We in the West are not nearly as free as we are taught to believe.

We don't have government of, by & for the people, which is Orwellian newspeak for government of, by & for the elites, to which #AbrahamLincoln himself (a lawyer) belonged.
Our elites & other favoured clients of the state enjoy a lot of apparent freedom, because of their relative wealth, but in reality we are ALL enslaved - rich & poor, Black & White, high & low IQ alike - to #BigBrother & #TheMatrix of state & capital.
Most especially, those of us who are White are NOT free to express any sense of racial identity & solidarity we may feel, without being accused of #WhiteSupremacy, while other racial/ethnic groups ARE free to do so.
#BigBro has always sought to undermine the bonds of tribe & kinship, in order to claim people's loyalty for himself. Thus were the tribes & kingdoms of medieval England united into a single kingdom & #NationState, which in 1707 merged with Scotland to form Great Britain.
It was from this mercenary #PatronState, deceitfully posing as a nation, in order to legitimise itself, its ruling elites & the immense power they wielded & abused, that the American colonies won their independence in 1776.
It is by posing as our nation that BigBrother tricks us into loving him (no need for torture, as there was in Orwell's 1984).

It was the founding fathers hope & intention that America would become a genuine nation forged from different European peoples of the same race.
This they knew would be difficult enough, without trying to included other races, which would be impossible. It is why they restricted citizenship to Whites.

But instead of becoming a genuine nation, America became a bigger, more powerful mercenary patron state that Britain.
Having liberated themselves briefly from the British Big Brother, an American Big Brother formed & asserted itself in Britain's place, most decisively in the Civil War, which was fought to preserve the unity & POWER of the federal state, i.e. of Big Brother.
Americans are, of course, taught a very different narrative, as are the British.

But I must leave it up to you to decide which narrative you find the more truthful.
The question is, how are we to liberate ourselves from our enslavement to BigBro & the Matrix of state & capital?

Firstly, we (especially academics) have to recognise our enslavement, & develop an understanding of it. Something I have made a start on doing. Image
Such an understanding should liberate us emotionally from viewing the state as our nation. Only then can we begin work on our material liberation, which will involve organising OURSELVES, peacefully, legally & grassroots-democratically into GENUINE communities & nations.
We can't do away with the state (BigBro), as anarchists naively thought, because we depend on it, not least to enforce the rule of law & non-violence. We have to radically reform & repurpose it, from facilitating society's self-exploitation to facilitating it's self-realisation.

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15 Dec
I have a lot of sympathy for the liberal-left leaning views of #DavidAaronovitch & #NichCohen, but profoundly disagree with them on the issue of RACE, which they both deny the importance - if not the very existence - of, dismissing those who disagree with them as RACISTS.
I have attempted to discuss the issue of race with them both, but they refused, one blocking, the other muting me on Twitter. In their eyes I'm just a RACIST.

Rather than hate them back, I have put my mind to trying to understand them & their inflexible attitude to RACE.
Both have Jewish fathers, whose direct or indirect trauma at the hands of the Nazis, they must have passed on to their sons. I can think of no other explanation.

And then there's #SamHarris, both of whose parents, I believe, are Jewish:
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15 Dec
We have an existential lesson to learn (or not) from the ancient Greeks:

If you fight amongst yourselves, you will destroy yourselves, or weaken yourselves to such an extent that another people (non-Greeks/non-Whites) will.

#WhiteSelfGenocide #GreatReplacement.
The West (Britain & America in particular) are dominated by an ideology of White racial self-denial, self-contempt & self-hatred.

So too was #PhilipOfMacedon when he threatened to "destroy the farms, slay the people, and raze the city" of his fellow Greeks.
Philip's son, Alexander, who we are taught to admire as a "great" conquerer, Greek & man, was no different from his father & responsible for the destruction of Greek civilisation, which was NOT so great.

He should be called Alexander the Great Arsehole.
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5 Dec
#BritishValues pose an existential threat to the survival of Western civilisation, which Britain itself has contributed so much to.

This seems contradictory, but is not.

The forces which give rise to a civilisation ultimately also destroy it.
This is what British values are now doing: destroying the civilisation they gave rise to.

It happened to ancient Greece, to ancient Rome & to every other civilisation that has arisen, flourished & fallen.
It is no coincidence that most of the world's richest people are White, while at the same time, their own race is declining & will soon "achieve" minority status in countries where it was, until very recently, the overwhelming & dominant majority, if not also indigenous.
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4 Dec
The inspiration for both nationalism & socialism is deeply rooted in evolved human nature & tribalism, which the Nazis manipulated & abused for their own evil purposes.

In overreaction to this abuse, western academics demonised human tribalism itself, which was a huge mistake.
Tribalism is as essential to being human as is our sexuality, which most of us are able to control in a civilised fashion, without the need for state intervention.

It is by demonising human tribalism that the state is able to manipulate & control it, along with society itself.
This is how #BigBrother operates in liberal democracies, like Britain & America, while tricking us into loving him by deceitfully posing as our nation. The Nazis proved very useful in this regard:
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3 Dec
Our civilisation, in which privileged individuals (incl. myself) are able to prosper at the expense of society at large & the natural environment, is inherently unjust, inhumane & unsustainable on our finite, vulnerable & overpopulated planet, #SpaceshipEarth. Image
It's not just our civilisation. Ancient Greece & Rome were no different, which is why they declined & fell, as will our civilisation, in the very near future, unless we recognise this flaw & correct it.

It can be corrected. But first it must be recognised & understood.
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3 Dec
America was founded on #WhiteIdentity & Nationalism, so WHY are they now demonised?

The founders knew it would be difficult enough forging a nation from different European peoples of the same race, without trying to include other races, & thus restricted citizenship to Whites.
This is historical fact & the founders have been proven right.

America never did become a genuine nation, but just a bigger, more powerful version of Great Britain, from which it had won its independence.

Britain was not a genuine nation back then, anymore than it is now.
Britain was, & still is, a mercenary #PatronState deceitfully posing as a nation, in order to legitimise itself, its ruling elites & the immense power they wield & abuse. It is an Orwellian construct, based on lies, deceit & a regime of rewards & intimidation.
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