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#UnitedWeStand, #DividedWeFall.

This is one of the truest of truisms, & why every civilisation we know of has fallen. It is why our own civilisation is on course to fall.

We are supposed to be united by shared "national identity", but this is clearly NOT the case.
In order to achieve genuine unity in securing our survival & well-being on this, our finite, vulnerable & overpopulated planet, #SpaceshipEarth, we must first recognise & understand our enslavement to #BigBro & #TheMatrix of state & capital.
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@AuronMacintyre @vdare We need to recognise the #NationState for what it is, i.e. has become: an Orwellian construct of lies & deceit, a mercenary #PatronState deceitfully posing as a nation, in order to legitimise itself, its ruling elites & the immense power they wield & abuse.
@AuronMacintyre @vdare And this is how #BigBro & his minions now divide & rule us:
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Anarchists recognised long ago that the state is the source of most social injustice, but were naive to believe that one could simply do away with it.

Now the state tricks us into identifying with it by deceitfully posing as our nation. But social injustice, & worse, remain.
What I mean by "worse" is the fact that #TheMatrix of state (#BigBro) & capital is now driving us to commit #CivilisationalSuicide, & you can't get a lot worse than that, notwithstanding that it has happened time & time again in the past, as with ancient Greece & Rome.
In Britain, where I live, it is the British state, establishment & Parliament, which are driving us towards oblivion, & yet we are taught to look to them to save us. The Jews might just as well have looked to Hitler & his Nazi party to same them.
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The sight of the Union Flag & photo of the Queen behind the minister makes my skin crawl.


Because Britain is an Orwellian construct of lies, deceit & a regime of rewards & intimidation.
Britain is not a nation, but a mercenary #PatronState deceitfully posing as a nation, in order to legitimise itself, its ruling elites & the immense power they wield & abuse. ImageImage
However, the fact that I can tweet the above without fear of state retribution is something I value very highly & attribute to Britain's & the West's respect for the individual's freedom to speak his or her mind. In most countries it would not be possible.
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#BigBrother must love Democrats almost as much as he loves Republicans, & Democrats are clearly committed to showing their love for & commitment to #BigBro.
America never became the nation its founders had hoped it would, but just a bigger, more powerful, clone of Great Britain, which was ever an Orwellian construct of lies, deceit & a regime of rewards & intimidation.
Britain & America, like all so-called #Nationstates, are, in fact, mercenary #PatronStates deceitfully posing as nations, in order to legitimise themselves, their ruling elites & the immense power they wield & abuse.
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"Hume argued for moral relativism because no one can know anything for certain."

I agree with Hume. But would still want to defend & enforce certain Western values - in the West.… via @NewDiscourses
Some Western values, however, need to change, if we want Western civilisation to survive & prosper.

These values relate to the existential need for a sustainable global economy on our finite, vulnerable & overpopulated planet, & to the Orwellian nature of the #NationState.
It is by deceitfully posing as our nation that mercenary #PatronStates (like Britain, France & America) trick us into loving #BigBrother. Thus are we ALL enslaved - rich & poor, Black & White, high & low IQ alike - to the Matrix of state & capital.
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This is nothing that more DIVERSITY can't fix.🙃
Why do I ridicule DIVERSITY?

Because it's Orwellian newspeak for #RacialMixing, the opposite, but equally insane extreme of the Nazi obsession with #RacialPurity, which now serves #BigBro as an instrument of socio-political rewards, intimidation & control.
It is also the destroyer of genuine human diversity, which is a product of pre-modern #NaturalSegregation.

Here's how the West fell prey to this Orwellian madness, which urgently needs to be recognised & understood, so that we can put an end to it, BEFORE it puts an end to us.
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There is, of course, a racial aspect to this story, as there is to every story, which is that I would not have listened to it, if the family concerned had not been White, as I assumed it was. Otherwise, police indifference would have been put down to "institutional racism".
With 3 daughters of his own, David was very moved by the case; he could empathise with Jessie's parents, only too well, as could I. But for him, race doesn't come into it. That would be RACIST. For David, I am a RACIST, because for me RACE does come into it. It just does.
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The British state, establishment & Parliament have committed themselves to an ideology of White/Native racial self-denial, self-contempt & self-hatred, as an instrument of socio-political rewards, intimidation & control.

Who will join me in opposing this madness?
It sometimes makes me very angry, as I know it also makes many others, but if we give expression to our anger, we are accused of being xenophobic or RACIST, although my anger I do not direct at PoC, but at my fellow Whites who are imposing this madness on their OWN race.
But I do not allow this anger to consume me, 1) because it would do no good, & 2) because those responsible do not recognise the evil they are doing. Quite the contrary, they believe that they are doing good by opposing prejudice, which is how this ideology works.
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"AOC proposes funding to deprogram white supremacists"

The problem is: ANY expression of #WhiteIdentity, on which America was originally founded, is equated with #WhiteSupremacy.

There is a coup in progress, initiated long ago, by #BigBrother & #TheMatrix of state capital.
America's founding fathers knew it would be difficult enough forging a nation from different European peoples (English, French, German, Dutch, etc.) of the SAME race, & impossible to include other races, which is why the 1790 Nationalisation Act restricted citizenship to Whites.
By modern standards, the founders were indeed White supremacists, but also had enough sense to know that multi-racial nationhood could never work. And so it has proven.

America never became a genuine nation, but just a bigger, more powerful, mercenary #PatronState than Britain.
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America's #FoundingMistake was to equate state & nation.

The founders knew that it would be difficult enough forming a nation from different European peoples of the same race, & impossible to include Native & Black Americans, which is why they restricted citizenship to Whites.
From an Orwellian perspective, it was not a mistake, but very much intended. It is by posing as our nation that #BigBrother tricks us into identifying with, i.e. loving, him. Big Brother IS the state, & not just under fascism or communism, as portrayed by Orwell in 1984. Image
In medieval Europe, #BigBro divided himself between feudal state & Church. Britain, from which America won its independence, had always been an Orwellian construct, a mercenary #PatronState deceitfully posing as a nation, in order to legitimise itself & its ruling elites.
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Present-day Western civilisation is dominated by an international priestly elite of moral supremacists, just as it was in medieval times.

The religion on which they base their moral authority is that of Post-Racial #Multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism.
It's not just the WOKE, with their #IbramKendi & #RobinDiAngelo style Anti-Racism, but mainstream academic authority itself, which is responsible for the madness of mass immigration & DIVERSITY being imposed on the West.

And madness it is!
As Jesus opposed the misguided moral authority & supremacism of HIS priesthood, I oppose the misguided moral authority & supremacism of mine.

Notwithstanding my lack of His divine qualifications & ability to perform miracles.

I'm just a Native European, a modern-day #WatTyler.
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We in the West are not nearly as free as we are taught to believe.

We don't have government of, by & for the people, which is Orwellian newspeak for government of, by & for the elites, to which #AbrahamLincoln himself (a lawyer) belonged.
Our elites & other favoured clients of the state enjoy a lot of apparent freedom, because of their relative wealth, but in reality we are ALL enslaved - rich & poor, Black & White, high & low IQ alike - to #BigBrother & #TheMatrix of state & capital.
Most especially, those of us who are White are NOT free to express any sense of racial identity & solidarity we may feel, without being accused of #WhiteSupremacy, while other racial/ethnic groups ARE free to do so.
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DIVERSITY is Orwellian newspeak for #RacialMixing, which goes to the opposite extreme of the Nazi obsession with #RacialPurity. Thus:

Racial mixing GOOD.
Whiteness (as a symbol of racial purity) BAD.

This is the moral imperative at the heart of the religion of #AntiRacism.
"Diversity" has other meanings, of course, which help to obscure its Orwellian meaning in regard to race.

It serves to deny the reality & importance of race, in a misconceived, #NeverAgain, response to Nazi racial ideology.
It is a denial of the truth that race is real, & important; not in the way the Nazis thought it was, but for any deep & meaningful sense of both personal & group, i.e. genuine national, identity - which #BigBrother state does not want us to have. Thus, his embrace of DIVERSITY.
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How is the ideology of White racial self-denial, self-contempt & self-hatred, which now dominates Britain, America & the West, to be explained?

First & foremost by the very nature of the state itself, which, by deceitfully posing as our nation, tricks us into loving #BigBrother.
Then there is the pathological overreaction to the evils of Nazism (esp. on the part of traumatised Jews), which #BigBro weaponised as an instrument of socio-political rewards, intimidation & control.
The self-exploitative nature of the state also makes it ultimately self-destructive. This is why ancient Greece & Rome, & every other civilisation, after reaching their zenith, declined & fell.

There is nothing more self-destructive than to deny & despise one's own race.
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This is a quote from #DavidAaronovitch, in which he ridicules the notion of "kith & kin".

It is testimony to his contempt for kinship & race, which also reflects that of the British state & establishment & goes to very heart of that is wrong with western civilisation. Image
Actually, it is not just what is wrong with our civilisation. It is what has caused every civilisation before our own to decline & fall, as ours will also do, very soon, unless we correct it. It represents a flaw in nature of the state itself. Image
KING has the same origin as KIN, & kings were originally expected to rule in the interests of their kin, i.e. society at large. But this was before the emergence of the state, which is dedicated to facilitating society's self-exploitation.
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