssfalleni13 and @jefbratberg
The coronavirus pandemic has revealed a stark need for greater and more equitable community access for public health and primary care.… @AmerMedicalAssn #equityandinclusion
Despite state and national shutdowns that dramatically reduced emergent, urgent and routine access to medical care and hours of operation, community pharmacies were universally deemed essential businesses and remained… @CDCgov #essentialservices
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1/ @SickKidsNews released guidance today about school reopening. Colleagues, mentors +caregiver advocates among co-authors. I was not involved in its development, and can appreciate concerns raised re: content and comprehensiveness. A few thoughts as peds + ID/IPAC physician:
@SickKidsNews 2/ This was a summary of current published evidence + #IPAC principles to consider w/school reopening, and would've benefited from ON-specific data - BUT we couldn't routinely test sx'ic kids for MONTHS unless they were admitted. Huge gap in knowledge of provincial epi.
@SickKidsNews 3/ Clinicians are trusted sources of knowledge + community partnership; we have a role in knowledge translation. Need scientists at table to dissect real-time data + model impact of strategies (screening/cohorting/shielding) to inform dynamic approach ie responsive to local epi.
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So grateful that @javeedsukhera accepted my invitation to speak on #bias #implicitbias #oppression to @MacAnesthesia

Live tweeting some pearls!

Stigma has a negative impact on clinical outcomes
Shame is not an effective pedagogic strategy in calling out stigma. Shaming and calling out may actually make problem worse

Education may be helpful but it also isn’t enough alone
We often have conversations about #equity that are blaming (“us” vs. “them”)

Blame has an inverse relationship with accountability
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In recent years have started to question the traditional approach to #narrativemedicine. Who owns a story? What lens is applied? I get it is seen as important for “joy of practice” to tell these stories as doctors. Except, these are actual lives and bodies of human beings.
As in, I don’t know the right answer but I also don’t think we are asking enough questions of ourselves, our profession, our peers, our professors/attendings.

Ours is a profession that labels
>age 35 as “geriatric pregnancy” after all

My pinned tweet:
Or: #nyc writing class, read “The Laugh”
by Tea Obreht:had never been yet wrote story in Subsaharan Africa

Vivid descriptions of wild animals
Black male=passion

WOC in class had to point out to instructor: WOC characters were flat, one-dimensional, silent, passive
=White gaze
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A must-read oldy-but-goody on the distinction between “diversity & inclusion” and “equity & justice” and why we must shift our language from one of “appeasement” to one of radical change. A thread.…
“Diversity asks, “Who’s in the room?”

Equity responds: “Who is trying to get in the room but can’t? Whose presence in the room is under constant threat of erasure?””/2
“Inclusion asks, “Has everyone’s ideas been heard?”

Justice responds, “Whose ideas won’t be taken as seriously because they aren’t in the majority?”/3
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Whelp, I filled out my @rdpschools Re-Entry Parent Survey. I sure am glad they included a comment section because DAMN did Mama have some things to SAY. cc: @albertateachers @60Local @AdrianaLaGrange @AlbertaEd Here's what I shared:
The question regarding access to tech resources/internet access to facilitate classwork is a bit of a no-brainer. (I understand these are necessities for at-home learning scenarios.) Thankful for our district for accommodating those students who needed these resources. #equity
It's important to note just because we have access to tech resources/internet to be able to support at-home learning situations does not mean we have the CAPABILITIES to teach our children in at-home learning scenarios. My kid is struggling in an at-home learning environment.
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Thread: 👋🏾 Welcome new followers. I am a #nurse #researcher, leveraging my expertise for #health #equity. This includes fighting for #social #justice, #RacialJustice, etc. This #Throwback image depicts wounds that were passed down 1/6

If anyone knows the artist, please tag them.
through generations. You could swap the images out for multiple people groups w/ shared experiences of historical and ongoing #trauma. My desire is to not only show how these #atrocities CONTINUE to affect #population #health, but also to implement multilevel interventions 2/6
that mitigate the influence between the aftermath of such injustices & #health. (#Structuralracism has to be addressed to do this.) This is done in #partnership with communities. For too long too many #Scientists (me included) have been #complicit in documenting differences 3/6
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{A THREAD} One of the dangers of this moment for white counterparts in placemaking is to be invigorated to “do something” instead of just picking up the best practices, voices and research of women/black ppl/white allies from the last 5+ years and put that work to work.
It is important that we amplify, fund and implement the work of people and organizations that have already spoken loudly on the intersection of place and race. With that in mind I’ve decided to interrupt your lunchtime to do some amplifying…here we go…
A study from 2008-2011 in NYC found bans on sidewalk biking to be enforced disproportionately in Black and Latino communities…
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