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/1 The $VIX Decline
What is going on?

Liquidity Problem
Just like the buyback charts I have been posting that show there is a liquidity problem...

Overloaded Participants
Participants were overloaded with $VIX contracts……
/2 Selling and Unrecoverable Losses
Those whose $VIX contracts represented unrecoverable losses sold price indiscriminately...
/3 Impact on Liquidity
And that leaves a lot less liquidity for the markets...
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Investment tips for doctors

It is a fact that most of us lack the basics of managing our finances. It is not unusual to come across doctors who have little awareness about their income, expenses & future goals (for which money is needed). Here are some tips that could help.…
1. Life insurance: If you have dependents (children, spouse), life insurance is a must to safeguard their future in case of any unexpected incidents. Life #insurance is to protect the risk, and not an investment to get returns. Term plans are good.
2. Medical insurance: Medical care is expensive and we would have to bear the expenses if we or our family members fall sick. Family floater schemes are the best as premiums work out to be lower.
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1/4. “When we talk about #Equity, developing countries will also practise #Equity. Trust them.” @harjeet11 of @CANIntl explains why developing countries must be able to decide who can access support from the #LossAndDamage Fund at the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58). 🧵 Image
2/4. “All developing countries should be eligible [to access the #LossAndDamage Fund] and it is important to keep that language for unity. We know that it is LDC’s, SIDs & Africa that are going to be prioritised. Rich countries should trust developing countries to sort that out.”
3/4. “When we look at Pakistan, when we look at Colombia, Philippines, they don't fall in those categories, so how are you going to support them? If developing countries can decide, there can be a response when needed."
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Can equitable #ArtificialIntelligence be achieved without legislations? Why is @towbinaj talking about this. Find out the answer to both questions in this #SIIM23🧵 Image
@towbinaj .@towbinaj typically has very clear objectives. This @RadiologyACR @SIIM_Tweets #DSI Summit talk is no exception #SIIM23 💪 Image
@towbinaj @RadiologyACR @SIIM_Tweets This book was first published in 1972. Dr. @towbinaj notes that we are no closer to achieving #healthequity #SIIM23 Image
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🚀 Day 2 of One Planet Fellowship’s #Science Week is on at the #Corum of @montpellier_ !

This morning focuses on #Climate in #Africa with several GIEC (@IPCC_CH) speakers 🎤

Let’s go! ⤵️
@AWARDFellowship @Agrofondation @Cirad Image
🫶🏾 First introductions by Damien Conaré, General Secretary of @UnescoChairFood, Mylène Aycard-Gueydan, General Secretary of @Agrofondation, and Vincent Blanfort, Co-leader of the Strategic Scientific Field « Climate Change » in @Cirad ImageImageImage
Let’s dive in the most recent @IPCC_CH #ClimateReport w/ a focus on the impacts of CC on the African continent

🎤 To start off, Aida Diongue Niang, Meteorologist and Technical Advisor @meteosenegal, set the scene walking us through « Physics and CC » (IPCC/GIEC Group 3 writer)
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Key Takeaways from Month in Macro

1. Nominal #GDP slowed through April, with real GDP contracting by -0.47% and #inflation rising by 0.23%. #Nominal GDP has grown approximately 4.7% from one year prior, continuing the downtrend beginning in February 2022. ImageImage
2. During this time, #equity markets have posed significant strength (though lopsided), while #treasury markets have weakened in unison. ImageImage
3. Looking forward, these sequential improvements have adjusted our #real growth outlook, with a #contraction in yearly real GDP growth more likely in H1 2024 than in Q4 2023. Our #inflation outlook remains one of resilient inflation. Image
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Market Regime Update

1. Assets rebounded this week, with stocks, bonds, and gold all up on the week. Commodities showed mixed performance, with significant losses during the start of the week weighing on performance. Image
2. Recent #treasury strength continued the recent chop in the market, i.e., moving counter to the recent one-month trend. Below, we show the composition of total treasury market returns over the last month: Image
3. As we can see above, treasuries across the curve continue to show weakness as nominal #GDP continues to show resilience. At the same time, #equity markets continue to show lopsided performance over the past month, primarily driven by valuations rising: Image
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🧵 Our Thoughts On $SPY :

1. Over May, the S&P 500 rose 0.87%, primarily driven by valuations. Earnings expectations & valuations contributed 0.13% & 0.74% to the 0.87% rise in markets. Below, we show the sequential evolution of market prices, along a decomposition: Image
2. Over the last year, the S&P 500 has been dominantly driven by valuations, with total returns rising by 1.03%. We show cumulative returns on the S&P 500 over the last year, decomposed into earnings expectations and valuations: Image
3. We further decompose these yearly returns into their sector contributions. We begin by showing the primary drivers of the S&P 500. We show the top three drivers in blue (Technology, Financials, Industrials) & the bottom three in red (Consumer Disc., Healthcare, Energy): Image
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Investing in a second residential flat for earning rental income or for capital appreciation is not a wise decision

1. Annual returns are 2-4% (lower than 10-12% in mutual funds),
2. Lesser tax efficient (LTCG 20% vs 10% for equity beyond gains of 1 lakh),
#investments #Equity…
3. Large capital is required to invest into real estate (Mutual funds need lesser capital)
4. Investment in real estate is illiquid (takes time to find the right buyer). For mutual funds, amount is credited into bank account within 2-3 days of redemption.
5. For property, additional costs include property tax, maintenance charges, cost of repairs and repainting. Tax needs to be paid even when the flat is unoccupied, and there are no tenants. These situations do not apply to mutual funds/equity investments.
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Students from 🏠 with annual income <$50K were half as likely to be accepted to med school as students with 🏠 annual income >$200K. We all knew this was a problem, but the magnitude is shocking. We all have a role in addressing this, #MedTwitter… /1
Students from lower income 🏠 are at an educational disadvantage that begins well before college. A concrete intervention: volunteer to tutor students. I did this multiple times per month the whole time all 3 of my kids were in elem school.… /2
All of us in #MedTwitter should be teaching our kids to use their privilege to lift other students. A concrete example: one of my kids had the opportunity in 5th grade to do an independent study in which he learned to code via his amazing public school teacher, Mrs. Stansbury. /3
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Here is this Week’s Market Wrap 'FOMO & False Starts' written by @shyamsek

A Thread (1/n)

#stockmarket #investing #personalfinance #FOMO #marketwrap
The markets go up too quickly when people are least prepared for it. That setting is perfect for us to get that fear of missing out. We call it the FOMO feeling. (2/n)

But the markets also have an equally strong way of reversing direction. Either in stock price or in a broader market context. (3/n)

#stockmarketindia #stocks #equity
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Kotak Flexicap has become the BIGGEST actively-managed #equity fund.

Its performance is impeccable.

In 10 years it has delivered 16.8% annualised returns.

It has never underperformed except for in 2020 and 2021.

We review its performance.

A thread 🧵 Image
The fund was launched in Sep 2009.

Its assets have grown four times since March 2017.

As of Mar 31, 2023, @KotakMF Flexicap’s AUM was Rs 36,056 crore.

What’s so great about its performance that it became so popular?

Let’s explore 👇
First, some basic comparison.

Kotak Flexicap’s long-term track record is spectacular.

For a 10-year period, it’s among the top two Flexicap funds.

@quantmutual Flexicap is at the top with 20.7% returns.

Kotak Flexicap follows with 16.8%.
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If you ever wondered...

"Do I need a Financial Advisor?"

...this thread can help you decide!

Read on! (1/n)

#financialadvisor #financialplanning #financialgoals #personalfinance #thread
Before we begin, reflect on these two questions...

When choosing between two similar investment options, have you ever wondered which one you should pick?

Ever wondered if an #insurance policy could protect your family or if it was just bells and whistles? (2/n)

These are the exact situations in which a Financial Advisor can help do away with uncertainty and help you make the right choices for YOU!

Here are 4 ways how a Financial Advisor can help: (3/n)

#financialadvisor #financialplanning #personalfinance
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A 🧵 on the recent outreach event
"Climate change: #resilience, #transformation, and #equity" on the #IPCC Sixth Assessment Report key findings and their relevance to #Asia, hosted by @SMARTS_AIT


Session 1: Observed warming and future scenarios: Impacts and vulnerability.

“ With every increment of global warming, regional changes become more widespread and pronounced” @sorensson_anna
[2/19] Image
Session 1: Observed warming and future scenarios: Impacts and vulnerability.

“Rebuilding overexploited or depleted fisheries reduces negative #climatechange impacts on #fisheries and supports #foodsecurity, #biodiversity, human #health and #wellbeing” William Cheung
[3/19] Image
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I went to a "progressive" high school in Boston in the 90s. Their recent PR is more & more showy as far as big 😁 unmasked faces in school & at alumni events incl. a BIG in-person tribute to a recently deceased teacher. 🧵 1/8 #MediaLiteracy #CultureIsOrdinary #StorytimeWithTamar
My comment on their social media page highlighting the unmasked students, faculty & alumni at the event included my condolences & pointed to the fact (for the unmasked + the folks with masks ON THEIR CHINS) that #CovidIsNotOver. Perhaps it wasn't the right moment to mention, 2/8
but a day school smack dab in the middle of Boston inviting EVERYONE to join them w/barely 3 ppl. who are masked in photos of the many participants shows terrible judgment/understanding of where we're at with #SARS & with #Community.

My comment was removed from the page. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 3/8
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Good morning from the Keck Center @theNASEM where I am so pleased to be part of their workshop this morning to support and sustain the workforce to care for people with serious illness! #hapc #pedpc #wellness #wellbeing #suffering Image
The first panel shared experiences from the front lines so vulnerably and beautifully. @MaguirePeggy @PhilRodgersMD @RachelMayAdams ImageImage
Now @CAPCpalliative CEO @BrynnBHealth discussing the current and future workforce we need in #hapc Image
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Here is this Week’s Market Wrap

'2023: The Year to Show Conviction' written by @shyamsek

A Thread (1/n)

#stockmarket #investors #marketwrap
The markets seem to be progressively losing steam. This would show up as weak sentiment, selling pressure, lower volumes on exchanges, and FII outflows. (2/n)

#stockmarketindia #FII #investors
But, there is also a section of domestic investors showing remarkable resilience and persistence in their investing. They are still buying every dip and gradually scaling up their portfolios. (3/n)

#investing #portfolio #equity
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Keep electing woke prosecutors and other Democrat politicians, like @ManhattanDA @AlvinBraggNYC.

And let criminals chase necessary businesses out of your communities.


@ManhattanDA @AlvinBraggNYC Then cry about "food deserts" and "pharmacy deserts" in your American cities that you've devolved into third-world Marxist hellholes.…
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Given the current state of affairs, maybe take some time to listen to the stories of #trans folks, and hear what they have to say.

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #TransWomenAreWomen #nonbinary
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🇨🇳 #RosemontSenecaBohai= #CCP CO-MINGLED
🚩 #FollowTheMoney expose how COMPROMISED
+FBI verified
#Bobulinski's claims of CEFC+China ties
#Burisma $83,333.33 pmts
in co-mingled
Bank Statement⬇️…

WHY Benefit #CCP 🇨🇳not 🇺🇸 ?
#HunterBiden sold US owned #COBALT Mine in Congo to #CCPChina

¬BIDEN puts 20 YEAR BAN on
Mining of US RenewableEnergy MINERALS

¬US passed #ChipsAct #Infrastructure rely ON MINED Materials…… ImageImageImageImage
🚩UnConstitional #ESJ #ESG
Uses SocialJustice

#SocialScore DigitalID:
+LIMITS EV #GeoFence
+BANS Bank loan
👋NO #2ndAm
+Reports #CarbonFootprint
Pay #PerMileTax
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Section 4
+Legal government surveillance of all US citizens
+Total control over your bank accounts/purchases…
+ability to silence all dissenting voices for good… Image
INFRINGES on #BillOfRights
🚩UnConstitional #DEI #ESG
#SocialScore DigitalID
Low ID:
+Restrict EV #GeoFence
+BAN Bank loans:
👋NO #2ndAm
+Reports PRIVACY DATA #CarbonFootprint
Pay #PerMileTax ImageImage
#SocialScore DigitalID
Low ID:
+Restrict EV #GeoFence
+BAN loan 4🔫GUNS
👋NO #2ndAm
+Reports PRIVACY DATA CarbonFootprint
Pay PerMileTax… Image
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Democratic Capitalism - Marriage on the Rocks…
"In (the US) three people own more wealth than the bottom half of all Amercan society"
"A system ruled by greed and rigged against ordinary people"

It's OK To Be Angry About Capitalism…
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🧵“This escalating battle for control over free expression in education should worry us all,” said PEN America CEO @SuzanneNossel in remarks before the House Committee on Education & the Workforce’s Subcommittee on Higher Education & Workforce Development.…
Nossel: "The university campus is the incubator of democratic citizenship and the breeding ground for leaders in every sector of society. If we don’t get free speech and open discourse right on campus, we won’t get it right in the media, the courts, or out on the streets." (2/x)
Nossel: "At PEN America we argue that the essential drive to render American campuses more diverse, equitable, and inclusive need not—and must not—come at the expense of robust, uncompromising protections for free speech and academic freedom." (3/x) #DEI #FreeSpeech #Education
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#Diversity #equity #Inclusion #DEI And, of course, it's all about the money. Just like #MeToo . Just like #TimesUp and it is all performative and divisive, not inclusive. Profiteering 101. @StanfordLaw COME CLEAN NOW on the entire DEI program and……
@UndercoverMoth9 - once again DEI is all about the money and contracts. Anyone else notice that on April 4, 2011 when Joe Biden introduced the unregulated "Dear Colleague" Title IX letter that all this profiteering racket started, admin swelled, fees swelled, public paid and ROI?
And if you look up Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - what company comes up first? McKinsey - a Management Consultancy Company. When are kids going to get an education instead of being targets for profiteering? @McKinsey ?…
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